NCS football bracket — Division I

Division I
First round

No. 13 Antioch (6-4) at No. 4 San Ramon Valley (5-5), 7 p.m.
No. 14 Irvington (4-6) at No. 3 James Logan (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 9 Pittsburg (7-3) at No. 8 Monte Vista (6-4), 7 p.m.
No. 10 Deer Valley (6-4) at. No. 7 Foothill (5-5), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Castro Valley (5-5) at No. 5 Amador Valley (6-4), 7 p.m.
No. 11 Berkeley (5-4) at No. 6 Freedom (8-2), 7 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 16

Monte Vista/Pittsburg winner at No. 1 De La Salle (10-0), 7 p.m.
Deer Valley/Foothill winner at No. 2 California (8-2), 7 p.m.

Stephanie Hammon

  • EB JC Guy

    If I am Freedom, I would rather be 6 than 4 or 5, so this could be a blessing in disguise for the Falcons. Now they have a legit shot at making it to the title game. Everyone else may be complaining, but I guarantee you their coaches are doing a bit of smirking. They know they can beat Logan in the 2nd round, and Cal is not out of the question for them either, a rematch of last year’s great game. Then DLS in the finals instead of the semis. If I am Freedom, I am completely okay with this . . .

  • KIR… you also lost to Freedom who lost to AV. Cal’s other loss was to DLS

  • kriart

    Pitt will come out hungry for revenge at MV. Pitt has always proven they’re stronger come playoffs. All key players and they have tons of them are all healthy. Galli can unleash all game plays in their arsenal with a very deep team at all positions. The preseason defense that MV defeated is gone. If MV becomes overconfident and don’t study the new Pitt, they’re in for a big surprise. MV won’t see itself scoring high at all. Pitt’s offense will overwhelm and run a high score over MV. We might have a very quiet MV throughout the game. The game will be settled at the playing field with loud noise and great fun on the Pitt stands. See you there!

  • weana

    I agree,freedom has a easy game with Logan and Berkley. They need to get ready for cal

  • MLS

    I agree Kriart – MV has dropped 3 in a row, they have no OL or DL. They rely on out gunning there opponent, and don’t worry about defense at all. QB is average when he is under pressure (just look at the last 3 games. If Pitt moves on they will have a tough game against dls, but they are beatable this year. I’m and ebal guy but can see that MV is beatable, good luck Pitt

  • playofftime

    Don’t sleep on Logan. A school with 5000 students is bound to have a few good football players. They beat the living crap out of SRV and SRV is a good team.

  • Berkeley510

    Berkeley is going to put up a fight like always

    They had a bad preseason but who cares they went undefeated in league

    beat castro and beat bishop o’dowd

    they pulled it together and to not have a home game is disrespectful

  • UC rancher

    Cant complain about the seedings this year as the commitee got it right. Cal & Logan both have arguments about the 2 seed but it could have gone either way. I like how people think its a lock that freedom beat Logan in the matchup cause freedom has “athletes” Logan has just as much or even more than freedom. What you have to look at is Logan’s defense. One of the best not only in the bay but Norcal.

  • LO-HI Football Alum

    I must truly agree with everyone I think the committee did a much better job this year. Now, let me say this I as well as other Logan Football Alumni wanted Zuber out after last year. He couldn’t even get out of the 1st round. So this year he did the right thing by leaving the MVAL. So now they play Irvington(MVAL) which isn’t a very good squad and then more then likey Freedom. Now if I’m not mistaken Logan killed Freedom earlier in the year. So for the 1st time in I don’t know how many years Zuber and his LOGAN SQUAD should and that’s a BIG SHOULD win their 1st 2 games. But I remember something Fromson said to us durning the 94 season. That year we played an Antioch team that on paper was better then us. They even scheduled us as their Homecoming game, they didn’t even score that night. Then we played a Berkley High Squad who had 2 futre pro on that team in Mr Hannibal Navies(sorry if I misspelled it) and Jerod Cherry. For sure on paper they where way better then us but that was on paper and we ended up winning. So to this years Logan Squad on Paper you are better then Irvington and Freedom but that’s why the game is played. You guys better come ready to play and don’t take no one lightly. Cause I don’t know how Zuber can continue to be the head coach at Logan if he cant make it pass the first 2 games of thos years playoffs. Zuber I believe is on the hot seat.

  • mvalfan2

    I like Pitt over MV, they get there revenge from earlier this year!! Castro over Amador. Deer valley over Foothill.

  • StopDropAndRumble


    It is pretty simple. Cal and SRV are co ebal champs. Had MV beaten SRV, cal would have been sole ebal champ because of the better lesgue record. Thus the higher seed. DLS moved to automatic independent bid.

    Pitt got rolled by MV. Cal put up 40 pts on them.

    Anyway it all goes through DLS. I think teams would want to get a crack at the best as a barometer of how good they are. If you want a shot at state you need to get through the north.

  • FootballFan

    Why don’t they just make DLS have a bye, its obvious they are going to Finals. Let all these team have a chance to play and make it to final, so battle it out on Semi, whoever wins, plays in Final. This way every team gets a chance, rather than being knocked out by DLS in the 1st couple brackets? just a thought.

  • OldFBCoach

    The seedlings are what they are, and the EBAL has won thier respect on the field.

    However, there is some faulty logic. For example

    Amador is ranked ahead of freedom and Pitt because they beat freedom, and freedom beat Pitt. Fine makes sense.

    But then why does Amador losing to Div 2 Concord, who lost to Div2 Clayton, who lost to Pitt not factor in. Same (some might say more complling because of the lower division angle) argument.

    Sometimes league champ matter, sometimes overall record, sometimes head to head. And then sometimes it doesn’t.

    Bottom line is there is zero transparency on the process which is the real problem.

  • OldFBCoach

    @FootballFan. Zero chance they ever just bye DLS to the finals. For one thing that is a lot of gate money to pass up, but more importantly it would be a severe disadvantage to DLS – the boys on that team should not be punished and denied the joy of playing in a high school playoff game just because their predecessors had undeniable success.

    At the end of the day the experience for high school children far outweighs who wins the NCS championship, which is only important to those who are directly connected to it.

  • OldFBCoach

    For the record Cal and San Ramon are NOT co-ebal champs. They both finished 5-1 in league but Cal won the head to head, so they are recognized as league champs and San Ramon is not.

  • StopDropAndRumble

    I would rather have DLS get a few brusies before the final game. No need to get them any fresher than they are.

  • HAAL Fan

    North Coast Section Division 1 1st Round
    *league champ

    Friday 7pm
    #14 Irvington-MVAL 4-6 @ #3 Logan 8-2
    played eachother 2 weeks ago. Logan won 66-0.
    CalPreps: Logan 62-0

    Friday 7pm
    #13 Antioch-BVAL 6-4 @ #4 San Ramon Valley-EBAL 5-5
    antioch started 5-0 agianst soft competition then finished 1-4 in league. san ramon started 0-3 against some of norcals best and finished 5-2 only losing to dls and cal.
    CalPreps: San Ramon Valley 35-14

    Friday 7pm
    #9 Pittsburgh-BVAL 7-3 @ #8 Monte Vista-EBAL 6-4
    played each other earlier this year MV won 44-14. pitt is 6-1 since with the only loss 49-48 against #6 freedom. monte vista finished the year on a 3 game slide losing streak. D1 Game of the Week.
    CalPreps: Monte Vista 31-28

    Saturday 7pm
    #12 Castro Valley-WACF 5-5 @ #5 Amador Valley-EBAL 6-4
    castro valley is going to need to bounce back quick after losing last week on a blocked field goal because amador valley is 4-1 in the last 5 games only losing to dls.
    CalPreps: Amador Valley 35-21

    Saturday 7pm
    #11 Berkeley-WACF* 5-4 @ #6 Freedom-BVAL* 8-2
    berkeley went 0-4 away from league and 5-0 in league. freedom is way out of thier league. this wont be close.
    CalPreps: Freedom 35-6

    Saturday 7pm
    #10 Deer Valley-BVAL 6-4 @ #7 Foothill-EBAL 5-5
    deer valley started strong at 6-1 but finsihed 0-3. foothill played up and down all year.
    CalPreps: Foothill 31-26

  • seven72deuce

    @ Lo-Hi & Rancher

    I’m a logan alum from the 2006 team, graduated 07. I played under zuber as a senior when he first came in as head coach. I’m going to tell you now, we haven’t had a talented team since the 2007 team of rashad evans, blake lebeau, danny godfrey etc.

    The year before that, we showed huge improvement with the guys mentioned above as well as dejon gomes, josh neal, fenuki foketi etc. We were a mess that year as we got blasted by Monta Vista for our opening that game. We turned it around somehow and almost knocked out #2 foothill as a 7th seed. That same foothill team made it to the finals.

    The 2007 team made it to the semi-finals but fell short to Cal, rashad evans our star player was in an out with a leg injury.

    Since then it’s been a huge dip. especially the 2008 team after 2 straight talented teams left, we didn’t even win league with all junior starters. 2009 wasn’t much of an improvement either..

    But I think we can get a pass on 2010 and 2011. Our starting QB, RBs and key linebacker were sophomores. They were expected to be terrible as we were practically starting a JV team in 2010, yet they still won league. expected to lose first round right? they did..

    2011 we had a bye and made the 2nd round, and ran into the team that made it to the finals. that’s nothing to be proud of but it’s worth mentioning

    This 2012 team has a chance to make it to the finals, and a strong chance at that. But we haven’t had a player that went D-1 since 2007, which is something to think about. Almost every EBAL team sends someone to a D-1, and the top BVAL teams has atleast 1 every 2 years.

    The talent around our area has either went down a bit or the talent around us has gotten way better. Cal was such a weak team in the early 2000s and look at the EBAL now, almost all of their D-1 teams make the playoffs and at high seeds at that. Teams like San Leandro & Skyline have struggled like crazy to get around. When Zuber left SL, the pirates has not seen success since then. If any of the 2008-2011 teams are reading this, no disrespect, but I know they’ll vouch for zuber in saying that he’s not a bad coach at all. Coach billeci of Cal who was our Defense coordinator stuck around for only 3 years and left right away, it makes you think… why would he do that? Zuber is under pressure but I really think he’s trying to do the best he can. The move to get out of the MVAL was the best thing to do. Coach Quesinberry had a 40 game winning streak in MVAL but didn’t do much when it came to the playoffs. Zuber did the same thing and got the same results as Coach Q did.

  • Prep Fan

    The first Pitt-MV game was the main reason why Pitt got stuck at #9, behind #8 MV. But that wasn’t that only game that factored into the “EBAL bias” that some are alleging.

    Freedom’s loss to AV was huge as well, since that meant the 3rd place EBAL team (without DLS) beat the 1st place BVAL team. Freedom did beat Foothill which looked great at the time, as “everyone” thought Foothill would win the EBAL this year, but instead they finished tied for 4th, ahead of just the 2 Livermore schools. Throw in Cal’s win over Pitt, Heritage’s loss to Granada, and Liberty’s loss to Livermore and the EBAL went 5-1 over the BVAL this year.

    Call it bias if you want, but it was earned on the field with hard fought victories. The BVAL has a chance to redeem itself in the postseason with games like Pitt-MV and DV-Foothill (I won’t count Antioch-SRV as I don’t think that will be much of a game). Pitt unfortunately has DLS in their bracket, so even if they beat MV, they won’t be around long. But Freedom and Deer Valley are both good teams that could make some noise this postseason. Good luck to the BVAL teams, except when they are playing Cal 8).

  • dj falong

    @ LO-HI football alum. Logan has never played freedom, not in the last three years?. Scouted Freedom, Logan better be ready to stop the various trip sets that Freedom runs. Freedom’s QB is on sometimes, their running game is average. Logan needs to cover the fade rout to Daniels. Logan also has to defend the trips tight formation, Freedom runs well from this set with inside dives and sweeps. On offense Logan needs to be extremely run heavy. their backs can expose Freedoms defense but Coach Zuber needs to trust the run it’s the reason we are in the playoffs again. Logan’s QB needs to make better reads and be willing to tuck and run at first opportunity, also if Logan plays possession football and keep daniels and co. off the field they can win this game. Bill Cower of the Steelers used his running game to ice teams and so should Zuber. Short intermediate passes with quick release from the pistol will kill Freedom and also methodically move Logan down the field. One word of caution take all teams serious and leave it on the field every game !!!.

  • UC rancher

    @ deuce, problem with teams in the inner city areas compared to the teams in the valley & suburbs is one thing: the support. Although they have the talent, the programs don’t compare to level of support those teams receive in those area. From the youth football programs 2 schools 2 fund raising the inner city schools can’t compare.

  • seven72deuce


    I was gonna mention that, but that’s far beyond the coaches and players’ control, and I know everyone (me & you) already knew that. That kind of truth hurts but hey, Logan sports were about to be pulled all together just about 2-3 years ago. Still proud of these colts on making it work.

  • Island Chief

    I’m sorry, but these brackets just never make sense. Seriously, these poeple at NCS get PAID for making stupid decisions? It’s just like Obummer and our government,getting paid to act stupid. And the fact that teams like Irvington, Antioch, and Livermore accepted bids to the playoffs despite having LOSING records shows what integrity and honesty they all have. Then again, our society is watered down to please everyone, not like back in the day. Unfortunately, that will lead to the eventually downfall of our country. Makes me hate being alive to see stupidity exist in our generations, we are sorry God.

  • spectator2012

    i didn’t know union city wasn’t the suburbs. that’s news to me. as far as i know, union city, fremont, newark are also the burbs. not in the valley, but also suburbs. you guys make it seem like union city is like oakland or sf.


  • Outsider

    #65 The demographics have changed in some of those areas. That could have an impact on whether a kid wants to play football, has the size to play football, of whether football is important in the parent’s mind as part of a well-rounded education.

  • seven72deuce


    It’s not the suburbs, nor is it a corrupt area.. Compared to fremont and newark, Union City is the roughest out of the 3. Basically you take Fremont and Hayward and combine the two, you have UC…

  • spectator2012

    whatever 7deuce. hayward is the ghettoest out of all in that area. check the crime stats. if you’re comparing uc, nwk, and fmt, you must be joking? those are all suburbs. nothing in those 3 cities cry out “innercity”. only rough part of uc is decoto and maybe contempo area, and they’re still nice compared to a lot of inner city areas.. and yes, it is the suburbs. union city is a high-end middle class area. by the way, i was raised in union city and graduated from logan, 1994. when it was really a hood. so don’t tell me union city is hood. ask your elders, they’ll tell you. that place has been cleaned up, son. i was there when it was rough and it still was not compared to inner city. if you think union city is rough, then you wouldn’t know how to survive in the real inner city. logan kids are privileged then and now.

  • seven72deuce


    Union City is no brentwood, antioch, danville, san ramon either. I can tell you that. It might better off than places like san leandro or alameda. but you gotta think about a city with only one high school but is packed with 4000 students… the city’s money is going elsewhere or it’s not enough..

  • UC rancher

    @ Spectator , dude have u been Union City? Compare it 2 places like concord, Livermore, & San Ramon, it’s not exactly Eden.

  • UC rancher

    @ Spectator, if u are a Logan alum, why have u been doggin them all season long? U got a personal beef with the program. Please explain.

  • chalktalk

    SO IN CLOSING if an eagle hangs around with chickens he’ll never learn 2 fly LMAO

  • spectator2012

    i understand the money situations. it’s the same thing comparing antioch to san ramon, it’s apples and oranges. the support is not the same. have you been to antioch hs? logan looks like a university compared to it. really old and ugly. some parts of antioch are nice, and brentwood has a lot of new homes, and a new school which makes it look rich, but it’s not. people moved here because it was affordable, but it still is middle class. it’s not danville or san ramon that’s for sure. with 4000 students, you would think you can get support form the parents for fundraising and other activities. antioch, brentwood schools doesn’t have that kind of numbers, but they make it happen somehow. so, something is missing if you can’t get the 3000-4000 families involved.

  • seven72deuce


    point i was trying to make is that another high school should have been built. instead of another HS, union landing was built as they wanted to go with money. now we’re stuck with 35-40 kids a classroom and furlough days.

  • spectator2012

    i’m not dogging logan. nothing against their program either. i actually want them to do good. i’m just a realist. i watched logan, and other teams, and what i put out there is my opinions. logan is good but not great. they are not battle tested and having to play the weak mval teams never helps them. specially, before the playoffs. they should try to move to the ebal. i know it’s more than just for football to consider a move. i have nephews that play for logan and other nephews that play in the ebal/bval/dval/dls schools. if logan was in the bval/ebal league, they would not go unbeaten, and will be tested every year. these teams beat each other up each season. in return, it would make logan a better team and earn more respect. i realize that logan tried to schedule playoff teams this season, and it’s not their fault these teams were down this year. as in comparing cities, antioch seems more ghetto than uc. some, parts of antioch is really bad. union city is comparable to concord imo. i wish logan the best of luck this playoff season. i can’t wait to see the freedom/logan match-up, unless one or both teams loses to berk/irvington.

  • Prep Fan

    Good job by the Grizzlies much maligned defense in holding DLS to just 27 points Friday. That is the 3rd year in a row they held DLS to more than 10 points under their season average in week 10. After a rough 1st series in which DLS ran through them as if they weren’t there, they went to work. Cal held DLS without a 1st down for 3 straight series, including a 4th down stop. Cal was in the red zone down just 7-0 with 2 minutes left in the half, but couldn’t capitalize. A sack, a penalty and a missed FG left them still down 7-0 with about a minute to go and it looked like that would be the score at half, but Das took one to the house for 80 yards, breaking several tackles in what was a back breaker.

    Cal again stopped DLS on the first couple of 2nd half series, and then Johnson scored to make it 14-7 late in the 3rd quarter. DLS scored quickly to make it 21-7 after 3, and then added another in the 4th but missed the PAT to make it 27-7. Cal scored late on a couple of nice Owen to Cornwell plays to close to 27-14 with about a minute left, and then put a scare into Sparty with another apparent onside kick recovery but it was ruled (I think) that the whistle hadn’t blown. DLS ran 1 more play and when Cal didn’t call a TO they took a knee to end it.

    Cal had plenty of chances, taking over with great field position on the 4th down stop and a botched punt, but DLS’ defense rose to the occasion each time. I thought Owen played well and counted about 5 dropped passes by Grizz receivers as they may have heard Sparty footsteps approaching. Cal also had a sure INT slip through their hands at about midfield, missed an opportunity on the botched punt as the Cal player just let it drop instead of catching in the air as it bounced within 5 yards of the LOS and there was a lot of daylight had he grabbed it.

    DLS’ defense looked great as usual, but the offense, although they got a lot of yards, sputtered at times. They’ll need to be more consistent from here on out as they’ll surely be facing much better defenses than Cal’s as they progress. Williams has a solid build and looks much more like a RB than Houston’s classic QB look. He’s a crafty lefty and moves well but needs to learn to hang onto the ball, which I’m sure the DLS coaching staff is working on. It was a good tune up for both teams as they head into NCS.

  • Junior

    Billeci needs to let Owen attempt a pass more than 8 yards in the air. It took until inside of 2 minutes to go In the 4th qtr before he threw those fades. Johnson ran a little timid all night-of course, he faced probably the top front 7 -8 in the state. I’m sure that had something to do with it.

    DLS held the top 3 teams in the EBAL to an average of 214 total yards per game and 10.7 points per game.

  • UC rancher

    @ Spectator, although I disagree , respect your opinion . U can only do so much when it comes to putting your team in position 2 win such as Zuber did in the off season. Will see if it all comes to fruition.

  • Prep Fan

    Junior, the INT was more than 8 yards in the air 8) . I completely agree Johnson looked timid, especially in the first half. Are you counting MV as one of the top 3 teams in the EBAL, or is that using AV, Cal & SRV?


    I like how everyone seems to think Berkeley has no chance of putting up against Freedom. I mean come on, not even a second thought? i know they weren’t up to their par during the preseason with the schedule that they had and their offense playcalling was predictable during that time as the ratio of run to pass was almost 80-20. but right now with them going unbeaten and finding some passing games, they have come up big time. they are leading the league in passing and both recieving yards. Plus their defense are terrific. They step up when they’re most needed.

    Even though i know Freedom is one hell of a team, i just think when the saturday night comes, the game’s gonna be a lot different than what computer or stats shows us. WE BELIEVE! JACKET PRIDE


    PLUS, we had 3 interceptions playing against Monte Vista. and specifically Akil Bordelan. that player has had interceptions in almost every game he played. And when we visited the sun set field to play Hayward, that same guy had 3 picks on the same night. He’s a weapon on both side of the field as he’s the same reciever who’s leading the wcaa league in recieving yards. A guy of 5:8 ft and about 150 pounds, you don’t normally expect these types of performances from these types of players

  • dj falong

    @seven72deuce, Logan does have a player that will be playing on Saturdays. Warren M. Long#42 holds D1 offer from Big Ten , Pac 12 and mountain west schools.

  • dj falong

    @BHSGUEST, please have Akil cover Daniels lord knows Berkeley high is going to need some divine intervention to pull this one off. All my prayers are heading towards Berkeley. 5’8″ 150 lbs against 6’4″ 210 , yes lets pray.

  • seven72deuce

    @DJ falong

    I am highly aware of that. I just didn’t mention it because I’m sure a lot of folks on this media site know about it.

  • spectator2012

    bhigh will need to contain freedom’s offense early. if not, it will be a long night. bhigh had a rough preseason. the question is can bhigh score enough to win the game. against all preseason teams played, bhigh was outscored. even with the 3 int vs monte vista, bhigh got shutout. freedom’s defense is not that good at all, but freedom’s offense can put up points and will outscore bhigh for sure. i’m predicting 42-7, freedom. good luck to both teams.

  • dj falong

    @ seven72, my apologies was not sure if you had that info. I am not only gonna pray for bhigh but for all of us who even care enough to make a comment. Hope everybody’s team do well. Remember if anyone has footage on these NCS players don’t hesitate to forward to college coaches around the country, it is nice to see former Bay Area/San Jaq. players doing well on the next level and beyond.

  • leatherfan

    one mans thoughts;

    San Ramon 52- Antioch 14…..antioch is not good
    Monte Vista 31- Pitt 24……it’s the same old Pitt!
    Amador 38- Castro Valley 14….CV has no answers for AV
    Freedon 52- Berkeley 24….Mixon Daniels Mayes vs Berkeley….stop two of the three and you change the game
    Foothill 41- Deer Valley 21…DV has no discipline and bad coaching…just look at Heritage game! If Heritage were here I’d pick them….but their head coach resigned and left them hanging!

  • vic

    Everyones had some pretty interesting picks this week.. here’s mine..SRV 35-Antioch 16…step up in competiton for a weak ant. Team….Irvington 6-Logan 52…Lowest seed in the playoffs will get steamrolled by Logans high powered O Again…Pitt 29-Monte Vista 28..the game of the week will all depend on if MV’s struggling D comes out strong early..Deer Valley 17-Foothill 21..you have to like foothills’s chances at home, especially the way they fought back in their rivalry game with AV after turning the ball over 7 Times!…Castro Valley 10-Amador Valley 38..a middle of the pack wacc/haal team will strugle on the road against a surging Amador squad that really should have only lost 2 games this year..Berk. 13-Freedom 28. The 3 headed moster too much for a weak b high team..I think everyone has pretty much the same picks this week with the pitt/mv game going 50/50..should be a good 1st week of playoff football!

  • HS Swami

    A stab at Friday’s games first:

    Deer Valley – Foothill
    Two teams trying to pick up their first playoff victories since 2009, after not making the dance last year. Just one common opponent – Freedom – who both teams lost to in fairly convincing fashion. Deer Valley must reverse a few trends from the last three weeks if they want to have a shot. Their defense racked up 25 sacks in their first seven games, but just one in their last three games, all losses. Likewise, their offense turned the ball six times in their last three games, and their potent rushing attack averaged just 3 yards per attempt against Heritage. Foothill, meanwhile, has been a back and forth team all year, whose signature win came back in mid-September against Monte Vista. Both teams have struggled in recent playoff history; remember Foothill’s loss to College Park in the first round two years ago? And quick, name Deer Valley’s biggest playoff victory? They don’t have one? Newark three years ago doesn’t quite cut it. This one could definitely go either way. Coaching edge goes to Foothill, and that says a lot in the playoffs, where DV has perenially underachieved. But the athletic edge has to go to the Wolverines. And if Deer Valley can have a shot to win late with the ball in the hands of Nsimba, Pooler, and company, I can see the upset happening. As long as they fix some problems from the last few weeks, getting back out of the BVAL this week will probably be the best thing for Deer Valley. Prediction: Deer Valley 34 Foothill 31

    Antioch-San Ramon Valley
    Unlike the game discussed above, not much mystery to this one. The Wolves have a great recent playoff tradition, while Antioch can only point to their six-point loss to Pitt last year as their best moment in recent years. In Antioch’s six wins this season, their lowest rushing total was 284 yards, led by the tandem attack of tailback Elbert Robinson and quarterback Hunter Karnthong. Meanwhile, the two teams that were most effective shutting them down – Freedom and Pitt – both held them under 100 yards rushing. On the other side of the ball, Marcus De La Pena has ran for over 100 yards in four of SRV’s five wins, and had 88 yards in the win over Granada. He also had over 20 carries in each of those instances, indicating their ability to be balanced and control the game, something they will want to do against Antioch’s up-tempo pace. A lot will fall on the shoulders of Antioch linebackers Markie Beltram and Larry Larsen if they are going to stay in the game. Prediction: SRV 42 Antioch 13

    Monte Vista-Pittsburg
    Two teams that have never missed the playoffs this century. How can one not be intrigued? The Mustangs throttled the Pirates early in the season, but have to be concerned about the pattern from that game. Pittsburg ran for a season-low 138 yards on just 15 carries in that game, while averaging 285 yards rushing per game during the season. Against Freedom, Pitt scored what would have been the game-tying touchdown by running off tackle power out of 22 personnel on a 4th-and-6 play from about the 30-yard line. The Pirate coaching staff has made a full commitment to a power attack following those early-season setbacks, and the results have been resounding. Jamal Lockett and Harris Ross will be ready to carry the rock this time around. Meanwhile, maybe the best thing going for Monte Vista is that they are not playing San Ramon Valley in the playoffs, as the Wolves have been their kryptonite in the post-season, having beaten their rivals four consecutive times when it matters most. But for this matchup, Monte Vista comes limping in with three consecutive losses, and has been held to under 80 yards rushing in each contest. They will need another great game from Nikita Zamora, who shredded the Pitt defense for 244 yards and two scores the first time around. Also, look for them to try and get Zach Chang going early, as he was a major factor in their early victories. The Pirates must try and slow down the three-headed receiving corps of Jalen Avery, Marco Zamora, and Mason Melin, something they could not do against Freedom’s solid trio of receivers. Prediction: Pittsburg 38 Monte Vista 30

    Really? This is what Irvington applied for? Of all the rematches I have ever seen in the playoffs, this is the only time I can recall a rematch of a 66-0 regular season game. NCS gate revenue, that’s all I can say. Logan outscored opponents from the MVAL to a tune of 224-14 down the stretch, raising concerns that they will be rusty for a good game in the playoffs. But they can worry about that in the next round. For now, they can simply dispatch the Vikings. In Irvington’s four wins, they ran for 345, 380, 389, and 451 yards. Against their three toughest opponents, they ran for 78 (Newark), 131 (Logan), and 122 (Washington). The Vikings need to have a productive game on the ground from quarterback Jack Shank and running back Ariel Hercik. Meanwhile, Logan is looking to move to 4-0 against D1 playoff opponents this season, having also posted lopsided wins over San Ramon and Berkeley. The Colts are also seeking their first playoff victory since 2007, when they beat Foothill in the quarterfinals. Irvington, meanwhile, is back for the first time since 2006, when they played in the 3A bracket. 2005 featured their run to the title game with Robert Turbin. Prediction: Logan 56 Irvington 7

  • HS Swami

    Well, after all that, I remembered that Deer Valley had two key players suspended during their game against Heritage. Without their star tight end/defensive end and stud fullback/defensive lineman, I can see the Wolverines coming out of the gates with intensity and emotion, but Foothill’s discipline and consistent effort being the difference maker. I thought DV had a good shot at turning it around in this one; they played outside league during the first half of the season. But without these two key cogs, and the downward momentum to finish the season, I see Foothill prevailing. Revised Prediction: Foothill 28 Deer Valley 17

  • Tri-City Dude

    Island Chief, your post #73 is incredibly rude and disrespectful to everyone on this blog, as well as the teams (Irvington, Antioch, and Livermore) that you called out for having no integrity. I know many feel that those teams do not deserve to be in the playoffs, but you make it sound like that they should all be crucified for being there. For God’s sake their just high school children having fun. I just hope you realize the weight your comment carries. There was also no need for the comparison to politics, so your hate-filled comment is that more ridiculous.

    Besides, you shouldn’t be talking because your Alameda team wasn’t so hot either, so I would not say anything if I were you.