NCS football brackets — Division III

Division III
First round

No. 9 Bishop O’Dowd (6-4) at No. 8 Acalanes (7-3), 7 p.m.
No. 13 Terra Linda (6-4) at No. 4 Campolindo (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 14 Sonoma Valley (7-3) at No. 3 Cardinal Newman (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 16 Kennedy-Fremont (4-6) at No. 1 El Cerrito (10-0), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Tamalpais (6-4) at No. 5 Analy (10-0), 7 p.m.
No. 7 Miramonte (6-4) at No. 10 Tennyson (9-1), 1 p.m.
No. 11 Encinal (6-5) at No. 6 Novato (7-3), 1 p.m.
No. 15 Hercules (7-2) at No. 2 Marin Catholic (9-1), 1 p.m.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Island chief

    Coach Moyer we support you. Hang in there. Encinal will not make it out of the first round. A ROUT is in order for the trash talking staff at Encinal. Tenorio looks like that character “Booger” in the movie Revenge of the Nerds! Somebody should clean him up and give him some tips on hygiene. He always looks dirty. He’s taking that swamp thing too seriously. Everyone should send soap to Encinal high school or money to the “Shower and shave our coach” fund. This make over may improve their arrogant behavior. Go Hornets!

  • FB Guru

    Perkin, best 1st round game, need to play them one at a time so that is all that really matters.

  • DJ

    @former Dragon is Nickerson that bad? last couple years bod has seemed to be pretty good and wouldn’t u consider the injuries as part of the reason the team took a nose dive this year? not being sarcastic just asking it seems like Nickerson is taking a lot of heat on this blog

  • Anonymous

    BOD got exposed this year. They’re not in the HAAL leauge anymore. Most of their scholorship athletes from last year graduated. The majority of their scoring this year came from running back punts and kick offs for touchdowns. Oh yea and we can’t forget their other play – the Dom to Dom bomb. I guess when you get 4 or 5 kids consistently scoring all of the points it has to affect your coaching style and play calling…

  • If Encinal does get out of the 1st round is that gonna shut you up? You didn’t make the play-offs, you lost the Big Game, Encinal won their last 2. Like Miraman & others have stated when their team is done me included it really makes a fan lose the urge to blog. The amount of bloggig from Hornet fans on a 3-7 year & couldn’t make the play-offs when the bracket didn’t even get filled out is amazing.

    Start going to work for next year. Make the play-offs. Beat Encinal. Then you can say whatever you want.

    Don’t know where this talk about Miramonte is even coming from. Novato on deck & CN in the rear view. Stars would have to really align for Jets to play the Mats this year. As far as scheduling for next year thats for the teams that have lost to start worrying about. 11 seed it is for the Jets. You lose & you should have been an 11 seed. Period.

  • Dudleydawson

    island chief the moyers have never made it out the 1st rnd so what you talking about? 30yr drought n counting over there @thompson! You couldnt even get laid in the b league!

  • MiraMan


    I have no relationship with O’Dowd nor has Miramonte played them in my time associated here, so I like to think my comments are unbiased.

    I think the heat should be on for Nickerson. He has an enourmous amount of talent, and no, most of his stars did not graduate last year. O’Dowd still has their 3rd year starting QB, best DB, best 2 receivers, solid running backs, a couple of defensive players with multiple sacks from last year, etc. Yes they lost alot, but this team is STACKED by any standard I can think of. QB is DI baseball player, Kind is DI DB, Gomes is football and basketball phenom that will play somewhere at the next level. They have others I’m sure.

    Not to whine because I love the challenge, but many teams like Miramonte are expecte to compete with the likes of O’Dowd and we have zero, nil, zilch DI quality athletes. If O’Dowd has 3 or 4 or 5 such athletes and can’t get it done someone should ask why.

    In terms of injuries, I could cut them a break for going 8-2, losing to VC and losing one with the QB and King out. Still poor planning to not have a backup QB plan in place, but I could live with that. Once you get to 7-3 losing to Hayward with King back at QB, the excuses get a little harder to swallow. Then 6-4 losing to 0-9 San Leandro with Miriglio back!!!

    I’m not saying the guy deserves to be fired. Nor am I making a judgment about prior coaches. But administration, parents, alumni should ask why they can’t win more consistenly with all the talent and resources brought to bear.

    But not to hate to much on O’Dowd. I still consider them a real threat in DIII. I think they will beat Acalances pretty easily and are then a real threat to shock El Cerrito. If they do that, all this talk becomes mute.

  • Encinal is going to beat novato 24-13 then beat Cardinal.n 15-7 then lose to Marin Catholic 35-6. i predict Encinal is going to win the first 2 games and lose in the semi’s.

  • EB Prep Fan

    It just does no good to even acknowledge you, Island Chief. But I do sincerely hope that you graduate this year.

    MiraMan, where is QB Anderson from last year this year? Is he still playing? He was a talented guy. Red shirting somewhere?

  • FNL680

    Ross Anderson is listed as a WR at Cal Berkeley.

  • Dudleydawson

    Why are alameda fans blogging on d3 playoffs shouldnt they be on the d2 link? Oh my bad they didnt qualify nothing really to say on that subject. Island queef who you got in d2 playoffs?

  • DJ

    Thanx Miraman I agree they may be a threat to Ec cause they are mirror images of each other. Of all the teams Ec could face in d3 I believe if Bod plays up to their capabilities will be their biggest threat will all due respect to Marin Cath and Cardinal New…Bod can just about match Ec athlete for athlete….I believe Ec has the advantage Ec defense is stout with 2 lockdown corners and a hard hitting linebacking core…BOD gets a pass for their qb being injured but where was the “D” in the 3 straight losses.

  • waacMan

    DJ & Miraman:

    I’ve seen BOD multiple times this season, and think Miraman’s assessment of them is pretty solid. I have been pretty hard on Nickerson on these blogs, but in fairness, there are some issues that contributed to this year’s final record. This year’s team has great talent at the QB/Receivers positions (when healthy), but not a ton after that. Their O and D lines are young, and thin. When Miroglio went down with injury, backup QB King (also arguably their best defensive player) was also hurt. My understanding is that the planned backup QB, Nesbitt, quit the team to concentrate on baseball, so to say there was no planning is a little off base (they essentially had their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string QB’s go down). Aside from their loss to a tough Valley Christian team (who will probably win the CCS section), their 3 losses are by 1, 3, and 4 points – not exactly a collapse. Now the loss to SL is puzzling, and has to be pinned on Nickerson, when he pulled his receivers off the field and ran the ball 3 straight times into a “10 in the box” defense at the end of the game when they were going in to score from the 5. All in all a flawed but intriguing playoff team – it will interesting to see which team shows up.

  • Anonymous

    Where was BOD’s O line in the last few games. I lost count of how many opportunities they had to score from inside the 5 when running plays right up the gut were called. And yes as a team they took a whoopin in the first half of their scrimmage against EC… a whoopin.

  • ManDown

    Don’t count out ODowd just yet. Playoffs make teams play better and they still have some of the best players in the division next to EC. BOD will beat Acalanes 35-14.

    Miramonte will beat Tenneyson again to show them that 9-1 record was fake. Play some good teams coach Smith and challenge your kids a little so they can be ready for whats about to happen this week. Miramonte wins 42-14

    Novato has there hands full with a team that has started to get on a roll in Encinal. This should be the most interesting of all the Div. 3 games this weekend. I think Novato is to strong for Encinal this season. Novato wins 21-14

  • Lancers All Day

    The Lancers are for real. Say what you will. But they will go hard on Saturday.

  • birdeyeview

    novato and Encinal were my dark horses to creep in the Final 4… DAM…. why do they have to be the first game haha!

  • billjohnson

    if the lancers are for real they’ll win this week not play a close game win!

  • billjohnson

    el cerrito 48 jfkfre. 13 marin cath. 49 hercules 6 cnewman 35 sv 10 campo 31 terra linda 7 analy 28 tam. 7 novato 13 encinal 21 miramonte 28 tennyson 20 acalanes 13 bod 17

  • ManDown

    Lancers All Day, Tenneyson is not for real so quit saying that. Give me a break dude. If you get past Miramonte thats a step in the right direction but I highly doubt that happens. Win a respectable game then you can talk but that has yet to happen. Remember last years score this time of year? I predict that will happen again.

  • MiraMan

    Lancers All Day,

    I actually think Tennyson is in for a rude awakening on Saturday. That’s not meant to be mean or anything because Tennyson has alot to be proud of winning 9 games this year. But I think a soft schedule has given the illusion of improvement when in fact the team looks to me like they are about as good. This year their best win is over Arroyo, last year they beat a very respectable San Leandro. This year they got beat by Acalanes, last year by better teams Berkeley and O’Dowd. When I look at common teams they played this year versus last year, they look about the same.

    When I look at specifics about Tennyson’s season (their stats are on Maxpreps which is really cool, everyone should post stats there), alot of their offensive production comes off interceptions and fumbles. I don’t think they will get loads of turnovers against a better class of team. It certainly showed in the Acalanes game and as a result they got shut out. And in terms of Acalanes only scoring 7 points, remember, their QB went 0-13! Against Mirmamonte your DBs will have to work overtime!

    Miramonte definitely had to rebuild with the departure of alot of seniors. Several Miramonte losses could have been victories with a more mature team. But a tough schedule hides how dangerous of a team this is and how much they have grown throughout the year. I’d say they are about as good as last year’s team going into the playoffs, maybe better. Closing out the season with four straight wins with substantial scores; three games over 40 points and 21 against Acalanes in a game they could have likely scored more if they had not gone into “prevent” mode when up 21-0.

    By the way, Mirmonte and Tennyson had short scrimmage games this year and last year. In both cases, Miramonte won by a close margin.

    The biggest thing Tennyson has going for them is that they have had back-to-back great seasons and a second trip to the playoffs. With that comes confidence. Nothing is more dangerous than a confident team. Miramonte will also be confident, but as long as Miramonte is not overconfident they should win it going away.

    Miramonte 35 – Tennyson 14

  • somebody

    Hercules not in the bracket? That would be a travesty.. theyve been gettin whooped for years in the accal ever since they opened the school, and they finally change leagues and they win it their first year. If anyone deserves to be in the bracket its Hercules imo. Come on now..

  • MiraMan


    Hercules plays Marin Catholic on Saturday. One-and-done.

  • somebody

    does that mean they dont deserve to be there?

  • somebody

    Any other team that you could put in for Hercules would lose to any of the top seeds as well. Why take them out of the bracket? they won league right?

  • MiraMan


    I’m not sure what you are talking about. They played a really, really, really soft schedule. They won their league, but its the worst league in NCS. As a result of all that they get the #15 seed out of 16 teams selected into the DIII tourny and the opportunity to prove they are a good team against Marin Catholic, the #2 team. In terms of winning their league, it gives them automatic home field advantage against a higher ranked opponent unless that opponent is a league champion as well. In this case, Marin Catholic is the MCAL league champion, so they are trumped and have to travel.

  • somebody

    the original comment was that hayward or maria carillo should be in over hercules, i just dont see the point of putting them in over hercules being that they won league (obviously they played a soft schedule and obviuosly the league is extremely soft) but like i said either of those teams would also be a low seed and lose in the first round.

  • billjohnson

    hercules is a non mother f***ing factor who cares there gonna get killed on saturday! step up your non league montgomery no one is impressed.

  • ManDown

    Hercules fans get off the board talking crap because all you are doing is making your program look even dumber than it already is. Winning the B league is nothing to be happy about especially the teams you guys have played this year. Minus well play pop warner teams with that schedule.

    Acalanes-BOD game is the best division game tonight so I will be there and Novato-Encinal tomorrow. Two of the more interesting games this weekend unless you go watch the division one schools go at it. Deer Valley-Foothill or Pitt-Monte Vista are the games to watch.

  • somebody

    the only people “talking crap” are you guys… im not a hercules fan either. it would just be stupid that you take them out for some other teams that havent done much either , obivously everyone doesnt like they shouldve that theyre not in over a team that plays in such a bad league but hey maybe you should just win some more games next year

  • MiraMan


    I agree that Acalanes-BOD will be a good one. I’m going to try to make that one as well. Encinal-Novato has the makings of a war, but I’ll be otherwise occupied at the Miramonte-Tennyson game.

  • T-HighLancers


    Hope to see you blogging after you find out this years Tennyson is not last years.

    Tennyson 21, Miramonte 20.

  • EB Football Coach

    T-HighLancers –

    I hope to see you blogging after you find out last years schedule wasn’t this years.

    8-3 against last year’s schedule is more impressive than 9-2 against this year.

  • HateAll

    Are you guys grown men or what? Jesus you need to get a life. Like something outside of highschool football. I get that you guys wanted to play ball and are trying to live out that dream now but jesus get a life. Go Novato

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Well we got out of Novato with a win. I tip my hat to the Hornets. They played to win but the Football Gods Favored My Jets Today. Ain’t no Punks in Novato! They played hard. We gotta step our game up. Jet Pride!

  • TJ

    congrats to the jets!

  • MiraMan


    I’m not blogging to gloat, just to say that Tennyson still has ways to go to play with the big names in DIII. I knew Miramonte had the O-line to stiffle the Lancers rush, but I didn’t know if your DBs would be able to stay with our Receivers. I also wasn’t sure we would be able to stop the run, but we did a pretty good job.

    Lancers have a very good team and should be proud of the progress they have made over the last couple of years. We’ll see you next year!

  • FB Guru

    Novato and Acalanes were over-seeded, Tennyson wanted to be seeded in the top 8, but they were over-seeded at #10. Seeds don’t matter to good teams, they will go on the road and play themselves into a better seed (I.e. Encinal is now like a #6 seed playing CN #3 seed). I would like to see the winning team actual take over the higher seed. BOD vs EC should be for the #1 seed and if BOD wins they should become #1 and get a home playoff game the following week. Just my opinion.

    Congrat’s to the top 8, these are the best 8 teams in Div III this year.

  • FB Guru, different way of looking at it. I thought Encinal should have been realistically a 7-8 seed. Maybe even in front of BOD. I guess Jets proved to be a top 8 seed. BOD & EHS had to skate some thin ice to win but coming out of the league they play I’m not surprised.

    I stand by my comments that SL & Novato are the same & would SL would have the same record if it played Novato schedule. Novato better coached by far would have done better then 1-9 with SL schedule. No more then 2 wins. SL had no home field had to play all games on the road which is tough. Novato plays 10 games on the road it is a factor. I saw SL 2 games on the road(at the other team house) & Novato both games at home. Needless to say Novato play much better at home. Like most teams do.

  • redandblue2

    The DFAL represented well in the first round of the playoffs with 4 of the 5 teams moving on to the 2nd round. Even with Campolindo hosting Analy, the 4 DFAL teams will likely be underdogs this upcoming weekend.

    I am intrigued by the EC-BOD matchup. These two teams met in a scrimmage before the season began with BOD outscoring EC 5 TD’s to 3. Assuming BOD is fully healthy, they should have some confidence coming into this game. My sense is that EC has learned a great deal from that scrimmage, the Campolindo game, and improved over the course of the season much more than BOD has. EC won’t score their customary 50+ points this game, but they should beat them comfortably, 35-21.

    Campolindo welcomed back their start of the season running back Hoffman from a early season broken leg. They were never seriously challenged in the Terra Linda game, but the Analy game will certainly be their biggest test of the season without 4 of their top players.

    The offense has played well without Stephens, but this game will see how well they can score without both Stephens and Windatt. As I look back to posts from the start of the season, I mentioned this team will go as far as the defense takes them; and they have taken them to a 10-1 record thus far. Windatt was a key contributor to the defense as well. If the Campo secondary can contain their top two receivers, they should be able to walk away with the home victory and a likely rematch with El Cerrito.

  • FB Guru


    Wow, no kidding, DFAL going against Clayton, Rancho, MC, and Analy. A combined 42-2.

  • MiraMan


    I agree its been a strong post season for DFAL so far. Even Acalanes got closer than I thought they would.

    Next week, new story. Dublin & LL are gone…no chance.

    Campo has best chance on paper, and with full compliment of players it would be a Campo win, but I fear no rematch with EC this year. While you are right that Analy has two great receivers – Mathias being the second best receiver I’ve seen all year, Maher also very good – It’s their running game that will beat Campo. Behind a large line. You will score on them, but I doubt enough.

    Analy 35 – Campo 24

    Despite ratings, Miramonte has good chance to take down Marin Catholic. Trust me, this will be close game. They can’t shut down our receivers (Zati Williams is THE BEST receiver I have seen all year), they can’t get to QB with our O-line and Anderson has been on fire. Win/lose probably depends on which D-line shows up.

    Miramonte 31 – Marin Catholic 28

  • redandblue2

    The Analy running game is not what will concern Campo, I believe. Campo was the top defensive team in the DFAL this season. Analy only averages 165 rushing yards per game, less than what Campo normally gives up. Campo will be the best defense they have seen all season. The bigger issue will be how Campo deals with the best QB they will have seen this season. This is where the loss of Windatt will be felt most.

    If Campo holds Analy’s passing game in check, they stand a good chance to move on.

    No doubt this will be QB Zolintakis’ biggest game. Make no mistake, he is not Brett Stephens; but he has not lost a DFAL game in his 3 seasons as a QB in the Campo program (16-0). He should be 1st team all DFAL QB, even though he only played 4 games. He wasn’t asked to do much in the Terra Linda game, but he and the deep junior class of receivers will need to be at their best Friday night.

    Finally, and probably most important, the coaching advantage is strongly tilted towards Coach Macy, I believe. This is just the 5th year for Coach Bourdon at Analy and he has yet to win a second round game in the playoffs. Will this advantage be enough to offset the loss of their top
    players to
    injuries will be answered Friday night in front of a partisan Moraga crowd.

  • DJ

    Campo,I think has a good chance of beating Analy I believe in the playoffs you need a good defense (which Campo has) and you must be able to run the ball ( which is campo’s weakness) Nobody really knows if Analy really is that good or are a product of a soft soft schedule.either way Campo will be their toughest competition all year lets see how they hold up . …… Campo even with injuries are dangerous cause the coach is the ace in the hole…… Should be a good game

  • sportsfan

    Miraman, with all due respect, I think your allegiance to the Mats has gotten the best of you. I just want to make sure I understand your analysis. You are saying that Campo will lose to Analy by 11 and Miramonte will beat MC by 3? Usually you have a few more facts at your disposal when you make absurd assertions like these.

    A couple of things to ponder: As redandblue2 correctly pointed out above, Campo’s run defense has actually stiffened over the season. The run is not how Analy will move the ball or score against Campo. There is real weakness however, in Campo’s pass defense and that can be a sore spot if a couple of kids don’t step up. Also note that with a few exceptions, the two teams have played about the same composition of opponents from other divisions, with Campo having the slightly harder schedule. When you cut the data by the number of teams over/under 500, then Campo has the clear edge here. Including play-offs, Analy has played only 3 teams with winning records. 8 teams did not. Campo has played 6 teams with winning records. 5 teams did not. The only team played in common was…yes, Miramonte. Campo beat the Mats 35-13(margin +22), Analy beat you 41-34 (margin +7). Campo also gave El Cerrito (#1 seed) the only contest it had all season, 16-14. If you were at that game, you would have seen that it came down to a missed Campo field goal late in the 4th quarter.

    Regarding the injured players….there is no getting around the fact that it has an impact on Campo just like any other team. Of the 6 returning starters from last year’s squad, 4 are injured. This includes the quarterback, free safty, wide reciever and center. Also, 3 of those 4 kids played both ways. This issue remains the wild card in the equation. However, up to this point, the rest of the kids have accepted the challenge and played well. Campo’s success is not predicated on a few great kids rather it is attributable to the fact that these young men operate as one team, not a collection of a few superstars. This has been their formula for playing well all along. There are no D1 prospects on this team….Campo is always undersized on the line…and their running backs are tiny, yet somehow, they continue to control the line of scrimmage and put points on the board. I disagree with you…. I like Campo’s chances.

    I have a few thoughts regarding your assertion that the Mats will move on to the next round……I know you are still on a high after rolling over Tennyson, but before you start beating your chest you may want to go back to your own prediction on November 8. You weren’t giving Tennyson much of a chance to knock you off and to your credit, they didn’t. The score was pretty much in line with what you predicted. This means that the Mats met your expectation, they did not exceed them. I find it difficult to understand how this then translates into a win over the number 2 seed. So before you start game planning for Cardinal Newman or Encinal, I suggest you look realistically at your chances of squeaking by MC….Hope springs eternal and maybe we’ll meet you in finals…..

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone posted their predictions for the 4 games yet?
    I’ve got EC-Campo-MC-CN

  • MiraMan


    I cannot fault anything you are saying. And if calpreps ratings, win/loss margins, etc. worked every time, I probably wouldn’t bother showing up at the games. But the things you reference don’t look very much at change over the course of the season. Some things that I would mention include:

    The fact is Campo has lost alot. And Macy for all his magic over the past two years is just flesh and blood like everyone else. Three years back he had a team that was suppose to win DFAL and instead finished 5-5. Injuries too as I recall. The question is when does the balance shift. Healthy, Campo would beat Analy by 14…as I believe Miramonte will if we meet again…but based on your current roster, I give Analy the edge.

    Also everyone is underestimating Analy’s offensive attack. They are very balanced! They can run and they can pass; that’s what folks don’t seem to get. Remember that last week a large number of people seemed to think that Tam would give Analy a game, and I thought they might choke in their first round game, but 35-7 made a pretty strong statement.

    With regard to Miramonte-Marin Catholic, I think the key is change. Or rather, we have changed and they have not. Yea, they are still a great team and if we don’t play our best game – by a large margin – we will not beat them. But do consider, last time we played them Drew Anderson was QB in his first varsity game…against Marin Catholic! He played extremely well as evidenced by the fact that we led in the thrid quarter, but it was a little much to ask. And neither of our big play threats, Deutz or Williams really blossomed until around Acalanes. In fact, both of them were out most of the 2nd half against Marin Catholic. Williams has gone from being a very good receiver, to a great receiver, to a player that can take over a game, and I say that about very few players. And don’t even get me started about the linebackers then and now or the D-line. Finally, for a team 11 games in, we are pretty healthy. On the other hand, I don’t think MC has changed much since the first game – and we weren’t impressed with them then! Those are my thoughts. Thin? Sure, but I feel pretty good about Saturday.

    About the Tennyson game. I thought 35-14, but I thought it would be hard fought for a quarter or two. Instead, it was a 35-0 beatdown after the first drive of the third quarter. Anderson and the first team offense came out after that. Their offense only had about 75 yards to that point. Their only score came with about 3 minutes left on a double pass trick-play with their first team still stubbornly trying to score despite not moving the ball against our second team. It was a pretty complete victory against a team I thought might be tough.

    Good luck, hope to see you guys in the finals so we can get retribution for our league loss!

  • DJ

    I have it the same Ec beats Bod 32-14
    Campo squeaks by Analy 28-24
    Mc beats Mira 35-21
    CN blows out Encinal 35-6

  • ManDown

    MiraMan, I like your confindence but MC will be ready for you guys this time around. Yes you guys were up in the 4th quarter game one but like you said it was only the first game. Miramonte played well but they ended up winning by 3 scores? What do you see that I dont with this match up? Both teams have improved since then and there will be no sneak attack this time around.

  • ManDown

    Division 3
    BOD vs EC, This is one of the matchups we have been waiting for all year long. We will get to see how good both teams are in this one. ODowds defense is solid but EC is very explosive. It will come down to 4th quarter guts. BOD wins 24-21

    MC vs Miramonte, I don’t think it will be a very close game. I think Miramonte gives a good fight but MC will be too strong for the Mats. MC wins 35-14

    CN vs Encinal, This game won’t be close either. The jets sneaked out of Novato with a win. CN has better coaching and are tougher than Encinal so winning in Santa Rosa is a tall task for a team struggling to score points. Jets play hard but it wont be enough. CN wins 42-12

    Campo vs Analy, I like both teams here and is probably the best matchup of the week. Analy is a tough scrappy team compared to the well coached Campo squad who has been down this road before. I like Campo in this one. Campo wins 28-21