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Jon Becker

  • FB Guru, would that also apply for EC? They would get the regional bid regardless of their attitude? Bleacher is funny.

  • FB Guru

    Perkins, NCS Div 3 winner will get a regional bid. But I wasn’t talking about that, I was making the point that MC beat SI, the CCS Open Division Champion. That would not apply to EC.

  • Suckafree415

    MC also has a win over Justin sienna NCS d4 champs

  • It would if they beat MC.

  • FB Guru

    No, it would mean that EC beat MC. But EC has not beaten SI. MC has beaten SI. EC needs to up their non-league next year with a bellermine, SI, Serra, etc.

  • Prep Fan

    But then EC would have beaten MC who beat SI who beat the Bells…

  • ManDown

    EC wins they get the nod. They beat MC thats very impressive and have a great shot at winning state as well IMO. Great talent on EC roster that will make a big difference in tonights game.

  • suckafree415

    There we go MC!!!! proving all the haters wrong, and yall in the East Bay were bring nothing but hatorade on MC, dont even try to deny it, great friggin game though by both teams

  • Mc beat EC 31-28, interesting how those Catholic teams have the coaching and disclipine.

  • no dis to MC, but DeLa would beat MC bye at least 40 points- that tell you something El Cerrito?

  • gee, 3 tds out of receiver from DLS who is not going to play college football, going to Cal as a baseball pitcher. Cal get him on the football team and you might win a couple of key games.

  • FB Guru

    Great Div 3 game tonight. The running ability of the EC QB is something special. Regional games should be announced tomorrow.

  • DeLa beat Bellarmine 41-07 the CCS runner-up that tell you something CCS? And you guys want to know if the WCAL wants DeLa Salle.

  • MiraMan

    Great D3 game tonight. El Cerrito deserves all kinds of credit, but MC is the best D3 team in NCS.

  • Mira Man, forget d3- the story of the nite is Dela beating the great Logan team 52-07. DLS could beat a combined MC/EC team by 40 pts. Throw in Campo, Mira and the Jets too.

  • I think something could be said for the DLS linebackers laying leather again tonite.

  • nfl

    it took de la nearly 30 yrs for a black qb yo mama holla at me when these catholic schools have brothas playing in the trenches not just the skill positions! why dont they recruit black lineman? de la been a real long time since i seen i black lineman that goes for cardinal newman & marin catholic too?

  • Junior

    Post 167 is officially the dumbest post of 2012. Beyond moronic.

  • nfl

    you can call it dumb and avoid the question but its true! only black kid playing for mc or cardinal newman was the tailback!

  • TJ

    Your argument would be valid had de la salle not been 366-25 under Lad lol

    QB last night was good though.

  • nfl- let’s see, Allen’s kid this yr, Victor Egu this year(he offically plays D line, next year Raider GM kid, Lombardi trophy winner Aaron Taylor to name a few. Bye the way, DLS doesn’t recruit lineman or anyone else. They dont have too.

  • The Williams family has deep roots at DLS. Demitruis, Williams last yr starting at UNLV as a freshman, the new QB Williams and coach Williams. I think that sums up the Williams family, dont you?

  • oh I forgot a couple of more lineman, Banks, Brewer, Burrell. Perkins ,and Ross, all on this year’s team , that’s 6 including Allen, with 4 returning next year.

  • That’s a pretty good recruiting class of lineman Dog. LOL

  • suckafree415

    Marin catholic all time sack leader is DE Marcel Parker, D lineman/TE Bennie Johnson went on to play at Oregon St, his brother D line Justin Johnson went on to star at SFCC and play at Cal, last year J von Lewis was an all league DL…….NFL you ignorant moron

  • Suckafree- how are we going to educate these gfools on Catholic football when they are the holy baptist rollers from the south? The best way is to explain how Protesants are Catholic relatives, like it or not and the second way is to have Paula Dean cook up a mess of vitals for them to stick the craw and satisfy the hunger of not winning honey.


    i wouldnt say NFL is the biggest moron on here i think lots of people would say its a person that TALKS alot lol but im not sure where nfl is getting his facts from but BOD has had many salesian has had some and st marys in berk has had a whole bunch lorenzo alexander is still in the nfl big 6’6 joe mc neal, tony wallace, john romero c/o 94 went to cal and play in the league a few years the top lineman from there last year nick callender signed with colorado st i can go on and on about this school alone i think this guy is talkin and dont have a clue

  • #115- El Cerrito is not like encinal 08 team