New site for Silver Bowl

I just talked with Oakland Section commissioner Russell White, who told me the Silver Bowl will not be held at Laney College this year. He said cost was a factor, but so was the promotion of the section’s facilities. “Our facilities are very capable of hosting the game,” White said.
He said the Silver Bowl will be held at a neutral site, which will not be decided until after Friday’s Oakland Section football playoff games.

Phil Jensen

  • Marcus Alridge

    When does 2012 o.a.l all city football teams come out

  • Mack parent

    When do all city teams come out

  • birdeyeview


  • FB Guru

    Maybe Fremont will host on their 80 yard field.

  • Hoop Scoop

    lol @ FB Guru

  • Not very smart on Beam’s part. Not gonna help him recuit the OAL.

  • concrete17

    @ #3 FB Guru…..What happened with their $20 for 20 Yard Fund Drive last year? I thought they had raised enough money to buy and complete the last 20 yards. Maybe they went the wrong direction and made the field 20 yards wider?

  • ManDown

    This game should always be held at Laney and no other place.

  • oalfan2

    So where would they have it, one of the OAL fields???? Thats doesn’t make much sense! And honestly the School fields aren’t capable of holding this game or they would have had it there long ago. its going to be over crowded and when that happens people can’t enjoy the game. I say they if they do that, then have it at Tech, Oakland,or Skyline. They have the best stadiums. MAck will be in it so they can’t have it there! No way they do it at Curt Flood. Laney was the Logical choice!

  • EBfootball

    So the football in the OAL continues to spiral down the tubes. Do the right thing for the kids and join NCS. The league will stay intact but the playoffs will be different (and way better) with shot to play at the Coliseum.

  • Oh Boy

    NCS isn’t playing in the Coliseum. Facts matter

  • Island Chief

    Hey Coach Tenorio, who’s getting a scholarship this year out of the swamp? I think you’ll be hearing the Hornets’ nest buzzing on signing day and how about the playoffs? I predict a 50 burger and a running clock for the Jets tonight at their funeral in Cardinal Newman. Hahaha! You will get buried tonight. CN pall bearers be kind.

  • No way EBfootball. Enough OAL talk to NCS. This year with the forfeits I think in everybodies mind is the straw that broke the camels back. I wouldn’t want those problems if I were BOD, B-high, EHS, or Alameda. Let them stay their own section & enjoy what they do with their play-offs. Any coach would be a fool to schedule them. The only talk should be them joining with the SF section for an 8 team play off.

  • EBfootball

    You’re half right Perkin. OAL teams know that only their league schedule matters for their watered down playoffs so non-league games are treated like pre-season NFL games. Like they don’t even matter. I think that if their playoff positioning depended on their non-league than they would take it a lot more serious. Mack and Tech would definitely make regular NCS playoff appearances (they seem to take football more serious at those schools) and the other OAL teams have had NCS playoff worthy success in recent years.

  • Your theory would not stop them from forfeiting games which is their biggest problems. Being in NCS wouldn’t change their district rules for GPA & unit requirements to play sports. Or their worst rule of all which has led to the most forfeits & cancelation of JV programs 20 minimum players to have a Varsity game.

  • Man I hear crickets in OAL blogs this year. Any chance MAC will make the regional game for D5 if they win the Silver Bowl?