Prep football recap: Not a lot of surprises in Friday’s NCS football playoffs

There were a number of lopsided games in the first round of the North Coast Section football playoffs, including big wins by San Ramon Valley, James Logan, Pittsburg and Concord. Bishop O’Dowd survived in Division III play with a 16-13 win over Acalanes.

Pittsburg’s Harris Ross (pictured above) led the Pirates to a surprisingly easy 55-29 win over Monte Vista in Division I play. He ran for 269 yards and four touchdowns. Pitt’s win avenged a 44-12 loss to the Mustangs two months ago.

For complete NCS results from Friday night, check out our playoff recap.

Jon Becker

  • Stewie

    Pitt was ready..they studied the Spartan play book and ate,chomped, & devoured, the D line of Monte Vista. Somebody else used the words fear in the eyes of the Mustang.
    However the General aka the Great One and his full staff of some 18 V, JV & frosh coaches for the Spartan were also taking notes & comparing notes at the game. Just wondering what kind of circus act will Pitt bring into town when they visit Sparta again.
    Last years police escort was the funniest thing ever..just about p’d in my pants. Logan watch out because the Spartan advanced scouts also had eyes on you just watching as you took out out a much weaker opponent…question is did you follow the Geneva Convention regarding total destruction of an opponent.

  • vic

    Will there be a live blog of Sat. Nights games??

  • junior

    Here is an intersting stat:

    NCS D1 wins in the last 4 years (2008-2011):


    Pitt is now up to 8 and SRV is up to 7 after last nights results.

    Da Pirates Likey November!

  • seven72deuce

    props to pitt. was not expecting for MV to come out that flat. I hope they give a beating to DLS next week.

  • junior

    72- I appreciate your enthusiasm- but noone gives the Green Machine a beating. Pitt might win, but a beating will not be happening.

  • Pitt Grunt


    I don’t think it was MV being flat but Pitt coming into this game with a huge chip on their shoulder. Listen to Coach Galli’s rant on Baypreps.com. (http://baypreps.com/articles/ncs-division-i-playoff-notes-audio) I think it trickled down to the players. That was one angry but controlled team last night. The game was not as close as the score indicated. Like many programs with good JV and Frosh teams, Pitt brought a lot of JVs who played the entire 4th quarter. Even the backup kicker was able to kick a field goal. In all the years I have watched Pitt play, this is the best job of coaching Galli and staff have done. From were they started at the beginning of the season to last night, this junior heavy team has greatly improved. The future is bright for Pitt.

    My prediction for next Friday?? This game will be closer than last year’s game. Pitt will bring its physical running game and play hard. This should be fun.

  • Pittsburg’s line will be the key to slowing or stopping the Spartans…and as good or as great as Pittsburg looked Friday night..they have a serious task in front of them…Lockett should be ready for next friday and with Ross…this give the Pirates a good one-two punch on the ground….The Pitt passing game needs work…But this is DLS the Pirates are facing and the end result may not be good….

  • Guys….How about Dublin and Las Lomas…these guys came to play..it jusrt shows that any thing can and will happen….

  • seven72deuce


    beating, as in a challenge. and i’m not expecting a win at all.

  • somebody

    De la salle beat MV 41-9 too.. lets not get ahead of ourselves now

  • Jfree

    Great game in Lafayette last night. Acalanes played a great game, but there was just too much Miroglio in the second half. One of the better high school QB performances I have seen in a while. King and Gomez came up big as receivers. BOD’s defense was better than expected – this might actually be a game next week against El Cerrito.
    Hats off to Mike and his staff for another strong year for the Dons. QB Stern is only a Junior – I look for more good things for Acalanes next year.

  • ManDown

    BOD does not impress me one bit. Kevin King is one of the best players in the area but Acalanes had them beat until ODowd made some remarkable plays to win the game. It was still a good game and props to Acalanes for playing tough.

  • Monte Vista was softened up by DeLa and slipped at the end of the season. Galli studied MV and saw their flaws. Kudos to Galli.

  • seven72deuce

    @pitt grunt

    kind of sounds like pitt deserves more credit then what MV was supposed to do.

  • Encinal 22 novato 21

  • kriart

    AS I mentioned in this prep corner earlier, watch out for tailback #22 Harris Ross of the Pitt Pirates. He had 5 TD’s and 269 yards in last night’s game vs Monte Vista. He’s just a Junior so just imagine what he’ll be capable of next year.

  • Paydirt

    Is there ANY chance that the Pitt-DLS game will be moved to a fan-friendly venue such as DVC? This game deserves a better facility that can handle a large crowd. Is anyone at the NCS office listening?

  • joe

    Why are so many of the lineman so tiny and small in the entire northern California ?

  • spectator2012

    dvc has a game this friday at dvc. they’re playing vs laney for a bowl game.

  • Prep Fan

    @18 joe, everyone is trying to emulate DLS.

  • Prep Fan

    @17 paydirt, I think Sparty could request a different venue if they wanted, but I’m sure they like playing at OO. I doubt most teams would give up a home game in the playoffs. Just try not to sit near the 19 porta potties on the visitor’s side, or hope there’s a nice wind blowing back towards the school.

  • DJ

    Im with mandown wasnt that impressed with O’dowd against Acalanes. felt like with the talent they have they should’ve beat them handily and it was a real struggle for Bod. But they won and they are a scary team to face in playoffs. They will most def need a better effort to beat Ec. But the the matchups should be great Bod Wr’s Gomes and King vs. Ec Db’s Pippins and Pickett.Bod has the Qb advantage

  • Jfree

    I agree with you. BOD staggered into the playoffs with 3 straight losses, and certainly didn’t dominate a solid but not elite Acalanes squad. On paper, EC vs. BOD looks like a wipeout. BOD will have to play their best game of the year to stay in the stadium with the Gauchos, but it looks like they have righted themselves a little from their end of season slump. I am hoping for a good game, I guess – better than a typical #9 vs #1 slaughter.

  • MiraMan

    Since people talk about strength of league, here’s at least one take on it. Of the 172 leagues in California, here are how the NCS leagues plus OAL and AAA rate on calpreps.com:

    15 EBAL
    26 BVAL
    43 WAC-F
    52 DFAL
    54 NBL
    72 DVAL
    83 MCAL
    90 TCAL-R
    105 MVAL
    108 HDNB5
    117 OAL (Oakland Section)
    120 WAC-S
    125 SCL
    126 HDNL4
    139 NCI
    153 NCII
    155 TCAL-S
    157 AAA (SF Section)


    Doesn’t include Logan or De La Salle as they are not in any league.

    Ratings after regular season plus one NCS playoff game.

    Based on arithmatic average of strength rating of teams in league, nothing more.

  • Impartial Observer

    It might be pointed out that BOD faced EC is a preseason scrimmage this year. EC muscled BOD pretty hard during the first half and would have carried a modest lead into halftime (had the controlled scrimmage format allowed for a recorded score), but BOD clearly won the second half and would have defeated EC on that day, had it been an actual game. Now, controlled scrimmages are poor substitutes for predicting actual game scenarios, as coaches are evaluating different players, formations, plays, etc. Coaches are also little concerned with “winning” scrimmages. Further, both teams have developed over the past three months and may even be said to be “different teams” at this point in the post-season. Certainly, an argument can be made that EC has developed well since their scrimmage with BOD, while BOD has failed to develop as expected. However, based upon the scrimmage match-up earlier this year, it would be a mistake to dismiss BOD too quickly or lightly. Yes, they have struggled in recent weeks, but BOD has some playmakers, and if their line gives their QB just a little time, he is lethal and has a bevy of receivers and backs from which to choose to put points on the board. That said, BOD lives and dies by the “big play.” And should EC neutralize BOD’s “big play” opportunities and players, this game could get out of hand. All things being equal, this could be a very good game featuring some talented players and plenty of popping pads. But talk is cheap, speculation is just that, and enough has been said…let’s tee it up!

  • MiraMan

    Regarding EC-O’Dowd scrimmage, I was not there but heard from pretty reliable source that EC first team was dominant. As they started sub-ing, O’Dowd took control. Regardless of overall “score”, I would put more weight on first-team vs first-team portion of the scrimmage. But I’m not sure a scrimmage means anything.

    Come game time, I expect O’Dowd to keep it close for a quarter or two out of pride. But I think they have lost the magic they had early in the year and will go down is a pretty decisive loss to EC.

    El Cerrito 35 – Biship O’Dowd 14

  • DJ

    @ Mira
    I agree with you I think Ec wins it but then part of me is wondering which Odowd team will show up .will it be that the one that played the first 3 games with an explosive offense or the the team that played last 4 games who clearly seemed lackadaisical who should’ve won decisively all those games even with their Qb out……For the sake of a good game I hope both teams bring their A games Saturday night ……Ec hasn’t had a competitive game in a while now hope they aren’t to overconfident thinking they just have to show up to win …..I still feel Ec will win 32 Bod 14

  • DJ

    Any thoughts on Campo vs Analy ? Seems as due to Campo’s injuries everybody are casting them as the underdogs…But I believe campo will win though I must admit I don’t know much about Analy but looking at their schedule They have played a real soft schedule .I believe Campo with the injuries will probably be their toughest opponents of the year (including Mira) and if I’m correct the game is in Moraga…….Am I way off? Or does anyone agree with me on this?

  • FB Guru

    Analy is legit, look at their scores and compare the common opponents with CN and MC. #6 will be the best athlete on the field. Little #20 will run on Campo the way Acalanes ran on them. Campo will not be able to throw deep. The same things being said about Analy this year were being said about Campo last year. Analy 42-14. Campo is hosting.

  • Anonymous

    At the beginning of the season, BOD put up more of a run pass mix that seemed to work well and keep the opposition guessing. Since then they seemed to have lost the run and the passing game has flattened out. Their play calling has become very predictable. If EC can cover and get a strong rush from their D line to hurry the BOD QB (and keep him in the pocket) they should be able to move on to the 3rd round. The question to BOD is why the big decline in play? They won the toughest part of their season but have since made adjustments to turn them into an average (if that) team.

  • ManDown

    BOD is probably the only team in the division that can match athlete for athlete with EC. I love EC’s skill players but BOD has a few solid ones as well. Anyone who thinks this game will be a blowout is trippin. Scrimmages mean nothing at this time of the year and you can’t judge a team from that. BOD will step it up this week considering all the talk since then and how they were dominated at the scrimmage. EC has been crusing through games as BOD has played in many tough games this year so they may have the advantage when it comes down to gutting it out in the 4th quarter with the game close. It should be a good game because EC will score at least 21 and lets see how good BOD defense really is. Also, BOD presents a solid run game so lets see if EC can stop it. Both teams will be amped up for this one so it could go either way.

  • DJ

    Thanx Fb Guru,
    I figured they must be legit but the common opponent argument and scores dont really say much about the validity of a team especially if your playing a soft schedule or as some coaches tend to let their foot off the gas pedal once the game is decided…..But guru is it then your opinion that Analy would beat Mc or Cn or Ec.(i know anybody can be beat) but do you feel they are in the same class as top 4 in d3?

  • FB Guru

    DJ, the eight teams in this field can play with anybody. Analy has the athletes to upset anyone in the field. If Analy played any of the top teams 10 times in a row they would not be 0-10. Campo got through the toughest part of the their schedule (SHC, EC, Acal, Mira) with all of their players intack. They squeeked by LL (3 point win and bad clock mangement by LL before the half) and then got the 2 DFAL teams that did not make the playoffs and finished with Dublin (who was without their star RB and 90% of their offense). A healthy Analy will win 8 out of 10 against a depleated Campo. A healthy Campo will win 10 out of 10 against a depleated Analy. This year, Campo is hurting.

  • redandblue2

    After having reviewed the Miramonte/Analy game on video, this is my take away. Analy scored on drives of 94, 80, 65, 80, 21 & 57 yards. Miramonte scored on drives of 38, 55, 88 & 58 yards, in addition to a 95 yard kick-off return for a TD and another kick-off return to the Analy 38. Analy made big play after big play by their receiver #6, Maher; and their running back #20, James. Analy came away with the victory 41-34.

    I believe this was the second game backup QB Sheehan played, and other than one ugly interception on the first play of the game (Analy fumbled it right back) Sheehan played very well.

    What does it all mean? Clearly, Miramonte is a much better team with Anderson back under center. Can they defeat Marin Catholic? Everything would have to break right for the Mats to come away with the victory. If they play 10 times, Miramonte perhaps wins one, maybe two games. Since this is a rematch game, coaching can make a huge difference in playing a team a second time in the same season. I have seen Miramonte play 5 games over the last two seasons, and I just don’t think Coach Schram will have the advantage over Coach Moayed of MC for this game. In the two games against Campo, Coach Macy had much better game plans than Coach Schram, which led to two blow out wins.

    Miramonte’s defense will be their achilles heel. They allowed a combined 61 points in their last two league games to Alhambra & Las Lomas and allowed 31 points the first time they played MC. Conversely, MC is playing very well defensively, allowing only 6 points a game the last five games, albeit to lesser quality teams. I see MC scoring at least 35 points in this game, but I just can’t see Miramonte scoring that many this time around; they only scored 14 points the first time they met.

    What about Campolindo? They have a much better defense than Miramonte. With the exception of their first league game against Acalanes, Campo has played very well defensively. It is self serving to state, but nonethless true; the Campolindo first team defense has allowed only 7 TD’s in their past 6 games, including Miramonte. Clearly, despite their injury losses on defense, they still are playing at a high level and will be the best defensive team Analy has seen this season.

    Offensivley, Zolintakis has showed he can put up points. Both Stephens (6 games) and Zonlintakis (5 games) are each averaging nearly 35 points per game; however, the loss of Windatt on offense may hurt more than on the defensive side. It will be interesting to see how Analy’s defense will contain Campo. Miramonte hung 34 points on Analy and appear to be the best team Analy played this season, by far. Campo welcomes back their running back Hoffman from an early season injury. Certainly, the running game is not the focal point of the offensive attack but it has been key to preserving leads late in games. I believe Campo will be able to throw the ball against Analy and score their average 35 points.

    I’ve laid out a strong case for a Campo victory this Friday night, but the weather and my heart tell me it will be a one score victory. I’ll go with 28-21 Campo.

  • DJ

    @Fb guru
    I’m not insinuating the eight teams in these playoffs are not capable cause I believe they are and I’m sure that Analy is a good team based on their record.However my question was due to their soft schedule. Miramonte who is probably their stiffest competition thus far is a solid team but is having a down year compared to recent years and they gave up 34 points.Yes campo has injuries but their defense I believe is largely in tack but nevertheless campo will by far be their toughest competition and on the road . So you said that if Analy played any of the top teams they wouldn’t be 0-10 but would they be 10-0? If they played in a league like the Dfal with a decent non league schedule how would they fare?…….. I guess I’m trying to gauge the validity of their record and I think it may be somewhat skewed based on the level of comp they played ……….@red and blue i tend to side with you on this I believe Analy is definitely an explosive team but Campo is a whole nother level for Analy plus Campo is still the champs and coaching is a definite advantage Macy shut down Ec who runs same offense as Analy and Ec has D1 talent at receivers and RB ..lastly that old adage “defense wins championships”. It’s very rare when competition stiffens that you have those 60 point games ….Just have a hunch campo wins a close one no more than 7 pts.

  • The Voice

    Once again it comes down to the top two teams in the bay as Pitt goes into DLS to take on the Spartans. The Spartan are well the Spartans and have a very menacing defense as usual headed by Pac-12 bound Mike Hutchings and Victor Egu. Xavier Banks and Austin Hooper will also be there.
    Pitt who is coming off a huge redemption game against Monte Vista in which MV is still looking for the truck that ran them over for 439 yards features RBs Harris Ross, Jamal Lockett and Craijon Menefee. Pitt has rushed for over 1,800 yards in their last five games and have to establish the run to have any chance for a win. Rain is in the forcast so getting off to a good start will be key. Pitt can win this game and have players to and the respect of the Spartans who were present at Pitt’s big win at MV. Pitt has to show up and believe they can do it. DLS will run right at them and try to out-physical the Pirates. both teams are very similar that runs first and runs second. Pitt’s defense has to step up particularly against the pass and Pitt still has to cut their penalties down. It should be a good game.

  • Prep Fan

    Top 2 teams in the bay? Pitt certainly got some redemption last week against a #8 seeded MV team that finished 5th in the EBAL (without DLS) and lost their last 4 games of the season, and yes that was a very, very impressive effort. But they didn’t even win their league, and there are 2 other teams still alive with better records than them that beat them head to head this year. I wish Pitt all the luck in the world this week as they face the Green Machine. Win that one against all odds and they can certainly lay claim to being one of the top 2 teams in the bay, but a loss and they end up 8-4.

  • The Voice

    Prep fan this is the deal Pitt and De La are the to best teams left in the NCS Pitt just avenged one of their three losses against Monte Vista in a big way scoring 55 points on the Mustangs which easily could have been 75 or 80 points had Pitt not let off the gas and played their sophomores. Pitt’s other two losses were against Cal High and Freedom by a combined 7 points with 8 turnovers and over 250 yards in penalties. Right now Pitt is a totally different team now than then. Let us not forget that Cal lost to Monte Vista and Pitt beat Granite Bay who beat Del Oro, James Logan’s only loss. Pitt also beat the No. 1 seed Clayton Valley (44-27) their only loss. Right now Pitt and De La Salle are the top two teams in the NCS. Facts are facts and they don’t lie. Still alot of games to be played but the winner of the Pitt/De La Salle game will win the NCS. Bottom line!!

  • Prep Fan

    Oh OK, Facts are facts. Ot it could be said that 8-3 is 8-3 and that you can’t just ignore what got them into the #9 seed in the first place. I agree they are a stronger team now than at the beginning of the season, but all games count and unless they beat DLS this week, 8-4 with 1 playoff win and 2nd place in league just doesn’t equate to a top 2 team in the bay area. I hope they win, but am not expecting a positive outcome for the Pirates.

  • The Voice

    With the palm greasing that took place by some of the EBAL teams the NCS did not get the seeds right. #8 Monte Vista was ahead of Pitt and the Pirates smoked them like a fresh Cuban. #4 San Ramon was 5-5 coming in. #5 Amador Valley was 6-4 and #7 Foothill was 5-5. Last I checked the EBAL aint the SEC. There is a huge disparity between #2Cal High and Pitt #9. When they played the score was 40-34 that does’nt quite equate to a difference of 7 seeds to me. Pitt had four turnovers in that game and 131 yards in paenalties. Come on now! Like I said the two best teams left in the NCS will be playing at De La Salle Friday night and winner will win the North Coast Championship.

  • MiraMan

    The Voice,

    I read a one of your post about Pitt being #2. At first I laughed, then I started to buy it, then I did some research and came down squarely in the middle. I can see the frustration being seeded 9th behind teams like SRV, AV, Foothill and MV. Yea, they are all EBAL and that does seem to reflect that EBAL is given more respect than BVAL.

    I can see an arguement for being seeded above Logan, but I prefer the arguement the other way. No way seeded above Cal or Freedom. I’ve got a phrase I want you to remember “head-to-head”. Its a term thats used to describe when another teams beats you in direct competition with both teams on the field. Well both Cal and Freedom beat Pitt. In addition, they both have better records. Period.

    Saying you would have won without penalites and turnovers just makes you sound silly!

    I’d put Pitt at #5 behind DLS, Cal, Freedom and Logan. Three losses, especially a bad loss to Monte Vista, is alot to ignore.

  • Gridlock

    EBAL Teams in Playoffs! I’ve predicted right more than wrong so here it goes.

    Amador Valley at San Ramon Valley

    Don’s QB Moreno or San Ramon QB Birse?
    Tough call because both young man are playing very well. Amador’s Moreno stepped up his game the 2nd half of the season making big plays in bigger games. Moreno’s feet keep many plays alive and he knows how to get down and survive to see the next play. Don’s WR Miller is a busy pass-catcher that can swing a game in Don’s favor if he has enough room to work. Fellow Dons WR Justin Cruz needs to make a few big plays for Dons to win. Earlier this year SRV downed Amador even though QB Birse did not play great for SRV. But ever since that game Birse has played very well. If De La Pena can run for 150 yards then SRV chances of success are good because QB Birse will have less pressure on him to throw too often. WR’s Turner and Koski need to combine for at least 12 catches to help Wolves win. Even though Amador has a good defense I think SRV’s defense is slightly better, especially at home.

    I’m calling it: SRV 30 vs. Amador 24

    SRV goes to 7-5 and moves on in very hot fashion and hoping to somehow stun DLS on the road next week. Amador ends their year at 7-5 and goes home very unhappy again to be sent packing so early instead of having their final exam in Sparta.

    Foothill at California High

    Cal QB Owen or Foothill QB Kearns?

    Obvious bet is to stick with Grizzlies due to their rested players and very powerful running game to support QB Owen. But can Foothill QB Kearns carry the team to next round? The first time these two teams met earlier this year was bloody disaster for Falcons but this game will be closer for a bit. Look for Grizzly RB Karris Johnson to post 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, and QB Owen will attempt 15 passes and complete 10 to WR’s Cornwell and Haley. The Falcons will attempt 31 passes or more and Kearns must have game of his life for Foothill to win and if that happens then WR Ray Hudson catches 12 balls for 175 yards and 3 touchdowns. Bullish RB Gates will not be a top factor vs. Grizzlies.

    I’m calling it: Cal 42 vs. Foothill 14

    Cal moves to 9-2 and ready to host Logan or Freedom in a terrific game of different styles. Foothill end their very disappointing season at 6-6 and not what was expected of this team.

    *Good job Mt. Eden excellent rebuilding year to prime the pump for 2013!

  • Prep Fan

    And I also had Pitt pegged as the #5 seed in my pre-NCS outlook. However the NCS committee, as they did last year, heavily weighted head to head matchups. Pitt lost to MV who lost to Foothill, AV, & SRV. So MV dropped below all those teams and Pitt was 1 behind them.

    I don’t necessarily agree with how they did that, but at least I can see the sloppy work involved in the process. Similar to last year when Pitt lost to Berkeley who lost to San Leandro, but Pitt beat Freedom & MV who beat SRV and lost to Cal but finished ahead of them in EBAL play. 9-1 Freedom and 7-3 Cal somehow ended up seeded #8 and #9, just like 6-4 MV & 7-3 Pitt this year.

  • outsider

    I like how The Voice compares Cal early in the season to Pitt at the end of the season. Both teams have gotten better. It is as simple as that.

  • The Voice

    Pitt lost to Freedom 49-48 with alot of help from the officials. Cal High beat us by 6 40-34 and by seven by the NCS committee #2 to #9. The 6 point loss does not equate.
    With the NCS office in San Ramon that explains the very favorable seedings of the EBAL teams. I’m sticking to the top two teams in NCS playoffs will be at DLS Friday night and the winner will be cutting down the nets.

  • Voice… Freedom losing to Amador early on really hurt Pitt. Since Pitt lost to Freedom they got seeded behind the other EBAL teams.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal was up 27-10 early and Pitt scored late to close within 6. You can keep saying it was a close loss, as was the loss to Freedom, but in the end a loss is a loss. Good luck vs. DLS.

  • seven72deuce

    Any thoughts on how rain might change some playoff games this weekend?

  • The Voice

    Prep Fan if a loss is a loss Pitt lost their worst game to Monte Vista 44-14 and came back to win in a big way 55-29. Alot has to be taken care of on the field but I can’t see how 2 5-5 teams (Foothill & SRV) were seeded higher. Our schedule strength should stand for something too. We beat three league champs Clayton, Berkeley and Granite Bay. San Ramon lost all three of their preseason games and Foothill played a weak preseason beating Novato and a light Los Lomas team and losing to Freedom by 13 so why they were seeded higher than Pittsburg is a mystery. The winner of the Pitt/DLS game will win the NCS Championship.

  • renegades10

    Please don’t tout Berkeley and Clayton as quality wins that should’ve put Pitt in over the EBAL teams. I don’t care if they were league champs or what Clayton’s seeding is in the weak D2 playoffs, in the regular season they played a total of 3 teams with winning records, one of those being Pitt who they lost to. And Berkeley was absolutely awful. The didn’t win a single non-league game going 0-5, and in fact they weren’t even that competitive in non-league competition including last week’s loss to Freedom being held to 7 points or less in four of those games which included being shutout twice one of those being by Pitt. Then in league they go undefeated quite unconvincingly against some mediocre to terrible teams. Here are there league results (all records will be regular season records I’ll denote who made playoffs)

    Win 7-6 against a 4-6 Hayward team.

    Win 14-7 in overtime against a currently 5-5 and Encinal team. Jets play Cardinal Newman in 2nd round of D3.

    Win 12-7 against a 1-9 San Leandro team.

    Win 17-14 against a 6-4 BOD team. BOD plays El Cerrito in 2nd round of D3

    Win 15-13 against a 5-5 Castro Valley team. Lost to Amador last week in 1st round of D1 45-27 (38-13 going into the 4th Q).

    Yes Pitt deserves some credit for beating Granite Bay (who won a very unusually down SFL this year in the SJS). But Pitt had two head to head losses against EBAL teams one of which finished on a real slump coming into the playoffs, and both of those teams had league losses. Pitt might have been the better team at the end of the season, but if you could take your bias out for a second and just looked at the results of the games without knowing the teams I’m guessing you would have found it very hard to seed Pitt ahead of any of those teams based on head to head losses.