Northern California Regional football playoffs

Participants in the new Northern California regional football playoffs will be selected on Dec. 2, the Sunday after the North Coast Section playoffs are complete, the California Interscholastic Federation announced Tuesday.

The sites for the Northern California and Southern California regional games (Dec. 7-8), from which teams have a chance to qualify for a CIF state bowl game, are to be determined. The regional games will be held preferably at neutral sites nearby a participating team, such as a college or professional venue, but individual high schools can also apply to host a game, the CIF indicated.

The Division IV and Division I regional games are slated for Friday, Dec. 7, and the Div. II, Div. III and Open games would be on Saturday, Dec. 8, with the goal being to play all of the games at 7:30 p.m. The state bowl games will be back at The Home Depot Center Dec. 14-15 at the same times as last year. San Jose City College is one of the early sites being considered for a regional game.

The state indicated that if you have two schools facing each other from the same section, or the same geographical proximity, in a regional game, then they may need a larger venue. The state will use the same criteria in selecting the regional participants that it uses for the CIF state bowl games, according to CIF. Participating teams must be section champions.

The state regional games are actually returning in the modern era. They used to have regional playoffs in 1920s and 1930s. The state indicated that “in a perfect world” ┬áit would have a straight state-wide playoff system, but that would have teams playing until Super Bowl Sunday.


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    Any predictions?


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  • A True California High School Football Playoff System

    Actually, a statewide playoff for 7 divisions (plus 2 8man divisions) can be done in 6 weeks, the same as now. There’d be a minimum of travel distances and no need for overnight stay (or jet) travel until at least the semi-finals, and not even in those rounds for 3 of the divisions. Approximately 39% of all California HS FB teams would get a 1st round birth. (In Texas, only about 33% get in.). And, North Region teams would not often be playing with noticeably larger South Region teams in the same division as now is the case with the CIF FB Championships and BSKTBL Championships. What’s more, the sections could still have their FB playoffs too, without being too “watered down”.
    If anyone is interested in seeing how this could be done, let me know.



  • stuck in spokane

    I’d like to see how it can be done without the NCS, CCS, NCS, NS, SS…etc. losing money from no longer holding their own playoffs.

  • BiggCoug

    @schoolmarm, I am interested, I always love a good read

  • EBfootball

    A lot of this regional stuff depends on how the CCS will separate their divisions. Not sure how it works over there because they have an open division and I think teams can opt in or out of it.

  • Paydirt


    Lay it on us…

    I assume that this is what we talked about over a cold one a few weeks ago. Much like the President got the BCS to move, perhaps your proposal, which makes lots of sense, could get the CIF off their political seats.

    Btw, “I like Mike!” was re-elected. Good for ‘da-mayor’…

  • somebody

    ya the teams in the ccs and san jouquin seem to be able to go into whatever division they want come playoff time…

  • somebody

    For instance, Placer I thought they was a d2 team but they’re playing in the d4 playoffs… and can qualify for d3 bowl games? same for Sutter i think

  • stuck in spokane

    I think, for the SJS, it depends on the number of eligible teams and the eligible playoff teams school enrollment. If you go to calpreps you’ll see several teams who’s division is I-IV. It’s because once they get in the top 16 go to DI, the next 16 to DII, etc… Placer got pushed down to DIV.

  • ebalfan#2

    It is easy to get a state playoff system. First thing that would have to happen is cut one week out of the current playoffs. 16 teams qualifying for playoffs in each division is ridiculous. Go to eight teams max, that leaves the extra week for a true regional playoff. 16 teams in a playoff is way too many, never a chance to win. You would have 4 section champions squaring off with the winner playing the southern winner for the state championship. Very similar to what is going to happen in college football when they go past the BCS format.

    Also, they need to get rid of the “Open Game”, with a playoff system there is no need for it. California is the only state with such a format. There would be state champions in Div 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • Re: Paydirt #8

    Actually, my playoff “plan” includes a California HS FB history; arguments for and against a statewide playoff; “political” and “fiefdom” interests; economic
    issues and needs; other athletic and education issues and needs; a “personal” philisophy about high school football, athletics, and education in general; as well as a “blueprint” for California HS FB playoffs with a suggested playoff organization. It’s a 15 typed written paged prospectus crammed with a lot of facts and figures and not the easiest reading and way too much for me to type in here.
    I’ll email you a copy, but most others have said they had trouble trying to download it from the app I used.

    Anyway, I plan on being at 1907 after tonight’s rnd 1 playoff games. I can show you the suggested playoff organization at least.

  • Paydirt

    Re: TheSchoolmarm #13

    I received and opened your Playoff Blueprint file, thanks. The file requires a Microsoft Works conversion program to bring it up in WORD.

    I’ll try to make it to 1907 tonight after the games. I am leaning toward going to the battle on Stone Valley (Pitt@MV), but it will be a game-time decision.