NCS football bracket — Division I

Division I
First round

No. 13 Antioch (6-4) at No. 4 San Ramon Valley (5-5), 7 p.m.
No. 14 Irvington (4-6) at No. 3 James Logan (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 9 Pittsburg (7-3) at No. 8 Monte Vista (6-4), 7 p.m.
No. 10 Deer Valley (6-4) at. No. 7 Foothill (5-5), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Castro Valley (5-5) at No. 5 Amador Valley (6-4), 7 p.m.
No. 11 Berkeley (5-4) at No. 6 Freedom (8-2), 7 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 16

Monte Vista/Pittsburg winner at No. 1 De La Salle (10-0), 7 p.m.
Deer Valley/Foothill winner at No. 2 California (8-2), 7 p.m.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Prep Fan

    Wow, Freedom got hosed again, this time a #6 seed?? The Logan-Freedom 2nd round matchup should be a good one. I had Cal at #3, but #2 was not out of the question. SRV at #4 with a 5-5 record was a big surprise, as was AV at #5 with 6-4, but I guess the secret committee really factored the AV win over Freedom in the preseason heavily. Pitt at #9 gets a rematch with MV but the winner heads over to Winton as a parting gift. Cal gets the winner of Foothill-DV which could be a good game.

  • 91

    How the hell is Berkley a 11th Seed when we won our league?! Also, how do we not get a home playoff game. I thought it was guaranteed you get one if you win league?! NCS i trying to screw us over once again, and we just have to prove them wrong once more!

  • Oh Boy

    Looked at all the seedlings. Complain all you want but the committee did its best job in years. Not perfect of course. but no teams were undeservedly high or low. And if you have to go on the road, it’s your own fault!

  • TJ

    91… Freedom also won their league and they have the higher seed.

  • Prep Fan

    I agree oh boy. They did a much better job this year, but I was just surprised at Freedom, as I thought they had an outside shot at the #3 seed but slipped to #6. Cal, Logan & Freedom are in the same bracket, but I’m sure all are glad just to be on the opposite of the Green Machine until the finals.

  • THEanonymous

    Thank you very much NCS for getting it exactly right this time. I mean EXACTLY. I know a lot of people thought Logan would get seeded ahead of Cal but you took Cal’s much stronger schedule into account. (which was pretty difficult to see, I felt it could have gone either way) And the 4-9 seeds are absolutely indisputable, as with the exception of MV’s win over Cal and a Foothill team with a lower record than the 8-11 seeds (but still seeded properly as they had a combo of a much tougher schedule and the win over MV), every single head-to-head is accounted for (going back to last year when it was taken way too much into account to give MV the easiest possible route to the semifinal, now it gives them the hardest this year, whereas Cal was unfairly thrown into the hardest route last year and now has the easiest to the D1 championship in a 99% more justified bracket). And the 10-14 seeds are also all very accurate, as every team is separated either by a sizeable difference in ratings or a head-to-head victory. Verdict: last year’s bracket was completely botched in favor of MV (making me very suspicious of how it became so), and NCS deserves points for sticking with a much more assured and correct playoff bracket this year. It is working out at its’ finest. Go Grizzlies!

  • Maxi

    WOW! Screw the EBAL and the NCS! Definitely in bed together! The playoff brackets in EVERY sport, every year, are always in favor of the EBAL! Get your heads out of the Gold Plated sand too EBAL fans, you know you get preferential treatment. Screw you and your 5-5 and 6-4 teams! Spoiled uppity brats through and through!I hope Logan, Pitt and Freedom roll you. This thing is obviously set up so the EBAL doesn’t face each other in the 1st round.

  • pitt01

    Terrible..two 5 & 5 teams ahead of pitt..lmao ebal bias in full effect

  • Maxi

    @ 91…. Berkeley got screwed because they weren’t going to put you ahead of DV(who is obviously floundering, and has 2 suspended players now) because that means Foothill would’ve had to come to your house. Now what Pleasanton resident in their right mind would want to visit MLK Blvd. at 7pm on a Saturday night! So they make you an 11 and send you out to Oakley.

  • Oh Boy

    The EBAL teams already have faced each other. What more is there to prove? They also all faced DLS. Other leagues did not. I do hope Logan, Pitt and Freedom look at this as opportunity to knock off EBAL teams. What is the use of playoffs if you’re running from competition?

  • ATrueSav

    Hey committee….way to go by DOGGING Pitt yet again…putting them in another potential 2nd Round Match w/DLS. Last yr…they win BVAL…beat Berkeley in Rd 1…get DLS in 2nd Rd. This yr…Pitt is #2 in BVAL (lost to Freedom 49-48)…have to deal w/MV again; I predict that this game was be MUCH different than the 1st one. If (when) Pitt gets past MV…we get DLS again…(?) Hell….Pitt would be better off getting DV’s seed (10) or Antioch’s (13)…!! How does the #2 BVAL team have a harder road than the #4 & #5 teams from the BVAL…?

    3 things…16 teams are just too many; it should be cut off at 12. Also…I know some may scoff at this…but if you win your league…you should be a Top 6 team & host a playoff game. Lastly…I don’t like this “predetermined” ranking/playoff slots; DLS & Cal…& everyone that falls in line behind them should be playing the LOWEST seeds that advance to the next round (i.e.- like the NFL). So…if Irvington upsets Logan…Irvington as the LOWEST seed that is moving on…should be the one going to DLS. Cal would get the next lowest seed to move on…etc…

  • playofftime

    Maxi, the hatred you spew is the exact reason why your teams don’t do well in the playoffs. It is a social issue with your teams and your communities. It is very self interested rather than looking at the facts. No matter how you slice it the EBAL is the toughest league in the Bay Area probably with the exception of the WCAL. You bring up the EBAL as being uppity rather it is parents who have brought up their kids right to be respectful and play for the right reasons. Team, unity, self respect, loyalty, and love. Love of the competition love to succeed. Rather than placing blame you should take a look at yourself and the poison you spew on message boards. Bottom line Success breeds success.

  • Oh Boy

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. That 5-5 foothill team you’re whining about beat a MV team that whipped you at home? And put up the 2nd most pts of the season on DLS. I would pick a better argument.

  • Forget about it Berkeley, your record is 5-4, what makes you think you should be higher than what you got? You won league, thats good for a banner in the gym, but so did your opponent who is a higher seed; no home game for you.

  • Tri-City Dude

    I think for the most part these brackets are pretty good. The only arguement you can make is that SRV should be lower than 4, but in fairness to them they did play a real tough schedule.

  • THEanonymous

    @ATrueSav: I couldn’t agree more with the last part of your proposal that the NCS should do it the way the NFL and almost any other playoff system does it, with respect to lowest seed playing highest seed, second lowest playing second highest, etc. The NCS has always set it up so it is that way in the first round, but assumes that the highest seeds always win (so if a lower seed comes up with an upset, they are now treated like the seed of the team they upset, which is a better seed than who they were originally seeded below). And this helps me to understand the non-EBAL teams frustration, especially Pitt since they have suffered a similar fate as Cal high last year, because the thing is Pitt was seeded exactly where they should have been, but it is not fair that they have to play DLS in the second round if a lower seed comes up with an upset, because that lower seed (provided they are the lowest seed remaining) should have to be the one who plays DLS. But don’t blame the EBAL (who got what they worked hard for), blame the NCS there. They got the seedings exactly right, but their system of fixed bracket lines is wrong, and that is the next thing that they need to fix.

  • bval

    Berkeley you are 5-4… play in a terrible football league… that is a mix of D1, 2, and 3, teams

    BVAL is all D-1 and honestly Berkeley and Castro should have been behind every BVAl team, even Antioch

    Berkeley and Castro valley have not beaten a single good team

    Freedom got SCREWED and Pitt should be at least 1-2 spots higher

    EBAL bias like always

  • MLS

    SRV would love to have been seeded lower, it would have been a much easier road to the finals (no DLS to the end). Remember like them or not they played the toughest pre-season of just about anyone. There wins were all quality ones and with the exception of Logan they were in every game, but again I think they would have been happy to get the lower seed if they had a choice.

  • ATrueSav

    *I stand corrected; my kid tells me that Pitt beat Antioch in Rd 1 last yr…beat Berkeley in Rd 2…THEN played DLS in Rd 3*….Ok…fine…it brings me to another point: In 2010…Pitt is #1 in BVAL, Heritage is #2. Someway…somehow…Pitt plays Heritage in Rd 1. Heritage beats the ish out of Pitt…guess who’s waiting for them in Rd 2? Yeah…ole Sparty. Last yr…Pitt plays Antioch in last game of BVAL (as they do every yr). Playoff seedings announced…guess who plays in Rd. 1 the next week: you guessed it…Pitt vs. Antioch AGAIN for the 2nd week in a row. Then of course…Pitt is again on DLS side of the bracket…lol.

    My point is…I can understand the concern about EBAL favoritism…whether it be scheduling BVAL teams against each other in Rd. 1 to cancel one of them out….to coordinate it so that EBAL can only meet in later rounds….or having DLS lurking to finish off any remaining BVAL team before the gms get to The Coliseum. You can’t help but to wonder.

  • Oh Boy

    I wouldn’t say Berkeley’s league is terrible but they are definitely the big dog. And your teams were placed fairly. You can’t put Pitt ahead of Foothill or Freedom in front of Amador Valley.

  • If a team wins its league–and Berkeley is finally in a league with competition–doesn’t it get a home game? Worthiness or not, is there a rule on winning a league? If not, then leagues are somewhat meaningless and BHS’ undefeated league season is not very meaningful either.

    And about visiting MLK on a Saturday night, Maxi, are you aware of any issues with safety at BHS in recent years? I think not. BHs has a new stadium. In fact, downtown Berkeley (where BHS is located) is a destination for folks with class and wisdom who visit the many music and theater venues and fantastic world-class restaurants. Get over your 1970s false ideas of Berkeley and live in the present.

  • pitt01

    @oh boy how can u not put pitt above foothill and amador..they been ahead of them all year in the rankings..now all of a sudden there below them..are u serious..yes u are..ebal bias at its finest

  • Freedom league champ also. Goes to seeding.

  • NCSGuru

    Freedom did not get screwed… they lost to Amador… Amador lost to SRV… Easy seeding… SRV #4, AV #5, Freedom #6… decided on the field that’s how it should be decided.

    Pitt lost to Monte Vista and Freedom… it’s pretty clear cut.

  • ATrueSav

    @THEanonymous: Yes indeed…i.e.- Irvington upsets Logan….why should DLS have to deal w/either Pitt or MV in 2nd Rd…when there’s a #14 seed that’s out there still playing? Having NFL-type seedings & playoff advancing would also KILL the “EBAL favoritism” arguments (for the most part)…because no one would know what the potential matchups would be beyond the 1st Round.

  • FB Fan

    Freedom gets screwed once again! EBAL bias? Absolutely! Don’t understand why San Ramon is number 4 and Amador Valley is number 5. Freedom scored more points on against foothill then Amador Valley did. Just because you beat the Freedom 1 on 1 doesnt necessarily mean your better. How do you explain Foothill vs Amador then? Doesn’t make any sense.

    This is not exactly right. Berkeley, irvington, Antioch shouldnt be on this list and have no business in the playoffs. Period

  • pitt01

    So the fact a 5 & 5 srv lost to deer valley means nothing..

  • NCSGuru

    Just because you beat the Freedom 1 on 1 doesn’t necessarily mean your better.

    That is a ridiculous statement… Freedom got beat head to head they get a lower seed… very simple logic.

    Foothill is lower than AV because Av finished higher the league standing than Foothill.

    It really isn’t that hard to figure out!

  • NCSGuru

    SRV did not play Deer Valley… nice try.

  • Barefoot

    I doubt if Maxi speaks for very many BVAL bloggers. BVAL fans are all about stepping up to the challenge. I’d put money on any BVAL team wanting a crack at DLS at any point of the playoffs, first or final game.

  • spectator2012

    It is what it is. Play the game that’s it. If you’re team can compete, let ’em. Too much complaining. It’s put up or shut up time.

  • MiraMan

    Brackets for DI, DII and DIII look pretty good to me. Always something to complain about, SRV seems a little high as an example, but all in all they got it right.

  • seven72deuce

    All my predictions were right. MV an Pitt shouldn’t be below foothill in my opinion… And can someone explain to me cal over logan?? But other than that, it wasn’t looking good for BVAL… Calling a DV and berk victory though…

  • Hey BVAL fans… Pitt LOST to Cal and MV. Freedom LOST to AV. Quit your whining!

  • kriart

    This seeding is no worries for Pitt. Pitt will take its sweet revenge on Monte Vista at their home turf. Then move on to take its best shot at DLS. Even if its the quarterfinals round, it’ll look like its the championship game.
    DLS Coach Lad said during his interview by Norcalpreps.com after their sloppy win over California, any strong team of BVAL can beat anybody (and that includes DLS). So, 1991 history could repeat itself and the Pitt Pirates had that experience of beating DLS in Northern California during the NCS championship. It’s not farfetched (Coach Lad thinks so himself) and that’s why you’ll see the throngs of old and new Pitt fans swarming to the games. Any game where Pitt is playing makes tons of money because of the Pitt crowd==they come in big numbers larger than the home team. If you watch them play, you’ll see visibly the strong community support for the Pitt Pirates–it has a strong history and unique culture.

  • NCSGuru

    Foothill beat MV and MV beat Pitt… again decided on the field. Seedings are correct on #7-#9.

  • dj falong

    @ Maxi, do you have a CDC #?. Reason I asked your comments have criminal over tones. Unfortunately this is all about crime, hoods and so forth. Please leave your reality at home. Berkeley is a nice place to visit I am sure there are a few graduates from cal. who live in foothill’s zip. Remember this is for the kids please put energy into getting our kids recruited. We still have a few D1 level players who don’t have offers. Go NCS !!!!

  • seven72deuce


    Yeah I figured that would have been the reason… But then again.. That would favor any EBAL in that case… But I guess that explains SRV a bit.


    don’t agree with you on the league champs being in top seeds… Homefield advantage is good enough in my opinion

  • High School Fan

    Last time I checked if you win your league you get a home game in the first round. If thats not the case then whats the point of even having leagues

  • seven72deuce

    I agree with you there NCS guru.. Good point. Just thought MV’s huge win over cal would have helped along with a better showing vs Pitt as well, foothill losing to freedom with Pitt doing better stood out to me.. But on the field is the best way to go

  • High School Fan

    Castro Valley play MV and Cal pretty tough and has also played 8 playoff bound team. But everyone can talk about it on blog and complain but the games are played for a reason I wouldnt be shocked if a few team get upset.

  • seven72deuce


    PREACH. BVAL defenders as a Logan fan I would think I’m unbiased when it comes to EBAL vs BVAL this rankings are as accurate as hell. AV being viewed as the third best team from EBAL beat league champ Freedom? Who’s is above freedom? 3 EBAL teams Logan and DLS. right under freedom is foothill, the only EBAL team beaten by a BVAL team. MV beat pitt convincingly and there you have Pitt right under MV. DV right under Pitt but no other team inbetween. Had heritage applied it would have been Pitt, heritage, DV in that order…

    All these folks are complaining about BVAL getting it rough, but no one is making a true legitimate statement other than records when the best way to prove a point would have been ON THE FIELD. yeah SRV, AV, MV and foothill have worse records. But only one victory over foothill ruins any case.

  • spectator2012

    i’m expecting a freedom vs logan showdown. it should be an exciting good game. i’ll give an edge to freedom. freedom is more battle tested the last few games. logan is good but not as tested the last few games. and before someone mentions heritage again as a comparison. i am just stating the facts that freedom had a much tougher schedule than logan. i see both freedom and logan beating their first playoff games. this year logan will get passed their first playoff game. good luck to all the teams. all roads leads to dls.

  • Oh Boy

    Good point Spectator2012.

    All roads lead to DLS and until everyone else in D1 can figure out a way to beat them then you’re arguing over their scraps! Notice this is the 1st blog post in 3 months that hasn’t gone DLS vs the World?

    D1’s need to stop complaining about travel too since all the large schools are in large cities and fairly close (1-2 hours). For playoffs, D3 and D4 schools have to travel 4-6 hours to the middle of nowhere

  • KIR

    Nobody in the EBAL wants to see Pitt, talk all you want Pitt will roll MV then takes it’s shot at the green machine. As a man I respect any other mans opinion doesnt man I have to agree with it.. this is what I disagree with.. yes Pitt play horrible against MV in wk 3 and we got rolled by like 30 so that’s why we got seeded 9th??? MV beat Cal by 17 so why isn’t MV ranked about CAL – because one bad game dont mean SHIT, it should be based on how you did all year. Why do you all comment and support Norcal preps, CCTimes, Maxpreps, all the rankings all year long.. where teams like Pitt and Freedom are clearly ranked higher for good reason. Then throw it out the window come seeding..

    Props to DeLa till they are knocked off, but CAL is the best EBAL has to offer, the same Cal we lost to by 6 with 3 turnovers, and 7 first times defensive starters on the field.. wish we could see you all again. But we slipped up early and have to take our medicine like men. We put ourselves in this spot, so will take it out on Mvista and show up to fight DLS. Book it Pitt – DLS second round.

  • seven72deuce

    Not disagreeing with any of the last posts. Pitt is still dangerous. Everyone in the single digit seeds are too. Seeding may be accurate but seem unfair to people, but nows’ the time to put up or shut up. Ratings are disregarded and should be. ratings are all about who you beat and how good that team you beat is. Playoff seeding is all about who you beat and how that team you beat fairs against relevant teams.

  • NCSGuru

    KIR… you blow your own argument out of the water. Pitt lost to Cal, Freedom and MV but we should throw all those out the window because Pitt had a couple bad games. All I see is a bunch of excuses for Cal and your ass kicked by 30 to Monte Vista.

    Pitt is seeded exactly in the spot they earned.

  • NCSGuru

    Excuses for Pitt… not Cal

  • KIR

    NCS learn to read wasn’t making an argument.. I gave my opinion. I admitted we got our ass whipped by MV just like Cal did.. we didnt have a couple bad games we had one against MV.. we lost to Cal by 6 and freedom by 1. I also stated we slipped up early and have to take our medicine.. no excuses here Im calling EBAL out! And if you beat us in playoffs I will tip my hat like a man.

    I call it like I see it, overall EBAL has better teams then BVAL this year. But don’t agree that 4 or 5 ebal teams are better then top two in BVAL ( Pitt and Freedom). Congrats on your seeding – MV will be out Friday by 8:30 PM..

    If I’m wrong I will come back on this blog and eat Crow and take all blows you have to give. Pitt wins by 10 game will not be as close as the score, will run for at least 200yds on you..

  • NCSGuru

    KIR… fair enough and good luck Friday!