Boys Soccer: Updated Rankings

Here are some updated rankings. The action really picks up this week and into the weekend, so the first full notebook with a story, rankings, standings and stats will run next week.
A couple changes in the rankings with College Park and Deer Valley jumping into the top 15.
Alhambra, Tennyson, Foothill, Alameda, Mt. Eden and Mission San Jose jump into the consideration list, just outside the top 15, but in the top 25.

1. De La Salle (0-0-0)
2. Richmond (0-0-0)
3. Ygnacio Vallley (1-0-0)
4. San Ramon Valley (1-0-0)
5. Bishop O’Dowd (0-0-0)
6. Acalanes (1-0-0)
7. Pittsburg (0-0-0)
8. California (3-0-1)
9. Newark Memorial (1-0-1)
10. Hayward (1-0-0)
11. Amador Valley (1-0-0)
12. Monte Vista (2-0-0)
13. Campolindo (1-0-0)
14. College Park (2-1-0)
15. Deer Valley (3-0-0)

Others Considered: Berkeley (0-0-0), Dougherty Valley (0-0-0), Alhambra (1-1-0), Tennyson (2-0-1), Foothill (1-0-1), Alameda (1-0-2), Concord (0-0-0), Piedmont (0-0-0), Mt. Eden (3-3-0), Mission San Jose (1-1-1)

Matt Smith

  • Matt Smith

    Still 1-0, second half just started.

  • Matt Smith

    Foothill is up 4-0 with time winding down.

  • eL Pata

    Dayam …

  • Foothill Fan

    Foothill impressive 4 to 0 win in Winter Classic Final. Clark and Goldstein each with a goal and assist!

  • Oldfart

    Wow, Acalanes beat YV? Wasn’t expecting that…Anyone have details on that game?

  • GoldenBoy

    Any details on the Av vs Rhs game? Wasnt expecting that!!

  • crazy

    Anyone else notice foothill is undefeated with 5 shutouts?

  • Matt Smith

    Ya, Foothill’s back line is pretty solid so far…

    A little love for Hayward as well. They went up north to Redding and won the tournament by a combined score of 30-0.

  • Dfal1

    The Acalanes- YV game was dominated by YV.
    In the first half YV had about 80% possession of the ball and sove very good quality chances. 2nd half was a bit more even and Acalanes scored off a mistake by the YV defense. The keeper for Acalanes made about 5 great saves while the keeper from YV didn’t have to do much work.

    This game reminded me of the Barcelona- Chelsea game in the champions league. One team had the ball and the chances(YV)while the other team had all 11 players behind the ball(Acalanes) at all times.

    If YV can find a way to finish the chances they have, they will be very hard to beat. They also need to work on the defense getting better.

    Acalanes needs to create some chances on the run of play if they want to win NCS. All the chances they create are on throw ins and set pieces. They have a very solid defense and keeper that keeps them in the game.