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    Word on the street says its Nate Smiths last year coaching at liberty. Kids dont want to play for him. So they end up quitting. Can’t blame the coach when he has no talent to work with every year. Kids in that program have very bad attitudes. If he gets fired I see him coaching at freedom. He has good connections with Hartwig

  • Heritage fan

    Word is that heritage will not apply for playoffs and coach is stepping down

  • seven72deuce

    so I guess that freedom game vs heritage wasn’t a fluke. Bval just ain’t that good… Come on deer valley… Heritage in the Playoffs now..

  • seven72deuce

    All my D1 Predictions were right.. I knew DV game was gonna be close game.. Wasn’t sure who was gonna win though.

  • Brentwood Resident

    #1 – I don’t see Liberty firing their coach. He seems pretty close with the admin and was their only on-campus coach. Also, from what I heard, they appreciated the fact he was willing to sacrifice possibly two or three victories in order to suspend the players they did this summer. I think the admin there realizes what they had this year – their best receiver moved out of state early in summer, then the camp incident resulting in the suspensions of all but one of their returning starters. I heard a couple players did quit when their friends were suspended, but that was it for players quitting. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he resigned anyway. Seems to be the shelf life of most coaches there. And also at Heritage, apparently. I don’t see him going back to Freedom though. If anything, if he did resign, I think they would try to get him to still help at Liberty; that school and district does not like to lose on-campus coaches.

    #2 – Heritage ended up being a tough team. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the coach there decided not to apply for playoffs, especially after hearing he already announced his resignation effective after the DV game. I see DV as the most underachieving team in that league. Way too much talent to go 2-3 in league, especially the way they lost to Freedom and then losing to Heritage. And now, the playoffs without Iakopo and Malolo – uh oh .. .

  • N-Ya

    Congrats to EC 10-0 TCAL Champs with a 60-6 victory tonight.

  • Miramonte 48 Alhambra 27
    The Miramonte passing game picked apart the Bulldog defense and took control of the game with 4:38 into the second quarter.
    The Bulldog pass defense blew coverage after coverage, leaving Mat recievers wide open….Game wise Miramonte never had to punt and each time they got the ball they were on the move to score.
    For Alhambra Taylor Payadue was the driving force for the Bulldogs with close to 300 yards rushing….Game wise…Miramonte out played and out smarted the Bulldogs just like acalanes did last week and Alhambra donated their usual amount of pentatlies to hinder their offense.
    The Bulldogs have a kicker that can boot the ball into the end zone each time…but instead apparently was told to squibble kick which gave Miramonte good field position all night while each Mat kickoff resulted in the ball going into the end zone and the Bulldogs starting at the 20….The Bulldogs closed in on Miramonte with the score at 26-20…but Miramonte would not slow down and kept rolling….

  • spectator2012

    when it comes to bval, these teams will beat up on each other. heritage is down this year but got better throughout the season. that is what’s exciting about friday night lights, anything can happen. now it’s playoff time. let’s see which teams with a good record falls first. no more excuses…

  • seven72deuce


    Same thing with any league.. i feel like freedom is the only team that could run out with a win or two but with them struggling against heritage.. If they are the predicted 4 seed… And Logan romped heritage… This looks all like bad signs for the bval
    in the playoffs..

    DV has the worst of it in the league, barely got past San leandro.. AV beat Freedom, foothill and MV.. Which covers the freedom win over foothill.. Include the Cal win and MV stomping over Pitt.. I don’t know I just hope freedom doesn’t face a BVAL team in the first round as all the other teams in the league are predicted to be no higher than 8th seed.. No disrespect to the BVAL though, I just hope they don’t lose out all in the first round.. Or atleast lose out when they get in a non-league matchup.

  • spectator2012

    as i understand, heritage had a lot of starters on offense and defense missing the first few games that came back the second half of the season. i don’t think you can put so much on which team can beat another because of their losses to certain team. in the playoffs, you still have to play the game. it doesn’t mean that freedom would lose to logan just because heritage struggled more with logan. a logan and freedom game would be a nice one to see. also, a logan and srv game would also be a nice one. i don’t think logan shuts srv out the second time. it may be a different outcome the second time around. srv is known to play well in the playoffs and logan is not.

  • spider 2012

    Hopefully coach haag moves on to a better program or hopefully he can return to Slz and take that program from that retard that’s runnin the show over there..

  • MiraMan


    I’m guessing you are the “blue dog” because you are a Alhambra fan. If so, I’m sure you’re feeling blue today with your team out of the playoffs. Sorry.

    For what its worth, my take on the game is a little different. Miramonte didn’t look that good for big portions of the game. We got the early score on the screen pass and long run. Some questionable tackling, but overall a nicely executed play. And we had a nice pass and catch for the last touchdown. I turned to the lady next to me watching Miramonte for the first time and said “Now that’s what we usually look like!” Everything in between was trickery, good luck and some awesome catches by big #80 Zati Williams. (How is this guy not on someones radar??)

    Frankly, I thought Alhambra had a good game plan and executed on it pretty well in the first three quarters. In the first half, we were constantly throwing into double coverage, so I definitely wouldn’t say the coverage was generally bad. As you point out, they left some guys open, but those were more “trick play” half-back passes then just poor coverage. For those not in attendance, Miramonte put on a pretty good display of trick plays including 2 or 3 half back passes for TDs, a fake FG for a TD and an onside kick. We needed them all to gain the upper hand in this game. Late in the game Miramonte got ahead and it looked like it might get out of hand.

    But all in all I thought Alhambra was a better team than Las Lomas (they really looked bad last week) or Acalanes. Alhambra threw no picks, had one fumble lost and while penalties were higher than a coach would like, I didn’t think it turned any tides or anything.

  • Miraman…..Miramonte did the unexpected with fake FG and sending out the backs on passes which confused the defense…The defense should have picked up on this as there were defenders standing around wondering what to do….Again the Mat’s outsmarted the Bulldogs…And I think thats the way you win ball games and there were some great catches by the Mat recievers…that onside kick just completely surprised everybody and it was a smart move…With the w/L record that Alhambra has…I doubt they could have got thru the first playoff game…Now lets see how Miramonte does in the playoff…I think they should do well…but you never know…..

  • MiraMan- how about that QB returning from injury throwing for 254? That’s my boy.
    For future referance, don’t ever go against DLS, that’s my team, Mira’s my team when my relatives are playing.

  • TJ

    Damn Spider… Guy at SLZ is a retard? thats harsh..

  • seven72deuce


    Ill take you on the ‘Logan doesn’t do well in the POFFs’. I am tired of hearing it… But truth is we haven’t had a roster like this since rashad Evans/dejon Gomes/Blake lebeau. I really got tired of dominating a really terrible league, losing a game or two in the preseason. It’s not that Logan doesn’t show up come POFFs… It’s just they never were that great. Put Logan in the BVAL from 09-11 they might not even walk out champs every year. Put them in the EBAL I’m pretty sure they’d lose atleast 2 games in league.

    But the thing that pisses me off is that you only chose to pick on Logan. I’ll probably say SRV doesn’t get blown out by Logan, but if you compare the game between those 2 and the Cal/SRV game (I believe theyre co league champs, cal beat SRV by 3), and the compare that to all the losses BVAL took against the EBAL. That speaks volumes on what Logan did to SRV and the EBAL/BVAL As AV and MV both lost to SRV, but both beat freedom and Pitt.

  • MiraMan


    In general, Anderson looks very good. He didn’t look as comfortable last night as he has the last two weeks…Alhambra has some very good linemen, so I assume they were able to drop more in coverage than alot of teams…but whatever it was he looked more tenative and threw into coverage on several occasions. Later in the game he appeared to work it out and ended strong.

    If he works on his running game in the offseason and continues to develop, I think he will be the best QB in DFAL. I also think Miramonte could be good again next year with a talented roster of varsity players returning.

  • MiraMan/Big Dog…..Anderson took his time because he had good protection and he threw passes that his recievers could catch with a few exceptions, Anderson got sacked twice, but it didn’t make any difference.I didn’t think that Alhambra had a chance of winning this game…it was just a case of how bad they might loose. And miraMan is right Anderson could very well be the best QB in the DFAL…he has the size and a good arm and he is mobile…If he develops his running game he will be a double threat…

  • spectator2012

    whoa, don’t get your panties in a bunch, 7duece. not picking on logan. i really hope they do well this time around. i think last year’s logan team was more dominant than this years. i’ve seen logan play this year and last, and in my opinion, last years logan team was more physical and better defense. it’s my opinion and i apologize if i got you all ruffled up. it’s hs football and anything can happen. a team can have a bad game, missing players, bad calls, it’s all a part of the game. why are you so hangup on points? but since you are, weak-ass heritage team scored 17 on logan’s defense. and don’t give me the excuse that they didn’t have their main guys. would it have mattered if they did? maybe, but we’ll never know. just let them play the game and hope logan doesn’t get eliminated early again. no excuses. remember, almost doesn’t count. you have your opinions, and i have mines. just to show you i’m not picking on logan, freedom is overrated, w/out daniels they would lose. freedom’s defense is weak ass hell. this is the reason why they onsite kick every time. they will try to outscore opponents to keep up in the game. amador gave freedom all it could handle. if you play a good defense against freedom, they can be beat. deer valley is very inconsistent, you don’t know which dv team will show up. their run defense is very suspect. pitt’s defense is also weak, but they have really good rb’s that run hard and can give defenses problems. antioch and heritage does not belong in the playoffs, period. i won’t be surprised if the bval teams doesn’t get through the first round. i also won’t be surprised if logan goes one and done.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Anyone have the Alameda-Arroyo Score? Jet Pride!

  • There were two Sat. games that we are wondering what the outcome was….Newark vs Kennedy-Fremont and Arroyo vs. Alameda…
    Well Hayward finally ran out of gas as Encinal took it to them 32-7…the Farmers appeared ready to stop the Jets….too much jet speed and the will to win….

  • Prep Fan

    This was posted on the D3 outlook page:

    arroyo 17 alameda 14 final

  • redandblue2


    I believe Zolintakis for Campo may have something to say about being the top QB, not only next season, but this season as well. All he has done at Freshman, JV & Varsity is lead his team to a combined record of 21-2, including a perfect 16-0 against DFAL competition. Though he only played 4 league games after replacing Stephens he may likely be named 1st team QB. Heck, Stephens may get the 2nd team QB nod as well, though not likely.

  • seven72deuce


    Yeah Logan’s D is all high flyers this year. We dropped in weight a lot especially on D. But I will back up that heritage/Logan game and say we were up 35-0 at half.. And being at that game… I noticed a lotta two way starters only played one side after the half.. Don’t wanna say it as I’m using an excuse.. But Logan already had running clock by then so I mean could look at it from both direction and make a case. I will say this though. If Logan does go 1 and done… You gotta put an asterisk next to it because it’ll likely be after a bye, same thing that happened last year.. Had a bye and ran into runner up SRV.

  • MiraMan


    With the graduation of Ross Anderson at Miramonte and Achzinger at Dublin, add to that the injury to Brett Stephens, there is certainly a dearth of established QBs in DFAL. But to suggest that Zolitakis is derserving of 1st team DFAL sounds kind of silly. Aren’t you forgetting Wood at Las Lomas. I know his team has underperformed, and his double-duty as a linebacker probably detracts from his QB production. But he would still easily be the most deserving in my book.

    Who deserves 2nd team? I would NOT give it to Robbie “the Raptor” Stern at Acalanes (Could they come up with a worse nickname?!?!). His stats just aren’t very impressive. Although he is at the helm of a 7-3 team that won three games in DFAL, took Campo to the limit, and on paper at least, lost close games to Dublin and Miramonte. Beyond that? Well forget the double-noodle attack at Alhambra or the three-headed disaster at Dublin. I don’t even remember the QB at Dougherty Valley. That leaves you with Sheehan and Anderson at Miramonte and Stephens and Zolitakis at Campo. In terms of record, Zolitakis is 4-0, Anderson 3-0, Stephens 2-0, Sheehan 1-2.

    I think second team and HM will come down to Stern, Zolitakis or Anderson. I would hope they would give 2nd team and HM to Zolitakis and Anderson in some order, but I wouldn’t be suprised to see the six-game starter rewarded over the relative newbies. In the games that each Anderson and Zolitakis have played, and I’m not including pee-wee football, only real football at the varsity level, Anderson is every bit as deserving of 2nd team as Zolitakis.