Week 11: Prep football recap from Friday night

Many teams around the East Bay secured playoff berths on the final Friday night of the regular season, while some also clinched league titles.

Hercules made history when it secured the school’s first-ever league title by defeating Kennedy-Richmond. Hercules’ Marquise Davenport is pictured above running against Kennedy Friday night.

The best way to catch up on Friday night’s action is to check out our weekly recap.

Jon Becker

  • A fan

    Where is the recap of the El Cerrito game?

  • spectator2012

    when do the playoff seedings come out?

  • HAAL Fan

    this blog says Mt Eden beat Piedmont 31-0 but calpreps has Piedmont winning 31-0. Who won?

  • vic

    Would love to hear everyones thoughts on updated playoff seeding after last nights games..

  • Stewie

    NCS Seeding Sunday between 10-3
    Click on your Bracket D1, D2 and so on
    They typically post the lowest div ie. Div 4 first and work their way up to D1

  • Stewie

    Cal played tough and the Spartans need to do better.

  • Anon

    Enjoying the DVAL scores, and have to laugh. CVCHS & Northgate were the biggest complainers when they were blown out the last several years. Principals/AD’s calling the school that caused the embarrassment. Funny, shoes on the other foot and they sure aren’t walking the talk and keeping their scores down to keep the other teams “feeling good”. It’s okay, we always new they were a bunch of whiners. Thanks for the laugh.

  • spectator2012

    thx stevie. the spartans are whole different team come playoff. lad will get those boys ready.

  • Tony G

    Mt Eden did indeed win the game last night over Piedmont 31-0.

  • Stewie

    They just need to clean it up a bit. Sparty is starting to show who are the go to guys and again Cal played tough but still could not hold the veer. Again Sparty made some key plays at the right time which paid off in a score or preventing a score against. NCS With State is like another mini season and you know DLS is going to be hitting harder and performing at a high level for each game.

  • Stewie

    Mission Viejo dominates El Toro, 49-7, to clinch South Coast League title
    By Steve Galluzzo

    The Diablos stay perfect at 10-0 by intercepting six passes. Mission Viejo is in contention for one of the top seedings in the Pac-5 Division playoffs.
    St. John Bosco routs Santa Margarita for first Trinity League title
    By Eric Sondheimer

    St. Bonaventure rallies to beat Oaks Christian for Marmonte League title, Alemany and Notre Dame finish as co-champions in the Serra League while the City Section has five champions go unbeaten in league play.

  • C/O98

    Mt. Eden won 31-0

  • jack cats

    St Bernards 14 Ferndale 0 11:00 2 Qtr

  • jack cates

    St Bernards 14 Ferndale 6 8:52 2 Qtr

  • seven72deuce

    My prediction for D-1 Playoffs:

    1. DLS
    2. Logan
    3. Cal
    4. SRV
    5. AV
    6. MV
    7. Freedom
    8. Pitt
    9. Foothill
    10. DV
    11. Berkeley
    12. Castro Valley
    13. Heritage
    14. Antioch
    15. Irvington

    I think 4-7 could be arranged any way you want it, because some people could argue that a 8-2 Freedom team shouldn’t be ranked so low. But their best wins are against 5-5 Foothill (beat MV lost to SRV, Cal, AV) and 7-3 Pitt who both lost to MV and Cal. Include the factor of MV routing pitt, and Freedom only beating pitt by 1. Add in the factor that AV beat freedom and only lost to SRV, Cal, and DLS (concord could play a factor however if they realize that pitt beat clayton valley who romped concord, though you could neutralize the fact that AV beat MV who routed pitt.. but i doubt the committee will dig that deep). Over all that’s Logan/Cal > SRV > AV > Freedom > Foothill > MV OR Logan > SRV/Freedom > Foothill > MV > Cal > AV. It really is complicated, but in most scenarios the AV loss will hurt Freedom, as well as Foothill and Pitt having no ground unless foothill’s win over MV gets them somewhere. On that note, Cal could get screwed too with the scenario of SRV > AV > Freedom > Foothill > MV > Cal but that’s really pushing it.

    As for the rest, it’s pretty simple with head to heads across the board. I heard that the bottom 3 teams might not apply, and if they don’t.. it shouldn’t affect anyone’s seeding.

  • Trudat

    I still cannot believe Salesian lost to Valley Christian. EC goes undefeated and gets no coverage? Que? They had a running clock in the first quarter and still put up 60.

  • jack cates

    St Bernards 14 Ferndale 14 2:21 2 Qtr

  • jack cates

    St Bernards 14 Ferndale 14 Half

  • The_415

    San Leandro wins to avoid 0-10 but Dougherty Valley finishes 0-10…. Any news on those coaches jobs for next year?

  • Prep Fan

    This is how I see the D1 seedings shaking out:

    2012 NCS D1 predictions.
    1. DLS 10-0. No brainer.
    2. Logan 9-1. Weak schedule, but solid team with 1 loss. Crushed SRV.
    3. Cal 8-2. Wins over SRV, AV, Foothill & Pitt. Held DLS under 30.
    4. Freedom 8-2. Won BVAL, beat Foothill but lost to AV.
    5. Pit 7-3. Beat GB & CV, but lost to Cal, Freedom & crushed by MV.
    6. SRV 5-5. EBAL co-champs. Tough preseason schedule.
    7. AV 6-4. Beat Freedom, MV & Foothill. Ended year on a roll.
    8. MV 6-4. Beat Cal and crushed Pitt. Ended year with 3 losses.
    9. Berkeley 5-4. Won WAC-Foothill. Why did they play just 9 games?
    10. Foothill 5-5. Beat MV, Picked #1 in EBAL, too much talent to go 5-5
    11. DV 6-4. Beat Vacaville. Bad loss to Heritage to end season.
    12. Castro Valley 5-5. Losses to Cal, Freedom, MV & Berkeley.
    13. Heritage 3-7. Beat DV & Antioch.
    14. Antioch 6-4. 5th place. Weak schedule. Only good win was NG.
    15. Irvington 4-6. May not even apply.

  • jack cates

    Ferndale 41 St Bernards 20 11;41 4th Qtr

  • Prepfan….Its funny how Deer Valley got dumped by Heritage…the lose to Freedom must have taken the win out of their sails…But whats stranger yet…is the beating that Deer Valley put on Vacaville…that has to be one of the great wins this season…
    The loss to Berkeley wasn’t expected by Castro Valley and if Irvington were to apply and be excepted…the end result would not be good….always good comments..

  • 415….The coach at Dougherty Valley will still be around….he just has to get kids with skill that so far haven’t shown up yet….The area is growing..but it could be several years before DV can be a threat to the DFAL…or down the road the EBAL….San Leandro is different….There are kids there that can play football, but would rather hang out, don’t want to play football or can’t make the grades…

  • jack cates

    St Bernards quarterback Christian Mello ejected in 3rd quarter. Will miss next wks game.

  • jack cates

    Ferndale 41 St Bernards 20, Final

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks Bluedog2. When DV beat Vacaville, I thought they would contend in the BVAL, but instead lost to Pitt, Freedom & Heritage to close out the year with 3 losses.

    I’ve heard that Dougherty’s frosh team was pretty good this season, so maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel over there after such a rough season for their varsity.

  • vic

    Does anyone know what will happen if those bottom teams don’t apply??..will the committe pick new teams or can they still be put in anyway?..could see some interesring EBAL rematches depending on how the seeding works out…

  • Prep Fan

    If teams opt out, there will just be more byes for the top seeded teams, unless there are more than 16 who qualify. They won’t force a team like Irvington to play a game if they choose not to apply.

    There will be a lot of rematches in D1 for sure, with 5 EBAL teams (6 if you factor in DLS who played every EBAL team this year), and 5 BVAL teams in the mix. Plus, teams like CV, Berkeley & Logan each played several teams in the field, and there were a few EBAL vs. BVAL games as well. Probably half the games will be rematches.


  • EB JC Guy

    Agree with Prep Fan on seedings, except maybe see Pitt’s bad loss to MV drop them all the way to 8.

  • 617lemon

    bring back the rock! back to back 3-7 seasons its time to go! the rock had more wins in his first season than the slithery one has in 2!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Anyone have the Alameda-Arroyo Score today? Jet Pride!


    @Post 17
    Berkeley high only played 9 games because the first preseason game, i believe Kennedy forfeited

  • seven72deuce

    Yeah agree with ebjc, Pitt has no relevant wins to put them above the likes of MV AV and SRV… No higher than 8 is where i predict them.

  • Prep Fan

    EB JC Guy @27, that was a tough call. Pitt at 7-3 has the next best record and played a tough schedule, but as you point out the MV loss was bad. I initially was going to put them behind MV, but then figured the secret committee may not put the 2nd place BVAL team behind 4 EBAL teams, and MV ended the year limping in with 3 straight losses. It is hard to slot Pitt in between the SRV-AV-MV group, so I figured it was either #5 or #8. Had MV & Pitt ended with the same record, there would be no question, but last night’s come from ahead loss to SRV kind of messed up things for MV.

  • MVAL fan

    After last night’s game, Irvington coach verified that he does plan on applying for an at-large berth. That means Division II will have just 13 teams (if everyone applies). College Park, Hayward, Santa Rosa and Alameda all needed wins to be eligible this week and all four teams lost.
    Prep Fan #28: If teams don’t apply, they will not get in. Example: Division has 15 eligible teams, but 10 teams apply (or has automatic berth), it will just be a 10-team field.

  • FB Guru


    I don’t blame him, they already played Logan once and lost 66-0.

  • leatherfan

    Kids at Heritage are learning the system and starting to play. Scary match-up for a lot of teams….but, Head Coach stepped down and refuses to take team to playoffs. At 3-7 I don’t know if that’s a bad idea. Should it be up to kids??? They finished 3-2 in BVAL with a 1 TD loss to Freedom and a loss to Pitt.

  • Prep Fan

    MVAL Fan @36, that was exactly my point. “If teams opt out, there will just be more byes for the top seeded teams, unless there are more than 16 who qualify. They won’t force a team like Irvington to play a game if they choose not to apply.” Thus, unless Heritage or someone else also chooses not to apply, it looks like there will be 14 teams and 2 byes in D1 this year.

  • EB JC Guy

    Mixed thoughts on Heritage not applying with 3-7 record, but winning record in second-best league in section and close game with Freedom. Gotta respect the decision by the coach, though, sending message to his kids that they can’t lose all those games and still move on. Unlike Antioch, who basically sends the message to their team that as long as you schedule crappy lower division teams, and then win one league game over a decimated team, you can go to the playoffs! Just an embarrassing way for a Division 1 team to back into the playoffs. Makes me respect Heritage decision even more though.

  • spectator2012

    Having a losing record does look bad going into the playoffs. At some point I do agree with the Heritage coach. On the other hand, the kids did play hard and maybe deserve the shot. I feel for the seniors who may not ever play again. As for Antioch, it’s a shame how they try to qualify for the playoffs. The coaches there just plain suck. It doesn’t do anyhting good for the program. They are always gonna be looked at as a joke in the bval. Those kids gets their hopes up thinking they can compete, but come league time, they get their asses handed to them.

  • Arroyo Don

    Arroyo 17 Alameda 14. A well played and exciting game.

  • seven72deuce

    I gotta agree w spectator a bit. A coach shouldn’t pull the plug on a team like that.. especially for the chance to be a cinderella/bracket buster team. I think some of it though has to be that some coaches may hate the fact ncs opened up to having 16 teams in a division compete with the idea of teams with losing records being eligible and maybe saying it might not be competitive, and the idea that throwing their team in into a game with a or top EBAL/BVAL/DLS/Logan team…

    Which bring me to the other side of the argument… Would you rather have your team end a season on a win… Or sign up to a major chance of your team being blown out?

  • Pitt Grunt

    @ 34 Seven72deuce,

    Pitt does have a relevant win that many who are posting are simply disregarding. Pitt beat Granite Bay, Max Preps 11th ranked team in Northern California. Granite Bay beat Del Oro, who beat Logan, who beat San Ramon, who beat Monte Vista, etc., etc., etc.

    Will the D-1 seedings also include strength of schedule or only BVAL-EBAL head to heads?

  • Real Dragon

    Coach P.

  • Seattle Slew

    Suli you ever gonna make post season?

  • TJ

    #43.. Personally, if I coached a team that had a losing record but I felt confident that there was a chance they would make it, they were going to work their tails off during the week AND be competitive with all of the playoff teams, I would apply.

  • coach l

    fire moyer hire perry! 1 win in the b league is not cutting it.

  • TJ

    Whats so great about this Perry guy?

  • TJ

    which could bring up an interesting discussion.. what coach openings does anybody see for next year?