Live blog: East Bay prep football playoffs updates, Saturday, 7 p.m.

Get in-game scores and updates from the prep football playoff action from Saturday’s games here beginning at 7 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Tom Kirkbride

    Logan will finally play a real team next week, and have its lunch handed to it.

  • Stewie

    Will they serve desert also?

  • spectator2012

    cal did not look good what-so-ever. defense cannot tackle and cannot handle speed. overrated…

  • spectator2012

    well done logan. good luck next week vs dls.

  • UC rancher

    Great job colts, way 2 represent and 2 all u haters……how u like them apples??!!

  • Norcal

    Lets go colts!

  • colt fan

    Way to go Logan ! Can they get some respect now? First their schedule was weak. Then they beat berk, and san ramon, not good enough. Then came freedom, they were not supposed to beat freedom, freedom faced better competition. T, hey beat freedom. Then the excuse was the rain, homefield advantage.Logan would not be able to beat the mighty Cal high team who played a much tougher ebal schedule. Well 40-7 to all you haters. DLS is the man Loganearned the right to face them. Win or lose they have earned their respect. They whipped number two ranked team in their house. Union City is proud of you Colts. Haters keep hating. 40-7 analyze that

  • Great job by logan tonight exposed every Cal weakness that I have been pointing out all year both coaches and players… This Cal Team resembled 09 more tham 10 both n heart and ability… horrible effort

  • seven72deuce

    Proud to be a Logan Colt. Also more proud to have been coached by George Zuber. Congrats to all the young men tonight!

  • colt fan

    Chalk talk, lacuna where you at ? How does 40 points worth of crow taste?40 unanswered points in their house. So much for the ebal supremecy.Love you Colts, Go For It Next week !

  • Itsabob

    What happened to CAL last night they seemed mentally out of the game, unprepared,uninspired, tired and sluggish after min 9. No question Logan has been tuned in to play tough. Next week should be a good game with the Spartans but I still feel that De La Salle will finish them off going into the 4th qtr.

  • Congrats to Logan. It should be a good game next week.

  • Logan and El Cerrito proved that you don’t have to have a tough schedule to win the big games…But you do have to have the talent…And both teams do have that..
    Now comes the big test for both teams…And what about Clayton Valley…This coming Friday night comes their big test against Rancho Cotate….The Eagles haven’t had a let down all season and they should be red hot for RC..

  • In the D-4 playoff’s….we have a great effort by San Marin who was rated as #10 with a 7-6 record to grind their way to face # 1 Justin-Siena who is 10-2…This doesn’t happen often…but when it does…WOW

  • Oh Boy

    Ahem. What is with these fans from El Cerrito and Logan? They have been disappointments for years. They get a talented group of kids that put it together their senior years and then they start yapping about how they can take down DLS.

    Personally, the only thing more arrogant than DLS kneelers are these 1-hit wonders that start talking about they don’t get respect and “haters” that doubt their awesome programs. Give the credit to the kids and go on with your life.

  • EastBay

    I haven’t seen too any recent posts about EC or JL beating DLS. Be realistic, if Logan can stay with them for a half or more that would be a victory. The Cal game was basically the unofficial dI title game.

  • TJ

    Not used to winning..

  • OH BOY…..The chances of Logan knocking off DLS are pretty slim…but they will cause some problems…I’d say DLS by 2 maybe 3 TD’s…but you never know…Look what they did to California..The thing that bugs me is the trash talk…there’s no need for it…it just shows the mentality of the kids that use it…

  • seven72deuce

    @oh boy

    Isn’t that the same mentality of every team that make it to the D1 finals? Point blank is that many people were expecting Logan to lose against freedom, then against cal. Look back on all the past blogs this year and look at how many people said Logan still can’t win a meaningful game after losing to del oro. Freedom expected to beat Logan. Cal knew what they had to do to beat Logan. Logan has been bad since 2007. And last I checked… I haven’t seen anyone mention that we’re gonna beat DLS on this blog post… What gives????

  • Gaucho Watcher

    @oh boy fans get excited when their team is good and they should be. You always want to take down the champ when you have the horses. I don’t know about Logan but EC has some horses just none of them are on the line which is where DLS wins most of their games. Also EC is mostly juniors so they will be heard from Again next year so get used to it.

  • renegades10

    I do think it will be a good game next week between DLS and Logan. I’d be shocked if this is a game decided by halftime. Starting to remind me of the 08 finals against Pitt. That was one of those teams that people felt would give DLS’ 08 team some problems (and for good reason if you look at what some of those Pitt guys are doing at the college level). That DLS team hadn’t been as dominating (by DLS standards) with the close games against Serra, Loyola, the loss to Bosco, and certainly that close game against Cal. Seemed to lack the normal physicality. And Pitt certainly came to play that day. But DLS responded with a great game. We’ll see how this Spartan team comes out next week.

  • DLS and Logan have players that know each other. I doubt that the Logan coach is going to allow trash talk before a game or during a game. If he does and I cant beleive that, its going to be a long night for Logan because DeLa thrives on that. Too much respect from each team. Now lets see that carry on to the bloggers and fans.

  • KIR

    Congrats to DLS and Logan for making it to NCS game.. I’m diehard Pittsburg but credit is due to both programs. DLS is still top dog till one of us knock them off.. To Logan you must match their physicality we did for 3 qtrs then they rolled us, no explanation needed.

    Any team can be beat on any day that’s why we play the game. But props to Logan for smashing both Freedom and Cal those were both good teams.

    Every year 4 of the top teams in the area DLS, Logan, CAl and Pitt meet in August at Pitts 4 team scrimmage not a tougher scrimmage around. We knew back then we were all good look where we all ended up at the top of the pack..

    Logan much props and respect on your season, but sorry pulling for DeLa I don’t want anyone to beat them till Pitt does again.. Good Luck to both teams, play hard, stay healthy..

  • UC rancher

    @Oh boy, who the hell r u? U just now come in here on these blogs & start poppin off out tha mouth. Go back 2 the hole where u come from & keep that haterade in the frig cause ain’t nobody thirsty….. oh & btw,COLTS PRIDE 4EVER!!!!

  • renegades10

    One of El Cerrito’s studs, Adarius Pickett, started high school at DLS.

  • UC rancher

    Another thing ol’boy , how u gonna call Logan a one hit wonder when the last time they missed the playoffs was back in 1999? Do your research b4 you open up that yap of yours, idiot..

  • colt fan

    Oh boy one correction, if you go back to the blog entries from last week there were a number of comments made about logan ,they doubted the talent, critized their schedule, and minimized their acomplishments. Before the freedom game logan was not good enough to win, when they won it was not because of the work of these young men, but because of the weather. Then logan was not supposed to beat cal , logan did, still no credit. As a logan fan as well as a football fan, I just wanted to show the logan program that we our proud of. these kids. Comments not meant as bragging, only directed towards those specific bloggers. So if it appears that logan fans are as you said one hit wonders just understand, logan fans have a right to be proud of their team , just like others. Have the right to downplay the colts accomplishments.

  • Prep Fan

    Why do you feel Logan got no credit for stomping Cal the way they did? I think pretty much everyone was impressed with their performance last night. I thought Logan would win, but not by that margin. Logan was favored over Freedom, was the higher seed, and was playing them at home. Just because a couple of people may have thought that was a fluke doesn’t mean they weren’t supposed to win. They won decidedly, which (along with their impressive 35-0 drubbing of SRV earlier this year) is why I thought they would also be able to take Cal.

    I had Logan down as the #2 seed in my pre-NCS picks and feel they were the second best team in the NCS this season. Nothing thus far has changed that opinion. They got the #3 seed due to their poor schedule, which they had tried to improve, but it was bad luck the teams they sought out all had bad seasons this year. Logan has not gotten it done in the playoffs recently, but this year’s team is a special group. It was obvious 2 years ago that 2012 would be one of their best teams in years. They played well in the Pitt Jamboree again this year and followed that up with a solid regular season and 3 impressive playoff performances. Whether they can do the impossible and knock off DLS is up to them and they’ll need another perfect game to get it done. I wish them luck.

  • Prep Fan

    As for last night’s game, Cal started off well with a nice drive the length of the field and a Johnson TD run to make it 7-0 Grizz. Then Logan got the ball and went right through the Cal defense for a quick score, but missed the PAT. They stopped Cal and then went right down and scored again, this time missing the 2-point conversion attempt. It was clear at that point that Logan was going to score a lot of points in this game. My thoughts were that the Grizzly defense that had looked great in the last 2 games against DLS and Foothill had not shown up, and that this was more like the defense that had given up 44 points to MV and 38 to SRV.

    What I hadn’t counted on was that Cal was done scoring, as no one had held Cal under 10 points all year and only the Spartans had held them under 30. It was only 12-7 in the second quarter, but Cal needed to score to retake the lead before the half. Not only did Logan hold them, but they scored again to take a 19-7 lead into the locker room, and would get the ball to start the 2nd half to boot.

    Logan’s defense was up to the task and impressively stood up to the Cal line and held them scoreless in the second half while putting up another 3 scores. Logan dominated both sides of the ball and were clearly the better team, even overcoming some questionable calls. Prothro was the difference maker, not with his arm, but with his legs. He was able to get 10 yards a pop when he needed to on the ground and Cal could not contain him. He only completed 3 passes, but gets my vote for player of the game running for 128 yards on just 9 carries, each one seemingly at a key time. Long was also impressive with 143 yards on 14 carries, but I think Cal would have taken that after what he did a week ago to Freedom. Johnson had 84 yards on 17 carries for Cal, which is about 5 yards per carry but not enough to carry the Grizz.

    Logan was able to get to both of Cal’s fumbles, and retained both of their own, which also made a huge difference in keeping the ball in Prothro’s hands and away from Owen. Cal’s kicker left the team prior to this week to play soccer for the Grizz in a big tourney down south, but other than the replacement only kicking it to the 10 yard line on kickoffs and no confidence in trying any field goals, I don’t think it would have made a bit of difference.

    Logan was clearly the better team and showed it with a dominating performance. Cal has not been beaten like that since a 39 point loss to DLS in 2009, and by a non-DLS team since a 33 point loss to MV back in 2006. Hats off to the Colts for a great game and season and I wish them luck in the finals this week.

  • colt fan

    I was directing my comments to. Only a few bloggers if you check back you will see what I mean. I respect your comments and appreciate them. As I said the lack of respect. Comments were based on earlier posts.

  • Itsabob

    Missed field goals and pats could prove to be costly with Logan and even for De La Salle should this game go to the wire. Big strength for the Spartans though is the ability to adjust to the game as needed.
    EC is non-factor…why even talk about pure speculation. The D1 final is between the two best teams Logan and De La Salle they both have earned those spots and the fan’s will get the final that they have been waiting for.

  • The Last Round of Playoff’s

    DLS 31 James Logan 20….If the Colts can overcome a stiff defense that DLS has been putting up all season this may be the difference…The O has to out fox DLS and do the unexpected and adjust for the second half…

    Clayton Valley 28 Rancho Cotate 24…..The Eagle offense has had no let down and RC had better be ready for Joe and the gang as this ground attack is red hot.

    Marin Catholic 34 El Cerrito 26…No room for mistakes…this game could go either way..its going to rain and the best ground game will win…

    Justin-Siena 35 San Marin 20…..SM continues to knock off high seated teams….but this all stops in Napa..

  • Oh Boy

    Haha UC Rancher got her feelings hurt!

    I actually said early in the season that I thought Logan should ALWAYS be ranked 2nd in NCS until playoffs start.I favored the Colts against Freedom but Cal was big and they clearly deserve to face DLS in the finals this year. BTW congrats on making it to the playoffs through that harsh league since 1999. They have the size, depth and the horses to challenge BVAL, EBAL, CCS and SJS every year and have underachieved.

  • UC rancher

    @ Little boy, If anybody got their feelings hurt, it was you when Both Logan & EC steam rolled to their rightful positions where both teams are one win away from winning their section championships. U come in here, try to be scrooge & rain on their celebration. So who is crying now? Just let it sit and marinate little boy.

  • Sam

    Logan will beat DLS 30-14 DLS will not know what hit them. That is all. DLS will lose

  • lacuna

    Logan is going to get destroyed!!!! 50-0

  • colt fan

    ,lacuna, is’nt that the same thing you said about the California game ?. This will be a great game, don’t know who will win, but I do know that both teams have earned the right to compete. Good luck to both teams.

  • spectator2012

    i’m really glad that logan will get to face dls. new blood in the finals for dls. i see this game going dls’ way. logan will come out with some energy, but dls is dls. logan will need to be able to pass the ball to have a chance to beat dls. the run game itself won’t do it against a tough dls defense. logan will also need to win the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball to have a good chance. the dls o-line is a beast, and dominates a lot of d-line. will dls get knocked down this year? it should be an entertaining game nonetheless. hoping for an upset… we’ll see.