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Jon Becker

  • Anonymous

    If EC does defeat BOD this Saturday, how do they do it – running, passing or turnovers?

  • Anonymous….EC will use all three..but running will be number one….The EC defense should contain BOD..

  • Maxi…This is good news…I would hate to see Pittsburg winde up like Antioch when Deer Valley went into operation…

  • Anonymous

    Just to set the record straight. Was EC playing 2nd team in the second half when they scrimmaged BOD? I can’t believe that BOD coaching is good enought to come back from such a deficit. BOD was shut out in the first half.

  • chalktalk

    TJ calm down on the black coaching comments
    Berkeley and San Lorenzo school dist did away with academic probation so JB and Simms did a hell of a job with a handicap like that!!!
    plus i understand that Berkley didn’t have a weight room this year
    WINNING SPORTS PROGRAM HELP BRING ECONOMIC STABILITY 2 THE COMMUNITY PEOPLE helps with the housing market as well as vending — I’m just saying

  • TJ

    Its true.

  • Dudleydawson

    island queef all this talent and you cant win games?!?! So if tenrio loses this week its his fault but moyer has lost 14 out of 20 games as a head coach who’s fault is that? Good for those kids too bad then never really had a realistic chance to ever win a playoff game or ncs playing for moyer.

  • chalktalk

    TJ — why do u say that
    where are the facts

  • TJ

    The fact is that Berkeley won their league with a that features O’Dowd, Encinal, CV, Hayward and one other team and they also had a tough non-league.

    Arroyo lost to Tennyson, went to OT with Mt. Eden (lol), and were not able to win the B league.

    If the roles were reversed as such in the higher levels, ppl would be crying. Simms is doing a good job at Berkeley. Since when do people call for a coaching change after a school wins a league title?

  • TJ

    with a schedule* sorry

  • chalktalk

    TJ have u read uncle toms cabin
    check it out
    it could answer alot of ur questions
    then check out the spook who sat by the door
    another book that can explain alot

  • Prep Fan

    Why does the NCS website show Saturday’s 2nd round huge showdown between Freedom and Logan will be played at Logan? It was my understanding that Logan didn’t get the same league champion designation status that DLS obtained from the EBAL, and that they were going to have to travel if they faced a league champ in the playoffs, which Freedom is.

    Newark won the MVAL this year and is shown to be playing at Northgate (not a league champ) Saturday. Is Logan considered the MVAL champ? I know there had been some talk of only granting home field to league champs in round 1, but the NCS bulletin states:

    “QUARTERFINALS (Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4) and SEMIFINALS (Divisions 5)
    TENTATIVE SITES: League Champion or Highest Seed Host”


  • BiggCoug

    @prep fan #62, I am pretty sure that the playoffs changed this year in that league champs would only host higher seeds in the first round, after that it goes by seeding to determine home teams. I am not 100%, but I thought I heard that earlier this year.

  • Prep Fan

    I thought I had heard that discussed too, but if that is the case the NCS bulletin should not even include the term “League Champion” for the Quarterfinal or Semifinal rounds and just say “Highest Seed”.

    That is a big deal for this game, as it should be a barnburner. CalPreps has it handicapped at Logan 31 – Freedom 30. Had Freedom been at home, I’m sure there would be at least a 2 point swing the other way and Freedom would be favored.

  • TJ- don’t read the spook book- halloween is over.

  • DJ

    @ anonymous,
    When Ec and Bod scrimmaged Ec’s first unit dominated but when ec put second unit in Bod did edged them out.. Ec is pretty strong in all 3 aspects of the game but I think their defense is going to have to be stout to beat Bod this will be first team all year with these type of athletes that the Ec defense has faced.Hopefully the Ec coaches step up their game planning for the Bod offense.

  • island chief- Has anyone from Alameda high get a scholarship the last 10yrs. Thats why Hameed and Doss are leaving ! Tolbert should get a full ride.

  • MVAL fan

    You are absolutely right, league champion only goes into effect in the first round to determine who gets the home game. After the first round it goes strictly by seeding. That’s why after Logan’s game on Friday NCS had already determined when and where the game would be held even before the Freedom-Berkeley game was played.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks DJ – I thought that was the case.
    The EC team on the field for the first half just dominated and of course EC went on to be undefeated the rest of the year. The question is what happened with EC last year? It looks like they went 1 and out in the playoffs. That’s some real improvement. The roots of this year’s BOD team (excluding QB) came from an undefeated JV team from 2010. I can’t see why they don’t have the same horsepower. I believe the coaches may have tried to re-tool the team a little too much.

  • Impartial Observer

    It might be pointed out that BOD faced EC is a preseason scrimmage this year. EC muscled BOD pretty hard during the first half and would have carried a modest lead into halftime (had the controlled scrimmage format allowed for a recorded score), but BOD clearly won the second half and would have defeated EC on that day, had it been an actual game. Now, controlled scrimmages are poor substitutes for predicting actual game scenarios, as coaches are evaluating different players, formations, plays, etc. Coaches are also little concerned with “winning” scrimmages. Further, both teams have developed over the past three months and may even be said to be “different teams” at this point in the post-season. Certainly, an argument can be made that EC has developed well since their scrimmage with BOD, while BOD has failed to develop as expected. However, based upon the scrimmage match-up earlier this year, it would be a mistake to dismiss BOD too quickly or lightly. Yes, they have struggled in recent weeks, but BOD has some playmakers, and if their line gives their QB just a little time, he is lethal and has a bevy of receivers and backs from which to choose to put points on the board. That said, BOD lives and dies by the “big play.” And should EC neutralize BOD’s “big play” opportunities and players, this game could get out of hand. All things being equal, this could be a very good game featuring some talented players and plenty of popping pads. But talk is cheap, speculation is just that, and enough has been said…let’s tee it up!

  • DJ

    @ Impatial
    I agree that scrimmages dont predict future outcomes of games and I can speak for Ec they will not dismiss Bod based on recent results but I will say if Bod plays like they did against Acalanes,Ec will win easily.Ec has just as much big play ability as Bod but can also can run ball control offense also Ec’s real weapon is their defense and special teams who is equally as dangerous as their offense…..If odowd can run the ball they will have a good chance against Ec but Ec’s corners and safeties are very good I wouldnt try to make a living passing.but I’m expecting a good game…. @anonymous last years team was hard to figure out they were much deeper and had some good players but they had an incosistent Qb and most of their starters were sophmores but they were better than 1st round exit some would say coaching was terrible but this years team is mean,nasty and on a mission.I believe Bod is a real threat to Ec just because of their athletes but if they get pass Bod sky’s the limit..i know they really want a rematch with campo since they played terrible against them the first time….But get out to de Anza saturday nite this is going to be a good game.

  • Hey vic, isn’t livermore in the ebal.. so that’s 3-2, still not bad for 1st round.

  • Prep Fan

    EBAL #2,3 & 4 all won, while #5 & 7 lost. #6 Granada didn’t qualify. BVAL #1& 2 both won, while #4 & 5 lost. #3 didn’t apply & # 6 Liberty didn’t qualify. Pitt & Freedom will have their hands full with the 2 freelance teams while the 4 EBAL teams eliminate each other.

  • vic

    @songU..like I said I was only talking about D1..

  • StopDropAndRumble

    I completely discounted Livermore, not for going into D2, but for getting a bid at 2-8. Every ebal team beat them and Dublin has a good crop of atheletes so it was not a surprise.

    This week ebal starts all over again with foothill@cal and AV@SRV. Revenge matches for both lower seeds. AV should have beaten SRV and Cal and they beat MV. Foothill didn’t even show up for Cal in their home coming game. That turned out to be Cal’s easiest ebal game of the year, some may argue Livermore but at least Livermore scored.

    Let the ebal games begin. And just an aside. I thought Pit would get beat, some good for that squad making the best of a rematch. I was at the Cal game and Pit never had a lead. I was sure that they would take it out on MV the following week at home and they got steam rolled. Not sure what happened, but pay backs a mother. Good luck with DLS.

  • seven72deuce

    D-1 predictions for round 2:

    Pittsburg vs De La Salle – I have this game being closer than what mose would think. Pitt has been grinding it out these past 2 months very well. While DLS will be rested and could be dangerous, but I think they’ll have a little rust as DLS couldn’t even be consistent throughout their EBAL play. But DLS rested, rusty, prepared or whatever, is still DLS. DLS 42-27

    San Ramon Valley vs Amador Valley – AV has been on a roll but SRV just had their easiest game of the season last week. SRV has been very streaky, but their starters should be rested and will be clicking on all Cylinders. Does Amador Valley have enough to duke it out with SRV? I think their turnaround season ends here with SRV dominating the trenches as well as the passing game. The rain might keep this game closer than it should though. SRV 24-20

    California vs Foothill – Depending on what Foothill team shows up shouldn’t matter. California’s great defense will be rested, as well as their workhorse backfield. I don’t think Foothill will have a strong game. Deer Valley game was a bit closer than to my liking to show that Foothill is a dominant team. Cal 31-17

    Logan vs Freedom – I would think this is the game of the week. Logan almost came off a perfect season, but an OT upset by Del Oro (who did beat #2 Yuba city as a #15 seed this past weekend) stopped that. A lot of people worry about Freedom’s passing game, and I will admit that pass defense is Logan’s weakness. But if Logan gets any turnovers/INTs I think this game will be under their control. Freedom needs to have a dominant run game if not Logan can key on the pass game all night long. However, if Freedom can shut down Logan’s run game quick and early, Logan will be in for a long night. High scoring game. Logan 41-36

  • Stewie

    Pitt by 3
    Amador by 6
    Cal by 17
    Logan gets beat by 12

  • Prep Fan

    Pitt by 3? From the injury news out of the Pitt camp, it sounds like the Pirates will be lucky to make this even close. Stewie, you are usually a big Spartan (& CV-C) supporter. Are you sure you’re not just sandbagging on this one, so that when DLS wins big it will seem like some type of upset? CalPreps had DLS favored 42-17 before the Pitt injuries were known.

  • Stewie

    Rankings, Blogs, hedge-funds its all an illusion. Shirley you don’t believe in Injury Reports or False Gods? That’s from Airplane…That Shirley was original. 🙂
    I stand by my picks even if I have to sit in the corner Friday night with a dunce cap.
    Pitt wins by 3
    Amador wins by 6
    Cal wins by 17
    Logan losses head game by 12.

  • Prep Fan

    Great movie, but not buying it. De La by 20 (even if the injury reports might be exaggerated just a tad).

  • umm

    really Stewie !! Hope ur right.. I see pit down by 28 middle of the 2nd qter !!

  • This coming Friday we have the game of the week in Freedom vs. Logan and El Cerrito vs Bishop O’Dowd..although the Pittsburg/DLS game is of high interest…I looks like it will end of the same old way….

    DLS 49 Pittsburg 14…..Pitt has a good one two punch with Lockett and Ross, but they don’t have a good passing game to back them up…DLS gave up 9 points to MV while Pitt gave up 29…Its up to the Pirate defense to contain DLS…

    Freedom 45 James Logan 40….This is going to be a wild game..The Colts have the better defense, but Freedom has the better offense….The game of the Week..

    California 31 Foothill 21…Calif has the offense and it will be up to Foothill to stop them…
    San Ramon 35 Amador Valley 24…The Wolves exploded against Antioch and scored 66 points…It won’t happen here,,but the Don’s will gave SR a game…

    Clayton Valley 47 Dublin 21….The Murphy Gang keeps on rolling..
    Rancho Cotate 37 Las Lomas 27…This has all the makings of a shootout…
    Sat. 11-17
    Casa Grande 28 Concord 20….these teams are about equal..last team to score wins…
    NorthGate 34 Newark 28…Could be another shootout

    Campolindo 35 Analy 27….This is the year for Analy, but with all the injuries to Campo…they still have enough to win…
    Sat. 11-7
    El Cerrio 35 Bishop O’Dowd 24….EC has been consist all year…there were no up and down games..
    Cardinal Newman 35 Encinal 13….The Jets have been fighting hard every game..but thisis the end of the road..

    Justin-Siena 44 St. Mary’s of Albany 27
    Sat. 11-17
    San Marin 27 Drake 18….Drake dumped Valley Christian last week 18-13 but not this week
    Arcata 33 Ft. Bragg 20
    Salesian 33 St. Helena 27….This will be a wild game also…

  • Itsabob

    @ Stew you have a point but De La Salle will do the Winton Stomp on Pitt. A salvage crew may be called to clear the strewn wreckage. It just ain’t gonna happen.
    Clayton Valley will cruse into 50+ and Campo will be short by 6.

  • Oh-Oh…Forgot about the Miramonte/Marin Catholic game

    Marin Catholic 37 Miramonte 28……The last game these two teams clashed was pretty close…The Mat’s have inmproved….this game will be a hard fought battle..

  • spectator2012

    seems this week’s playoff games will be a wet one. lots of rain in the forecast.

  • vic

    Another weekend of playoff action coming up..and since I got all of my picks right last week (except for the scores thanks to srv& pitt haha)..id figure id give it another shot…..Ill start with the Easy one 1st…1) DLS vs Pitt, we all saw last week how explosive Pitt can be, that being said they Haven’t faced a Defense Like Sparty fields..as I’ve said before though DLS needs to clean up the little things before state or they will be prime for a loss…DLS will roll 49-10….2) Freedom VS Logan..I won’t call this the game of the week, because we all did that last week wit pitt vs Mv ( and well we all know how that turned out)..but I will say it has the makings of a exciting game..Logan hasen’t been tested since their lone loss of the season, which makes me wonder how prepared can u be at this level when u have been pulling your starters by halftime for the better part of a month??….Even though Logan is @ home I’m going with Freedom here simply because they’ve been battle tested this year..this game should be close..so it’ll come down to who can make adjustments especially at the half..Freedom 30-Logan 28…..3) SRV VS Amador Valley…This could be a better game then Most think..Amador has done the 1 thing all coaches and players hope for and that’s get hot at the right time they’ve rolled into the playoffs with 1 loss (DLS) in their last 6 games..I think the weather could be a factor here as both coaches have leaned on their Qb’s late in the season..Really this game should come down to discipline ( Turnovers/penalties)..I like AV to get revenge for game they lost @ home earlier in the yr to SRV 22-15..should be a good one…AV 34- SRV 24…4) Cal VS Foothill…We all know Cal has the line and running game to dominate most teams and Foothill??..Well with this years Falcon team, you never know who your gonna get week to week Mostly because of a young Qb and a up and down Defense…Another EBAL rematch but I see the results staying the same with the Grizz winning but I do think Coach Sweeney will have his team better prepared this time around..still CAL 37- Foothill. 28…Sorry I got all bunched up guys I’m on Mobile..anyways should be a great weekend of games…

  • Stewie

    DII Rancho Cotate should take Las Lomas. The are well coached and lead the Redwood Empire in almost all stats.
    They have a stingy disciplined defensive unit that is only allowing 8.6 points during regular season. They can get with the run and pass. Hope to see these boys in final with Clayton Valley.

    Northgate needs to have an upbeat disciplined game to hold off Newark. Newwark is capable of quality trench warfare and dominate the game physically.

  • BVAL Fan of all kids

    I’m sorry, but point spreads for high school games seems in both poor taste and ignorant as to how point spreads are devised in the first place. They have less to do with the quality of teams and most to do with how much money is bet on either side.
    Can’t we just let these teenagers play a game of football without that garbage?

  • Prep Fan

    Easy BVAL Fan, I don’t think anyone is actually betting on these games. They are throwing out predictions of how the games might play out as a form of entertainment. No one is not letting these teenagers play a game of football.

  • spectator2012

    i hope logan pulls it out.