Girls Volleyball: Seeding Predictions, Rankings, Standings

The North Coast Section volleyball playoff meeting is tomorrow, so today, I am going predict who gets what seed. I’m doing full predictions for Division I, II and III. I’m going to talk about who I think the top eight seeds are in Division IV, and then mention the top contenders in Divisions V and VI.

Division I

This is how I see Division I going…

1. California
2. San Ramon Valley
3. Amador Valley
4. Monte Vista
5. Foothill
6. Berkeley
7. Castro Valley
8. Dougherty Valley
9. Liberty
10. Heritage
11. San Leandro
12. Irvington
13. Logan
14. Deer Valley

Division II

This is how I see this one going…

1. Redwood
2. Northgate
3. Maria Carrillo
4. Las Lomas
5. Casa Granda
6. Carondelet
7. Montgomery
8. Dublin
9. Newark Memorial
10. Windsor
11. College Park
12. Arroyo
13. Pinole Valley

Division III

1. Campolindo
2. Bishop O’Dowd
3. Albany
4. Sonoma Valley
5. Analy
6. Novato
7. Petaluma
8. Drake
9. Acalanes
10. Eureka
11. Hercules
12. Del Norte

Division IV

I think St. Pat’s will be the top seed while Cardinal Newman, Marin Catholic and Moreau Catholic will round out the top four. I think Clear Lake, Healdsburg, Piedmont and St. Helena will probably be somewhere in the top eight. Berean Christian, Arcata, Kelseyville, Middletown and St. Mary’s should all be seeded in the 9-14 range.

Division V

Branson will be the top seed and will be the team everyone is gunning for. St. Joseph Notre Dame, Head-Royce and Marin Academy should round out the top four seeds.

Division VI

Anderson Valley, Rincon Valley Christian and California School for the Deaf seem to be the top contenders here.


Here are the rankings heading into the playoffs. Changes at the bottom with Carondelet, St. Joe’s, Head-Royce and Liberty all shifting up a spot while Heritage joints at No. 15.

1. California (26-3)
2. Campolindo (24-4)
3. Bishop O’Dowd (27-6)
4. Albany (34-5)
5. Northgate (29-8)
6. San Ramon Valley (29-9)
7. Las Lomas (32-7)
8. Monte Vista (23-10)
9. Amador Valley (17-12)
10. Foothill (17-16)
11. Carondelet (14-16)
12. St. Joseph Notre Dame (24-10)
13. Head-Royce (21-5)
14. Liberty (23-18)
15. Heritage (19-14)


Team Record GB

Head Royce (21-5, 12-0) –
College Prep (13-12, 10-2) 2
Valley Chr. (20-12, 8-4) 3
Athenian (12-12, 6-6) 6
Holy Names (4-11, 3-9) 9
Redwood Chr. (9-16, 2-10) 10
Bentley (4-16, 1-11) 11

Team Record GB

Heritage (19-14, 9-1) –
Liberty (23-18, 9-1) –
Deer Valley (10-19, 6-4) 3
Freedom (7-15, 4-6) 5
Antioch (3-21, 2-8) 7
Pittsburg (0-13, 0-10) 9

Team Record GB

Las Lomas (32-7, 11-1) –
Campolindo (24-4, 11-1) –
Dougherty Valley (19-13, 7-5) 4
Acalanes (12-10, 6-6) 5
Dublin (19-11, 5-7) 6
Miramonte (5-20, 2-10) 9
Alhambra (10-19, 0-12) 11

Team Record GB

Northgate (29-8, 12-0) –
College Park (24-11, 9-3) 3
Berean Chr. (14-16, 8-4) 4
Clayton Valley (13-16, 6-6) 6
Concord (12-17, 5-7) 7
Ygnacio Valley (2-14, 2-10) 10
Mt. Diablo (0-18, 0-12) 12

Team Record GB

California (26-3, 13-1) –
San Ramon Valley (29-9, 12-2) 1
Amador Valley (17-12, 9-5) 4
Monte Vista (23-10, 8-6) 5
Foothill (17-16, 7-7) 6
Carondelet (14-16, 4-10) 9
Granada (15-21, 3-11) 10
Livermore (7-21, 0-14) 13

Team Record GB

Newark Memorial (22-10, 12-2) –
Moreau Catholic (22-7, 12-2) –
Irvington (18-9, 10-4) 2
Logan (14-14, 9-5) 3
Mission San Jose (11-21, 5-9) 7
Washington (5-16, 5-9) 7
American (11-14, 2-12) 10
Kennedy-Fremont (3-21, 1-13) 11

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (34-5, 10-0) –
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (31-5, 8-2) 2
St. Joseph Notre Dame (24-10, 6-4) 4
St. Mary’s (12-10, 4-6) 6
Salesian (7-16, 2-8) 8
El Cerrito (1-11, 0-10) 10

Stone Division
Team Record GB

Swett (9-4, 9-1) –
Pinole Valley (8-7, 8-2) 1
Hercules (6-6, 6-4) 3
De Anza (5-7, 5-5) 4
Kennedy-Richmond (1-11, 1-9) 8
Richmond (1-9, 1-9) 8

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Bishop O’Dowd (27-6, 16-0) –
Berkeley (21-10, 13-3) 3
Castro Valley (15-13, 12-4) 4
Piedmont (17-13, 10-6) 6
San Leandro (9-8, 9-7) 7
Alameda (10-17, 5-11) 11

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Arroyo (15-15, 10-6) –
Mt. Eden (9-13, 8-8) 2
Tennyson (6-13, 6-10) 4
San Lorenzo (5-18, 4-12) 6
Encinal (2-15, 2-14) 8
Hayward (0-21, 0-16) 10

Matt Smith

  • Lorna

    Moreau Catholic and Newark Memorial tied for 1st and battled it out in a Championship Playoff Friday afternoon (rather than end the season as co-champions). After three hard-fought sets by BOTH teams, Moreau came out the victor and claimed the MVAL Championship title. MCHS 13-2, NMHS 12-3

  • Matt Smith


    That doesn’t count as a league game, but it was a game to determine the NCS automatic bid. They can’t play 15 league games, and have everyone else play 14.
    It does, however, count towards their overall record.
    So the teams are co-champs and Moreau gets the auto bid and Newark has to apply to the playoffs.

  • Matt Smith

    Here are the brackets…

    Division I
    No. 1 California (26-3) bye
    No. 8 Liberty (18-9) v. No. 9 Berkeley (20-10)
    No. 4 Monte Vista (23-10) v. No. 13 Deer Valley (13-22)
    No. 5 Foothill (17-16) v. No. 12 Logan (15-13)
    No. 2 San Ramon Valley (29-9) bye
    No. 7 Dougherty Valley (19-12) v. No. 10 San Leandro (9-8)
    No. 3 Amador Valley (17-12) bye
    No. 6 Heritage (19-13) v. No. 11 Irvington (18-9)

    Division II
    Redwood (31-8) bye
    No. 8 Newark Memorial (22-10) v. No. 9 Montgomery (21-13)
    No. 4 Las Lomas (32-7) v. No. 13 Arroyo (15-15)
    No. 5 Casa Grande (24-6) v. No. 12 Concord (15-17)
    No. 2 Northgate (28-9) v. No. 15 Mt. Eden (9-14)
    No. 7 Dublin (19-10) v. No. 10 College Park (24-11)
    No. 3 Maria Carrillo (27-6) v. No. 14 Alameda (10-17)
    No. 6 Carondelet (14-16) v. No. 11 Windsor (19-15)

    Division III
    No. 1 Campolindo (24-4) bye
    No. 8 Drake (17-15) v. No. 9 Acalanes (12-10)
    No. 4 Sonoma Valley (27-7) bye
    No. 5 Novato (24-10) bye
    No. 2 Bishop O’Dowd (27-6) bye
    No. 7 Analy (17-10) v. No. 10 Del Norte (9-9)
    No. 3 Albany (33-5) bye
    No. 6 Petaluma (18-12)

    Division IV
    No. 1 St. Patrick-St. Vincent (31-5) bye
    No. 8 Piedmont (17-14) v. No. 9 Middletown (24-6)
    No. 4 Moreau Catholic (22-7) v. No. 13 McKinleyville (16-15)
    No. 5 Healdsburg (20-10) v. No. 12 Kelseyville (15-11)
    No. 2 Cardinal Newman (22-7) v. No. 15 John Swett (9-5)
    No. 7 St. Helena (17-10) v. No. 10 Arcata (17-12)
    No. 3 Marin Catholic (23-12) v. No. 14 St. Mary’s (10-9)
    No. 6 Berean Christian (16-16) v. No. 11 Clear Lake (21-10)

    Division V
    No. 1 Branson (35-3) bye
    No. 8 Valley Christian (21-12) v. No. 9 Bay School (17-7)
    No. 4 Marin Academy (22-11) v. No. 13 Roseland University Prep (19-10)
    No. 5 Convent of the Sacred Heart (16-7) v. No. 12 International (15-18)
    No. 2 Head-Royce (20-5) v. No. 15 San Domenico (8-11)
    No. 7 College Prep (13-12) v. No. 10 Drew (22-6)
    No. 3 St. Joseph Notre Dame (23-10) v. No. 14 Sonoma Academy (16-8)
    No. 6 University-San Francisco (17-13) v. No. 11 Athenian (12-12)

    Division VI
    No. 1 Anderson Valley (25-6) bye
    No. 8 Ferndale (11-13) v. No. 9 Chinese Christian (11-13)
    No. 4 South Fork (15-5) bye
    No. 5 Mendocino (16-11) bye
    No. 2 Rincon Valley Christian (25-5) bye
    No. 7 Fremont Christian (16-10) v. No. 10 Point Arena (10-12)
    No. 3 California School for the Deaf (21-8) bye
    No. 6 San Francisco Waldorf (11-9) bye

  • Disgruntled

    Dear Matt,

    Since you accurately predicted it, I would appreciate your insight as to why Northgate was seeded 2nd, and LL 4th. As I look at Northgate’s schedule for the season, I dont see it. And apparently this is one of those ‘its just me’ moments, as it has now come to pass. Thank you,

    – Disgruntled

  • Matt Smith

    The Northgate win over Carrillo is the big reason for it. I think Redwood and Carrillo were regarded as the top two teams before that win, and Northgate separated itself with a win over Carrillo and also beat SRV towards the end of the year.
    Las Lomas has some good wins, but also some not so good losses.

  • Curious

    Anyone know what happened to Castro Valley?

  • Loudfan


    D1: Cal High happy to see Amador on the other side of bracket (where SRV might take them out).

    D2: Look for an East Bay final (#2 Northgate and #4 LL)

    D3: O’Dowd and Albany will be tremendous semi-final.

    Best shot at an upset…

    Top 4 seeds will reach semis in all 3 divisions. Then LL upsets top seed Redwood.

  • Disgruntled II

    How did College Prep end up ahead of Valley Christian in the seedings? Valley beat them in 4 during the league playoffs, evening the head to head record at 2-2. Furthermore, Valley had more notable wins and played DI and DII teams much tougher than College Prep did. Any explanation?

  • Matt Smith

    I’m trying to find out what happened to Castro Valley, but haven’t got a response.

    I’m also not completely sure how College Prep ends up over Valley Christian other than the committee really emphasized league finish.

  • Matt Smith

    I just got word from the NCS that Castro Valley did not apply for the playoffs.

  • dubcvball

    NCS observations…
    D-1: Can’t see how SRV and Cal don’t meet in the final. Heritage could upset Amador…they are playing some good volleyball, but not likely to get past SRV.
    D-2: Top 4 seeds seem VERY even…nod goes to Northgate at this point but any of the 4 could win…with Redwood as the wild card…how good are they? Great job by committee to get top North Bay teams and East Bay teams on separate sides of bracket.
    D-3: This is a 3 team race…still like Campo, but an Albany victory wouldn’t surprise me at all.
    D-4: St Pats the HUGE favorite…
    D-5: There’s Branson…and then there’s everybody else.
    Good Luck to all teams…congrats for making it to the postseason!

  • DVAL Seer

    How did Concord with a 14-17, 5-7 league, and 8-8 division record qualify them for NCS… don’t they need a winning record in one of these three categories?

  • BigFoot

    Valley Christian and College Prep:

    The committee looks at common opponents:

    College Prep won over Berean Christian in pre-season and Berean Christian won over Valley Christian at the Dougherty Valley Tournament.

  • Curious

    8-8 division record gets them in they were at least 500

  • Prep Fan

    Unlike football where you can qualify with a .500 record, volleyball requires a team be above .500, so 8-8 should not be a factor. They must have some other way in.

    Fom the NCS Bulletin:

    To be accepted as a participant in the NCS/Les Schwab Tires Volleyball Championships, a team shall have compiled a winning overall record, or a winning record against teams in its own division or class or a winning record in its own league. (Board of Managers 5/1/06) Exception: league champions gain automatic entry.
    1. A winning record is defined as a team having won more games than it has lost.

  • DVAL Seer

    Based on the MINIMUM QUALIFYING RECORD from Prep Fan, it refutes Curious… now I’m wondering the “other way in” without 1 win over .500, or without a winning record.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, it wouldn’t be the first time they let in a team that didn’t qualify, if that should be the case. They did it in baseball 2 years ago and girl’s basketball last year. Both times, they didn’t realize it until some astute observer like DVAL Seer brought it to their attention, and they then had to re-do the whole bracket.

  • Jake

    Upon further review, it appears that Concord, Alameda, and Mt. Eden did not meet the minimum qualifying requirements to make the Division 2 playoffs. I think this may be an opportunity for a little more revenue for the NCS.

  • DVAL Seer

    You’re right JAKE… their opponents (Casa Grande, Maria Carrillo, and Northgate) should be able to win, but in the slight chance they do not, can they file a protest?

  • Prep Fan

    Interesting. I wonder if this will be addressed by the powers that be. Once the games are played it is too late, but there is certainly precedence to make it right and re-do the brackets before hand. Unless it is just about $ and they don’t care if all teams met the qualifications. Maybe they did qualify, but it sure doesn’t appear to be the case.

  • DVAL Seer

    If they’re reading these… do the right thing NCS, Concord, Alameda, and Mt. Eden.

  • lasherya

    Boy you guy’s did it now. Concord got Disqualified.
    Remember you can get in by having a winning record
    in your division.

  • DVAL Seer

    Cannot fault the league on this one… Concord scheduled an extra game on Friday before the Saturday deadline (after league was finished) against 0-14 Mt. Diablo to push them to 9-8 in the division. Neither team posts scores on MaxPreps so it’s under the radar and no one except the league, Concord, and Mt. D knew about it. They pulled a fast one… D2 and DVAL teams beware.

  • Prep Fan

    Good detective work DVAL Seer. I wonder if Alameda and Mt. Eden did something similar? I guess if they hadn’t already played the maximum amount of matches allowed, that is an option for teams on the bubble.

  • Newbie

    Alameda got dk’d

  • Loudfan

    This stuff happens in other sports too. St Marys College mens basketball added a game at the end of their season (i.e. after West Coast Conference play) to try to influence the NCAA selection committee by earning an extra win.

    If someone like Concord wants to schedule an extra game in order to earn an NCS playoff spot… why not? As long as it’s done within the allowed timeframe, it’s legit.

  • DVAL Seer

    Yes, Concord is eligible based on the last-minute game addition against a team for a sure win. Alameda was DQ’d for submitting incorrect information and Mt. Eden was 8-2 in the Shoreline according to the league office. Let the games begin… and good luck to all participants.

  • Prep Fan

    They did DQ them, but they left the rest of the brackets alone, so #3 Carillo has a bye and has already advanced while #2 NG still plays. Thanks for clearing all that up DVAL Seer.

  • lasherya

    Sorry I meant to say Alameda not Concord.
    Good luck to all the teams.

  • dubcvball

    While the Concord story seems a little dubious, it should be noted that they are certainly as good as many teams already in the D-2 bracket. If they needed the one game to get them over the hump, I can understand why they scheduled it.

  • Jake

    Concord went 5-7 in a very weak DVAL. In this league 4 wins against Mt. D. and YV are a given. Concord went 1-7 against the rest of the league. I think they should save the gas money and tolls and have a nice team party,

  • Disgruntled II


    That argument doesn’t work out because Valley Christian beat Miramonte, but on the same day, College Prep lost to Miramonte. So their record against common opponents is 1-1. The thing NCS should have looked at was the quality of their wins. Don’t see anything on College Prep’s record that would compete with Valley Christian’s win over Deer Valley for example. Not that MaxPreps isn’t flawed, but Valley Christian is almost a full 100 spots and that’s because they have better wins against better opponents.

  • curious

    Thats a little harsh Jake dont you think(funny though)? They scheduled the game within the rules of NCS. Although I think its weak to allow that to happen. They played by the book and got in.

  • Newbie

    Can someone tell me where to find Benicia hs playoff info. Not sure where to look im only familiar with ncs

  • Justthefacts

    Justthefacts Says:
    November 8th, 2012 at 9:36 am
    Benicia is in the Sac Joaquin Section. They are the #9 seed in D3 and play at Patterson tomorrow. Link to site:


  • Prep Fan

    Newbie, that was for their football team. The #3 seeded Benicia volleyball team hosts #6 Rocklin tonight in round 2 Division 2 action. Here is the link to that site: http://cifsjs.org/sports/fall/volleyballgirls/vbgirlsbracketd2_12.pdf

  • DVAL Seer

    Any thoughts on last night’s action? Looks like Liberty in D1 and Valley Christian in D5 were the only higher seeds to fall to lower seeded teams. Any predictions on Saturday night upsets?

  • That Don Guy

    There is a relatively recent bylaw that says that brackets can’t be shuffled after a certain point. I think it stems from an incident in basketball a few years ago where the MCAL had four seeded teams, with three in the same half of the bracket, and one unseeded team, which was initially put into the half with the 3 teams, until somebody pointed out this violated the bylaws, so teams had to be shuffled, and opponents changed 24 hours before the games were to be played.

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks for the clarification Don Guy. Luckily, it didn’t make any difference this time around, as Northgate rolled anyway and all the higher seeds held serve.

  • Matt Smith

    I saw Liberty last night. I was surprised to begin with that Berkeley was given the No. 9 seed when I predicted them at No. 6. They were certainly the better team last night.
    I can see Carondelet upsetting Carrillo, but won’t go as far as predicting it.

  • I watched the Piedmont win over Middletown. The first two games were close but the Pehanick sisters put up a big wall shutting down the Middletown hitters in game three. Good luck Lady Highlanders against SPSV.

  • FootballFan

    I know some of the families from the Concord girls Volleyball. They weren’t expecting to make it into the playoffs, but they did. The family I know were in shock they were able to play (they didn’t care whether they got in). This shows you how NCS could twist the rules around, and allow a lower seed team to play. So BLAME NCS. They have screwed the brackets for DII Football. Everyone needs to protest against NCS, not the High School Team. They are only going by the decision that NCS puts out!!!!! We need a petition to replace NCS workers!