NCS football brackets — Division III

Division III
First round

No. 9 Bishop O’Dowd (6-4) at No. 8 Acalanes (7-3), 7 p.m.
No. 13 Terra Linda (6-4) at No. 4 Campolindo (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 14 Sonoma Valley (7-3) at No. 3 Cardinal Newman (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 16 Kennedy-Fremont (4-6) at No. 1 El Cerrito (10-0), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Tamalpais (6-4) at No. 5 Analy (10-0), 7 p.m.
No. 7 Miramonte (6-4) at No. 10 Tennyson (9-1), 1 p.m.
No. 11 Encinal (6-5) at No. 6 Novato (7-3), 1 p.m.
No. 15 Hercules (7-2) at No. 2 Marin Catholic (9-1), 1 p.m.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Kicker is pretty sure at Encinal hopefully 14 points. lol

  • FB Guru

    14 points? Are you all predicting another Special Teams and Defensive TDs for the Jets this week?

  • Prep Fan

    I think he’s just saying 42-14 instead of 42-12.

  • sportsfan

    Miraman, good luck this week against MC. I know lots of kids on your team and wish them the best.

  • 2 offensive TDs for Encinal is my guess for some reason.

    Another 2nd round exit for the Mats. Just a lot of talk about nothing. Defense & running win in the play-offs. MC will give Miramonte a heavy dose of that in a convincing win.

  • ManDown

    PERKIN, I’ll give you 14 because you say your kicker is good. How do you like the Jets chances against Cardinal Newman Friday night? What will Encinal have to do in order to leave with a W? Why did you guys play so poor against Novato?

  • Encinal had seemed like it was turning the corner the last couple of weeks but regressed. Same ole BS. Kids starting playing young again. Wide eyed. Not all that Parker they got Frosh started both ways. Played big. Start the talk on him right now.

    Respect to Novato they played hard. Motivated like a senior laden team should. Can’t discount the other team.

    For any chance at CN Encinal’s offense has to SCORE! Dominate the time of possession. Throw a couple of key passes. D is gonnna show up. It has all year. Played every game other then Serra good enough to win.
    Play with some passion not like there’s always next year. Too many guys didn’t seem to have that kind of urgency.

    CN is good. Senior laden. I think they could be the best team in the tourney. Gonna take some motivated efficient football to beat them. Great coaching. Lil magic.

  • FB Guru


    How bad do you think MC will beat the Mats? I think Drew Anderson can be the difference here. Force MC to double or triple up on Williams and then let Deutz, Sheehan, Fuller, Paoletti, Bruen, et al have the games of their HS career. In the Mats blow-out loses over the last couple of years turnovers have killed them. It will be interesting to see if Anderson has matured enough to throw it away when pressured in this just his 5th varsity start. I expect the Mats run to pass ratio to be 20% – 80%. Big plays can keep them in it and will Cal-bound Goff want to get shown-up by a junior?

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Perkin, You hit it right on the head. Gonna have to be motivated to win against a Good well coached team like Cardinal Newman. Mandown,How can you justify a a score like that? Jet Pride!

  • DJ

    Guys of the 4 games which team is vulnerable the upset special?
    (If you had to pick one)
    Cn vs Encinal
    Mc vs Miramonte
    Ec vs O’dowd
    Campo vs Analy

  • Anonymous

    Gutsy call for BOD
    I like it…
    Everyone else has EC