Jon Becker

  • chalktalk

    futher more the only reason logan was able to b that physical is there was no traction which means instead of shaking ur socks of #20 had2 hurdle understand the game b4 u talk child

  • spectator2012

    all these excuses about why freedom lost is ridiculous. yes, logan had a slight advantage because they know how to play on that field, but still freedom should’ve been ready to play. i thought freedom’s offense would’ve done more, i know their defense was a joke, but the bottom line is that freedom got outplayed and outcoached. logan was prepared and wanted it more. it’s a playoff game and you gotta be ready to play. win or go home. rain or shine — you gotta perform to win…

  • DVAL Watcher

    Joe Pellitier QB and DE at Northgate is playing straight up excellent football. He’s besting school records and is the heart and soul of this new balanced philosophy of play calling found over at NG. Would like to see a rematch of Northgate and Clayton Valley in the coming weeks. Joe Prothero @ CVCHS may need to share DVAL League MVP with the leagues other Joe P

  • Prep Fan

    NG has had an excellent season thus far, and I don’t think anyone expected them to be 9-2 at this point. But before anyone stars looking towards a rematch with CV-C, they need to get ready to face an excellent Rancho Cotati team that is undefeated at 11-0 and will be playing at home. I’m pulling for the Broncos, but they’ll need to bring it on both sides of the ball to win this week.

  • DJ

    I agree both teams played sloppy but from what i saw the weather saved Bod from a severe whooping Ec defense totally shut them down qb had no one to throw to all game .

    I think Ec wins vs Analy but it will be closer than most expect Analy explosive offense verse Ec stingy defense .i can’t seen Ec giving up the big plays like the campo secondary but if a campo can run the and make the 7 to 10 yard passes they could be trouble for Ec.

    CN vs MC should be a good game.seems like CN might be more explosive offensively but have a feeling Mc wins

  • dragon

    EC /Odowd game was pretty well matched too bad the weather was so bad….. I disagree with everyone saying they shut Odowd passing game down… #15 Gomes got lose a few times once in the end zone ball came up way short… there were plenty of drops and the one pick bounced right off the receivers hands….. for some reason Odowd thought the downpour wouldn’t effect the long ball and continually chose to throw deep when they had success underneath… EC was fast and #11 Harvey made play after play for them now that kid was impressive

  • Anonymous

    Like someone said in the past…BOD lives and dies with the big play. QB had all the time in he needed. It wasn’t due to a great O line. It was basically due to the fact that EC was more focused on coverage. BOD is lucky that EC didn’t pick the 7 balls that bounced of their chests. This game could have got really ugly. Why BOD didn’t try to play a shorter game is a mystery. Coaching and offensive play calling needs to change at BOD or it’s going to be the same exact thing next year – 1 or 2 and out in the playoffs once again. The school deserves better.

  • chalktalk

    i must have missed something did BOD use 2 b a power house or something how many times did coach P win 2 games in the playoff and did he make the playoffs every year he coached

  • chalktalk

    where o where did my lil colt go o where o where could he b maybe under a got dam tree getting mauled by a bear oh dam its a California grizzly

    lil nursery rhyme for ya lmao!!!!!

  • EastBay Ray

    I agree with Dragon and Jfree above about the EC v. BOD game. Having seen both teams multiple times this year, these teams were pretty well-matched. Remember, this was a #1 seed versus a #9 seed, so it’s not like this was a huge upset. A couple of calls go the other way (a questionable fumble call when the Odowd QB got hit as he was throwing, and a late “over the line” call on a completed pass, both in the red zone), and we could be talking about an upset. I too would have liked to see more underneath patterns by Odowd, but give EC credit for a tough pass defense. There were multiple dropped int’s by EC, but also multiple dropped passes by BOD (including a TD). It will be interesting to see how EC handles a team that can both run and throw. I haven’t seen Analy, but can’t imagine they will be able to throw it like they did against Campo. EC vs. MC would be a fun match-up to watch.

  • dj falong

    One thing I will stress, James Logan’s Defense was very physical. After Freedom’s first series you could tell that Logan’s hitting effected freedom’s frame of mind. When I played in Western,Pa. we would refer to that as taking the other teams heart. Football is played on heart and discipline, the team that can retain those traits thru out the game usually wins. The logan Cal match up is interesting, Logan scrimmaged Cal earlier in the year and feared well, unfortunately this is the real deal. The weather should be good, so no issue there. The team who can eliminate coaching errors and play the practiced script the entire game will move on. Watched Cal Highs games on play on sports against Foothill, they stuck to the script. The up back hand off worked very well for them so they used it and used it a lot. If Foothill could have stopped it what other run play would they have used, stuck to the script they won, well done. James Logan’s kids have played the Foothill kids over the years 1st. time they lost at home 2nd time Logan squeeked out a win at foothill. Logan has more play makers than Foothill, against Freedom one of Logans most explosive runners was injured. Beasely will be the factor in this game he is a Senior and will not go down without a fight. Beasely also has hands and will be the fastest player on the field. As I see it Logan gets the NOD. They have too many weapons, Cal has not played and won a game against a team with as many play makers. The coach’s use of the play book in this game will decide winner. WOW CHESS MATCH ABOUT TIME, BY FAR GAME OF THE WEEK. AV sorry, sparty rolls.

  • anonymous

    No Chalk – you did not miss a thing.
    I think BOD is missing Coach P.
    The new regime is yet to prove itself

  • Logan Fan

    Chalk Talk,,

    Logan whoops Freedom and you hate on our squad? LMBAO! Good win Colts! Don’t worry about the haters in life who have done nothing, but criticize others’ accomplishments. Haters are bitter people who have done nothing of their own, so they choose to hate on people who have. Chalk Talk is a cowardice B. Come to Logan and come sit in our bleachers and make yourself known. I would love to talk Logan football with you.

  • Do I think that Nickerson has underchieved. Maybe. Doing a solid job. Coach P underachieved during his time at BOD. That 08 he had was pretty talented. Nickerson is beat SL 2 years something that Perenon hadn’t done in his last 7-8 years as a coach there.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal just played a very physical game against DLS 2 weeks ago without backing down, so I don’t see the Grizz having their hearts taken by some early hard hitting by Logan. Coach B is very familiar with Logan and was no doubt watching closely the other night. Is Beasely faster than Karris Johnson? If so, it can’t be by much as KJ is a blur. Should be a good game. The early line from CalPreps has the Grizz favored 34-28. I see it as a coin toss. Whichever team executes and plays D will prevail.

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t think the last couple of SL teams should be used as any kind of measuring stick.

  • UC rancher

    @ DJ Falong, what’s the status on Beasley? how did he get hurt & is the injury serious?

  • EB Football Coach

    Chalk –

    #20 isn’t “soft”, only in comparison to #42 from Logan.

    #5 isn’t a slow starter, only in comparison to #42 from Logan.

    They are both excellent players in their own right.

    Sports Fan –

    The four points were intended to be ironic.

    Finally, Freedom’s defense did well, considering the catastrophe that was their offense. They seemed to get psychologically worn down by the mistakes that were being made on the other side of the ball.

    Congrats to Logan.

  • chalktalk

    #20 is a different type of runner and on that turf alot of his moves were taken from him
    from what i saw his go to move was the dead leg
    if u try and do the dead leg on that turf u will pull ur groin and if ur not confident in ur ability 2 maneuver ur not an effective RB
    LOOK #42 is a good football player I’m taken nothing from the kid but any 210lbs back with speed can run straight ahead had freedom coach told their player 2 submarine tackle like Logan #42 would not b playing next week SO IF U CALL DIVING AT PEOPLES LEGS PHYSICAL SO BE IT
    #20 IF U READ THIS BLOG next time u hurdle and clear an obstacle and a defender is going 2 hit u b4 u land ball up with a forward lean as if u were going 2 fall on the defender at the moment of impact open up and the energy is dispersed evenly and ull feel nothing balance urself and b back on ur feet
    chalktalk 101

  • DJ

    @Dragon ,
    The rain affected both teams equally but I never felt like Bod was a threat to win that game and I can’t remember Gomes or King being open much at all let alone making any significant catches but what I don’t understand was why didn’t they run #28 more? He was gashing the Ec defense for about 4 yards per carry.At one point in 3rd quarter they didn’t hide the fact they were going to pass the ball the entire series. Ec secondary is too good for that. I was impressed with Bod defense shut down Ec Lightening quick RB Harper ….The defense won this game for Ec

    Ec pass coverage will need to be equally as good to beat explosive Analy Offense and #6 Maher but Analy defense will have to step up against Ec offense. Analy defense looked slow.

  • Dragon

    @DJ agreed #28 more and gomes had 2 down the sideline in front of odowd bench where he had gotten lose past his man and both times they were just out of sync sailing across or out of reach … king for some reason is only in some packages… and for some reason gomes who is a first team all leage punt returner wasnt on the field when they switched to 2 return men and muffed the punt… im just scratching my head at our own coaches.. El cerrito is fun to watch and to think they will all be back is crazy

  • Independent Observer

    My assessment of BOD coaching staff…I have no direct knowledge about Nickerson’s predecessor, Coach P, but have heard from numerous sources that he was much-appreciated (and, given postings on this blog and elsewhere reflecting on his tenure at BOD, still very much so among some). As such, I cannot compare coaches or coaching styles, and I’m not sure that such is appropriate or valuable anyway. As for Nickerson and his staff, I think patience is the virtue needed here. He just completed his third year and worked, primarily, with those young men already in the program at the time of is arrival. Yes, the ’10 JV team was undefeated, and this year’s JV team pretty much embarrassed everyone they played, but success at the freshman and JV levels doesn’t always correspond to a similar level of success at the varsity level. Nickerson’s influence will be, perhaps, more keenly felt over the next few years, as he inherits those students who may have been attracted to his presence as freshmen a year or two ago. BOD is a relatively small school—private and D3, playing in a predominantly D1 league, and yet has fielded Nickerson-coached teams that are competitive and that have earned the respect of their opponents. To beat BOD in league has required opponents to bring their A-game, and those who have done so have celebrated in proportion to their considerable achievement (you would have thought that Hayward High had won the Super Bowl when they edged the Dragons this year). That said, I do think that there needs to be some re-evaluation of the overall philosophy and scheme at BOD. A coaching staff heavy on major D1 (and pro) experience tends to lean in the aggressive, physical, “exert our will on you” direction, and such an approach can leave you vulnerable when you don’t have the players (most notably, linemen) to pull it off. BOD will need to become much better at making adjustment to take advantage of what their opponents give them, rather than merely “forcing their will” on opponents, as one might attempt at the college or pro level. Further, the offensive coordinator loves the big play, and has had some big-time players in recent years to pull it off (e.g., Daniels, King, King, and the “Dom-to-Dom Bomb”). The big-time receivers and QB graduate this year, and the JV squad elevates precious few players who can fill those big play-making shoes. As such, the offensive scheme will likely need to slow down, and become more patient, methodical, and determined; relying less on the “big plays” in order to be successful. Moreover, BOD needs to become far much disciplined. On the whole, these are bright young men, but they commit far too many errors on the field, which are inconsistent with their abilities. Those three things (philosophy, love of the big play, and discipline) will need to be addressed in the offseason. Provided that happens, I think that BOD will remain highly competitive under Nickerson’s guidance for years to come; and with patience, discipline and success, quality young student-athletes will increasingly be attracted to BOD and further strengthen the program. I don’t think that three years is enough time to evaluate a program or coaching change (if that were the case, Coach Wooden would have never turned UCLA basketball into a dynasty). Let’s be patient, tone down the rhetoric a bit, encourage the young men, support the coaches, recognize that parity is a great thing in sports, and see how things develop in the years to come. But, those are just my thoughts.

  • Dragon

    you take away the stop by odowd on 4th and sixteen the kid gets a unsportmanship gives them 1st and 5 on the 5…. gift…… the muffed punt on the 10…. second gift and that game has a different outcome

  • chalktalk

    i must have over looked ur post cuz u had a rainbow flag hanging from it. ILL B AT THE GAME BROWN SKIN HANDSOME BROTHER BALD HEAD 5’11” 202LBS 11.8% BODY FAT
    so i would luv 2 hear about LOGAN football!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick

    Thinking even some of you East Bay folk might make it over to MC-CN. Holy War has to be the game of the week in the NCS.

  • DJ

    Bod definetly made mistakes but so did Ec the drive Bod scored on our db missed on a pick 6… ….when Ec stopped u guys again on same drive on 4th down there was a holding penalty …Gift…… Ec fumbled on the 1 yard line …gift…. Even on Bod second to last possession Ec handed them a gift by not kneeling on the ball and they fumbled …… Ec player jumped offsides on another 4th down giving Bod another possession when they would’ve had field position …Ec missed extra point and 2 pt conversion…gift ….Ec got called for 3 unsportsmanlike penalties and Bod never could make them pay.Honestly I never felt u guys had a chance against Ec .Ec shouldve scored more points they let u guys off the hook .I think Ec was the better team…….where I will blame your coaching staff is the fact they tried to pass on one of the best secondaries in high school football no team this year has be able to pass on them ……and I really don’t mean no offense but Gomes seemed timid out there and i hardly noticed King was on the field stars have to step up in the playoffs……….but the week before Acalanes should’ve ended your season except for that jumped ball td to King and terrible interception to seal it…….and it’s scary to think that most of their skilled players are just juniors this year and lot talent from an 8-2 Jv team coming up nxt year. Rumors have it that Hameed and Doss of Alameda will be transfering over to Ec

  • DJ

    Who wins the holy war? It seems Cn is the better overall team but just have a hunch Mc pulls it out in a close game. Mc 35 CN 28


    @#58 Chalktalk:

    No BOD did not make NCS every year under Coach Perenon. BOD made NCS in 1989 (first time in school history), 1990, 1991, 1993, and every year starting with 1995. Coach P took a program that had no real football history prior to him becoming the head coach and developed a program that achieved much during his time there. BOD overall NCS record under Coach P is 20 wins, 14 losses; 3 NCS championships (1997, 1998 and 2004); 2 other appearances in the championship game (1999 and 2001); semi finalists in 1990, 1991, 1993 & 2003); second round in 2008 (playing last 5 games of the season without starting QB); multiple league titles during that time span. It is of note that two of the three NCS titles won (1997 and 1998) were at the old “3A” level, with BOD playing “up” in that enrollment class. His teams were most noted for ball control, run oriented offense and solid, hard-hitting defenses. Yet, he developed at least five D1 QBs during his time there.

    A “powerhouse”? I will leave the use of terms like that to others. I was blessed to see most of the games during Coach P’s time there, as my sons played in the BOD program and I stayed around to observe – even after the coaching change. Just my opinion, BOD was a better coached and better prepared high school team then than now. Give Coach P the players Hardy Nickerson has had the last three years (2010, 2011, 2012) and give Nickerson Coach P’s players and my money is squarely on Coach P winning every time. Again, just one man’s take.

  • chalktalk

    its my understanding that coach P was rubbing players and parents the wrong way
    but i see everyones point with a record like that
    how do u let the guy go

  • dragon

    @DJ Ya I think your off with the timid …. I just think the “stars” just cancelled each other out…. I didn’t see any of the big plays from EC stars either… I saw a lot more jumping around but as far as big plays or game changers not to many on either side…. obviously the weather was a lot harder on the passing game for both sides then all other aspects…

  • TJ

    Those SL teams that coach perenon lost to were about 100x as talented as the SL team that Nickerson lost to this year lol

  • Anonymous

    Like coach P, word has it that coach Chris Turner left BOD under the same player/parent grief circumstance. Turner had the pedigree and potential to be a great offensive coordinator but just vanished to be replaced by a kid that I understand was his assistant. Who knows what the outcome would have been had he stayed. He had a great football mind to pair with the talent of the kids. BOD had the chance to be ahead of the “new coaching” learning curve but let it go.

  • dragon

    As far Nickerson and the last coach.. my take is the school used him to get rid of the old coach… I don’t see Nickerson staying …with his son at cal… and aside from the QB the old coach didnt coach any of the kids on this team

  • DJ

    @Dragon I saw Gomes personally on a couple plays pull up early on some pass plays and first 2 kick returns ran a little timid ..coaches from Analy in stands pointed it out first …..clearly the weather affected each team and I disagree with you saying Ec didnt make big plays cause clearly they did but the big plays came on the defensive side of the ball and that’s what good teams do when their offense isn’t clicking, Ec feeds off its defense as they have all,year …..thats what’s scary about Ec is they can beat you in all 3 phases of the game offense,defense and special teams…offense didn’t have a big play game but the defense did…….And as it has been noted once Bod offense was shut down they were done…..Bod recovered onside kick out of half and turned it over on downs have to score after that

  • Lacuna

    Logan’s bout to get destroyed by cal

  • waacMan

    I will weigh in for what it’s worth on the BOD commentary. I have some knowledge of the program history past and present, including a kid who played for Coach P., and I saw more than half their games this season. In my opinion, Paul is a good coach, who is “old school”, and simply got a little too big for his britches. Kids were stopping playing football after their sophomore year (fact) because they didn’t want to play for him. Coach Nickerson has come in and brought a new enthusiasm and organization to the program, from the freshman team to the varsity. However, my understanding is that he is not a very good communicator. He is still learning how to be a coach, and to defer some responsibility to his assistant coaches. I hear that by the end of this season, he had fired both his defensive backs coach and his receivers coach. Someone above mentioned the loss of Chris Turner, the offensive coordinator, which was huge. Coach Nickerson seemed to respect him and let him coach. His assistant who took over is a bright young man, but often times this season, Coach N could be seen yelling at him to change plays, causing confusion and time-outs. As others have observed, the play-calling became more erratic as the season went on. These problems were compounded when his two best players, #5 King and #12 Miroglio, got hurt midway through the season.
    In the end, the program is in better shape than when he got to BOD, but he will have to grow as a coach if he wants to have continued success.

  • outside looking in now

    An amusing blog but once again we prove the old theory… opinions are like A——s we all have them….. hahaha

  • dj falong

    @LACUNA, got any $ u wanna bet, watch what happens. Gizzlies/Grizzlies look like SRV. GOOD coaching though.

  • Prep Fan

    Grizzlies beat SRV, and are 9-2. SRV finished at 6-6. Grizzlies look nothing like SRV. Should be a good game on Saturday, and Logan can win if they play well, but don’t expect a 35-0 shellacking like what happened to SRV.

  • Gridlock

    Only two EBAL teams remain in the playoffs.

    Earlier this season I picked Amador to do well then they faltered and popped back up. Cal Grizzlies rolled all year except for the blunder against MV.

    Amador at De La Salle –

    Dons showed character, guts, savvy and poise by defeating SRV on the road last week in the storm. Dons QB Moreno out gunned SRV QB Birse. Moreno was not insanely great against SRV but he was not terrible either, he made enough key throws to keep Dons alive and stuck the dagger into SRV when opportunity arose. Conversely, SRV QB Birse tossed plenty of nice throws but he coughed up 3 costly picks which tarnished his performance and helped contribute to Wolves demise. Dons also did a respectable job of containing SRV ground attack.

    Can Amador now beat Sparta? Yes they can but will they? I doubt it but I am hopeful of it. This year’s DLS team is very beatable the problem is the EBAL does not have one team that is complete across the board in reality. For Dons to whip Sparta, QB Moreno has to throw for 390 yards and 5 TD’s with 1 pick, and Dons defense has to stop the triple.

    I root now for the Dons but Sparta should win.

    Amador 31 vs. DLS 45

    Logan at Cal High –

    Grizzlies toyed with Foothill last week just like the first time. Cal QB Owen was as predicted poised behind brutal ground game of Grizzlies. Foothill’s offense managed nothing for 2nd time against Grizzlies but their offense actually scored in the 2nd half against Grizzlies in this game. Foothill QB Kearns produced zero against Grizzlies again and on par with the first time they battled. Falcon defense gave up massive chunks of yardage on the ground to a host of RB’s wearing Grizzliy colors. Many people believing Foothill will be a far better team next year but our staff believes Foothill in very serious trouble the next few years after losing so many talented athletes this year.

    Cal has a formidable task against Logan coming to town. Logan’s Achilles heel is their passing defense but the problem is Cal’s passing game is decent but not great. Grizzly RB Karris Johnson needs to have a career night and QB Owen does to for the Grizzlies to beat Logan. I like Logan to meet DLS in the Championship game and believe it will occur. Logan runs for 275 yards and throws for 200 yards against Cal this week and they beat Cal going away.

    Logan 38 vs. Cal 21

  • This week we have eight games that could be considered the game of the week…as four teams are going home…This round is special in a lot of ways as we have 16 teams that have made this far and there shouldn’t be any run-a-ways.
    Amador has the biggest chore…facing do you stop the green machine???

    DLS 41 Amador Valley 14…The Don’s gave up 52 points in their last meeting with DLS..but they scored 24 Amador has to go all out to contain the Spartans..
    James Logan 28 California 24…..Who knows…this will be a true battle..the game of the week for sure..

    Clayton Valley 44 Concord 20…The Eagles are red hot and the Minutemen have a serious job to stop and beat the Murphy gang..
    Rancho Cotate 28 NorthGate 19…..The Bronco’s will give RC all they can handle and they just may win…

    Analy 38 ElCerrito 35….The tigers can score in no time..their air game is the key..EC’s ground game will have to strike fast and often or the Tiger air force will leave EC behind..
    Marin Catholic 31 Cardinal Newman 28….Another game of the week…Like Red/Blue said this is a Holy war and a must see game..there will plenty of fire works.

    Justin-Siena 28 Arcata 21..This is a hard call as both teams know how to score..another game of the week…
    St. Helena 28 San Marin 20…Another dog fight..SM has been playing good football and just may win…

  • anonymous

    You gotta hand it to Hardy at BOD for what he does, it takes juevos. Aside from the given high school football politics – in one hand he has the semi-athletic kid who’s overly involved and opinionated parent pays full tuition (and maybe more) and on the other hand he has the naturally talented kid that goes to school for 1/2 the tuition or maybe even zilch. It’s got to be the same story at all of the private schools…

  • Logan Fan

    Look at #74, Chalk talk, 5’11 muscles protruding from everywhere, Lmbao again! Black dry fit shirt! Damn, you’re so scary! I haven’t set out my clothes for that night but I will let you know when I see ya there. Hahaha! We’re gonna talk football not whoop yo azz. But, maybe if you get out of line we’ll arm wrestle.

  • ManDown

    BOD fans, If not Nickerson, who would you guys like to see take over BOD football program? Throw some names out there who you think would have BOD contending every year. Its a tough task to coach at a private school when you have parents down your back and admin not always agreeing with your coaching tactics.

  • Logan Fan

    Coach Tedford would be a great fit. But Chalk Talk would call Tedford a loser and that Tedford doesn’t understand the negative effects on cutting toward the equator when playing football on a hillside close to a fault line. Chalktalk101. Lmbao!

  • MtEdenHomer

    No offense to the Pirates, but comparing a Dennis Dixon led San Leandro team with all those explosive athletes to a lot of teams today is just foolish.

  • chalktalk

    Logan fan
    we will never arm wrestle I DONT HOLD HANDS WITH MEN
    SAVE that 4 ur buddies
    according 2 u ive all ready cross the line
    and the cowardice B. was a line crooser
    HOW ABOUT HIT SO FAST UR SHOE STAYED STILL BUT U DIDnt the equator line was funny

  • chalktalk

    logan fan
    u play nice or ur gonna have to take a NAPP
    then u mite miss the game!!!

  • colt fan

    chalk, chalk, chalk, you are truely a classic. first off the rainbow flag comment was so inappropriate. This is a high school football conversation, there is no place for that type of nonsense. Bald head, brown skin , brother, 5’11, muscles bulging from everywhere, tight black shirt, you must be a superhero. We can write a story about you,Chalktalk from the planet excuse, your main super power could be the ablity to give completely ridiculous commentary about a football game. why waste your talanet talking to Logan football fans, with all those muscles you should be at the park teaching squirrels how to more effeciently crack nuts with the dead leg move, oh i forgot that only works if it is not raininng. Honestly no Logan fan really wants to talk to you, we just want to sign you up for the new reality show Eastbay Jackass. Where is my little colt ? Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.

  • chalktalk

    #99 colt fan

    I KNOW CUZ WE NEED MORE sensitive men
    in the game of football
    but i see uve been pay attention im very proud of u
    i should invite u to my football school 4 jedi
    whr we teach u 2 do full gainers with all ur pads on
    are u up 4 the challenge colt i mean philly