All-BVAL football

All-league lists are starting to trickle in. I’ll post them here as we receive them.


Darrell Daniels (Freedom) Sr., Antonio Huey (Pittsburg) Sr.

First team offense

QB — Dante Mayes (Fre) Sr.; RB — Harris Ross* (Pittsburg) Jr., Jamal Lockett* (Pitt) Sr., Joe Mixon* (Fre) Jr.; WR — Darrell Daniels* (Fre) Sr., Ivan Oseguera (Liberty) Jr., Devontae Young (Fre) Jr.; TE — Motekiai Maile (Pitt) Sr., Elijah Iakopo (Deer Valley) Sr.; OL — Antonio Huey* (Pitt) Sr., Rene Cardona (Pitt) Jr., Alex Cabral* (Fre) Sr., Julio Crespo (Antioch) Sr., Felnoid McCleary* (DV) Sr., Jacob Smith (Heritage) Jr., UT — Hunter Karnthong (Ant) Sr.; K — Tyler Barrios* (Her) Sr.

First team defense

DL — Antonio Huey* (Pitt) Sr., Motekiai Maile* (Pitt) Sr., Bobby Montgomery* (Fre) Sr., Marcel Zanders (Fre) Sr., Shane Goodwin (Lib) So., Tyler Toomey (DV) Sr.; LB — Markie Beltram* (Ant) Sr., Tyler Saude* (Fre) Sr., Alex Estrada (DV) Sr., Jordan Ruelas (Her) Jr., Carson Cleverly (Her) Sr.; DB — Kyle Trego* (Lib) So., Nzuzi Webster* (DV) Jr., Korey Alexander (Pitt) Sr., Nenwon Gbilia (Fre) Sr.
* — unanimous first team selection

Second team offense

QB — Hunter Karnthong (Ant) Sr., Nsimba Webster (DV) Jr.; RB — Elbert Hamilton (Ant) Sr., Shane Pooler (DV) Sr., Cody Maghuyop (Lib) Jr., Julian Johnson (Her) Sr.; WR — Lee Ward (DV) Sr., Johnny Briseno (Her) Sr., D.J. Wall (Ant) Jr.; OL — Larry Serna-Cruz (Pitt) Jr., Shane Goodwin (Lib) So., Johnny Doherty (Fre) Sr., Cranberry Gato (Ant) Jr., Kyle Lintz (Fre) Sr., De’Angelo Powell (Pitt) Jr., Josh Murtaugh (DV) Sr.; UT — Craijon Menefee (Pitt) Sr.

Second team defense

DL — Nico Russomanno (Lib) Sr., Malik Jackson (Fre) Sr., Slex Filardo (Her) Sr., Austin Delambert (Her) Sr., Patrick Choudja (Fre) Jr.; LB — Larry Larsen (Ant) Sr., Noah Palega (Pitt) So., Marcell Underwood (Pitt) Sr., Hunter Machado (Her) Sr.; DB — Frank Sturgis (DV) Sr., Xavier Crawford (Pitt) Jr., Aaron Mullins (Fre) Jr., Johnell Green (Fre) Jr.

Stephanie Hammon

  • bogus

    How is Markie Beltram on here BUT a guy like Simba Webster isnt? I know they play 2 different positions, but COME ON MAN!

  • coach3356

    Because Beltram was the best at his position.

  • BVAL Fan of all kids

    Simba Webster (spelled Nsimba Webster) is listed as one of the two second team all-league players.

  • bogus

    He was NOT the best at his position…must have been against Mt Diablo and Northgate.

  • Reese

    You mad???

  • coach3356

    The head coachs from the BVAL vote on this and voted unanimous 1st team. I think I will go by what they think.

  • bval

    Beltram plays LB
    Nsimba plays QB

    Not sure I see the correlation comparing these two

    Beltram was also unanimous 1st team LB last season… he is the best MLB in the BVAL and maybe the best defensive football player in the league

  • FB Fan

    No one from heritage and liberty should be on here it was out of sympathy clearly. The truth hurts.

  • BVAL Fan

    Seriously, no one from Heritage belongs on this list? Last time I checked, they beat Antioch and Deer Valley and were one yard away from taking the league champs to overtime in an early league game with Freedom. Please, refrain from comments like the FB Fan made. Know your league man. The “truth” is that a team like Antioch knows how poorly they will do in league each year, so their preseason schedule is a joke and earns them some twisted aspect of respect because of their final record. That school has NEVER beaten Heritage in the history of the Patriots having varsity football, which is sad for a school with such a fine tradition. The “truth” is that Deer Valley started strong and faded while Heritage went 3-2 in league. Oh, and Heritage also has a winning record against DV. Sympathy votes? No way.

  • bogus

    Lol best defensive player in the league? My stomach hurts from laughing. You must be his coach

  • John

    All league selections should be based on league play. However this is obviously not always the case based upon Antioch and Liberty having all league selections. They were the two worst teams and got throttled by the rest of the teams. I am sure Antioch used Beltrams stats vs teams like Mt Diablo (what a joke). Dougherty Valley and the list goes on. As for Liberty? It is what it is. It’s funny how Antioch coaches come on here and try to justify the silliness they created

  • coach3356

    Again, The head coaches from the BVAL vote for the players. The head coach CAN NOT vote for the player on his team.

  • bogus

    LOL i know how it goes, still laughing at your opinion that hes the BEST defensive player in the league. looks like the coaches didnt agree with your opinion there.

  • coach3356

    I did not say he was the best in the league. He would be in that conversation. He had more tackles in league than in the preseason. Get your numbers and facts straight then we can talk.

  • John

    Coach3356 are you going to schedule some quality preseason opponents next year so you at the very least allow your kids to toughen up before they have to play the big boys in your league? Do you think getting into the playoffs and being pummeled is good for the program? Eliminate
    Mt D, Golden Valley, Franklin(what a joke), Dougherty Valley(LOL).Come on, play some EBAL teams or at least stay in Division 1 then you can talk all you want about how good your medicore linebacker is.

  • bogus

    Well put John. We all know the answer is NO.