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Jon Becker

  • Jon Becker

    Stephanie will be live-chatting at 3 p.m.

  • dragon

    Odowd vs Acalanes…who wins?

  • I would say that the Logan colts & Freedom game will not be a high scoring game. people forget that james logan has one of the best defenses in the NCS and has yet to have a high scoring game. not to say that freedom doesnt have any good atheletes but James Logan will be firing back with three explosive running backs, a dual threat quarter back who can run as well as throw and three great recievers that have had succesful years. One reciever has been compared to be just as or maybe even better than darrel daniels. And with a great defense like they have led by Ryan Bua & Ansar Muhammad they will have a great chance in holding freedoms “high Power” offense to a minumum.

  • sam

    so why did they change the logan vs irvington game to tak ? and why is miramonte playing tennyson at tennyson when they have the hire seed

  • TheTruth

    League champions host first round games, unless both teams are league champs, then it goes to the higher seed. Tennyson won their league and Miramonte did not.

  • TJ

    cuz tennyson won their league..

  • mvalfan2

    Hey man tenneyson did they thing, even though they had a watered down preseason, once they go to league they went to work

  • Coach

    Logan has a furlough day Friday the 9th. Can’t have any school activities. So game moved to TAK. One more negative to our states economy.

  • DJ

    Odowd beats Acalanes that sets up a good matchup in 2nd round with Bod playing Ec.Athletes galore on both teams dangerous matchup for Ec ……these teams scrimmaged earlier in the year and bod edged Ec after 2nd units came on but I heard Ec 1st unit dominated bod first unit ……d3 2nd round games will be interested

  • somebody

    the question is how will the extremely fast D, and exciting spread offense of the inner city EC compare to the grind it out, always good coached, smashmouth teams of Campo/Acalanes, or CN/MC. I suspect EC will be too fast and athletic for the rest of the field, and take the division

  • Paydirt


  • Paydirt

    The Tak is a prime location for playoff games. It is one of the “go to” venues in the East Bay for viewing championship contests. It is right there with DVC and Dublin, and ahead of Foothill and Monte Vista. I enjoy The Tak…including the cuisine…

  • MVAL fan

    It wasn’t really they couldn’t hold school activities on furlough days. The staff at Logan agreed they should not have to show up and staff the game on a district-wide furlough day and the Logan coaches agreed to have it moved to Tak.

  • Tri-City Dude

    Logan’s stadium is pretty nice. But I have to agree with Paydirt, Tak has to be one of the better places to watch football in the East Bay. The good part about Tak is that it is shared by all 5 Fremont schools, and it’s is right next to some restraunts like Elephant Bar and Chili’s, so it is a nice atmosphere regardless of who plays there.

  • DJ…..There is a awful good chance that Acalanes will stop Bishop O’Dowd….The Don’s have their share of speedsters, size and these guys don’t rack up the pentalities and they play together and play smart ball…This is going to be a good matchup….

  • DJ

    @Bluedog,Honestly i don’t know much about acalanes but I hear they have a punishing run game and I’m certainly not saying its automatic they lose to Bod .Bod has certainly shot themselves in the foot the last couple weeks but they do have their Qb back which will allow them to use their athletes better .and if I had a concern about acalanes from what I’ve heard is they are a little one dimensional excellent run game but no real threat to throw the ball as teams will start to stack the box need at least be able to throw a little. correct me if I’m wrong is that a fair assessment of Acalanes cause I honestly don’t know much about them…..But in a close game it’s a great strategy to run the ball and play great defense keep the athletes of Bod of the field ….should be a good game

  • MiraMan

    DJ & Bluedog2,

    Having seen Acalanes I can say they will want to run first. But anyone in DFAL already knows that. They certainly have a better running back than in past year, so the run threat is more credible. I can’t remember the kids name, but its not Edwards. Also the QB can run. In terms of passing game, the QB has a pretty poor arm, but their receivers are really good and will pull in some passes – Supple and Main are the two I remember. Of course the receivers have to make difficult catches or they wouldn’t get on the stat sheet!

    Acalanes is hard to put a label on. When we played them, I didn’t think they looked that good. The final score might of been by 7, but the game didn’t feel very close. But all their other meaningful games are close including almost shocking Campo and the less-than-impressive win over Tennyson (but perhaps Tennyson is better than some think).

    I think about all the talent O’Dowd had coming into the season with a returning 3rd year starting QB, great playmaker/cover guys like Gomes and King. If O’Dowd is anything close to what they should be they will win. Also, in terms of common opponents, O’Dowd beat Las Lomas by three TDs, Acalanes beat Las Lomas on a late-game miracle that everyone (including the refs) say was a blown call.

    O’Dowd 28 – Acalanes 14

  • DJ

    If odowd wins sets up a nice 2nd round matchup of BOD vs.Ec(ofcourse pending ec beating kennedy-Fre.That would be a cant miss game athletes everywhere on both teams also if the brackets hold true to form Analy vs. Campo sounds like it would be a good 2nd round matchup.Anybody seen Analy play? Are they as good as their record indicates? their stats show they score a lot of points and with the Campo injuries anything can happen.

  • Miraman..DJ….The Acalanes QB throws floaters that can be picked off if they are over 30 yards and a good defensive back could make life misserable for the recievers under those coditions….there runnging game is good and they have good size and are quick…It will be up to the defense to keep the pressure on the Dragon QB so he doesn’t have time to show his talent…this game cold very well be decided up front…by containing the backs from break out….

  • The NCS Football Playoff’s….Who’s going to win??? sadly..a number of teams are going to be skinned alive, but there are also going to be some real battles and surprises…This season we lucked out and had no rain…but Fridy night could change ther fortunes of a few teams…

    San Ramon Valley 35 Antioch 20….The Panthers will go down fighting
    James Logan 56 Irvington 0….JL better save the best paret for next week…
    Pittsburg 45 Monte Vista 35…..The Pirates will be looking for some payback, but although Monte Vista has had a rough last three games…they are not dead yet..a real high scoring game…
    Foothiil 28 Deer Valley 20—–Maybe
    Amador Valley 28 Castro Valley 20…Something is in the water at Amador as they keep pulling off wins..
    Freedom 49 Berkeley 14..what can you say…the big 3 will be onthe loose..

    Livermore 27 Dublin 19….The cowboys are a far better team then what their w/L record shows….but Dublin just may fool us…
    Washington 32 Las Lomas 20….The Huskies are big and fast..the Knights have their work cut out for them…
    Concord 49 Mt. Eden 7…..A wet field may slow downthe minute men..but not ME..
    Newark 41 American-Fremont 14 a repeat performance

    Bishop O’Dowd 28 Acalanes 24….The Don’s have to keep the Dragon offense bottled up and keep the BO defense on the field…
    Campolindo 35 Terra Linda 12…..theCougars have lost a few more troops to injuries..but this won’t slow them down…
    Cardinal Newman 40 Sonoma Valley 13…After the CN loss to Rancho Cotate they should bered hot..
    El Cerrito 56 Kennedy-Fremont 12…unfornately this is a tune up game for EC…
    Analy 26 Tamalpais 14…This is Analy’s year..
    Miramonte 37 Tennyson 20…The Mat’s should be on a quest and Tenyson is standing in their way…
    Encinal 20 Novato 19…..This game could go either way
    Marin Catholic 38 Hercules 14…anothe route 2 P.M.KO

    St. Mary’s 20 Middletown 14
    Ft.Bragg 32 Piedmont 13
    Valley christian-Dublin 34 Sir Francis Drake 14
    St. Helena 26 Healdsburg 13
    Arcata 33 Moreau Catholic 19….a long bus ride
    Fortuna 27 San Marin 20
    Salesian 40 Kennedy Richmond 13….a repeat performance

  • MiraMan

    DJ and Bluedog2,

    Miramonte played Analy and the biggest disappointment of this season is that we didn’t hold on to the 7 point lead we had with about 8 min left to play and let them score twice to win by a TD.

    Analy is correctly seeded at #5, but they are a well balanced team with two shifty backs (one is very short and very fast) and two really good receivers. They have some big, athletic linemen that make them a real dual-threat team. Where they seem to be lacking in QB and kick return team. QB isn’t bad, and throws well enough on short-middle stuff, but not good enough to torch elite teams downfield. Sad since they have the receivers in Maher and Mathais. Kick off coverage had all kinds of problems against Miramonte.

    Having said all that, I can’t believe people think they will have trouble with Tam. This is a team that blew-out a not-to-shabby Maria Carillo team 63-6. Maria Carillo is certainly considered to be better than Tam. Almost all their other games were blow-outs and some of those teams rate with Tam.

    Analy 35 – Tam 14

    In round two, I’d favor Tam over an injured Campo team.

    Analy 30 – Campo 17

    Against El Cerrito, I don’t think they will win, but I do think they will match up better than people think. I do think El Cerrito will run back a TD or two on kick-offs and/or punts.

    El Cerrito 45 – Analy 28

  • Hay MiraMan…Lets see how all this pans out..just when you think a team is on the move they completely fall on their face…This coming Friday i have three games in mind….Pittsburg/Monte Vista…Acalanes/Bishop O’dowd and las lomas/Washington..
    The weather will determine where I’m headed…Go Mats