Live blog: East Bay prep football playoff updates, Friday at 7 p.m.

Join us tonight for in-game playoff updates from each of the East Bay prep games:

Jon Becker

  • Junior…..Was Huey #55…if so this is a dangerous man, this guy comes to play…

  • FB Guru

    MC dominated Mira upfront all day. Anderson was unsettled and throwing off his back foot, though day for that young man. He has all off-season now to get better and better. Miramonte had a lot of big kids standing on the sidelines. Those kinds need to develop so that Anderson can feel comfortable in the pocket.

    Side note: Miramonte’s senior class went 0-10 as freshman and got shutout in more games than ones that they scored in. They can be proud of what they have accomplished in their 4 years of high school football.

  • How can you sorry ass underachieving Hornet fans still be blogging? You are a fan enjoy living your fantasys through Encinal. I personally love it. Love the attention. Keep it coming. If Tenorio doesn’t run the Island who does Moyer? You sound stupid homie. LOL. 22-15 is all you need to know. Blow out loss to Miramonte. Embarrassed by Mt Eden, Piedmont, come on man. Get lost. Watching Tenorio punk your coaches after the Big Game & made Moyer bring his team out to shake hands was so.funny. Why are you talking

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Island Chump, Before you can talk to me, Alameda High Needs to 1.Have a winning season. 2. Get in the playoffs. 3 Get a league title. 4. Win N.C.S. Then talk to me about not quiting. Our Guys Never quit! Alameda High is the No.4 Program On the Island Behind the Jets,Wolverines and Pirates! Jet Pride is Alameda Wide!

  • umm

    HAHAHAHA !!!! That’s a good one Old Meddling and Reggie !!!! How do you lose to a Piedmont and My Eden team. wasn’t piedmont in encinal league the last 5 years and encinal beat them all the time,lol…

  • EBfootball

    Hilarious OMC! I would just call the hornets the worst on the island. Fourth place sounds too good for them. They couldn’t even be the fourth best the b-league.

  • suckafree415

    Alameda is one of the softest least clutch teams in the Bay Area with the talent they have

  • MiraMan

    FB Guru,

    Mira did get throttled. Three reasons:

    1. MC looking for some payback. Goff looked average in first game and wanted to make statement and their line got punked by smaller faster Mira D-line in game 1. I’d say they made the statement!

    2. Mira O-line didn’t hold and QB got flustered; threw 5 picks at least, got sacked multiple times.

    3. Finally, Mira made changes to defensive backfield pulling starting safeties for two offensive starters. Results a disaster! Missed assignments, poor tackling, picked apart.

  • MiraMan

    FB Guru,

    Thanks for mentioning the outgoing seniors at Miramonte were winless as freshmen. They have very few standout athletes and basically no size on the line. But since freshman season this group at Miramonte have become a very formidable team. They went 25-9 in the three years since freshman year. They are a great group of kids and seem to get along very well. I’ve really enjoyed watching them play!

    Next year Miramonte could be very good. They will have QB back, a running back back, several good receivers, two solid starting linebackers, three DBs and as you say, some big linemen. From what I understand, the big kids need to work hard in the offseason to build some muscle! A couple of them are good lacrosse players so I know they are athletic.

  • DJ

    @island chief,
    Don’t forget next season Hameed and Doss will be playing for Ec.It may be another long season for the hornets

  • TJ

    Alameda can find receivers to replace them. They werent megastars. They just need to replace the coach.

  • Amador Valley surfaces to be at least the 2nd best team in the EBAL. Eat your heart out MV and SRV who suffer from structural advantage, see Amador doesn’t complain about that stuff, they just play hard with no complaints. DeLa defense has to stop the run next Friday.

  • junior

    bluedog2- yes #55. #43 played a great game for Pitt too.

  • realtalk

    Pitt would not beat DLS if they played them 10 more times this year,,,they never can play 4 qrts,..Gali teams are never and shape to last the distance. #55 is a beast..but hutchings peeled his cap several times during that game head up..his hits on hutchings came from blind side hits and cross blocking. Hutchings was making tackles out there with his helment off….Hutchings was definitely the best defensive player out there..

  • realtalk

    @Maxi, you can tell Gali game planned for Hutchings so that tells you alot right there…DLS does not game plan for one player Period.

  • umm

    @ TJ- you can replace them but not there talent…. want to leave you with this: Encinal will be really strong next year. Damm near everyone is coming back !! Good luck on the east side.

  • sportsfan

    MiraMan, there you go again, you just can’t help yourself, can you? Your comment at #11 above is so ridiculous I just laughed out loud when I read it. You said, “Frankly, I thought Analy should have beaten Campo by 21 if they could cover anybody.” Well isn’t that true about any team regarding any other team? If only they could…(you fill in the thing here), they would be the best team ever! That sounds so childish on the face of it’s hard to take you seriously. You also spewed, “Analy had the team to beat the remnants of this Campo team easily and just kept letting them back in the game.” I would suggest to you that “letting them back into the game” is equivalent to playing with heart and never giving up. Something the Campo kids know a little something about. Remember, this 6-0, DFAL Championship Campo team, that you are denigrating beat the snot out of your Mats by a margin 22. The difference could have been much more if Macy wasn’t in a forgiving mood. I dare say the win over Miramonte was the easiest DFAL victory of the year for Campo, save the Dougherty Valley game. If you have not already entered the political realm, you should consider it as a career. I’ve noticed that you have an insatiable compulsion to try to spin everything.

    Finally, I believe that you predicted Campo would lose to Analy by 11 and that Miramonte would beat MC by 3. However uncomfortable the realities may be for you, Campo lost by only 4. They were one blocked PAT away from an overtime game. This contest came down to the last possession despite Campo’s mistakes, which cost them at least 21 points. On the other hand your beloved Mats got embarrassed by a margin of 53. Ouch!! Spin your way out of that.

  • EB Prep Fan

    Island. There a ton of good bloggers on this site, but you’re not one of them! So stop posting, please. Every time you post, the whole island cringes. Finish your homework and get ready for Thanksgiving break.

    Great job by Coach Tenorio this year. Next year teams will feel all this learning by the Jets. Parker will be a superstar as a Soph. How does Austin Ve’e not make All League Defense??? Crazy!

    I’m hoping Alameda puts it all together next year and has a great year as well.

    Just go away……Island Chief…….please….

  • Island Chief

    Old meddling $&@!, Encinal was down 40-0 at halftime. Do you think there was anyone in that Jet locker room that believed they could win? No, they all had a fearful, pathetic, please don’t kick our butt anymore look on their face. Then the 3rd quarter starts with the CN bench warmers in the game and all of a sudden old meddling coach witnesses a brave, courageous never quit effort by the Jets? Lets be honest. These Encinal kids know the truth and you do too. There was nothing heroic attached to this game except for the kindness of CN’s staff for not putting up 80 points.

    Seriously, If it took a miracle for you to beat us without our best, what do you think will happen to you with our best? We return many athletes along with a JV team that finished 9-1. Our sophomore QB is way more talented than yours. Its funny, that Encinal coaches are on here calling us the 4th best team on the island. It only adds gas to the fire. We’ll see next year.

  • Alameda you lost you suck shut your mouth. Quit embarrasing your self. If you win your good you lose you suck. Your the only loser that thinks he’s good.

  • Island cheif- you cant say your Soph QB is better then Encinal Qb if you look at it Encinal qb he won games he beat good team he went to overtime with goodd team your Soph QB stared Mt.eden game and lost lol you cant say he better then Taulatsi and Encinal jv is based on freshmens bro if they didnt move up parker and #9 and taulatsi and #24 they woulda smash yall. your jv team beat freshmen i wouldnt be happy over that man….

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Island Chump, You gotta be a kid posting like you do. I’ll just say it. 6 straight years of making the playoffs,4 Division titles,1 NCS title. And six straight years of Beating the Hornets! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and give thanks that 1. Your painful season is over,2. You don’t have to keep hoping we’ll lose every week and 3. You don’t play the Jets twice a year. I got love for any kids that have guts enough to play Football and that includes Alameda high kids but people like you just make the program look bad. They will get better but as far as they Island Bowl… Well i’ll just say, Jet Pride is Alameda wide.

  • MiraMan

    Sportsfan @ 67,

    You sound pretty bitter there, little buddy. Your team got beat – get over it. I predicted Campo would lose and they did. My comments about the game were more in reference to how good Analy may or may not be rather than some indictment of Campo. I was saying that Campo was shorthanded, basically a half step above a good JV team, and yet Analy could barely beat them. I stand by my comments. Funny thing is my comments were no worse than Coach Macy made in his Baypreps.com audio prior to the game. So stop barking at me like some yappy dog!

    Miramonte got beat good by a powerful Marin Catholic team. I didn’t get how embarrased they must have been in the first game until I saw how focused they were in this game. Probably no way we would have beaten them as well as they were playing no matter what we would have thrown at them. But the magnitude of the beating is something the Miramonte coaches have to answer for. Personnel choices and strategy decisions clearly made it way to easy for Marin Catholic and reduced Miramonte from a very good team to a very poor team.

  • baller6


    “I was saying that Campo was shorthanded, basically a half step above a good JV team, and yet Analy could barely beat them. ”

    maybe a half step above a good JV team, but a team that could have still beaten the Mats handily…..and again next year

  • sportsfan

    MiraMan, no yapping here just trying to keep it real. It’s tough to pin down a slick politician like yourself, but I’m doing my best. Again with the disparaging remarks……you blurt, “I was saying that Campo was shorthanded, basically a half step above a good JV team, and yet Analy could barely beat them”. You can stand by those comments all day long, but they just don’t wash. If I can help interpret your remarks for those watching at home, then I guess you are saying that the entire DFAL was either at or below the level of a good JV team. Afterall, Campo cleaned house again this year with a 6-0 DFAL record and another league championship. And they did it despite all of the injuries. Your comments demean every Campo varsity athlete that was healthy enough to play this season.

    Your remark about Macy’s quote in Baypreps.com just goes to show that you know nothing about the Campo program. Macy’s style is to down play his team at every turn. If you go back to the run they had last year, he made similar comments. It has to do with positioning his team as the underdog. You should pay more attention to the details……

  • MiraMan

    Baller6 & Sportsfan,

    I’ll let you guys get in the last word if that makes you feel better. But the funny thing is, I like the Campo program. Yes, I’d agree its the strongest program in DFAL. But the fans are starting to remind me of the Encinal Hateful…I mean Encinal Faithful. Winning and having two great seasons isn’t enough for you that you have to attack someone for correctly predicting your defeat based on the same reasons that your own head coach sites in an interview! Really?

    (Great post – I found a way to take cheap shots at my two favorite targets: Encinal fans and Campo fans!)

    But I’m just kidding in all this, so don’t take yourselves to seriously. I think both Campo and Miramonte will be good again next year and the matchup should be a good one. Until next year….

  • billjohnson

    el cerrito 20 analy 21 marin catholic 28 cardinal newman 21

  • EBALFAN #2

    55 got smoked all night; Houston #54 had him on his back

  • sportsfan

    MiraMan, I’ve made my points…..ready to move on.

  • FB Guru

    UC-Berkeley is looking for a HC.