Prep football recap: Record night for Clayton Valley’s Protheroe; De La Salle, Cal move on

It was a great night in the North Coast Section playoffs for Clayton Valley Charter High and star running back Joe Protheroe (pictured above), who broke a single-game school rushing record with 427 yards in a Division II win over Dublin.

Also, in Division I action, De La Salle withstood a strong firt-half performance by Pittsburg and Cal rolled past Foothill again. Meanwhile, McClymonds and Oakland Tech both won to advance to next week’s Silver Bowl.

Here’s a link to a recap from Friday night’s action.

Jon Becker

  • Prep Fan

    You come on here with a new screen name like that and you lose all credibility. Stick to one screen name and don’t be calling kids quitters and people might respect your comments and take them more seriously.

  • The Voice

    PittALWAYSquits honestly you’re flat out full of manure. To say that those boys quit is ludicrous. Pitt was the victim of a little misfortune with the health of a couple of key players. Football is the physical game and injuries are a huge part of it.
    Pitt began the season with approach of being a balanced team. Coach Galli realized they were a run first and run second team. The personnel of that rushing offense was three players Craijon Menefee, Jamal Lockett and Harris Ross. They were the key to the success of the Pirates particularly down the stretch. Unfortunately Lockett and Menefee were bit by the injury bug with ankles and were very limited for practice leading up to the DLS game.
    Quitters as you put it would have packed it up and not even suited up. The boys gave it a go and made key plays that led to scores. The ankles did’nt allow them to finish the game but everything was left on the field. The Pirates finished the game with only one of the three key players available. I’m not at all using that as an excuse because the Pirates came to play and did’nt quit.

  • PittALWAYSquits

    So by avoiding my initial question(Why DLS blew before Lad got there?), you both have effectively proven my point, see you next year when Pitt once again is rolled over in the playoffs !

  • junior

    I did not see any quit in the Pirates Friday night.

  • Voice, your the one who had to open wide son. You lost 35-13. Bye the way, I never said anything about Pitt being quiters or not playing hard. You should quit playing with yourself and study the offensive playbook.Now you have another blogger attacking you, bye the way that’s not me.

  • The Voice is an IDIOT like the waterboy. H20 suckha!

  • winn

    RRRRRRR mayte da Pirates be swabbin d poop decks for another year till day meet da spartans again only to walk da plank like every year these teams meet

  • jusaskin

    not to steal the thread, but don’t know where else to turn. does anybody have any information on when and where this years holiday classic will be held?

  • Ops

    Bigjoe oh wow your pathetic the refs were cheating pittsburg that game and while watching the game I didn’t see anyone from DLS laying hat so what are you talking about ?

  • The Voice

    YoMama you would’nt say that to my face so keep hiding behind your alias punk!

  • Hey, you got insulting, threatening and dirty- cant take it now- I just said to your face just like you did to me and others. Get off the blog, your team is done honey.

  • Opps, I guess you didn’t see 6 Pitt players carted off the field. That comes from hits son. The refs are the same ones that ref BVAL and Pitt, 1 call doesn’t make the ballgame. The DLS linebackers were laying leather, especially in the second half. How do you explain your top back having 23 carries for 63 yds, that’s less than 3 yds. per carry. Your other back who ran well in the first quarter was far more effective until he left the game twice not under his own power.

  • winn

    @BigJoe – don’t you know the pitt fans are void of a High School education? You can’t come in here talking about less than 3 YPC that’s too much math for them to quantify. haha