Week 11: Prep football recap from Friday night

Many teams around the East Bay secured playoff berths on the final Friday night of the regular season, while some also clinched league titles.

Hercules made history when it secured the school’s first-ever league title by defeating Kennedy-Richmond. Hercules’ Marquise Davenport is pictured above running against Kennedy Friday night.

The best way to catch up on Friday night’s action is to check out our weekly recap.

Jon Becker

  • KIR

    Let’s hope the folks on the NCS brackets committee aren’t as biased towards EBAL as most of you here.

    So many keep referring to Pitts loss to MV 44-14, yes Pitt did not show up that game it happens, but to say that’s why they should be ranked below MV, AV, Foothill etc is pure stupidity.. MV beat Cal 44 – 23 so does that mean MV should be ranked above Cal too… get a clue.

  • Tri-City Dude

    TJ, I hate to put down any coach out there, but there are some that probably need to be replaced for the sake of the program. One that comes to mind is the San Lorenzo coach. I heard a lot of people complaining about him over the season, but I thought he would make SL somewhat competitive in the new league. However, I think this has to be the final straw for him after his team finished last in their league.

    I think Nate Smith of Liberty should also be let go. In fairness to him, the BVAL league is tough to win in. However, he’s had a few years to make his team a winning team, and he just has not done it.

    Those are just a few, but we will see what happens.

  • seven72deuce

    Pitt grunt

    I hope the coach mentions that because the committee won’t have the information that GB beat del oro, that’s kind of out of the picture for them to look it up. Thats the only reason why I disregarded it. The league will probably look at the games that pertain to teams in the section, Logan who beat SRV who beat MV who beat Pitt is gonna be stronger than Pitt who beat GB who beat del oro who beat Logan. Simply because it happened to teams that are in the NCS playoffs. And even if you want to take it further, adding up the margin of victory doesn’t help pitt’s case for that GB way either. Pitt over Logan would be about +18 Logan over Pitt is about +79…


    That’s going to be written off as a fluke game IMO. If head to heads loop in a circle then they go by overall/league records. For example, cal beat foothill who beat MV who beat cal. So who the hell do you rank ahead of each other?? Pitt should be ranked lower than MV/cal as they have a loss against them, straight up. Foothill beating MV and AV beating freedom/MV doesn’t help your case that much either. Trust me a lot of teams have jumped each other but there’s a huge circle.

  • Prep Fan

    KIR, I had Pitt slotted in at #5, and acknowledged their good wins over both Granite Bay & Clayton Valley. Had they beaten MV, Cal or Freedom, there would be no question they belong that high, but the MV loss could cost them. And by the way the MV-Cal score was 44-26, with MV scoring in the final seconds. Cal had the ball in MV territory down 38-26 with 6 minutes left and turned it over. Had they scored there the next series would have been huge, but they didn’t and it cost them. It was a much closer game than 44-23. Pitt is a good team that no one is going to be happy to see in the playoffs. Good luck to the Pirates!

  • KIR

    Seven duece and Prep Fan, I’m not saying arguments can’t be made both ways. It just bugs me that people keep bringing up our loss to MV but yes it was the one game we did not even compete. (we did it to ourselves). But like I said Cal slipped against MV, Freedom choked against AV. MV is like DV in our league.. they started strong and finished with 3 big loses they need to move down big time. Even at 5-5 I wont argue SRV being above us at 7-3. SRV 5 loses are all to really good teams all top teams in playoffs.. Just like us we lost to 2 tops teams and MV.

    Bottom line DLS is 1… CAl, Freedom, Logan are 2-4 can go in any order… SRV, Pitt, AV should be 5-7 in any order.. this is my opinion.. MV should drop if MV wins any of their last 3 games were not even having this convo but they didn’t and rankings should show that..

    Prep FAn right back at you GL to whoever you role with in the playoffs..

  • billjohnson

    i wish someone could ask tennyson & hercules coaches what seed they think they deserve?

  • Oh Boy

    Brackets are up?

  • Hoodboy

    Yes they are up

  • Hoodboy

    Arroyo and Hayward got played!!!!!!!!

  • Prep Fan

    Good job by the Grizzlies much maligned defense in holding DLS to just 27 points Friday. That is the 3rd year in a row they held DLS to more than 10 points under their season average in week 10. After a rough 1st series in which DLS ran through them as if they weren’t there, they went to work. Cal held DLS without a 1st down for 3 straight series, including a 4th down stop. Cal was in the red zone down just 7-0 with 2 minutes left in the half, but couldn’t capitalize. A sack, a penalty and a missed FG left them still down 7-0 with about a minute to go and it looked like that would be the score at half, but Das took one to the house for 80 yards, breaking several tackles in what was a back breaker.

    Cal again stopped DLS on the first 2nd half series, and then Johnson scored to make it 14-7 late in the 3rd quarter. DLS scored quickly to make it 21-7 after 3, and then added another in the 4th but missed the PAT to make it 27-7. Cal scored late on a couple of nice Owen to Cornwell plays to close to 27-14 with about a minute left, and then put a scare into Sparty with another apparent onside kick recovery but it was ruled (I think) that the whistle hadn’t blown. DLS ran 1 more play and when Cal didn’t call a TO they took a knee to end it.

    Cal had plenty of chances, taking over with great field position on the 4th down stop and a botched punt, but DLS’ defense rose to the occasion each time. I thought Owen played well and counted about 5 dropped passes by Grizz receivers as they may have heard Sparty footsteps approaching. Cal also had a sure INT slip through their hands at about midfield, missed an opportunity on the botched punt as the Cal player just let it drop instead of catching in the air as it bounced within 5 yards of the LOS and there was a lot of daylight had he grabbed it.

    DLS’ defense looked great as usual, but the offense, although they got a lot of yards, sputtered at times. They’ll need to be more consistent from here on out as they’ll surely be facing much better defenses than Cal’s as they progress. Williams has a solid build and looks much more like a RB than Houston’s classic QB look. He’s a crafty lefty and moves well but needs to learn to hang onto the ball, which I’m sure the DLS coaching staff is working on. It was a good tune up for both teams as they head into NCS.

  • Lancer Fan

    If you look at the NCS forms verification, Arroyo did not apply

  • Lancer Fan

    Hayward also did not apply

  • Hayward was not eligible. Arroyo? Somebody really f…ed up!! AD & Coach need to answer for this!

  • Hoodboy

    Wow Arroyo is trippin! That’s the biggest mistake you can ever make. I feel for the kids.

  • Seattle Slew

    Bleacher Coach, MiraMan,
    I guess you guys was right. Novato is in their rightfully deserved spot. SOS is over-rated.

  • Football36

    Really disappointed Alameda had a down season. They had a lot of talent, but unfortunately some key guys went down early. Could of have been a big year for them.