Boys Soccer: Updated Rankings

Here are some updated rankings. The action really picks up this week and into the weekend, so the first full notebook with a story, rankings, standings and stats will run next week.
A couple changes in the rankings with College Park and Deer Valley jumping into the top 15.
Alhambra, Tennyson, Foothill, Alameda, Mt. Eden and Mission San Jose jump into the consideration list, just outside the top 15, but in the top 25.

1. De La Salle (0-0-0)
2. Richmond (0-0-0)
3. Ygnacio Vallley (1-0-0)
4. San Ramon Valley (1-0-0)
5. Bishop O’Dowd (0-0-0)
6. Acalanes (1-0-0)
7. Pittsburg (0-0-0)
8. California (3-0-1)
9. Newark Memorial (1-0-1)
10. Hayward (1-0-0)
11. Amador Valley (1-0-0)
12. Monte Vista (2-0-0)
13. Campolindo (1-0-0)
14. College Park (2-1-0)
15. Deer Valley (3-0-0)

Others Considered: Berkeley (0-0-0), Dougherty Valley (0-0-0), Alhambra (1-1-0), Tennyson (2-0-1), Foothill (1-0-1), Alameda (1-0-2), Concord (0-0-0), Piedmont (0-0-0), Mt. Eden (3-3-0), Mission San Jose (1-1-1)

Matt Smith

  • Juarez

    I do’t think team which have not played yet sb ranked.

  • al robertson

    I see that Amador Valley has moved up in the tankings from 13th to 11th.This will be a much more competitive team this year with new coach.Also tremendous depth with incoming players from an excellent JV team and a core group of returnees led by Seitz,Doyle,Pangia and Howald.Look forward to clash with De La Salle

  • Itsabob

    EBAL is one of the most sound & balanced competitive leagues for soccer. Each of the teams is very capable and skilled and would provide a challenge for any team to play. So many of the leagues truly only haven a few really good teams, were as any team from the EBAL would be contender in any other league. De La Salle should get Target to sponsor the athletic program…every team would have the target on the Jersey…not that they don’t already.

  • Matt Smith

    @Itsabob… Nice. That was funny.

  • Ncschamps

    So everyone is jumping on a amadors band wagon??? I think it’s a little too early and a lack of respect to their former coach which always had them up top. We have such a short memory about coach Ken and everything he did for that program.

    On the other hand lets just give the ebal teams the Ncs championship and call it a day. I guess no other school or players have an opportunity against them so why play at all, right @itsabob?

  • al robertson

    Do not know a lot about coach Ken.From what I saw and heard he is a good man and good coach.But as per De La Salle’s program coaches can make a difference.Amador will have a tough time with DLS,Cal and MV however they will have a better team this year with more depth and a new coach.Loooking forward to these matchups

  • Cokito

    Good point ncschamps. Best of luck to the 2013 Dons, but losing Ken is a very sad thing for the whole NCS soccer community. Ken is a passionate, competitive individual, who loves soccer very much, and truly cared and still cares, I am sure, for the students under his responsibility. He is a true gentleman.

    I wish people showed more class when talking about him and about his accomplishments at Amador. Ken, you are already missed, my friend.

  • mudhen

    EBAL, may well be sound and balanced, but I’ll tell you what; I have seen much prettier and more diverse styles of play from the other leagues.All of the EBAL teams play pretty much the same style of play- fearsome defense and counterattack, but they lack the creativity seen in some of the other teams, such as Hayward, Richmond etc.
    Still, wins are wins, and success breeds success. But I wonder how a Hayward or a Tennyson would do if afforded the same advantages that the higher socio economic teams get.
    Don’t kid yourselves , money DOES help.
    And don’t forget the refs. A good referee crew greatly enhances the game , whilst a mediocre crew speaks for itself. Here, EBAL is lucky as they USUALLY have very experienced and pro ref teams . EBISOA, also has good crews but it’s a crapshoot in CCOA.

  • Yellow Jacket

    Berkeley has played 2 games so far. A 2-0 win against Leadership and a 7-0 win over Antioch. Playing College Park right now.

  • Waterboy

    Berkeley hosts College Park tonight and wins 4-1
    Wed at 6pm Berkeley will host Monte Vista in the MVHS Tournament.
    First game at 4pm Amador vs Pittsburg

  • Matt Smith

    Northgate 4, Albany 0
    Deer Valley 2, Castro Valley 1

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Waterboy,

    Were Berkeley’s wins against Leadership and Antioch actual games, or scrimmages?

  • Matt Smith

    @Yellow Jacket also… Are those games or scrimmages?

  • Matt Smith

    Foothill 3, Logan 0

  • MVAL player

    Alhambra 2, Mission San Jose 0

  • MVAL player

    Alhambra 2, Mission San Jose 2*

  • Juan Pito

    Berkeley and MV on Wednesday will be a good game to attend for anybody trying to find a game to go to. Both team with very strong starts, especially Berkeley. Also a rematch of last year’s NCS clash.

  • Matt Smith

    YV 2, Livermore 2

  • Juan Pito

    And at 4 before the game i mentioned earlier, Pittsburg plays Amador so some really good matchups out at Berkeley on Wednesday.

  • Matt Smith

    St. Mary’s 4, De Anza 0

    And those first two Berkeley games were scrimmages.

  • Matt Smith

    Josh Espinoza had all four goals in that win.

  • Yellow Jacket

    @Matt Yessir those first 2 were scrimmages. Like others have mentioned Berkeley vs. CP at 6PM at BHS.
    Should be a great game.

  • John_quin

    Who won the Granada vs Newark memorial game?

  • Matt Smith

    It was a 1-1 draw with Granada/Newark.

    Foothill and Deer Valley are in control of their groups in the gold bracket.

  • John_quin

    @Matt where can we find the brackets online for winter classic?

  • Soccer2014

    Does anyone have the schedule for the Monte Vista / San Ramon Valley tournament? I found this link but I don’t think it’s right.


  • Matt Smith
  • Matt Smith

    Tri-Valley Challenge

    Nov. 28

    Amador Valley v. Pittsburg, 4:00 at Berkeley
    Berkeley v. Monte Vista, 6:00 at Berkeley
    Richmond v. College Park, 4:00 at San Ramon
    San Ramon Valley v. Clayton Valley, 6:00 at San Ramon

    Dec. 1

    Pittsburg v. Berkeley, 1:00 at Monte Vista
    Monte Vista v. Clayton Valley, 3:00 at Monte Vista
    Amador Valley v. Richmond, 1:00 at San Ramon
    College Park v. San Ramon Valley, 3:00 at San Ramon

    Dec. 5

    College Park v. Pittsburg, 4:00 at Berkeley
    Berkeley v. San Ramon, 6:00 at Berkeley
    Clayton Valley v. Amador Valley, 4:00 at Monte Vista
    Monte Vista v. Richmond, 6:00 at Monte Vista

    Dec. 8- All games at San Ramon Valley High

    Clayton Valley v. Berkeley, 11:00
    Amador Valley v. College Park, 1:00
    Monte Vista v. Pittsburg, 3:00
    San Ramon v. Richmond, 5:00

  • Lancer Fan

    Washington (Fremont) and Kennedy (Richmond) have bowed out of their games against Tennyson this week. Lancer’s are visiting Foothill High on Monday. Should be a good match.

  • RBD

    Rebels played Encinal Away with a 9-1 score for San Lorenzo

  • Soccer2014

    @Matt, thank you for the Winter Classic and Tri-Valley Challenge tournament schedules.

  • Foothill fan

    Foothill-1 San Leandro-0, Goldstein with an early goal 10 min in

  • al robertson

    Amador Valley-1 Pittsburg-0, goal by Doyle halftime

  • Matt Smith

    Wow. Foothill could be playing in that WSC final! That program seems to be heading in the right direction.

  • Matt Smith

    Thanks Al. That’s a big early season matchup.

  • Matt Smith

    @RBD Thanks for the SLZ score.

  • al robertson

    AV-1 Pittsburg-0 Good over-all team performance.Nice win over 7th ranked team!

  • La Maquina

    Anyone knows foothill score?

  • soccer54


    Really, av had one shot and it was a pk. Pitt dominated pretty much all possession.

    Hopefully I’m not the only one that saw it this way. Pitt actually looked very impressive but they didn’t score.

  • Foothill fan

    Final: Foothill-2, San Leandro-0, in Winter Classic

  • soccerman

    cal 3, logan 0

  • John_quin

    Newark 1 deer valley 0 at half

  • John_quin

    Newark 1 deer valley 0 final. It was a hard fought game with both teams having chances to score. Newark carried the play trying to extend their lead and Deer Valley fighting hard to avoid their first loss of the season. Many missed calls and non calls they let them play for the most part but Newark seemed to get the benefit of the majority of the missed calls.

  • Waterboy

    Monte Vista scores first and then adds a 2nd goal early in the 2nd half. Berkeley comes back with two.
    Final 2-2 Tie

  • Soccer Dad

    Something is cooking at Hercules High.
    Hercules 3
    Concord 1

  • SCP

    Hercules 3 Concord 1

  • BleacherBum

    Northgate v Alhambra – tie 0-0

  • Juan Pito

    watched both Amador-Pittsburg game today and MV-Berkeley game. Amador-Pitt was a good game, Pitt dominated large portions of the game and will be a very strong team. Amador will be a force to be reckon with in EBAL. MV and Berkeley was a physical and back and forth game that really displayed two very dissimilar styles of teams. Berkeley will be a very strong team this year and will be up there challenging for a top 5 spot in NCS in my opinion.

  • Waterboy

    Any results on Richmond/College Park and San Ramon/Clayton Valley games?

  • Anon

    Richmond/college park 1-1
    San Ramon 2 Clayton 0