NCS football bracket — Division I

Division I
First round

No. 13 Antioch (6-4) at No. 4 San Ramon Valley (5-5), 7 p.m.
No. 14 Irvington (4-6) at No. 3 James Logan (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 9 Pittsburg (7-3) at No. 8 Monte Vista (6-4), 7 p.m.
No. 10 Deer Valley (6-4) at. No. 7 Foothill (5-5), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Castro Valley (5-5) at No. 5 Amador Valley (6-4), 7 p.m.
No. 11 Berkeley (5-4) at No. 6 Freedom (8-2), 7 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 16

Monte Vista/Pittsburg winner at No. 1 De La Salle (10-0), 7 p.m.
Deer Valley/Foothill winner at No. 2 California (8-2), 7 p.m.

Stephanie Hammon

  • seven72deuce

    Predicitions for week one

    Logan vs Irvington: no brainier on this one Logan 55-6

    SRV vs Antioch: another no brainer, expect SRV to play conservative in this one though as they need to stay healthy after this round. SRV 40-14

    AV vs Castro valley: Castro should not be taken lightly at all as they held their own against other EBAL teams. But AVs momentum should carry through. AV 31-20

    Freedom vs Berkeley: if there’s any to note in this game, Berkeley has improved this season. How much though is the question. Both sides have athletes in the receiving and DB areas, it will all come down to the trenches in my opinion, and judging what i saw in the logan/berk game, berk line better step it up as they will need to get in the pocket. If they can this game might go either way. I’ll throw an upset alert. Freedom 30 – 21

    Foothill – DV: Deer valley has been the most streakiest team in the BVAL. Luckily for them the face the most streakiest team in the EBAL. But when DV is good, they’re really good. No one has seen a perfect outting by foothill and might not know if they even found the switch to get all that talent to work for them. Upset alert, DV 28-24

    MV – Pitt: everyone says this should be game of the week, and it better be being the fact it’s the 8/9 matchup. MV has been slipping a bit the season coming off a 3 game losing streak, but AV is no fluke, SRV is not bad at all, and DLS is DLS. The question will be is if they are too beaten up by now because of it. Pitt on the other hand is expected to be full healthy and could be dangerous. Both teams are battle tested but can Pitt outlast MVs passing attack? MV 41-38

  • interesting comment on DLS to play so they can get dinged up. DeLa is going to do the dinging up.

  • Prep Fan

    Bigdog, Which post refers to DLS getting dinged up?

  • stuck in spokane

    Prep Fan, Bigdog’s referring to StopDropAndRumble’s post #66.

  • bval


    Not sure how you can include the cities of antioch, brentwood, san ramon, and danville in the same sentence…

    Have you been to the city of Antioch? It is very different from the other cities mentioned

  • seven72deuce


    that’s kind of missing the point.. i wasn’t saying all 4 of those cities are alike. I was only saying union city is different from cities such as the following..

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks Stuck @104. I guess I only went back about 25 posts or so and couldn’t find anything. The other teams they would be playing might get bruises as well, but their seasons would likely be done. Only 1 bye week to rest anyway.

  • ATrueSav

    I think if Pitt (especially) wants to close the gap on DLS…they’re gonna have to start to schedule tougher gms in the preseason. Don’t get me wrong…their schedule is not a soft twinkie schedule that Antioch, D.V. Freedom historically have. However once BVAL starts…there’s usually 1 competitive game. Maybe Pitt needs to drop games like Berkeley…Clayton Valley…Granite Bay…& start scheduling teams like Serra…Bellarmine….St. Mary’s-Stockton….etc. Hell…travel to SoCal once every couple of yrs for a gm. What do they have to lose if teams are making playoffs w/under .500 records anyways?

    DLS is a great school & program…but let’s call it what it is: it’s an All Star Team. I’m not gonna get on my “Public vs. Private” soapbox….but I’d be hard pressed to believe that Coach Lad could go to (i.e) Liberty High & do what he’s doing (w/only Brentwood residents & the talent pool being split w/Heritage). Not to mention…DLS seems to have a more “exclusive” feel to it being THE Top program in the region. I’d go as far as saying that if DLS were in SF or down The Peninsula playing in the WCAL w/schools like Serra…S.I….Riordan…Bellarmine…etc…their talent pool would be thinned out…because players have more options in that region. In closing…the schools (public especially) need to schedule the TOUGHEST games possible to even think they’re ready for DLS…

  • stuck in spokane

    @ Prep Fan. Yes, his post was in response to post 62 which stated:

    “Why don’t they just make DLS have a bye, its obvious they are going to Finals. Let all these team have a chance to play and make it to final, so battle it out on Semi, whoever wins, plays in Final. This way every team gets a chance, rather than being knocked out by DLS in the 1st couple brackets? just a thought.”

  • Gridlock

    Final EBAL thoughts before the playoffs!

    1. The Best of RB & QB & WR in EBAL:

    K. Johnson at CHS, DeLa Pena at SRV, Chang at MV, Gates at FHS, Hernandez at Liv, Granados at GHS , Peters at AHS

    Owen at CHS, Birse at SRV, Moreno at AHS, Zamora at MV, Kearns at FHS, Offill at GHS, McPherson at Liv (even though Kreger has been playing)

    Melin at MV, Hudson at FHS, Miller at AHS, Zamora at MV, Turner at SRV, Finney at FHS , Campiotti at GHS

    1. California: Coach Belicci should win EBAL coach of the year but if not him, then what coach? Grizzlies are a steady pounding machine week after week and they pulverize opponents without mercy. QB Owen is the unsung hero of this team, his play at QB improved each week for the most part with one or two snags along the way, he should easily win 1st team all-league honors to go along with KJ at RB. Grizzly defense showed big improvement against Sparta but then again DLS cannot throw the football to save their lives. This year’s Sparta team is one of the most beatable DLS teams I’ve seen in years, it would not surprise me at all to see DLS lose in 2012 up here or in SoCal. Karris Johnson can take the Grizzlies a long way but they will need Owen and his teammates to play awesome to win NCS title which they can do if DLS turns the ball over a few too many times and suffers from their nearly complete inability to throw the football well. Grizzlies will host the winner of Deer Valley vs. Foothill game, so a rematch is very likely against Falcons.

    2. San Ramon: Coach Kessler’s tweaking of the offense to better fit QB Birse has improved Wolves greatly and they should be feared in the playoffs. Birse has really stepped up his production because the running game is relied upon behind an improving O-Line and excellent RB DeLa Pena. It seems Wolves defense gets better after they have been punched in the face a few times by the other team’s offense, kind of like a boxer. The secret weapon on the Wolves is the Kicker, he drills the ball like a young Morten Anderson routinely blasting the ball out of the end zone on kick-offs which helps the Wolves defense by pinning the other team deep every time having to go 80 yards for TD’s. This Wolves team might be peaking at the right time and Wolves believe they can beat anybody on any given day. Their come from behind victory over MV fit their pattern. SRV will win their playoff opener over Antioch and they catch a break after turnig their season around.

    3. Amador: Coach Sira has Dons running very hot behind very good QB Moreno. WR Miller is putting fear into opponent’s defenses by catching balls left and right. Amador’s defense is selectively stingy and opportunistic. Against Freedom their defense was the story and their defense was the difference in their showdown too, scoring twice on Foothill’s offense to help the Dons win. QB Moreno might be peaking at the right time and this team can beat any of the seeded teams other than Sparta. Dons might be on a new mission with QB Moreno locked and loaded. If Dons are to go beyond round 2 of the playoffs their defense will need to keep the pressure on full throttle. Amador will beat Castro Valley but the Trojans will score 21 points. I like Amador to pull away in the 2nd half of this game with a final score of Dons 30 to 21 over CV, with QB Moreno throwing for 4 touchdowns this weekend.

    4. Foothill: Coach Sweeney had way too much confidence in this year’s team and it’s really odd Falcons finished a .500 team. WR Hudson is playmaker that would start for every team in EBAL including Sparta. But Falcons defense has been pushed around and their offense has sputtered in every big game. QB Kearns tossed too many picks against Amador and Falcons unpredictable running game was below average. Foothill will not progress past 2nd round of playoffs but will win vs. a very dysfunctional Deer Valley team without two star players. DV goes down to Foothill by 21 points and Falcons get to face Grizzlies next week.

    5. Monte Vista: Coach Bergman is known for his offenses but he had everybody fooled this year by presenting a good defense out of the gate. But just as people were starting to talk about Mustang D, he pulled the rug out from under the EBAL watchers as MV dropped three straight games to end the season with a gigantic fizzle out. QB Zamora needs to connect better under pressure but his EBAL season numbers are very good. WR Melin is their best player on offense, followed by Chiang and Zamora’s. MV could win their opening playoff game vs. Pitt, but I am picking Pitt to win over MV. I like Pitt in this game playing with revenge and also Pitt is a better team than they were in the beginning of the season. MV knows they can blow leads in the 4th quarter and against Pitt they have the playmakers to pull out a close game with one big play in the end. Pitt drops MV by 10 points this weekend.

    6. Granada: Coach Silva saved his best for last literally. His team’s pounding Livermore was meaningless other than for earning pride of Livermore button over hapless Cowboys. QB Offill needs a lot of work but what will help him most is a powerful Granada running game. It’s a long off-season so Coach Silva can fiddle for 8 months and maybe get it figured out. This team should have been to the playoffs this year but the fell in love with the pass and got dumped and burned.

    7. Livermore: Coach Haubner is taking team to the playoffs and that is great for Cowboys and the town of Livermore. But Coach Haubner keeping his athletic QB McPherson on the bench is crazy, McPherson is a man amongst boys. Current Cowboy QB Kreger drops back to pass and almost every time Kreger holds the football and takes a sack instead of tossing it down field. Go Cowboys in the playoffs but their chances would be much better with McPherson at the helm. Dublin wins over Livermore by 14 points.

    *Mt. Eden is steaming into the playoffs as my suprise pick all season but Concord is too much for the Monarchs to handle this week. Mt. Eden’s run ends here.

  • renegades10

    This has also been one of the most unhealthy DLS teams in a long time. I’m curious if this bye week won’t help get a few things sorted out.

  • Prep Fan

    Gridlock, who are the two star players that DV will be without tomorrow night? Or is that Foothill who will be without them?

    From post 110.4: “Foothill will not progress past 2nd round of playoffs but will win vs. a very dysfunctional Deer Valley team without two star players.”

  • Prep Fan

    R10, didn’t last year’s DLS team have about 4 RBs injured most of the year? It seemed like that team was pretty beaten up as well. Every team has a lot of injuries each year, but Sparta usually has enough depth to keep the wins coming even without star players. Or the backups become stars.

    D1 commit Hooper was back in the lineup after some time on the DL and played very well with a couple of nice plays against the Grizz last week. Last year they kept him out of the backfield, after he had terrorized the SRV o-line for about 4 or 5 sacks.

  • renegades10

    Last year was a rough one too but that was mainly in the RB department. They’ll usually lose one maybe two guys for a few games, but I can’t remember this many guys missing time at some points and especially the main guys. 2010 I know Renaud missed a few weeks and I think Anthony Williams did as well (or that might have been last year). But this year it’s been Moffitt, Hooper, Egu, Buckley, Ogburn, etc… and a lot of them out at the same time (pretty sure last week was Buckley’s first game missed though). This year the RB’s have mainly stayed healthy while everybody else has had their injury/sickness issues.

  • Island Chief

    Tri-City Dude @ #100, calm down. I don’t know where you got that I was trying to crucify the undeserving teams like Irvington, Antioch, and Livermore. They really should not be there, and I’m just frustrated that they get a chance to play for no reason whatsoever. I didn’t mean to bring up the politics, but it was very frustrating to see these brackets (plus the elections was just recent, so it gave me time to rant about our politics). I really wish no ill will towards any of the players on these teams; if they want to use this opportunity to have fun together for one last time, then so be it.

    As for my beloved Hornets, I admit that we were not great. However, I just love football and want to see every player on every team try their hardest, regardless of what team he plays for. So while Alameda sits at home, I will be gald to see the OVERATED Encinal Jets get destroyed in their playoff game.

    Honsetly, I think you are either very sensitive, a player on one of these undeserving teams, or a part of the NCS committee that comes up with these brackets. No one else here is complaining about my comment, so I don’t know why you are. If these kids from the 3 mentioned teams can’t accept that they are not that good enough to be in the playoffs, then they were raised wrong by their coaches and/or parents.

  • Island Chief does this mean you’ll be at the game?

    I find it very strange that Kemp chose to come on here & blog before he addressed his own website & his fans. Whats up with that?


  • dudleydawson

    island chief you still around? didnt your son tell you to stop blogging? i didnt know encinal was even rated this year let alone overrated but they did find a way to get in the playoffs unlike your weak hornets. so sit home take your romney posters off your lawn quit hating on encinal & obama. 6 wins in 2yrs island chief you must admit thats pretty bad.your mad @irvington,livermore & antioch for qualifing direct your anger to your weak head coach who cant qualify outta of the b league.it’s time for the moyers to stop blogging it’s playoff time something you guys know nothing about.


    Island Chief,
    your true colors are showing. Your comment, “It’s just like Obummer and our government,getting paid to act stupid,” is hella ignorant. It doesnt surprise me though because I still remember your little “spooks” comment that Im sure you, your coaches, and friends just love to throw around. I feel your weakness little buddy…

  • 617lemon

    @reggiehammond the kemper dont do write ups after loses only victories so not to much commenting this year. @dudleydawson islandchief is papa moyer wow doesnt surprise me this guy loves to push his propaganda check out his game summaries there like a novel. i wish we could BRING BACK THE ROCK! he had us in the playoffs atleast. these moyers made promises and have not delivered they must go kemper has been head coach or asst.hc since ’07 no league titles no playoff wins just excuses how long does this car salesman keep his job? step down you had plenty of time to turn it around.

  • dudleydawson

    @roeper “spooks” it all makes sense now. island chief dont like encinal or obama i guess we all know why now!

  • coach l

    moyer needs to quit and let coach perry takeover or give up the play calling and let sam call the offense he groomed hernandez not moyer. also have coach mike call the defense the other moyer dont know what he is doing!

  • Alameda Man

    Encinal coaches and fans on this forum quit thinking about us. I know you folks love us but damn. I know most of the comments on here are from the coaches at Encinal and you should be ashamed of the things you say. How many players will get to the next level this year encinal? ZERO because theyre not prepared well.

  • Coach Kemp Moyer

    OK. I would ask Alameda fans and Encinal fans to be respectful and allow these prep boards to focus on the student-athletes, positive achievements, and the teams that are working hard in the playoffs. (Yes, I know we did not make it). I am confident Coach Tenorio would rather see that be the focus as well.

    Island Chief is in no way associated with the Alameda football program. I already asked respectfully, please stop. Thanks.

    And thanks for all the feedback from Encinal folks. I am very proud of what the JV coaches I have brought on did (amongst the whole staff) and they are good people with good futures in this program and as men.

    I know certain people will talk negative and make all sorts of comments, but when it comes down to it, we are talking prep sports. Can this be an example of how to act in a respectful manner?

    Good luck to the teams in the playoffs, God Bless.

  • vic

    Does anyone know of any key injuries that could effect this weekends games??

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    I believe Island Chief has to be a kid so lets just let him have his rant. The Focus for Encinal is Novato and trust me when i say that is all that is on our minds right now. If that IS Coach Moyer Posting then thanks for the post Coach and see ya at next years Island Bowl.Playoffs start tonite Troops so are you ready for some North Coast Section Football? Jet Pride!

  • EBfootball

    I’ll keep it positive. A lil birdie told me that every single player on Encinal’s roster is academically eligible. Great job Jets. Yes, every player should be eligible but the reality is that most teams lose players to grades come post season.

  • TJ

    Moyer, you seem like a decent enough guy.. but let someone else take the reins at Alameda, the kids deserve it. If you want to talk about positive achievements, please allow them to actually have positive achievements and let someone else take over. Its for the good of the city.

  • C/O98

    Who put the tap on the keg of haterade. Let it go already if your team is not in the playoffs your a non topic till next year. Good luck to everyone playing this weekend. Side note I’m praying for upsets!!! Keeps things interesting.

  • Paydirt

    C/O98 #128

    You pray against the privates (favorites)? That’s quite ironic and funny.

    Seriously, I am with you on upsets, or at least keep it close and the let home team experience the pucker factor. BTW, both Danville and Pleasanton are ripe for “upsets”.

  • Tri-City Dude

    Island Chief, I do not know if you really are a part of the Alameda football program. If you are, then you are just making them look bad for no reason. I do actually think you make a valid arguement when you say Irvington and Livermore should not be in the playoffs based on their records and their play. However, that is no excuse for bringing up politics and and insulting the kids that do work their hardest at these programs.

    As for Coach Moyer, I appreciate the kind comments. I wish that people associated with your program is not like Isalnd Chief. Hopefully, you guys will have a better year next year.

  • John

    These playoffs are a joke! Why teams like Irvington and Antioch get in because they meet the criteria is so asinine. Antioch a D1 school is allowed to schedule an extremely weak preseason schedule because they know they can only beat Liberty in their league so they can make the playoffs and lose 66-0! Why would their A.D. allow this to happen? Teams like Heritage who my son plays for schedule to get ready to get ready for league so they can match up against Pitt, DV and Freedom. We were playoff eligible and didn’t apply. WHY? Because we were under .500 overall! Antioch on the other hand finish the regular season 6-4. They beat up on weak teams in preseason but when it came time to play the big boys, well you know what happened. Hey Antioch karma is a B! Yes you scored 70 points against a LOWLY Daugherty Valley team and thought you were great. Don’t want to forget what you did to MT. Diablo HA! should I keep going? Way to support the BVAL by losing to San Ramon 66-0 yes KARMA lives in the YOC for another year. How about scheduling like the other teams in the league do and maybe next year you’ll be ready for your season.


    Classless players from Antioch damaging the Visitor locker room at SRV tonight. Guess we know where some of the just-passed Antioch school bond money will be spent. As far as I’m concerned, great to see immature and disrespectful behavior like that answered by the Wolves with a 66-0 demolishing of Antioch. Where were the Antioch coaches? Pathetic!

  • Coach505

    For you Logan Alum/ bloggers… the last D1 scholarship guy out of UC was Toni Pole, who by the way, is doing a pretty good job up there in Pullman and has a great shot @ playing on Sundays like Dj Ghomes… and FYI Coach Billecci didn’t “just leave” … he decided to take a great offer that presented itself to him @ Cal High, but only AFTER he applied for the Head Coaching job @ JLHS that was up that year… so don’t bash him for the NHUSD dropping the ball on that one…

  • KIR

    Just like I said Pitt crushed MV, tried to tell you that first game didn’t mean crap – caught us off guard an injured. To nite you got a lesson in smashmouth.

    We remember the ass kikin DeLa gave us last year. Mark my words were puttin up a battle this time around. To be the best you gotta beat the best. We get our shot at the green machine. Will leave it all on the field.

  • Pitt Grunt

    Good job Antioch. Way to represent the BVAL.

    Nothing worse than a sore loser.

  • spectator2012

    Bhigh got a whoopin as I expected. Now on to the freedom and logan showdown.

  • TJ

    Did anybody other than O Dowd win in the first round from the WACC?

  • The 11 seeded Encinal Jets are in the 2nd round. 6th year in a row. Not even a good game from Bleacher.

  • EB JC Guy

    Unfortunately, the Antioch incident in the locker room, if it is indeed true, only follows their behavior all year long. From cheap shots during games to classless behavior on the sideline (especially in their Deer Valley game), this kind of behavior has plagued them all year long. It looks like the staff there will have to perform quite an eradication of those attitudes if they want to grow up and become a real team. That, and schedule a real opponent in the non-league. They have played Mt D two years in a row now, should be done with that contract at least . . .

  • outsider

    Any predictions for upsets in the Division 1 playoffs? I think that the DLS/Pittsburg game is 85%/15% DLS. The SRV/AV game is 60%/40% SRV. The Cal/Foothill game is 65%/35% Cal. The Logan/Freedom game is 60%/40% Logan.

  • Prep Fan

    Those look like pretty good percentages Outsider. However, I would put DLS-Pitt at 95%/5%. While Pitt looks to be peaking at the right time and DLS looks like they could be vulnerable, it is still DLS in the playoffs. Pitt does have a chance though if they can get their running game going and should give them a game. They’ll need to score at least in the 20s, play great defense and get some key turnovers. Easier said than done.

  • KIR

    News out of Pitt Camp is not to good. You never want to go into DLS with bunch of injuries. The physical whoopin they put on MV came with a price. Word is 1 rb out 1 banged up pretty good. 4 Def starters questionable with 2 DL starters out … The team is so young that the back ups having to step up are in some cases sophomores

  • Prep Fan

    Ouch! Maybe 97.5%/2.5%?

  • Outsider

    I skewed my percentages some since I was thinking about upsets. Realistically the percentages should be skewed more toward the expected winner.

  • Insider

    For those who bring up Karris Johnson in his last 3 games. 1st Livermore Johnson was being rested for the next week only getting 2-3 carries. Granada put 9 in the box to make sure Johnson didn’t go anywhere he had around 65+ yards but made the most of the game taking one back on kick return and scoring 1 rushing touchdown and 1 recievung touchdown. De La Salle week he had a around 55 yards and people say he ran scared but there’s not much you can do when you have that D-Line and the set of D1 backers blowing up the Cal lineman. I think Johnson will definitely have a 100 yard + game against Foothill on Friday and will be coming out ready to do his job.

  • Prep Fan

    Good points Insider. I hope no one was belittling what Johnson has accomplished this year due to his last 3 games. I’m sure he is keeping Sweeney up at night this week preparing to face him again. Still clearly the top RB in the EBAL this year and he played as well as anyone else in the league did vs. DLS and their set of D1 backers. He did look a little timid in the first half (what back in the EBAL didn’t) but looked better in the second half with a TD as Cal actually outscored DLS after half. No one wants to kick off to this guy after they’ve seen him in action.