Boys Soccer: Updated Rankings

Here are some updated rankings. The action really picks up this week and into the weekend, so the first full notebook with a story, rankings, standings and stats will run next week.
A couple changes in the rankings with College Park and Deer Valley jumping into the top 15.
Alhambra, Tennyson, Foothill, Alameda, Mt. Eden and Mission San Jose jump into the consideration list, just outside the top 15, but in the top 25.

1. De La Salle (0-0-0)
2. Richmond (0-0-0)
3. Ygnacio Vallley (1-0-0)
4. San Ramon Valley (1-0-0)
5. Bishop O’Dowd (0-0-0)
6. Acalanes (1-0-0)
7. Pittsburg (0-0-0)
8. California (3-0-1)
9. Newark Memorial (1-0-1)
10. Hayward (1-0-0)
11. Amador Valley (1-0-0)
12. Monte Vista (2-0-0)
13. Campolindo (1-0-0)
14. College Park (2-1-0)
15. Deer Valley (3-0-0)

Others Considered: Berkeley (0-0-0), Dougherty Valley (0-0-0), Alhambra (1-1-0), Tennyson (2-0-1), Foothill (1-0-1), Alameda (1-0-2), Concord (0-0-0), Piedmont (0-0-0), Mt. Eden (3-3-0), Mission San Jose (1-1-1)

Matt Smith

  • michorizo

    #10 for Berkeley is a beast 3 goals in the last two official games!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know the Mission San Jose vs. Albany score?

  • EBU

    Berkeley has an excellent midfield and seems to be one of the most underrated teams in NCS.

  • Ncschamps

    Juan pito,

    How did you see Pitt?

  • EBU

    Berkeley dominated a large part of the game against MV and has an excellent midfield. They seem to be one of the most underrated teams in NCS.

  • Matt Smith

    I think Hercules has Jeremy Romero this year, who scored 23 goals for Pinole last year.

  • Matt Smith

    Piedmont 2, Oakland Tech 1

  • Matt Smith

    WSC scores from Wednesday…

    Gold Division:

    Newark Memorial 1 Deer Valley 0
    Granada 1 Castro Valley 1
    California 3 James Logan 0
    Foothill 2 San Leandro 1

    Silver Division:

    Livermore 2 Freedom 1
    Acalanes 1 Ygnacio Valley 0
    Las Lomas 2 Arroyo 2
    Campolindo 4 Heritage 2

    Bronze Division:

    Irvington 1 Antioch 1
    Mission SJ 1 Albany 1
    Northgate0 Alhambra 0
    American 2 Miramonte 2

  • Matt Smith

    TVC score…

    AV 1, Pitt 0
    Berkeley 2, MV 2
    Richmond 2, CP 2
    SRV 2, CV 0

  • Matt Smith

    WSC Schedule for Saturday…

    Gold Bracket

    11:00am @ Granada HS James Logan vs Castro Valley
    1:00pm @ Granada HS Granada vs San Leandro

    Consolation Final:
    3:00pm @ Livermore HS California vs Newark Memorial

    7:00pm @ Foothill HS Foothill vs Deer Valley

    Silver Bracket

    11:00am @ California HS Las Lomas vs Freedom
    1:00pm @ California HS Ygnacio Valley vs Heritage

    Consolation Final:
    1:00pm @ Livermore HS Livermore vs Arroyo

    5:00pm @ Foothill HS Campolindo vs Acalanes

    Bronze Bracket

    11:00am @ Acalanes HS Albany vs American
    1:00pm @ Acalanes HS Mission SJ vs Irvington

    Consolation Final:
    11:00am @ Livermore HS Alhambra vs Miramonte

    3:00pm @ Foothill HS Northgate vs Antioch

  • GoldenBoy

    How did you guys see RHS against College Park?

  • High school soccer

    The pirates dominated both first and second halfs they just could not scored , AV just had a few shots but scores off a penalty . Pitt would be a strong tream they pressure a lot and touch the ball a lot they just need to work on their finishing

  • Matt Smith

    Pitt gets Izzy back this weekend as well. I won’t drop them too far in the rankings as long as they show well on Saturday.

  • Joe Kahn

    #13 for Berkeley is one of the most extraordinary players I’ve seen in a very long time, everyone should come out and watch!

  • Stewie

    My fab 5 are DLS, MV, Richmond, Cal, YV .

    Others to keep an eye on are Pitt, Freedom, Alhambra, Las Lomas & Northgate. as teams to watch for improved play.

  • Soccerluvr

    With all due respect @Soccer54, a win is a win and AVHS WON!

  • Matt Smith

    I think you’re spot on with Northgate. That teams is turning it around in a hurry.
    I think Foothill is another team to watch for.

  • Shinguard

    Good creativity starts with a solid defense that also can push the ball forward to get things going and then its up to the guys upfront and how you control the box after the shot and on free kicks and corners. Most of the top 4 teams in each league show or have good control of those capabilities and play a complete form of soccer. You cant survive on total free flow offense.
    Best example are DLS, MV, Cal, Campo, Acalanes. I like Richmond but they get predictable, YV is creative but if they collapse in back they get beat. But that is what is unique about the game you can get that 1 goal and change gears everyone goes D and then hang on for the ride.

    Re girls…take a good look at Las Lomas…I heard that the Ball-whisperer is in town.

  • mudhen

    Shinguard, from what I have seen so far, I would put Hayward in that group also. People have a hard time even getting to the backfield against them.

  • BaySoccer

    Numbers 8 and 6 for Berkeley are great players and are only juniors. They dominate the midfield and have great chemistry. Everyone should go check them out, truly fun to watch

  • Shinguard

    Sounds fair, I have not seen them play, But most everybody out along Hwy 4 and 680 I have seen.
    Some team are loaded with talent, some not so much and a good coaching staff can take the not so much and do wonders. Those are some of the best games tactically speaking and fun to watch.

  • al robertson

    Soccer54 I saw a different game yesterday.Pittsburg is a fine team that will get better I believe over the course of the season.
    Here is my take on the game:First 30 minutes were choppy for both teams AV had momentum last 10 minutes including penalty kick which resulted in AV goal.(take down of player on clear break….could have been red card)
    AV played defensive in 2H including changing formation and using 2 forwards.Piitt’s only quality shot was from 25 yds out on free kick which was punched over bar by goalie.
    AV almost scored on header in counter attack so quality chances were even at one apiece
    Conclusion AV won and beat a quality team out of the gate.Look forward to next game

  • mudhen

    I dunno about Northgate. I watched the game with Alhambra, and was not impressed. They pulled a couple of good counters, but were weak in the midfield. Likewise, Alhambra had the ball for a lot of the game, but they were weak at putting shots on goal. The jury is still out.

  • Foothill Fan

    Thanks for the love Matt. No goals allowed in 4 games(there was a misprint on the San Leandro score, the final was 2-0, not 2-1) Looking forward to the Winter Classic Final vs. Deer Valley!

  • Tri-City Dude

    Hey Matt, it’s good to see you again. I just want your take on the MVAL and the WAC Foothill and Shoreline leagues. My favorites in each league are Newark, Berkley, and Hayward respectively. Logan, American, Mt. Eden, Castro Valley, Tennyson, and Piedmont should be challengers in their respective leagues.

    Also, I noticed on Maxpreps that Mt. Eden, Alameda, and Arroyo are in the Foothill league with Berkley, BOD, and Castro Valley while Hayward, San Leandro, and Encinal are in the Shoreline league along with San Lorenzo, Piedmont, and Tennyson. In football, the two leagues are completely different. Any explanations?

  • Matt Smith

    I think Maxpreps has it mixed up. That site isn’t the best source of basic information. It will give you good national news and it will cover the heck out of the top football stories, but as far as being accurate with scores and schedules for things like NCS soccer, you can forget it. The WACC is broken up the same way as it is in the Fall.

    I’m taking O’Dowd and Berkeley as favorites on the Foothill side, and starting to think Berkeley is the team to beat after a strong start, and I think Hayward is a strong favorite in the Shoreline.

    Newark is a head and shoulders favorite in the MVAL this year. Logan looks to have regressed a little, but James is a great coach and by league they’ll be playing better. I think watch out for MSJ to jump up to third or possibly second place in that league this year.

  • WACC Rep (for this post only)

    Max Preps has the divisions correct. The WACC divisions were separated by competitive equity. For every sport these two divisions were separated dependent by each sport. So there could be significant differences between mens soccer and football or basketball, etc.

  • mvalfan

    MVAL is very competitive this year and MSJ is off to a strong start at 1-1-3 compared to years before facing tough teams in the run for NCS this year. Logan isnt the superpower it used to be, and that might result in some new standings for the mval league. Cant wait for season to start to obvserve this fantastic league.

  • Tri-City Dude

    Thanks for your input Matt. Also, thank you WACC Rep for your explanations on the two WACC divisions. It makes a lot more sense when you put it that way.

    Mvalfan, I’m not sure if MSJ is as good as everyone thinks even with their good start. I’ll wait a few more weeks before I jump to conclusions. Either way, it should be a good competition between Newark, Logan, American, MSJ, and Moreau for the league title.

  • OldTigerCoach

    Saw Amador vs Pitt and MV vs Berkeley last Wednesday. Amador and Pitt was boring. AV more organized, but not good finishing. Pitt couldn’t crack AV defense. Goal came off a Pk. #10 from Pitt best overall player on the field. Neither team could muster an attack, but both will win with defense, ball control and seizing opportunities. Second game Berkeley controlled the midfield. MV was dangerous on set plays. MV Center Back #25 was effective. Their star was the #10 wiht the throw-ins. Good distance, line drives at the goal top. Agree that Berk midfield looks strong #6 and #8. No #13 (mentioned above) not in my notes, maybe you meant Berk #12, definitely fastest player on field. Berk #10 has a great shot, doesn’t play traditional forward style which confuses defense.

  • FirstTouch

    Will be interesting to see what impact academies continue to have on the quality of East Bay HS soccer. I hear the only returning starting Spartan defender (an all E-Bay 1st team selection as a junior) has gone over to the Earthquakes. Are there other notable defections this season?

    Imagine what would have happened if DFC had been successful in their efforts to go academy?


    Schools have nothing to do with developing or making “GOOD” teams…..All this success has to do with there CLUB teams. Dont get everyone thinks it the HS who are making these players

  • Matt Smith

    Anyone at the WSC games? Update if possible.

    I’ll be at most of the Campo game and then the Foothill game right after.

  • GoldenBoy

    Amador against Richmond Anyone?


  • al robertson

    Amador Valley-3 Richmond-0

  • al robertson

    Excellent over-all team performance by AV beating #2 ranked Richmond.
    Pangia had 2 goals and Howald led with outstanding defensive effort.Both players are Jr’s

  • Lionel Messi

    Gotta say something about AV’s defender Howald (#2), that kid flew in from out of nowhere to deflect an almost certain goal on a close range Richmond breakaway shot. Shutout saved.

  • Matt Smith

    Logan 1, Castro Valley 1

  • MVAL player

    Irvington 1, Mission San Jose 0
    Interesting game as Mission dominated the first half without a doubt. Yet, both teams just fired with a lot of their non-starters. Late into the 2nd half Irvington scores from #8 Mohammad Raza with a nice sliding kick into the goal. Great game, interesting result.

  • high school soccer

    Anything on phs vs bhs ans cp vs san ramon valley?

  • San Ramon 2-1 College Park FINAL

  • soccerman

    cal 3, newark 2, final
    cal led 3-0 at half time.

  • Matt Smith

    Acalanes up 2-0 on Campo at halftime. Other scores…

    Antioch 1, Northgate 1 (Antioch in PK’s)
    Livermore 5, Arroyo 0
    Granada 2, San Leando 1

  • Yellow Jacket

    2-0 In the acalanes campo game

  • Juan Pito

    MV 4-0 over Clayton Valley, Pitt 3-1 over Berkeley

  • Juan Pito

    EBAL looking scary strong right now.

  • Matt Smith

    Acalanes 2, Campolindo 0 F

  • Matt Smith

    Rounding up the TVC scores all in one place…

    Pittsburg 3, Berkeley 1
    Monte Vista 4, Clayton Valley 0
    San Ramon Valley 2, College Park 1
    Amador Valley 3, Richmond 0

  • Matt Smith

    Foothill scores right out of the gates… Cody Hall from Christian Clark. 1-0 in the 4th minute.