NCS football brackets — Division IV

Division IV
First round

No. 9 St. Mary’s (5-5) at No. 8 Middletown (7-3), 7 p.m.
No. 12 Piedmont (5-5) vs. No. 5 Fort Bragg (9-1) at Timberwolf Stadium, 7 p.m.
No. 15 Sir Francis Drake (5-5) vs. No. 2 Valley Christian-Dublin (8-2) at Chabot College, 7 p.m.
No. 11 Healdsburg (4-6) at No. 6 St. Helena (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 13 Moreau Catholic (5-5) at No. 4 Arcata (9-1), 7 p.m.
No. 10 San Marin (4-6) at No. 7 Fortuna (7-3), 7 p.m.
No. 14 Kennedy-Richmond (5-5) at No. 3 Salesian (8-2), 1 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 16

St. Mary’s/Middletown winner at No. 1 Justin-Siena (8-2), 7 p.m.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Could be looking at a Valley Christian vs. Salesian rematch in the semis.

  • mvalfan2

    Man These rankings are off the chain!!!!

  • Josh MacPherson

    Anyone know why Ferndale dropped back down to Div V? They were pretty competitive in Div IV last year.

  • Big Dog!

    Ferndale can compete in D4, but only has 136 students. They can make state if they win D5 and should do so.

  • Scl alum

    My alma mater, Healdsburg, had a rebuilding year and has a new coach replacing a veteran coach. They were given a playoff berth, though I wonder if the NCS in some divisions such as IV have too many playoff berths, as my ‘Hounds finished 4-6 on the regualar season. Go Hounds

  • Could be an interesting rematch in round two – St. Mary’s & Justin Sienna. A wipe out for JS the first time around but I saw St. Mary’s stick it to Pinole Valley the other night and their strong armed QB Flemer is really dailed in.

    VC finally got over on the Pride last week but I’m not sold they can do it again. Next time Salesian will run Page down their throats, wear down their defense and keep the ball out of Wikle’s hands. That kid is dynamite but 34 carries? The Pride’s defense is not what it has been in recent years so the best defense is a ball control offense.

  • Pride Baller- Coach at Salesian needs to pickup his schedule out of league next year- it’s still not good enough to be ranked highly. He’s dodged teams in the past, meaning playing bums instead of contenders. The program can beat bigger teams, but coach needs to schedule them. He under scheduled his team big time during the Javid Best years also.

  • billjohnson

    knightengale is a coward. i doubt he’ll beef up that non-league. he’s lucky marin catholic and cardinal newman petition up cuz i believe he would even show up if he had 2play them.

  • He’s not really a coward- yet he has conditioned Salesian tradition scheduling bums all the way back to the Shag days. He had a chance to break that with Javid Best but choose not too. Plus the coard hosted Don Bosco afew years back and had his entire staff on their sidelines playing a fellow NCS school out at Dls. That was a coward- he could never stay within 40-50 pts of DeLa but gets his jollies supporting an out of nstate school instead of a fellow NCS school. No matter Don Bosco is from the same religuoius order, so are other NCS and CC Catholic schools. You might be right in Salesian coach being a coward.

  • Prep Fan

    Does anyone host DLS when they go on the road, or do they just stay at Holiday Inn Expresses to make sure they are sharp the next day? Seriously, do they get families or schools to host them when out of state?

  • Guys, I think that calling our coach a coward is not accurate but it is frustrating that he does under schedule his teams. I can’t speak for the Jahvid years but certainly if he didn’t schedule better and petition up last year when they had their best team ever, we’ll, it’s never going to happen. With this year’s team being quite young and returning only two starters on offense and only one on defense you knew the schedule would be light but even I was stunned by the weakness of the non league games. Nevertheless, I believe he is simply in a comfort zone in D-IV more so than just being afraid to schedule tougher games and take on more losses.

    It doesn’t matter at this point BigDog but last year’s team was excellent, big and strong and fast and experienced; if they played Salesian would not have been slaughtered by DLS like you say.

  • SalesianDad

    @BigDog – Mostly what you say I agree with, but the situation with housing Don Bosco was not in his control. That was an adminstrative call. Both schools being of the Don Bosco order…you get it. I also have to agree with Prideballer. Last years team would have been very competative at the DIII level. So frustrating that we did not petition up. The chance to play CN and MC would have been great.I honestly believe that last year’s team makes a run at state. Oh well.
    Unfortunately, as you can see, Salesian just doesn’t draw the staying power. I don’t think Nightingale is a coward, I just think he knows his limitations. I think if he petitions up only when he’s really good he would be attacked on a different level. There is no question that this team is where they belong this year.Looking forward to a rematch with VC. I hope we both get there.

  • Azcdno1

    To both Salesian dad and big dog i agree that some of the things can be improved with scheduling, as for Bill Johnson’s comment of Chad Nightengale being a coward that’s just outrageous and disrespectful. Competition sometimes drives people and schools to places where it takes years to recover. Does anybody remember the early 80s Salesian teams that took it to DLS on a year-to-year basis. Well that competition led to some serious ramifications Fortas school and coaching staff in their effort to keep up with schools with male student population 6 to 7 times Salesians. The school is not actively going out an Recruiting kids from the West Contra costa County Or West Alameda County area any longer so they’re playing a level that it’s acceptable where they should be. In reality the break for Northern California teams in Division five should be 600 students or less , Not 500

  • What happened to Willits at 6-4 not being in the playoffs? The Wolverines are certainly stronger than San Marin 4-6, Healdsburg 4-6, Drake 5-5, and probably Moreau Catholic 5-5 and Kennedy 5-5. Also, the #16 bracket was left empty. Did Willits choose not to participate in the playoffs?

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