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Jon Becker

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  • DJ

    @eastbay Ray,
    I read the article and I hope Ec gets the message because the refs will be watching everything and I don’t believe Ec can win with 17 penalties.But my only objection about all this is the characterization of the Ec program as being dirty and the players being called thugs . and Surely after an newspaper article brought this attention the commissioner had to respond…….
    In regards to the game itself Ec must stop the run Terry for Mc is a beast and cut down on the stupid penalties and I like their chances …I will assure all if Ec gets up on Mc like Cn did game over.Ec is ruthless and they have a killer instinct they will finish the job …..Ec hasn’t trailed more than 7 pts all season so,they will need a good start or else ….lets hope both teams bring their A games.

  • EB Prep Fan

    In summary:
    This issue has grown into a HUGE deal on THIS site. I don’t see any other coverage of it past the weekend.

    The Santa Rosa PD article was obviously one sided, and anyone that read the Facebook comments could easily notice the racially slanted direction. The article almost provided kindling to the racial words that followed. The guy who said that the behavior doesn’t surprise him given the region it’s from…..I hope he’s not coaching youth sports of any kind, because him teaching young kids to judge other kids by geography would be sad.

    Like it or not, trash talking is a part of our sports culture. You can thank Sportscenter every night for showing it and promoting it. From Larry Bird way back, to players like Ray Lewis today sports culture has embraced showboating and trash talking. In a time when salaries are unbelievably high, self promoting at someone else’s expense is all too common. Young players imitate what they see their hero’s do. As hard as some of these kids work in the off season, a little expression is to be expected….within reason preferably. Football is a physical, warrior type game, so overreacting and over celebrating can be expected.

    When a team goes 12-0 like Analy and then has their season abruptly ended when they had high hopes of going down south, I would expect them to be pissed and react angrily to any kind of celebrating or talking from their opponent. That being said, I’m sure EC talked a bunch of trash, but I’m also sure Analy was far from innocent if you get my point. For someone who wasn’t even in attendance to say that is a black eye for only the EC program is just irresponsible.

    It’s kids playing a very physical sport, but their coaches should try and limit the trash talking. Only problem is, nowadays it’s much easier said than done. I’m sure coaches would rather just win and walk away, but its hard to come down on a kid for celebrating, especially when your roster is so small and your roster is so thin. It seems like there were coaches from BOTH teams that failed to fully control their kids.

    With all this in mind, everyone needs to get over it and look forward to the slate of title games this weekend. Move forward to the positive, and leave the name calling behind.

  • DJ

    Eb prep fan …..Amen!!!!

  • DJ

    Do any of the Ec fans know what happened to their running back Marshon Ardoin? Haven’t seen him last couple games

  • billjohnson

    to me trash talking aint a big deal. we teach kids all the time sticks n stones but words will never hurt so get over it. if somebody is trash talking and backing it up whats the problem? if there trash talking to you and getting in your head thats your fault not the trash talker get mentally tough!

  • CandyCrowley

    Humility double check alert…all the wankers with their hot air, and hopefully BANG subscribers, need to check the Tuesday Nov. 27th Times print edition FRONT PAGE article by Chris De Benedetti…YOU DO HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION TO BANG dontcha? about CSD and the challenges deaf football players have. No trash talking there.

  • billjohnson

    for el cerrito to win they must stop #4 & #27 in the slots from running down the seams. they should lock up those outside wr’s no problem but the key to mc passing game is #4 n #27 in the slots they may want to move 1 of those stud corners on #4. ec has been lucky in not playing alot of running schools so the key for mc is running #19 setting up the playaction. ec gets the ball to there playmakers in space marin wont catch them mc has a very sound defense but there not very fast.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Have they Posted the WACC All League List yet? Jet Pride!

  • Prep Fan

    @107 Crowley, That was a great article about the California School for the Deaf in today’s Times. What a fantastic story about these kids overcoming obstacles and acheiving their goals. Here is the link to the Times article and below that the video about them on SI.com



  • somebody

    EC’s secondary is filled with d1 talent and the defense is led by #2 at lb, they were able to completely shut down analy’s explosive offense, maher was a non factor the whole game for analy.

    MC hasnt faced a defense this stout all year; wouldn’t be surprised if Goff and the MC offense have an off night. At this point, to beat either of these teams you have to be have a great night at all 3 aspects of the game. If MC cant handle the gaucho D, i suspect EC would come out on top.

    But I don’t like how sloppy EC has played, they had massive amounts of penalties and miscues in all three games against campo, analy, and BOD, I don’t know if they’ll be able to get away with another sloppy game against MC which is a step above any of the teams mentioned above. If EC can limit penalties and play like they’ve played on D all year they just might take this one

  • somebody

    and ofcourse the speed is always on EC’s side!

  • chalktalk

    i think that planting a flag on some ones soil is talking trash i think planting a flag on the moon is talking trash – mount rushmore, pyramid, empire state building…
    my point is there are many forms of chest pounding.
    until they stop people from beating each other in the game of hockey were the game is mostly people of none color u are all hypocrites

  • MiraMan


    Two conversations going on: one about smack-talk in general and one about a specific shouting match/near riot/handshake aborted at EC/Analy game.

    With regard to smack-talk, I’m not particulary down on it in general with two qualifications. First, many sports seem to operate just fine without it. The tolerance of it is a choice. Football could eliminate it in a season or two and no one would miss it except a few old timers talking about the “good old days”. Two, like most things its fine in moderation. But football, with a fair amount of idle time between plays, provides a perfect opportunity to engage in endless non-constructive smack-talk that can detract from the game and escalate into fights, angry fans, etc…

    With regard to EC/Analy game. I wasn’t at the game and never said I was. I never referred to anyone as “thugs” or made any racial comments. Read my comment above #86. Your comments regarding Analy being a major contributor to the poor outcome is a fair comment; perhaps they did get more vocal later in the season as they got bigger heads. Certainly seeing their season draining away could have caused them to lose their cool. The news report even notes Analy parent/adults standing on the sidelines yelling. And yes, every team has loudmouth kids.

    But based on playing Analy and seeing them play over the past three years, do I think they travelled all the way to Richmond to instigate a near-riot? No, I don’t. The perspective that some on this blog take is to deflect blame to your guests as opposed to accepting your own culpability. Basically, I think there is plenty for EC fans/coaches/administrators to chew on with a primary goal of making sure it doesn’t happpen again.

    Good luck to the Gauchos against Marin Catholic. EC is in for a whole new deal! Opposite end of the spectrum. Will EC do the pre-game prayer with MC?? What about a post-game prayer??

    I have MC as a pretty big favorite. If MC is capable of taking away the big play, big return, etc., they should win it handily. But MC will likely provide EC with an interception or two, so they will get some opportunities to score.

  • I think El cerrito team is like Encinal team in 2008.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    No Matter what happends the NCS D3 game should be a great one. Yes I believe El Cerrito will win. MC has always been a disciplined and well coached team but as i felt back in 2008 about another team, These kids didn’t go hard and come all this way to lose. The Same could be said for MC But I have El Cerrito winning 35-28. Please note the Score. Jet Pride!

  • sounds like the old chalktalk- always bringing up racial issues- hockey is on strike son, if you haven’t noticed. Again, if Ferndale cant get away with it, why El Cerrito?

  • shabawler

    If EC can clean it up, they can take it all the way.
    Stay classy my friends.

  • DJ

    Mira ,
    I didnt attribute any negative comments to you but was merely stating that the comments you made we’re based on history “Mira played Analy 3 years and no problems” as opposed to this game specifically. You also said Ec fans need to check themselves……if you weren’t there at “this” game what exactly did they do that you feel they need to put in check? Cause I was there and was part of Ec fan section?…..Nobody believes it was Analy intent on driving to Richmond to fight but did they get frustrated because their team was dominated? Yes …Did Analy players talk trash? Yes did Ec players talk ?yes …My problem with your comments #86 is that you give Analy’s team and fans a pass when say “Analy fans/team have gotten frustrated and out of control but you are sure they didn’t drive here to start trouble so then it must be the Ec Fans”…..Be clear I don’t condone bad sportsmanship at all i was there and didnt see any actions by Ec fans worthy of them having to check themselves anymore than the Analy fans.So why is it that you say Ec fans need to check themselves? Is it your thoughts that these suburban fans came to Richmond and of course it was the Richmond fan fault? I’m bothered because the uproar was started based on a biased article which didn’t include interviews from no one but their team and fans……..

    As far as the game goes either team could win but Mira Ec ain’t Cardinal Newman if Mc plays like that vs Ec game over real quick because one thing Ec is and that’s cut throat won’t be no comebacks so let’s hope both teams bring their A games

  • Voice of Reason

    This issue has been covered on the norcalpreps site:


    Here is the follow up article by Padecky at the Press Democrat:


    A few on the norcalpreps blog talk about the possibility of El Cerrio not being recommended for inclusion in the northern California regional game if they exhibit poor sportsmanship in winning the game against Marin Catholic.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Go Gauchos

  • SLpiratefootball

    this ec/analy this is way out of control why none of the other 11 teams that lost to them not saying the same thing bout them i was actually at the game and i am wondering where was the issues with the ec fans yes analy was shell shock of the speed and playmaking ability of ec and how the really was gettin blown out the game wasnt as close as the score may seem those ec fans and parents were so so so happy and cheering for those kids i been to a few ec games and they was no diff from any other same chats they have done and yes the ec kids and some of the coaches are very cocky but hey they are good i will give them credit they got some good players and they are playing well together, to call these kids thuggs and you dont even know these kids is a down right shame i know a few of these kids and have met a few other not thugs at all i can personally speak on austin harper very good kid, good family, parents raised a really good kid, these kids want to win they want success they want to go to college, thugs dont go to school they dont take care of grades to stay eligble, they dont work hard in the offseason.

    last time i checked el cerrito high is in a very good neighborhood its like 5 blocks away from albany high tons of very very nice homes surround the school.

    now yes the ec kids talk trash thats part of sports at all levels some do it so dont everybody has their own oppinion but it happens if u cant take words out of peoples mouth then u might have a hard time dealing with people outside of ur community nobody wants to really talk about the COACH that call the child a b!tch but they have class WOW really people and for u grown a$$ adults who on here who was with that smh shameful so i guess they can dish it out but cant take the trash talk. and since when is de anza in the city of richmond last i checked its in el sobranta that next to san pablo and pinole its just the whole area to outsiders give it that richmond stigma smh i just think analy folks was scared of what they hear about the area hence pre judging like i said i was at the game the ec fans was ready to party and have a good time they were happy for those boys

    much respect to the analy PLAYERS that went to the ec locker room and shook hands wit ec players the whle coaching staff should done the same at least with the ec coaches that setting an example for u right there if some of the coaches did then that wonderful i do give props to the analy kids they played hard to the final whistle

  • DJ

    Well said SL pirate football

  • Here is a different perspective, maybe not as interesting as all the rhetoric that is flying on this thread but here goes. Regulars on the blog the past few years will remember my son played for Salesian the past three years and is away at school this year. I remember him commenting on the trash talking he would get when playing inner city schools (so funny, dozens of references to “inner city” when what everyone means is teams with lots of black kids on them). So I called him up for a refresher, he said they they did get it but the coaches prepped them that it would be coming so it didn’t bother them and the team was pretty disciplined so I would have to agree. Then he said he preferred to play teams such as Mack, they did trash talk but they played straight up and never cut blocked him. The players never had any issues, the only incidences I can remember involved the fans, and it was the loud mouthed Moms that caused the problems. Go figure.

  • DA history

    @121. De Anza is within the city limits of Richmond. There’s a portion that juts out into the unincorporated El Sobrante (May) Valley. That’s why it’s served by Richmond PD and not CCC Sheriffs. There was a very ugly incident circa 1976-7 (football was actually strong there then) when one of two on-site, gamenight, RPD officers actually got cuffed by his own set while they were unsuccessfully trying to manage an end zone melee fostered by the local gang upstarts “West Santa Rita.” (The back gate of DA is served by Santa Rita Road.) There was a mutual response call put out, the game was stopped in the 4th, and visitor fans and players alike left amongst rock throwing and broken bus windows despite the police response. It is obvious, based on the EC/Analy reports, that the RPD was taking NO chances with the history there, albeit a generation ago.

  • chalktalk

    spoken like a true rasist
    those of u that speak of class are the same people
    who tell rasist jokes at the water cooler
    whom would call the PRESIDENT a liar
    whom smile in ur face and stab u in the back
    whom pray on sunday an and swear they luv god
    and would foundle a young child
    whom would stand on the side of a jerry sandusky
    WHO is put in a position of power and would call a child a bitch

  • Suckafree415

    Rasist? Lol if u want to accuse someone of being “racist” at least spell it right

  • chalktalk

    thx never really lernt myself to spell nor read nor write reckon didnt really have much use 4 itin my line of work
    but seeing how with civil right and all people dying 4 the right 2 read CUZ U KNOW IT WAS A TIME WHEN COLOR FOLKS COULD GET KILT 4 HOLDING A BOOK LET ALONE READ ONE i was thinking bout going back 2 school and gettting me one of them there degrees BUT I GOT ALL THESE MOUTH 2 FEED.
    but i do apologize 4 my ignorance SIR racist i got thx again

  • FB Guru

    From Wikipedia on the definition of race:

    the scientific community suggest that the idea of race is often used[3] in a naive[4] or simplistic way, i.e. that among humans, race has no taxonomic significance: all living humans belong to the same species, Homo sapiens.

  • EB Football Coach

    Chalktalk –

    Seems like you and your opponents both hold deep prejudices.

    My advice is to go someplace where people suffer not because of their choices, but because of where they are.

    In other words, where suffering doesn’t happen because of drugs/extra-marital child-bearing & raising/gangs/violence/theft, ie bad choices, but because the economic opportunities are so limited that one can lead a good, upright and righteous life but never improve one’s station or their children’s future.

    Compassion for those suffering around us is necessary, but your America-centric perspective has blinded you from the reality that most people in the world experience.

    Then, instead of raging against the system, here, and turning these fine young people into victims, show them how much they have and, more importantly, how much they have to gain by working within the system to achieve success.

    That would seem more productive.

    God Bless.

  • chalktalk

    have is subject 2 prepective


    u think people suffer becuase of bad choice
    or by design

  • chalktalk

    if there is no crime how do u increase the value of property or security
    if u don’t pollute the world then everywhere would be paradise
    if u don’t sale poison and call it food doctor would be out of a job

  • concrete17

    “…131.chalktalk Says:
    November 29th, 2012 at 4:39 pm
    if there is no crime how do u increase the value of property or security
    if u don’t pollute the world then everywhere would be paradise
    if u don’t sale poison and call it food doctor would be out of a job

    Oakersterdam Graduate….Summa Cum Laude

  • SLpiratefootball

    dj thanks and good luck sat wish i could b there have somebody that will keep me updated

    pride baller much respect shuold always want to play the best comp and the loud mouth mom thing too funny

    da history technically ur right but c’mon man we know that school isnt n a bad area and are u for real ur talkin bout an incident that happened b4 most of rpd was even born really child please

    concrete that was funny

  • Chalktalk aka Nat Turner, if it’s so bad in America and you want to do some good, move to yur roots and volunteer for all the suffering and anguish those poor people have. Join the Peace Core Blood. Better yet go to Haiti and see the suffering in the Northern Hemisphere. Your excuses for all the violence and unjustice in this country is a broken record, that was 50 yrs ago son, you got a better deal than a lot of us, you just dont realize it. Like my raleatives, you strap on yur boots and work your way out of problems, with government assistance it is all entirely possible.

  • chalktalk

    Is that Boot strap comment a euphemism for all you “Good Ole Boys,” standing on the backs of another person of color & calling it justice? Sounds like a bad case of Romnesia to me. Just what the world needs, another socially inept Bigot rambling on about nothing. We could do away with government assistance programs, but then who would care for all those in-bred backwoods relatives you mentioned?

  • chalktalk

    having a baby when u got flies sucking on ur eyeballs no food and nothing but sand under ur feet seems like a badddddddddddd choice 2 me!!!!!!!

  • DA History

    @133- SLP; just stating accuracy/archives. Definitely a long time ago, however, former neighbor was a RPD canine crew (they grew up on Santa Rita.) Protocol for HS FB was changed specifically after that and suggesting why the “no handshakes.” El Sob today is certainly unlike Parchester/4th and Mac/Triangle you are correct.

  • The fact that all the Norcal and State Bowl games are a HUGE source of money for the CIF ,they ( the establishment ie the commissioners) do not want to take any chances of having the bowl series given a black eye by an undisciplined team.

    In 2008 the Jets where by far the most deserving team. They had just beat a Novato team who was the 2006 DII bowl rep from the NCS but in my opinion they did not get picked because of lack of sportsmanship.

    EC could have the same fate . If it does go down like that and they don’t get picked they have no one to blame but them selves.

    Sutter from the North has for sure locked up the DIII spot for one regional. It will come down to picking a rep from the SJS or the NCS. If Escalon beats Central Catholic and EC beats MC look for a EC to get the shaft.

  • Seattle Slew

    Bleacher coach sounds really shady. Im sorry but you almost sound like a Uncle Tom racist in disguise. But you don’t fool me…

  • Seattle Slew

    Bleacher Coach,

    Wow. I stand corrected and apologize. I should do the leg work before I comment. I did not know the issue at hand and for that I was ignorant. Again, I apologize.

    However, E. C. won the game on the field. I saw the game. It was emotional for both teams. Analy’s big nose tackle was just as “emotional” as E. C. RB/LB. The coach cussed a kid out yeah maybe but for Lemon to single out E.C. is not very professional. The perception is lopsided

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Bleacher Coach,Where did you get that stuff from, It was from lack of strengh of Schedule that did us in. The 2008 squad was a well disciplined team that played with passion and joy. Our kids didn’t taunt anyone and didn’t play dirty. Your Opinion is suspect as far as that statement. You want emotionless football. Sorry but if i make a play i’m gonna rejoice with my teammates. Just because some schools frown on it doesn’t make it bad. When you played, Did you play with passion and spirit?Lastly, What about MC with that rush the other sideline stuff, Why do they do that? I think we all know why. I guess you’d say Muhammad Ali had a lack of Sportsmanship! Jet Pride!

  • chalktalk, you and I have been on the same page before, not often, but however i am not a bigot and YOU will care for the backwoods relatives(white trash) in the old folks home. I come from the Roman Empire, which conquered Carthage and ruled the world, however their politics got in the way of the mission statement and they finally fell after 600 yrs of conquest. You exhibate some intellegence when you get fired up and talk normal without the Bateman riddles. There isn’t one fool on here who really supports you and bye the way I am a person of color from Malta. You should be thanking me for allowing you to speak up and talk your opinion. Remember, usless your 9.9, 21.4, 42 inch vertical leap, your Teaxas high school don;t mean anything. College and stats please, coach White Chalk?

  • EB Prep Fan

    I would definitely disagree with that assessment about the 2008 Jets. No basis for that.

  • chalktalk

    u have fun with that im confused

  • chalktalk

    lil puppy
    I should be thanking U for allowing ME to speak up and talk your opinion.
    CONQUERED BY Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Aragonese, Habsburg Spain,French and the British


  • SLpiratefootball

    bleacher coach have u been to ANY ec games this year im trying to figure out what have they done to be labeled as unsportsman like what is so bad about this team unlike bod last season gettin 3 personal fouls b4 a game whats so wrong about this team i was at the game i guess i missed what gil lemmon was looking at. dont care 4 that guy much anyway he is a good ole boy network type

  • EB Prep Fan

    That’s a great point! It doesn’t seem like BOD got half the crap on these blogs last year for their behavior? I haven’t been to an EC game this year, but their stuff seems pale when compared to the Dragons and their personal fouls last year? I wonder why ?????? Hhhmmmmmmm…

    By the way…..I really don’t think that many people care much about this whole EC/Analy thing that aren’t on these blogs. I’m pretty sure you have to dig pretty deep on Google to find this stuff being written about. It just seems like a big deal because we read these blogs. With the lack of high school games this time of year, we all don’t have much to blog about….so this crap is getting major blog time that normally it wouldn’t. Just a thought? Just get outta the way of these kids and let them go on with their incredible season. If ADULTS didn’t get involved last week, the teams probably would have shook hands and this game would be in the books.

  • chalktalk, dont forget the Knights of Malta! LOL

  • FB Guru

    If MC were to win tonight the NCS DIv 3 champion would have a victory over the CCS Open DIv Champion! Pretty impressive.

  • The CCS championship game didn’t have much offense last nite, however a driving rain kept the score down most likely. Interesting if SI gets a shot a a NorCal game.