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Jon Becker

  • gamebygame

    Anybody catch that Encinal and Novato game. It was a Thriller. Neither team played well on offense though.

  • ManDown

    gamebygame, Very sloppy game by Encinal and Novato had plenty of chances to put them away. Both defenses played very well as Encinal could not move the ball and Novato could not punch it in when they had the chance. Encinal was very physical today and put some good hits on Novato, taking out numerous players all game. The rb #20 for Novato ran tough and was the only bright spot for the hornets. Tough loss for them as they let one slip away.

  • kj


  • vic

    EC 35-JFK 0 2nd qtr..

  • vic

    Where are all those EBAL haters at??…3-1 in the 1st round ain’t too shabby..

  • Horrible game by the Jets. Don’t know if they got lucky or Novato got unlucky. Really took steps back from progress the last couple weeks.

  • Seattle Slew


    I saw the game too. #20 ran tough. The game was entertaining. One of the best games that i have seen played all year.

  • MiraMan


    Actually, I think EBAL is 3-2. Both Monte Vista and Livermore got beat.

  • vic

    I was only counting D1…

  • Dudleydawson

    Good job jets keep slapping them hornets! Not pretty but the name of the game is survive and advance!

  • Looks like Salesian had a hard time with Kennedy of Richmond…last week they bombed them 40 to 13 and now just getting by 16-8 and looks like San Marin was tougher then we thought..knocking off Fortuna 25-19…this had to be a good game to see,,,,And I thought that Valley Christian of Dublin would nail Sir francis Drake…but the tables were turned….this was a unexpected loss….

  • berkeley Yelllowjacket Parent

    Berkeley High Head Coach Sims Need To Be FIRED ASAP Need to Bring In James Barnes From Arroyo High School He Is The Right For The Job


  • DJ

    Bod vs.Ec ….Predictions?

  • TJ

    EC.. by a lot

  • EB JC Guy

    Berkeley High would have gone 0-fer in the BVAL and the EBAL . . . I have seen a lot of these teams play each other, and they would have been at the bottom of both leagues, probably with some close games against Livermore, Granada, Antioch, and Liberty. Sad considering all the talent at their disposal . . .

  • Let Coach Barnes be out of talks until everything calms down. He’s probably going through a very tough time after what happened.

  • Anonymous

    EC vs. BOD should be a great game loaded with big play scoring. Lots of long runs, passes and points. My guess EC comes out on top unless BOD can run up some points and get a early big lead. Not sure how the O and D lines matchup but I know both teams are stacked with skill players.
    Who wins the turnover battle between the 2 is the question.

  • DJ….As good as Bishop ODowd is…El Cerrito will end the Dragon’s season 35-14…

  • Island Chief

    Encinal is a terrible team. They are incredibly lucky to have won that game. Novato is kicking itself for losing to the punch less jets. Lets see how good coach Tenorio is next weekend when they face Cardinal Newman. I’m thinking CN will put 50 on the Jets by halftime.

  • dudleydawson

    terrible or not all those kids and coaches have accomplished more in 1 day then your entire staff ever has! they’ve actually won a playoff game what have the moyers ever done? the jets found a way it wasnt pretty but they got it done. i feel bad for bussey and gardner i bet they would love to be playing against cardinal newman next week.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds to me like there’s alot of parental involvement with the Alameda program. Unfortunately with too much involvement comes politics and over bearing opinions. Has anyone ever noticed how the dad’s like to be on the sidelines at Thompson field instead of the bleachers? C’mon let the kids play and let the coaches coach.

  • Island Chief

    Moyer has all of the weapons to go undefeated next year with Hameed, Doss, Hernandez, Coyne, and many others returning. We lose a couple of linemen but no one will be able to keep up with our speed. We will win the Island bowl next year and dominate the shoreline league. I don’t see anyone who can stop us. Go Hornets!

  • CCS play-off brackets are out. Serra, St. Ignatius, Palma are all in the Open Division bracket. They all played in their division last year. Is there anyway to find out if they were forced to or chose to?

  • EB Prep Fan

    Island Chief, do you read the crap you write? Didn’t you say the Jets would get smashed this week? I guess if you write that every week, eventually you’ll be right. Nobody claims you! You are a man (or kid) without a team. Actually if you are a kid, I apologize.
    Stop blogging, and finish your homework!!!!!!!! You’re making everybody on this island embarrassed!

  • chalktalk

    are there going to b any head coaching job openings

  • junior

    Congrats to the Miramonte Boys H2O Polo Champs- that makes their 13th title in 18 years. I understand how difficult it is to win a championship – your hard work and ability to consistently perform better than everyone else year after year is to be applauded.

  • FB Fan

    How about we stop talking about the overrated encial jets. The jets glory days are over its time to move on and talk about a team that is worth talking about. Freedom demolished the wac division champions, oh yea i guess thats not important.

  • spectator2012

    @ fb fan – it’s funny how some people really thought bhigh had a chance. these ebal and bval teams get better throughout the season. they get tested playing each other in their respectable leagues. it’s not how your season starts, it’s how you finish. just hoping the logan and freedom game will be a good one. 2 high powered offenses.

  • really Islandchief,, you must don’t know that Hameed and Doss are going to EC in Jan…. LOL !! Now how good are you guys going to be..

  • berkeley Yelllowjacket parent

    Coach Sims is a Horrible Coach After Coach Carter Left them Guys Berkeley been DOWN every year.

    talking to some Sources James Barnes of Arroyo High Will Be The next Berkeley High Football Coach

  • Island Chief

    Those are just rumors. I don’t think they would gamble on losing their senior year of eligibility if it was found out that El Cerrito recruited them to go over there.

  • Island Chief

    EB prep fan, if the poor hygiene of the Encinal coach doesn’t embarrass the island? How can I?

  • EB Football Coach

    Berkeley Parent:

    You’re an idiot. You want Barnes to replace Sims? You must be smoking that good stuff.

    Secondly, look at who Carter played in the non-league vs who Sims plays in the non-league. He won league and challenged his teams with a hard schedule.

    Look at Carter’s 3rd season vs Sims 3rd season.

    You must be a doughboy because you sure like the cupcake aisle.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Enough said, Island Chief, enough said. Like I said, go finish your homework!

  • @SOng U
    Actually new NCS transfer rules all Hameed and Doss would have to do is sit out the 1st month of BB season to be eligible for the full season of football. Good luck to them over there. EC is gonna be loaded next year with those 2 guys with what they already have.

  • Trudat

    The top four seeds of D3 handled business this week almost effortlessly. How do they fair in this week’s contests?

  • billjohnson

    el cerrito 28 o’dowd 24 marin catholic 31 miramonte 14 cardinal newman 28 encinal 7 campolindo 28 analy 31

  • In Pittsburg…a new high school is under construction and will be named Black Diamond High…While this is good..it also means the Pirates will and could loose a good group of the team in the future…The School probably won’t go intooperation until the 2014 season…

  • Island Chief

    EB football coach (Tenorio) , the Jets will get blown by 50 and you will have everything to do with it. Stop speaking on Moyer as he has more class and respect than any of you or your goons have. Go Hornet!

  • Voice of Reason


    Very nice of you to acknowledge Miramonte’s NCS championship in Water Polo over the weekend. Of course, what is most impressive is the fact that all their student athletes come from Orinda!

  • mvalfan2

    WOW! That’s all I have to say! Strong comments about that Bekeley Job! Wow!


    who the eff is this berkeleyparent? Fire Coach Sims? are you kidding me? just like #33 EB FOOTBALL COACH said. the schedules that Sims put up versus Carter’s, Sim’s team would blow out the team your referring to. With Carter we played much lower level of teams and barely won leagues. But if you look at Sims, he has been pretty consistent with testing his players with good preseason match ups and due to the league change. We had better competition than what was given by the previous teams but we still came out on top to get that fresh league championship on our first year. So, please get out of this haterode and drink some gatorade playa

  • Maxi

    The new Pittsburg high school you speak of is actually the old continuation high school. Still a Continuation High School though. Just a new name, new building, and new address.

  • Junior

    Not really voice. Most public school students come from their district.

  • DJ

    Hameed and Doss going to Ec next year Wow!! Ec would be loaded again as most of their current team are juniors they realistically could make a run next year also …what’s goin on over at Ec they also got some big-time transfers in basketball also this year…….As far as Ec vs Bod this week should be a good game for a half but I think Ec runs away from them I think Ec has too much and are playing better right now. I really wasn’t that impressed with Bod against Acalanes thought they should’ve beat that team easily but it took a miracle hail mary on 4th and 21 with 3 defenders on receiver and a bad pass interception while Acalanes driving for the win for Bod to escape with a win…..is it Bod coaching or what but those athletes looked regular on offense? Bod defense looked pretty good # 4 and #5 beast. Ec 32 Bod 14

  • @ island chief – read post #35,, I’m sure you did,but read it again !! LOL !!

  • @ island chief – read post #35,, I’m sure you did,but read it again !! LOL !! Moyer had the team this year !!!

  • Island Chief

    Song, Moyer has many college connections. This year, Tolbert will get a full ride. Next year he will get Hameed and Doss scholarships. Hornets get moved. Jets stay home & hang in the Southshore Lanes’ parking lot.

  • TJ

    bhsguest… they just want a black coach

  • TJ

    of ALL the coaches they could have… they picked Barnes lol