Prep football recap: Record night for Clayton Valley’s Protheroe; De La Salle, Cal move on

It was a great night in the North Coast Section playoffs for Clayton Valley Charter High and star running back Joe Protheroe (pictured above), who broke a single-game school rushing record with 427 yards in a Division II win over Dublin.

Also, in Division I action, De La Salle withstood a strong firt-half performance by Pittsburg and Cal rolled past Foothill again. Meanwhile, McClymonds and Oakland Tech both won to advance to next week’s Silver Bowl.

Here’s a link to a recap from Friday night’s action.

Jon Becker

  • The DLS victory was a case of DLS adjusting in the second half while Pittsburg did not…And what about Joe Protheroe….backs like him show up every once in a while like Thompson at Concord…Joe got the blocking so he ran wild..Outstanding

  • Stewie

    My Dunce cap is on regarding Pitt game.
    I will say Pitt played tough in every position, the effort was 110 percent and those players were willing to bleed to succeed. They all should be proud of that fact.
    As for DLS they just keep on pounding all 4qtrs till 00.00. The adjustments that DLS coaches makes takes heads up play and some great mental and physical discipline by the players.
    The final score does not reflect the spirit and effort that was put forth by the Pitt team.

  • Prep Fan

    It was more of the same for Foothill last night against Cal. Last night Cal took them down 36-6, while it was 36-7 in their first meeting. In both games Foothill didn’t score until Cal was up more than 30 with their backups in. Cal held the Falcons to just 54 yards rushing on 19 carries, while piling up 299 yards on the ground with a balanced attack of 10 different ball carriers. Kearns was ineffective again against his old Bears teammates at 6 of 14 for 48 yards and an INT, and Bryan took over in the 2nd half to get their only score.

    The consensus preseason EBAL favorite of the media, Foothill closes out their disappointing 2012 season at just 6-6 and and tied for 4th in the EBAL. With some outstanding individual talent in skill positions, their lines were completely overmatched by Cal in both games. Cal will host the winner of tonight’s marquee matchup of Freedom-Logan next Saturday.

  • Maxi

    To all the people on this blog and the article from the Times saying Pitt only played one half of football….I just saw this link on Facebook of the play that should’ve been called a fumble and should have been run back for a TD. This was in the 3rd Quarter. MAJOR MOMENTUM SWING! Notice the O-Line false start btw at the begining.


  • Maxi

    Also, hurt ankles does not result from hard hits. Necks, shoulders, heads…. yes. #23 and #25 were actually injured against Antioch, reinjured against MV, and couldn’t barely go last night. DLS miopia!I saw the “SCer” Hutchings get his lid peeled and bouncing around the field at least 3 times. BVAL MVP Antonio Huey was the best player on the field last night!

  • Prep Fan

    Maxi, that did look like a fumble with a pretty quick whistle, or at least a very close call which could have gone either way. That would be a momentum killer. What was the score at that point, 14-7 or 21-7? Since the 4th DLS score was a 39 yard run, this must have been the drive that led to their 3rd score, so a runback at that point would have tied the score at 14?

  • BS, Hutchings laid out # 23 and lost his helmet. Looked like they were ready to go to us, they ran well in the 1st quarter. After getting laid out on more than several occasions, they started leaving the field. They were in-effective in the second half. The only Pitt back that did not go was Lockett, never played. DLS was hitting hard and so was Pitt. We didn’t see Vitale and Williams leave the field. USC Hutchings was laying the leather on Pitt backs. Maxi, another year Pitt exited the playoffs at the hands of DeLaSalle. At 35-7 it was time to start up the bus for that long haul up highway 4.

  • Maxi

    Yes, that would’ve made it 14-14. And #21 went out for DLS after the opening kick in the 2nd half with a twisted ankle. And my apologies…it was Egu that was peeled back once and Hutch twice. Take your DLS hat off BigJoe, Hutch even said Pitt brought it. I bet you won’t even watch that video clip any way. Go on playonsports.com and watch the game again and you’ll see. Let me know about the SCer on the first play of the game. Hutch is a great athlete and a great kid… but don’t tell me DLS’ fans and coaches weren’t scared for 3 quarters last night. After that fumble fiasco it was downhill. And spare me the “it takes 4 Quarters to win” comment. It’s hard enough playing with 2/3 of the starters going both ways and fight uphill against a good team and bad refs for 4 quarters. One win over DLS and all those Pittsburg boys stop going to DLS and you know it. So does their staff btw!

  • KIR

    Big Joe I tried to give you benefit of doubt, but your full of ish… Here the link to the game for you all to see none of what big joe yaps is truth..

    Gd LUCK DLS rest of the way you should be NCS champs. Much respect for the coaching staff admitting we got hosed by the refs on 3 game changing calls..

  • Prep Fan

    What were the other 2 game changing calls, besides that fumble?

  • One play and a fumble dont make the game guys. DLS adjusted at half and ran up 21 unanswered points. Calls usually go against DLS and if the call was wrong, it went against Pitt. DLS has dealt with poor ref calls for years. The Pitt boys go to DLS whether Pitt wins or not. Pitt got beat fair and square. They couldn’t stop Vitale and Williams running and they couldn’t pass. If you cant pass you cant have a balanced attack and it takes a balanced attack to deal with DLS. Could off, should off, would off doesn’t get the end result.

  • Hey, lets give Pitt 2 more touchdowns ok? They could not run in the second half, but ok take another 14. They still loose. It was 35-07 with 2 minutes to play in the game. DLS left a Td or 2 on that field also. Hey Prep Fan, mabey you should have gone to the game to answer your questions. Pitt was up and played well- De La needed 2nd half adjustments. Pitt didn’t make the adjustments. Pitt was wearing down in the late 3rd and early 4th quarter.

  • KIR

    Pref Fan, the fumble, very next possession spot on 4th and 1 pitt had first down. On DLS score to go up 28-7 rigth TE clearly jumps offsides on a 4 and 2…

    Big Dog I usually don’t talk football with people who don’t give logical arguments. So my last response to you will be. With 6 mins left in 3rd QTR game was still 14-7 DLS only scored with less then 5 mins due to a blown call. So to say only DLS adjusted is pretty weak, no doubt they adjusted but Im sure they expected better results then to get stopped and fumble midway through 3rd qtr but got bailed out by refs. But DLS did dominate 4th qtr no argument there.

  • Pitt was close to a kiss under the misltoe but DeLa issued the smack!

  • It looked like the Roman Coliseum with the Pitt Gladiators being carted off, in the end only SPARTICUS stood.

  • KIR

    Alright F er… you talking about my team but misltoe remark was a good one..

  • Get yur team to beat the crap out of that Danville area, which u did. Schedule Cal and SRV next yr and beat them too. EBAL cant handle speed. As far as DeLa is concerned, u might have the running back next yr but DeLa got RB, QB and the ENTIRE offensive line.
    They also got Alioti. 🙂

  • junior

    The biggest difference in the game was conditioning- DLS wore the Pirates down. Pitt’s defense got gassed on that 80 yard drive DLS put on them in the second quarter. Huey played like a monster- but he got tired. It was only a matter of time before the Green Machine wore down the Pirates.

    Pitt played a great game- but be real, they were not going to win that game- fumble or no fumble. Someone is going to have to explain why Pitt allowed the 21-7 score to balloon to 35-7? That one play deflated Pitt too much to recover?

    Sounds like the Cal HS crowd who quit after the 2010 illegal onside kick call- that game had 3.5 minutes left- all Cal had to do was stop DLS and they would have had the ball back with plenty of time to score. Instead, DLS ran the same exact play- 7 straight times, scored and ended the game. Set backs happen in games- champions overcome them and still win the game.

  • Prep Fan

    Give me a break Junior. There was no quit in Cal that night. DLS was invigorated after the onside kick recovery was overturned and had a short field to work with after the penalty and short kick. Great effort by Sparty to score when they needed to, but that’s BS to call Cal quitters. They gave the state champs all they could handle.

  • junior

    Read my post again- I stated Cal “crowd”- not the players. I respect the Cal players.

    The Cal fans (crowd) quit after that play.

  • Prep Fan

    I remember the Cal crowd still being into the game as Cal moved the ball on their final possession down inside the DLS 20 before time ran out. But you’re probably right, more fans gave up than players that night. And it wasn’t just Cal fans, as I recall more than just a few neutral observers watching that one.

  • Maxi

    @ Junior…100% correct in the getting wore down part. That’s the tough part when playing with majority two-way guys. You have to capitalize on every opportunity. All I’m saying is call that fumble the correct way and things may have come out differently. DLS has teenagers too, not robots. So to think that if that pick on the 10 isn’t dropped or on the next play they don’t blow that fumble call then their kids wouldn’t have felt the pressure. I thought it was cool to finally see a legit game by the Pirates against DLS. Something that hasn’t happened in probably 10 years! But to say that they only played for a half is not accurate. The 3rd quarter could have very easily ended at 14-7. It’s not as if DLS wasn’t fumbling the ball around all night or as if there weren’t a bunch of plays to be made that were just missed by Pitt.

  • KIR

    I agree with some of what you DLS backers are saying, a bad call or two are part of the game.. but when your playing one of the best teams in the nation and you make the plays if sucks when a ref takes them from you.. nothing is guaranteed but give us our fumble we got screwed on and its 14-14 with 5 mins in 3rd qtr .. nobody would be tired or wore down then adrenaline is a muther when ur tied with that team.

    Yes wheels feel off after that when dela went up 21-7 all bets were off. Blown call was a huge swing u got form tied to down 14.

    Book it no for Nov 2013 Pitt vs. DLS again.. Although you can not replace a beast like Huey #55, for anyone paying attention 6 offense starters returning and 6-7 D starters return along with a 8 win JV team and a 10 win Frosh team… the cupboards are full in the P.

  • Game’s over 35-13. Prep Fan, you continue to question DeLaSalle and your DeLa blogger masters. DeLa is in a galaxy far, far away.

  • Prep Fan

    Wasn’t there and don’t really care bigjoemamadog. Congrats on your big win.

  • Voice of Reason

    After De La Salle wins their 4th consecutive State of California Open Divison Championship, laying waste to the best public and private schools Northern California (and Southern California) has to offer, where do they go from there?

    The answer, of course, is nowhere! Nothing will change in NCS and Northern California where DLS will be lording their 21st consecutive NCS D1 championship over all 20 public schools in their division. No reason for more debates on how they have accomplished the feat; it’s as plain as the nose on Bob Ladoucuer’s face. The proverbial football field is not level when it comes to DLS and whatever public school they may be playing in Northern California.

    It makes you wonder if DLS nation can truly get any more excited when they win yet another State Championship; certainly the student atheletes do, as well they should, but this is not about them. The DLS faithful will continue to renew their Marriott Hotel reservations down in Torrance for their annual pilgramage and slap each other’s backs at the hotel bar and say to themselves how arduous the journey was this year (wink, wink) and how some team in the Northern California playoffs actually got within a few scores of the Spartans, whew!

    We’ve all fallen over ourselves, myself included, at what Coach Lad has created on Winton Drive in 1979, and has sustained over the last few decades. If I had kids who went to DLS, instead of one of those other 20 public schools in D1, I would be celebrating too.

    So while we all huddle around our TVs on December 15, to watch De La Salle hopefully take home their 4th consecutive Open Championship (I will certainly be rooting for them) maybe one day a member of the DLS faithful (perhaps a prominent member?) will finally come out of the closet and say “We know the main reason we have dominated for so long is because we have leveraged the open enrollment policy better than anyone else, to the detriment of other public schools in the county and beyond. We don’t apologize for it, but we felt it was time to tell the truth. And oh by the way, we still have the best high school football coach in northern California”. Until then, I will always feel compelled to take a shower after I root for the Spartans down in Southern California.

  • Maxi

    Omg!!! You are the voice of reason! Very well said! I too look forward to seeing the East Bay’s finest collaboration of players compete for a State title and show SoCal how we do it in the Bay!

  • Maxi

    I saw Reggie Mckenzie at the game too. Congrats on your new nationally ranked DL prospect you’re getting next year DLS fan. Seeing him at the game pretty much rules out the “might” that’s stated in the article. It’s good to be the king! He must be going to DLS for its fine academics and Christian Brothers curriculum like all the other athletes at the school.


  • junior

    It is too bad voice has so much disdain for one HS team. It is not healthy and there are many other causes you could be spending your time on. This is HS football, it aint that important.

    I am disappointed that you have not shed any tears for the parents of boys water polo or D1 girls basketball- they deserve your concern. Unless you are a Miramonte or BHS fan- you dont have much chance of winning the section.

    It also pains me that you refuse to educate yourself on what it takes to be a successful HS footbal team. Lad’s speech from a few years back would be a good start. You also missed a great teaching opportunity Friday night at OO Field. The “99% open enrollment” theory you spew was rejected yet again. Pitt was loaded with great athletes and those in attendance saw an example of what separates DLS from the pack.

    Unfortunately, you have allowed yourself to get trapped by a movement that is slowly becoming a plague in America: victimization. Part of me does not blame you- it is an easy path to take. I am hopeful you will soon release yourself from this debilitating plight.

  • Junior, well said. Maxi if the coach of the oakland raiders wants his kid at DLS, so what? The coach now lives in the EB. Not a bad deal to get a first class education IF you apply yourself and have a little religion to boot. That’s what’s wrong with this country, not enough in God We Trust. An ex raider coach Callahan also had a kid play at DeLa and he went on to UCLA.
    Voice of Confusion, you will learn to obey and revere your Jedi Masters. Again, DLS is in a galaxy far, far away.

  • Insider

    @BigDog you obviously didn’t see Pitt and Cal play earlier in the season. Cal Highs Karris Johnson ran all over Pitt and had more speed then the whole team. I guarantee if Johnson was on D Lockett would not break a run over 20 with Johnson at safety with 4.4 speed

  • Voice of Reason, with no rules basically on transfers now, the other public schools that have been harmed by the DLS jaurgonut can now transfer kids into their program. Here’s the deal, Pitt and other inner city bloggers take note, the EBAL subs dont want people of color at their schools. One they most likely cant afford it and these so called rightous idiots dont want you for a neighbor.
    So, DLS is not like that. The Christian Bros. have a mission and educate all in need. DLS is a lot more rightous and truthful than these Danville, San Ramon and Alamo bloggers. They talk big but underneath that skin is the real meal stay away from my neighborhood deal. Didnt want to turn this into a racial thing, but these people crack me up how DLS is stealing all their little Johnies. DLS wins because of a balanced playing field, the right people in the right positions, team inner city speed and coaching. I also think a little bit of trusting the good Lord also helps.

  • Voice of Reason

    Junior, you seem so intelligent sometimes and then you put your foot right back in your mouth and swallow it whole. Let’s analyze what you stated in post #29 above.

    You have mentioned Miramonte water polo before, but what you continually fail to realize is all their players come from a community of approximately 18,000 people and live in the school district and of course they are a public school, not getting their student athletes from a population base of over 1,500,000. They are rightfully a team you can cheer for because they all come from the same zip code, not the 30+ zip codes the DLS student athletes come from.

    The fact you and your ilk will never acknowledge Lad could never approach 2 consecutive D1 championships, much less 20 without the structural advantage DLS enjoys is so laughable its pathetic.

    You bring up Pitt, and I’m glad you did. All their players come from the City of Pittsburg and they are rightfully credited for being a great program. Heck, they even send student athletes to DLS and they still are a top program! But you do the math, Pittsburg is a city of 65,000, compared to the 1,500,000; who do you think is ALWAYS going to have a better football team, talent wise?

    Finally, this in not about victimization. This is what you and your fellow DLS cronies will never, ever, ever, understand!!! All you can wrap your head around is “we’ve got ours; no one will ever beat us; if other teams had good coaching and the brotherhood they could be as good as DLS,” etc., etc. You are so blind to huge advantage DLS enjoys, yet you accuse anyone who doesn’t agree with you as victimization. Pathetic, pure and simple.

  • junior

    BigDog- you have the wisdom of Yoda and the compassion of Obi Wan Kenobi

  • junior

    voice- you need much more Jedi training- BigDog might take you in … IF you release some of your fear. As a wise Jedi once said: Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

    Your fear of one team winning alot does not translate to Miramonte for some reason- thats bad and hypocritical.

    Your denial of the skill Lad has as a football coach shows your anger.

    Your hate of DLS football leads you to contradict yourself: you state 99% of DLS football winning is due to open enrollment which guarantees the Spartans have more athletes than everyone else- well guess what- Pitt demonstrated they have as many athletes as the Mighty Green Machine (yes DLS is Yoda’s favorite team!)

    voice- leave the Dark Side before it is too late….

  • Voice of Reason

    Junior, you can’t see the forest for the trees and are so, so wrong in your analysis of my posts as to question your brightness. For the record, I am a big fan of DLS football! As you are aware, I am a high school classmate of Terry Eidson though only socialize with him infrequently. I see at least one game every year; last year I attended the SBG in Carson.

    As I have said ad nauseum, my issue is more about how none of the other D1 public schools have any chance to ever experience a SBG in Carson. For any DLS fan to say otherwise, given their huge advantage no one else enjoys, is patently rediculous. I’ve also stated dozens of times there is no one in Coach Lad’s league as a football coach.

    Your insistance of bringing up Miramonte, a team put together THE RIGHT WAY, a team all from one community, only reinforces my point about how refreshing it is that a championship team can be put together without having to admit student athletes from as far away as an hour in any direction

  • Voice of Reason

    To finish my post, I do not hate DLS. I only have tried to explain how DLS has been able to do what they have accomplished. It starts with the fact that the student athletes they attract thru open enrollment is in fact 99% of the reason they are as good as they are. Without it, they don’t win 20 consecutive D1 NCS championships, plain and simple. Junior, for you to continue to say otherwise is disingenuous.

  • The Voice

    The Pitt/DLS game was a fist fight that Pitt could have won. The second adjustments were key not taking anything from the Spartans performance but a healthy Pitt team would have played a whole different game. Injuries are part of football and usually the healthiest team prevails. After speaking to several DLS parents and players they admitted being in a tough ball game and were very respectful towards the Pirate program. Big Joe you need to quit talking out of your ass and stop smoking what you’re smoking. Your brain is fried and in a galaxy far far away.

  • The Voice

    The Pitt/DLS game was a fist fight that Pitt could have won. The second adjustments were key not taking anything from the Spartans performance but a healthy Pitt team would have played a whole different game. Injuries are part of football and usually the healthiest team prevails. After speaking to several DLS parents and players they admitted being in a tough ball game and were very respectful towards the Pirate program. “Big Dog” not”Big Joe” you need to quit talking out of your ass and stop smoking what you’re smoking. Your brain is fried and in a galaxy far far away.

  • Voice of nothing, if you read my posts you saw I gave praise to a tough Pitt team. Pitt had not played DLS that tough for years. Appreiciate coach Galli. Thought Pitt backs were tough for a quarter. Thought Pitt passing game is piss poor. However, you did not dominate the game, couldn’t score and were BEHIND 35-07 with 2 minutes left! Who lost the game? Who’s talking out of their BEHIND? You were behind from quarter 2 on.

  • junior

    If DLS did not win alot- you would not post on the “open enrollment” nonsense. You claim over and over that it is about those poor, sad, pitiful D1 public schools who wont win the section- dont be a hipocrit- cry for the H2O polo and girls hoops teams too.

    Yes, I have heard your boring Moreau/Eidson rants…. yawn.

  • Maxi

    Should’ve been a fumble! If called correctly than worst case Pitt is going into the 4th quarter down 14-7 still. Correct? There was 6 minutes left in the 3rd at that time. To say Pitt wouldn’t have got at least a 1st down means you aren’t watching, and if you we’re, you weren’t paying attention. Again…not saying it changed the outcome. Saying it would’ve been A LOT closer going in to the 4th quarter. Scroll up and watch it at the same time as you spew your support of DLS excellence.

  • we will continue to spew our dls support. the score is still 35-13. pitt could not run in the second half. they have a one dimesional team that cant pass. game is over- sorry next year and it will be the same result. We might take a couple of pitt babies when the blood is smeared on the door- the Angels come to get ’em.

  • The Voice

    Big Joe that’s the problem no respect for your opponent. Pitt played DLS tough and will be back. I know what they’re about. My son won a State Championship with them and I never dissed anyone he competed against. You continue to have oral sex with the De La Salle Spartans. Open wide!!

  • EBALFAN #2

    Funny stuff. You guys have too much time on your hands. The Pitt/DLS game was actually classic example of what has been going on for the last 25 years.

    If I was the Pitt Coach I would start with next years freshman class and go on a fitness and weight training program just like DLS. The DLS coaches are actually very open and free with their off-season conditioning program, there is no real secrets. Easy to copy on paper, more difficult in practice.

    I would not have a football available from January till the 4th of July (yes, all of this starts the first Monday in January) just like at DLS. The workouts are voluntary but peer pressure among the players drive the attendence to 95%+.If you are involved in another sport, that is okay, you just come to school at 6AM to get your workout in. No problem.

    During summer workouts you are allowed to miss six days. These missed days are only for family vacations or other serious obligations. These missed days are not allowed for “a day off”. Sundays no workouts (obviously to go to church).

    I would institute this workout regiment for the freshman class of 2017 and stick with it for four years. Then, with at least comparable talent as De La Salle, when these student-athletes are seniors they will not be gassed in the fourth quarter and lose once again to a physically superior team.

    DLS did nothing special Friday night, it was a pretty methodical win. Second half and in particular the 4th quarter the Pitt players were totally spent. You could tell by the way they walked off the field at halftime that they were exhausted. DLS has done this to countless teams over the last 25 years. Copying their formula is easy, executing is extremely difficult.

    BTW- the fumble/non-fumble play You Tube video was good; but you didn’t have the sound of the whistle blowing; the DLS kids all stopped so even if there was a fumble it would have been blown dead at the spot or a quick tackle would ensue. A more important play occured in the first quarter when Spartans tried a trick play on a punt and fumbled the ball. Pitt had first down on 20 yard line and couldn’t score. That was the killer moment for Pitt.

    Follow my advice and in four years you will be able to compete for 4 quarters and possibly beat DLS. Until then, it will never, ever happen.

  • The Voice

    EBALFAN You write 7 paragraphs and we have too much time on our hands.

  • PittALWAYSquits

    You Pittsburgh faithful are quite the bunch. The day you admit your losing of De La Salle is a product of being outworked year around, is the same day you will work towards finally beating De La Salle.
    Everyone wants the easy answer to problems these days. Why can’t we beat DLS? “They recruit”, “they’re all D1 college athletes”…
    Bunch of nonsense, teach your players some accountability, and results will flourish. The argument of DLS having superior athletes to Pittsburg is egregious, the argument of Pittsburg having a quiter’s attitude is fact. Though one should find this as no surprise given attitude reflects leadership, and the leadership coming from the Pirate “faithful” is pitiful at best.
    Of course kids choose DLS over Pittsburg, there polar opposites, any kid and parent who values education would send their kid to DLS in a heartbeat. That’s the problem, Pitt values the High School athletic appeal football provides for the community; when in actuality if the community emphasis was placed on education over athletics you’d see a better product in the community and on the field.

  • Prep Fan

    It would be nice if all public schools had to do was work harder and be accountable and they could beat DLS, but there are a lot more factors involved. I know many schools have their football teams training hard all year long and the players are accountable. Just because DLS almost always wins against these teams doesn’t mean the kids are quitters or aren’t working hard. It’s not quite that simple.

  • Voice of Reason

    From time to time I peruse the norcalpreps blogs and came upon this humorous, though a bit lengthy, diatribe on Coach Ladouceur and his staff moving to Livermore HS……..


  • PittALWAYSquits

    DLS hater’s consistent bickering pertains is a result of their open enrollment which, brings me to this point.DLS had open enrollment before Lad got there, how good was DLS then? Try terrible. Give credit where credits do. Point your fingers less, look in the mirror more!