Girls Volleyball: Semifinals, Rankings, Standings

The semifinals begin on Wednesday and so far there have been almost no surprises. Let’s see what the final week before the State playoffs has in store.

Division I

No. 1 California v. No. 4 Monte Vista; No. 2 San Ramon Valley v. No. 3 Amador Valley

Cal has beaten Monte Vista in three in both matchups this year while SRV has taken six of seven from AV. On paper it looks like the top two seeds will advance to the NCS finals. Cal should be considered a heavy favorite against Monte Vista, but I wouldn’t count the Mustangs out. However, I do think the Grizzlies prevail.
On the other side, expect Amador Valley to play well and to give the Wolves all they can handle. This one will go back and forth with San Ramon Valley winning in five very, very close games. No matter what happens, the EBAL will win its seventh straight Division I title.

Prediction: Cal d. SRV 3-2 in the finals.

Division II

No. 1 Redwood v. No. 4 Las Lomas; No. 2 Northgate v. No. 3 Maria Carrillo

The Broncos, being at home, will follow up their tournament win over Carrillo with a win in five games over the No. 3 seed, while Las Lomas will battle valiantly on the road against the top seed, but fall in four pretty close games.

Prediction: Northgate d. Redwood 3-2 in the finals, and all games are very close.

Division III

No. 1 Campolindo v. No. 5 Novato; No. 2 Bishop O’Dowd v. No. 3 Albany

Campolindo will win in three games, and get back to the state tournament after a year away, while BOD and Albany might have the best match of the entire playoffs. Because they are at home, I’m gonna say O’Dowd wins in five games, with the last game beings something like 18-16 or 19-17.

Prediction: Campolindo d. O’Dowd in 3-1, and both do well in the NorCal playoffs.

Division IV

No. 1 St. Patrick-St. Vincent v. No. 5 Healdsburg; No. 2 Cardinal-Newman v. No. 3 Marin Catholic

St. Pat’s destroys Healdsburg in three, and then beats Marin Catholic in three in the finals, after MC upsets CN in five games.

Division V

No. 1 Branson v. No. 4 Marin Academy; No. 2 Head-Royce v. No. 3 St. Joseph Notre Dame

Branson wins. Easily. I’m gonna go away from my theme of the home team winning and say Phoebe Grunt is too much and St. Joe’s beats Head-Royce in four games. Branson will win the NCS title.


Teams 1-10 stay the same, with St. Joe’s and Head-Royce each jumping up a spot to No. 11 and No. 12.
Heritage moves up from No. 15 to No. 13. This team might have lost in three to AV, but played pretty well, is not scared of EBAL teams and plays with a lot of heart. Watch out for this team next year.
Berkeley and Moreau Catholic both come back into the rankings to end the season.

1. California (27-3)
2. Campolindo (25-4)
3. Bishop O’Dowd (28-6)
4. Albany (34-5)
5. Northgate (30-8)
6. San Ramon Valley (30-9)
7. Las Lomas (33-7)
8. Monte Vista (25-10)
9. Amador Valley (18-12)
10. Foothill (18-17)
11. St. Joseph Notre Dame (25-10)
12. Head-Royce (22-5)
13. Heritage (20-14)
14. Berkeley (21-11)
15. Moreau Catholic (23-8)


Team Record GB

Head Royce (22-5, 12-0) –
College Prep (14-13, 10-2) 2
Valley Chr. (21-13, 8-4) 3
Athenian (12-13, 6-6) 6
Holy Names (4-11, 3-9) 9
Redwood Chr. (9-16, 2-10) 10
Bentley (4-16, 1-11) 11

Team Record GB

Heritage (20-14, 9-1) –
Liberty (18-10, 9-1) –
Deer Valley (13-23, 6-4) 3
Freedom (7-15, 4-6) 5
Antioch (3-21, 2-8) 7
Pittsburg (0-13, 0-10) 9

Team Record GB

Las Lomas (34-7, 11-1) –
Campolindo (25-4, 11-1) –
Dougherty Valley (20-13, 7-5) 4
Acalanes (12-11, 6-6) 5
Dublin (20-11, 5-7) 6
Miramonte (5-20, 2-10) 9
Alhambra (10-19, 0-12) 11

Team Record GB

Northgate (30-8, 12-0) –
College Park (24-12, 9-3) 3
Berean Chr. (17-17, 8-4) 4
Clayton Valley (13-16, 6-6) 6
Concord (15-18, 5-7) 7
Ygnacio Valley (2-14, 2-10) 10
Mt. Diablo (0-18, 0-12) 12

Team Record GB

California (27-3, 13-1) –
San Ramon Valley (30-9, 12-2) 1
Amador Valley (18-12, 9-5) 4
Monte Vista (25-10, 8-6) 5
Foothill (18-17, 7-7) 6
Carondelet (15-17, 4-10) 9
Granada (15-21, 3-11) 10
Livermore (7-21, 0-14) 13

Team Record GB

Newark Memorial (23-11, 12-2) –
Moreau Catholic (23-8, 12-2) –
Irvington (18-10, 10-4) 2
Logan (15-14, 9-5) 3
Mission San Jose (11-21, 5-9) 7
Washington (5-16, 5-9) 7
American (11-14, 2-12) 10
Kennedy-Fremont (3-21, 1-13) 11

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (34-5, 10-0) –
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (32-5, 8-2) 2
St. Joseph Notre Dame (25-10, 6-4) 4
St. Mary’s (10-10, 4-6) 6
Salesian (7-16, 2-8) 8
El Cerrito (1-11, 0-10) 10

Stone Division
Team Record GB

Swett (9-6, 9-1) –
Pinole Valley (8-7, 8-2) 1
Hercules (6-6, 6-4) 3
De Anza (5-7, 5-5) 4
Kennedy-Richmond (1-11, 1-9) 8
Richmond (1-9, 1-9) 8

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Bishop O’Dowd (28-6, 16-0) –
Berkeley (21-11, 13-3) 3
Castro Valley (15-13, 12-4) 4
Piedmont (18-15, 10-6) 6
San Leandro (9-9, 9-7) 7
Alameda (10-17, 5-11) 11

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Arroyo (15-16, 10-6) –
Mt. Eden (9-15, 8-8) 2
Tennyson (6-13, 6-10) 4
San Lorenzo (5-18, 4-12) 6
Encinal (2-15, 2-14) 8
Hayward (0-21, 0-16) 10

Matt Smith

  • dubcvball

    Matt…a little surprised that you don’t have more faith in Las Lomas. The Knights have lost only 2 best-of-5 matches all season, and they avenged both of them. They have occasional lapses…which can sometimes kill you in a best-of-3 format, but the longer matches give them time to settle down. Saturday was a perfect example…they were clearly nervous in Game 1, but then found their groove and dominated the rest of the match. Redwood remains a mystery to me, so unless you’ve seen them play and feel they are clearly better than LL, I’m not sure why you are picking them. They have beaten the number 1 seeds in Division 3 and 4…the number 2 seed in Division 1 (and nearly beat the number 1 seed), proving they can play with just about anybody. I’ll take the Knights in 4.

  • Chris Markle

    Dubcvball – Last year I picked a bunch of upsets while Matt picked almost all the seeded teams to win. He was right, I was wrong. NCS usually get the seeding pretty right… Las Lomas has had a very nice season but travelling to Redwood and winning there is gonna be mighty tough. Don’t think it will happen. Best of luck though!

  • vbfan

    LL beat #1 seed Campo in 3 at Campo .. LL will do it.

  • Matt Smith

    Chris Markle is right. Volleyball, more than almost any other sport, seems to follow the seeding very well in the playoffs. It’s pretty uncanny.

  • A

    LL is like a light switch. They could be on one night and off the next. Take NG tournament for example after they beat Campo and then next few days lost to Heritage and another average team. If LL team show up like how they did for at Campo, they will have a shoot at Redwood.

  • Chris Markle

    Matt – Now that I’ve that I’ve said that about the seedings, I’d like to insert my foot in my mouth and predict that #3 Albany, battle-tested from last year’s run to the state D3 championship game, beats O’Dowd in 5. O’Dowd’s defense can only take so much pummeling form the Albany attackers. Since last year’s slew of predictions were so wrong, this is my only prediction for this year. That being said, I do feel like Monte Vista and Amador are going to give Cal and AV a good battle in D1. Saw Monte Vista beat Foothill in the quarterfinals for the 3rd time this year and their blocking was outstanding (paper had Helu with 10 blocks!). Maybe they can bring that to their defense of Cal’s Sabrina Clayton, EBAL MVP. Can’t figure out which EBAL-vs-EBAL semi-final game I want to go see 🙁

  • Matt Smith

    You could be right about Albany. I’m going to that match, and it will be very close.

  • Prep Fan

    Helu is a very good athlete and comes from an extremely talented athletic family. Her brother is a running back for the Washington Redskins and her father was on the US national rugby team.


  • Loudfan

    Playoffs have gone pretty much to form so far. But I think that ends in D2 and D3 this week.

    Northgate beats LL for D2 title (LL knocks out Redwood in the semi-final.)

    Albany over Campo for D3 title.

    Could I be wrong? Sure. If things were certain there would be no fun in making predictions. 😉

  • disgruntled


    I enjoy what you do and hope you dont mind my saying that you and the NCS seeders were wrong about both Northgate and Las Lomas. Sorry but Northgate did not play a tough enough schedule and 1 win over Maria Carrillo in tournament play did not justify their seeding. It should be no surprize they lost badly tonight. The Knights gutted out against Redwood tonight and won in 5. Its a shame either team had to lose. Both should be going to state.

    It should have been the Knights thrashing Northgate tonight and that is exactly what would be happening.

    – Disgruntled (no more! )

  • Dragon Pride

    Markle and LoudFan underestimated O’Dowd again, who beat Albany in 3 tonight. Albany might wine 60% of the points when Kyra is in the front row, but loses 80% when she is in the back row. That just won’t add up. So of the 6 sets played this year between BOD and Albany, BOD is 5-1. Enough said. Even Matt called it for BOD in 5. Northgate is out (Loudfan – I’m starting to see a pattern). Once the East Bay teams get to NorCal and State, we will see whether playing in a stronger league is more important than experience against elite teams. My bet is on the schools with experience against elite teams, because that is pretty much all you have after Saturday.

  • Loudfan

    Dragon…. Congratulations on your win tonight. So I’ll get it wrong in D3.

    I did call the LL upset of Redwood in D2.

    And Cal rolls on as I expected in D1.

  • DubC Vball

    Ouch…tough night for Matt picking D2…0 for 2. Congrats to Las Lomas for outlasting Redwood and moving on to the Finals!! The top 4 teams in this division were very even…but the seniors at LL were NOT to be denied!!

  • Chris Markle

    Dragon Pride – I can’t even make one prediction and get it right! 😉 And my comment about Las Lomas was wrong as well. I think I’ll just go to the D1 matchup ‘tween Cal and SRV and keep my mouth shut. I see what you mean about Kyra in front vs. back – makes sense. Good luck to O’Dowd and Las Lomas in State.

  • LL alum & dad

    The match at Redwood tonight represented a slice of the best that high school sports has to offer in terms of spirit and play. Contested until the last few points of the 5th game, a slugfest. Our Knights were very tough mentally, which is how they won, because Redwood was probably the better team. Other than the final score. LoudFan- nice call. Its moot now but its pretty clear Northgate would not beat Las Lomas this season even if they had somehow found their way past Maria Carrillo a second time.

  • NG Alumni & Dad

    Hey, LL I see you out there. Congrats to you great match tonight. Good Luck and Best Wishes you EARNED it. Something to be said about SOS, yes NG’s going to have to evaluate their Strength of Schedule choices / decisions. I fear our football team may suffer the same demise on Saturday. Again, it’s no good to get a top seed in any sport and get knocked out hard ;(

  • Matt Smith

    I’m very impressed by this Las Lomas win and will predict them to win against Carrillo. What a performance.

    O’Dowd looked very good against Albany. They passed well and Karsseboom was tough to stop. Albany made way to many silly errors and most of its wounds were self inflicted.

  • Long time volleyball supporter

    Congrats to LL – and best of luck moving forward. A tough long 5 game match must have been exciting to watch. Quick note NG did not lose badly, the tight high scoring sets were amazing to watch. Both teams fought for each point and no one team dominated. The leads exchanged hands multiple times in each set and the differences were minimal, any error (missed serve, bad pass, block, hit) became the difference. Execution had to be the best volleyball witnessed at this level to date. The upcoming match between LL and Maria will be another fine display of talent. Good luck to both teams.

  • Loudfan

    For those of you trying to understand Las Lomas… I think “LL Alum” hit the nail on the head when he spoke about LL showing toughness.

    This is essentially the same group of girls that has started for LL since the beginning of last season. Talent has always been there — but it took a while for the mental side (focus, toughness, unity) to form.

    Though the faces are the same — the team that is playing now is different and better than the team that lost to SRV and Campo in September. They beat each of those teams in the rematch and now has knocked off Redwood.

  • LL Alum & Fan

    To the Northgate folks, my comments on your loss to Maria were off. Got some erroneous scores while still at the Redwood venue last night. Irrational exuberance via text apparently. The actual scores reflect about as tough a 3 set loss as we ever see and obviously the Broncos represented themselves well. Northgate can feel good that they lost to the team that should have been the top seed. How anyone can look at the records of the top 4 and come up with the seeding is beyond me (Sorry Matt). That match was 1 vs. 4 all the way, and LL vs. Redwood was 2 vs. 3, Las Lomas was no lower than the 3.

    Matt, love your prediction regarding LL for Saturday night and hope I will become a believer. Maria looks awfully tough…

    Congratulations Coach Changaris who announced at the year end banquet last year that the goal for this year was to advance out of the section, he had a slogan for the mission, and so it is.

    Finally- Go Dragons, go SRV, and go Knights!

    LL Alum & Dad

  • Loudfan

    Too bad that NCS does not host the section championship matches at a central location.

    I would love to watch Campo vs BOD, LL vs Carrillo, and CAL vs SRV — and would watch all three matches if they were all played at one location. (And I’d gladly pay more than the $9 I’ve been charged so far to attend NCS matches this season.)

    Did this ever happen in the past? Has there been any talk of it for the future?

  • A

    Loud fan
    Yeah I would love to watch those matches as well. I know CCS has all their final at one location. D2 and D3 will be fun to watch.

  • VBT

    Been pleasantly reviewing the “lovefest” for LL, but needed to remind LL Alum that it is in poor taste to root against your own league, specially for the NCS title match. I know and follow several of the LL players and only wish the best for their team, hopefully all the way to the State final. Too bad you couldn’t show the same respect for Campo. I guess their great victory at Campo wasn’t enough to wash away the bitter taste of years of losses to Campo. “Go Dragons”… Really? Anyway, here’s hoping both teams make it all the way to the State finals. Go DFAL !!

  • Matt Smith

    I emailed NCS about one site hosting the volleyball finals. Sounds like there is no discussion about it at this time.

  • Loudfan

    VBT… Surprised that one comment from LL Alum made you bitter so quickly.

    Many people who root for LL will also be pulling for Campo. I think LL Alum is an exception. It’s not just a DFAL thing. Many families know each other from club volleyball.

    I hope Campo rolls BOD!

    (Of course Dragon will now whine because we’re not showing them enough love. Dragon… I will be rooting for ALL NCS teams to do well at State.)

  • ll alum & dad

    LL NCS CHAMPS IN 5. 25-16, 23-25, 17-25, 25-21, 15-12.

    Both teams were awesome. Maybe now the girls will get a little credit. At 36-7 with the last 2 matches cardiac stress tests they have earned it. There is no quit in this team.

  • ebvbfan

    Cal over SRV in 4. SRV took the first set in a close one then it was the Sabrina Clayton show, unstoppable in the last 3 sets. Congrats to the EBAL, two teams in NorCal Division I tournament. Congrats to Las Lomas and Campo as well, sounded like nailbiters.

  • Loudfan

    Have fun with the rankings again Matt. My two cents:

    1. Cal
    2 LL
    3 Campo
    4 SRV
    5 BOD
    6 Northgate
    7 Albany

    Congratulations to Cal, Las Lomas and Campo on their NCS titles!

  • ll alum & dad

    If you check the CC Times right now the story on LL is at the bottom of a 8 paragraph article on Campo, followed by a 5 paragraph article on Cal, followed by a 1 (ONE) paragraph article on Las Lomas and the headline currently (1120 PM) reads-


    As Rodney D said, no respect at all.

  • Prep Fan

    Congratulations to Cal on a great season so far, and good luck at NorCal. Sabrina Clayton has been a real force in carrying this team all year long, and dominated play again tonight. After a slow start in the first match, the Grizz roared back and almost took it, but followed up with 3 straight to dethrone the defending NCS champs. SRV played well in game 1 but had no answer for Clayton after that. Clayton is my pick for EB POY.



    Get over it. LL has had a terrific year, and everyone who is paying attention knows it.k

  • LL Alum & Fan

    DFALFAN- Really? Too bad if it bothers you but the fact is LL has been underestimated, under reported, and now mis-reported. Its been pretty consistant and hasnt gone unnoticed by the team and those associated with it. If it bothers you, take your own advice.

  • Loudfan

    LL Alums…

    If the LL game had been in Walnut Creek, I am sure the article would have been larger. The CC Times can not as easily cover a match that is played in Santa Rosa.

    The fans that follow this sport understand that LL accomplished more this week than any other team. They started at home by beating a good #5 seed (Casa Grande), then went on the road to knock out two powerful teams — #1 seed (Redwood) and #3 seed (Carrillo).

    Sit back and enjoy the accomplishment! It was a great week and a tremendous season for the Knights! (And there is more to come at State!)

    BTW… Matt… we would have been glad to text you a point-by-point accounting of the match so that you could write a decent article. (Post a request for help on this blog and I am sure you will get it.)

    For those of you who did not attend the match and are interested…

    LL dominated Carrillo in set 1. LL effectively blocked Carrillo’s outside hitting. LL served numerous aces in game 1. Carrillo adjusted in sets 2 and 3. They ran a more varied offense through the middle and opposite. LL committed more service errors — and Carrillo took both sets.

    Set 4 was not as close as the score sounds. LL stormed to an 13-4 lead — blocking and digging anything that Carrillo threw at them. LL was up 24-17 before Carrillo closed the gap a bit. LL took the set 25-21 to send things to a 5 set.

    Set 5 was a battle. Tied at 6-6. 9-9, 11-11 and 12-12. LL scored the final three points to win the match and the NCS title.



    Thanks for some objective and rational comments, and the texture on what had to have been an amazing night. Winning an NCS championship is a rare and wonderful experience for young athletes, and one never to be forgotten.

    LL has stepped up and delivered under pressure as this season has progressed, and truly earned every success (DFAL title, NCS title) they have enjoyed. Nothing was given to the Knights, they took it on other teams’ home courts. Glad you can enjoy that for what it is – a once in a lifetime kind of an experience.

    You posts are worth reading. Maybe you can convince LLAlum to quit the whining and enjoy the ride. Not sure the last time the DFAL had two NCS champions, so let’s cheer both LL and Campo on to even bigger things in th matches to come.

  • ebvbfan

    Cal over SRV in 4 wasn’t really that close. SRV won the first set in a close one then it was the Sabrina Clayton show. She was unstoppable the last three sets. SRV hoping to make a run when she rotated to the back row but it didn’t matter. Kills from the 10 ft line, front row, everywhere. One of the best hitters to come out of the NCS, no doubt she’ll be POY. Good luck to both teams at NorCal, and congrats to Campo and Las Lomas. As for the lack of respect for LL, seriously doubt it, especially when a 5 set match is played in Santa Rosa, papers do have deadlines.

  • ebvbfan

    And as for NorCal, anyone have any info on St Franics (Sacto), Granite Bay, Homestead and Menlo-Atherton? Lookls like St Francis is loaded with players from NCVC, saw Granite Bay in Santa Cruz, they are legit. Don’t know much about the CCS teams or if any of their top players play for Paye’s, Vision or City Beach. I’m guessing Cal will be a #2 seed in NorCal and SRV #5 or 6.

  • DubC Vball

    Congrats to all NCS champs…and Good Luck at State! By the way LL fans…here’s the story to read:

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Las Lomas fans,

    Sorry about the lack of an article. I guess we couldn’t get anybody up there. I definitely don’t have the say on that stuff.

    What a great year for the Knights. Incredible. I will be there to give them some love on Tuesday. Love they greatly deserve.

  • Chris Markle

    Cal was OUTSTANDING in their 3-1 victory over San Ramon, All facets of their game were working. After losing set one (barely) they roared in sets two and three, helped by unforced errors by the Wolves. San Ramon went ahead early in set four but Cal ground away and ended up winning the final set pretty easily. Sabrina Clayton was nails as many have pointed out but really the whole team played great. Their defense was ridiculous, getting to almost every San Ramon hit. Besides Clayton, I’d note great play by setter Catilin Quindoy, attacker Jen Gill, DS #11 (don’t know here name) but she appears to have a high volleyball IQ, and the defense of Cal’s middles. Just a plain ‘ol outstanding effort and best I’ve sen Cal play this year.

  • Prep Fan

    From the CIF handbook:

    All draws will be posted on the State CIF web site (www.cifstate.org) by 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 18th.

  • Loudfan

    LL Alum is REALLY going to be unhappy now. 😉

    LL seeded #4 — behind SJS winner (El Camino) and the CCS loser (Los Gatos). (Mitty is, of course #1).

    Campo gets a #1 seed. BOD #3.

    Cal High a #3 seed. SRV #5.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • vbfan

    LL gets screwed again. Even if they pull out a win on Tues they’ll be up against Mitty on Sat. Shows you what a tough division they are in. Good luck Knights and other NCS teams

  • Prep Fan
  • Chris Markle

    If you think the NCS seeding can get whacked, welcome to the CIF seeding…