Girls Volleyball: State Playoffs, Rankings, Standings

The CIF State playoffs mark the end of the 2012 volleyball season, and for most teams, the dream ends without hoisting the state championship banner. However, that doesn’t mean that our local East Bay teams didn’t have a great season.

In Division I, San Ramon Valley could have beat Menlo-Atherton in three if a couple of points had just gone the other way, instead the Wolves lost in three very close games. MA then went on to give St. Francis a hard time, which means the Wolves probably would have given the top-seeded team fits as well. Still, a great season for the 2011 NCS champs.
Cal, the 2012 champs, had a fantastic season, with 30 wins and a first NCS title in 30 years. That was followed by a thrilling win over Homestead. The Grizzlies then ran into a buzzsaw in Granite Bay. That program is very legit up there in the Sacramento area, and should give St. Francis all it can handle.

In Division II, the scrappy and never-say-die Las Lomas Knights finally succumbed, and it only took the No. 2 ranked team in the country to do it. After a vintage scrape and claw win over Gregori in the first round of the NorCals, the Knights nearly took a game off unbeatable Mitty.

Division III features the one team still going as Campolindo got past a scrappy Sacred Heart Cathedral team. This wasn’t like the SHC teams of the past that have hitters all over the place that put the ball away every time. This was a different team that battled for every point and kept getting a lot of balls up. However, Campo had too much firepower and now gets to see if they can handle the very tough middles from Valley Christian-San Jose. VC beat O’Dowd, and actually only struggled in one of the games. O’Dowd’s fast offense wasn’t enough to counteract Valley’s strength in the middle.

Division IV and V saw a pair of TCAL teams fall in the NorCal semifinals as both St. Patrick-St. Vincent and St. Joseph Notre Dame were beaten in three, fairly suprisingly.


Campolindo takes the top spot back and will likely finish as the top-ranked team in the East Bay. The Cougars are the only East Bay team to reach the NorCal finals, and that is enough to push them to No. 1. A trip to the state finals would only affirm that, but either way, it’s been a great season for Campolindo who deserves the top ranking.
Cal, Las Lomas, Bishop O’Dowd and Albany are all deserving of their top five rankings, while San Ramon Valley, Northgate, Monte Vista, Amador Valley and Foothill round out the top ten.

1. Campolindo (29-4)
2. California (30-4)
3. Las Lomas (37-8)
4. Bishop O’Dowd (30-8)
5. Albany (34-6)
6. San Ramon Valley (31-11)
7. Northgate (30-10)
8. Monte Vista (25-11)
9. Amador Valley (18-13)
10. Foothill (18-17)
11. St. Joseph Notre Dame (27-12)
12. Head-Royce (23-6)
13. Heritage (20-14)
14. Berkeley (21-11)
15. Moreau Catholic (23-8)


Team Record GB

Head Royce (23-6, 12-0) –
College Prep (14-13, 10-2) 2
Valley Chr. (21-13, 8-4) 3
Athenian (12-13, 6-6) 6
Holy Names (4-11, 3-9) 9
Redwood Chr. (9-16, 2-10) 10
Bentley (4-16, 1-11) 11

Team Record GB

Heritage (20-14, 9-1) –
Liberty (18-10, 9-1) –
Deer Valley (13-23, 6-4) 3
Freedom (7-15, 4-6) 5
Antioch (3-21, 2-8) 7
Pittsburg (0-13, 0-10) 9

Team Record GB

Las Lomas (37-8, 11-1) –
Campolindo (29-4, 11-1) –
Dougherty Valley (20-13, 7-5) 4
Acalanes (12-11, 6-6) 5
Dublin (20-11, 5-7) 6
Miramonte (5-20, 2-10) 9
Alhambra (10-19, 0-12) 11

Team Record GB

Northgate (30-10, 12-0) –
College Park (24-12, 9-3) 3
Berean Chr. (17-17, 8-4) 4
Clayton Valley (13-16, 6-6) 6
Concord (15-18, 5-7) 7
Ygnacio Valley (2-14, 2-10) 10
Mt. Diablo (0-18, 0-12) 12

Team Record GB

California (30-4, 13-1) –
San Ramon Valley (31-11, 12-2) 1
Amador Valley (18-13, 9-5) 4
Monte Vista (25-11, 8-6) 5
Foothill (18-17, 7-7) 6
Carondelet (15-17, 4-10) 9
Granada (15-21, 3-11) 10
Livermore (7-21, 0-14) 13

Team Record GB

Newark Memorial (23-11, 12-2) –
Moreau Catholic (23-8, 12-2) –
Irvington (18-10, 10-4) 2
Logan (15-14, 9-5) 3
Mission San Jose (11-21, 5-9) 7
Washington (5-16, 5-9) 7
American (11-14, 2-12) 10
Kennedy-Fremont (3-21, 1-13) 11

Rock Division
Team Record GB

Albany (34-6, 10-0) –
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (35-6, 8-2) 2
St. Joseph Notre Dame (27-12, 6-4) 4
St. Mary’s (10-10, 4-6) 6
Salesian (7-16, 2-8) 8
El Cerrito (1-11, 0-10) 10

Stone Division
Team Record GB

Swett (9-6, 9-1) –
Pinole Valley (8-7, 8-2) 1
Hercules (6-6, 6-4) 3
De Anza (5-7, 5-5) 4
Kennedy-Richmond (1-11, 1-9) 8
Richmond (1-9, 1-9) 8

Foothill League
Team Record GB

Bishop O’Dowd (30-8, 16-0) –
Berkeley (21-11, 13-3) 3
Castro Valley (15-13, 12-4) 4
Piedmont (18-15, 10-6) 6
San Leandro (9-9, 9-7) 7
Alameda (10-17, 5-11) 11

Shoreline League
Team Record GB

Arroyo (15-16, 10-6) –
Mt. Eden (9-15, 8-8) 2
Tennyson (6-13, 6-10) 4
San Lorenzo (5-18, 4-12) 6
Encinal (2-15, 2-14) 8
Hayward (0-21, 0-16) 10

Matt Smith


    Matt how do you handicap Campo versus Valley Christian? I have not seen VC play, but they seem to present an intriguing look with a very tall team, and their two setters also being their two biggest hitters. Campo is deep and experienced, and seems to have had a slightly better record against common opponents (e.g. two wins over Presentation, who VC lost to twice) but I don’t think they’ve played anyone who will give them the looks they’ll see from Valley Christian. Home court should help, but six-footers are just as tall on the road as they are at home.

  • Matt Smith

    I’m going to put Campolindo as the slight favorite because of the senior leadership, and like you said, the depth. In the playoffs, people keep stepping up from different positions for them.
    Like you said, height travels, and Valley certainly has that, so I think that cancels out the home court advantage a little bit, but with it being in Moraga, I think that and the experience have me leaning towards the Cougars. I’d be surprised if we don’t go five games, or four games that were even closer than against SHC.

  • Jake

    Matt, Will you be re-capping the All League teams in your blog next week?I think I missed a few. Also, when will your All East Bay Teams come out? Thanks!

  • Matt Smith

    I will run all the All-League teams very shortly after the season, and then the All East Bay comes out around Dec. 20th, I believe…

  • Blah

    Great season for NCS teams. Especially LL, this is the season to remember for sure. Which team in DFAL will be the next Cinderella next year? I predict Dublin. They had one Sr graduated and could be a force if their younger players do club. Good luck to the remaining NCS teams (Branson and Campo)

  • VBwatcher

    Congratulations to Campo as last team standing. Having beaten #’s 2, 3 and 4 they are the right choice as #1 in a solid year for East Bay teams.

    Congratulations also to Cal, LL, BOD, for wins at NorCal. POY? My vote goes to Shurtz as the choice among a field of deserving candidates.

  • Prep Fan

    Good luck to Campo. Hopefully, they can bring back a state title. But for POY, I have to go with Clayton from Cal. She carried that team all year long.

  • Jake

    I believe the Player of the Year will be Clayton from Cal, Shurtz from Campo, or Lawrence from Northgate. All three dominated this season. This will be a very difficult choice for Matt. A good case can be made for any of the 3 players.

  • Coach

    POY should be Clayton.I feel she did more with less around her than Shurtz and Lawrence.Although all 3 would be deserving of the Award. I could also make the case that Shurtz and her team are still playing while the others are at home watching the Norcal finals. Good Luck to all 3 of them as they will surely be a force in the next stage of their careers.

  • VBT

    I could not agree more that the POY choice is a close one this season, but I would also say that when all things are considered (stats, team success, strength of opponents, leadership,…) Shurtz would get the nod. Their only losses this season were to Mitty, LL, St. Francis (Sac), & BOD and Shurtz put up gaudy numbers in those matches, as well as in several big wins all season; such as 29 kills & 5 blocks last Sat vs Sacred Heart Cathedral.
    All three are great players nonetheless.

  • Matt Smith

    This will probably be the hardest POY decision I’ve had to make since covering volleyball in the East Bay, but I feel like you guys are exactly right… The candidates have been narrowed down to Clayton, Shurtz and Lawrence.

  • Matt Smith

    Campo up 2-1 on Valley.

  • Prep Fan

    Congrats to Campo for a hard fought NorCal championship tonight! Good luck Saturday down in Irvine!

    Shurtz has much more talent around her than Clayton or Lawrence, but all 3 are fantastic.

  • ll alum & dad

    Re: POY- whose still standing? Theres your POY.

    That was a great see-saw battle tonight! Wow there were some momentum shifts. Best of luck to Campo in the big one.

  • curious

    Lets also take each player off of their respective teams. I would agree that Clayton’s team doesnt win EBAL let alone NCS if she wasnt playing. If you take Shurtz off of Campo you could argue they would still have gotten this far. Highly talented team, but doesnt take away from the fact that she is a dominant player. Lawrence is in the same boat as Clayton as far as I’m concerned. Stats arent close at all. Clayton was there go to and she delivered with over 500 kills. I dont care who you are thats impressive. Good Luck to all 3!

  • VBT

    Curious, With all due respect, I think if you were to tell any of their players, coaches, or parents that Campo would still have been the #1 ranked team in NCS and would have gotten to the State Finals without Shurtz you would quickly realize how silly that statement is. Besides consistently “doing the heavy lifting” all season with stats(higher hitting % than Clayton & close to 500 kills as well), it was the “leadership” aspect that goes beyond the gaudy stats all three players produced this season.
    I agree with LL Alum & Dad when he points out who’s team is still standing. That gives Shurtz the nod for POY in my opinion.
    Again, no easy choice for Matt, as all three players had amazing seasons.
    Good luck to Campo on Saturday. Go beat the Socal juggernaut: Cathedral Catholic

  • Prep Fan

    My guess is that Campo will have another banner season next year. We’ll see how Cal fares next year without Clayton. The still standing argument goes to the team and they will rightfully be ranked #1 when the season finally comes to a close. Clayton took Cal as far as she or anyone imagined she could. Their first title in 30 years.

  • Coach

    I also think Campo will have another banner year w/o Shurtz. Cal on the other hand will have to battle it out to finish in the top 4. VBT, nobody is taking anything away from Shurtz or Campo for that matter. I agree with curious that we’re not even talking about Cal if Clayton wasnt on the team. Thats not an opinion thats about the hard truth of it. Cal had a great season,but wouldnt even be in the discussion if it wasnt for Sabrina. Every single year we talk about Campo because they reload and their coaches do a wonderful job getting the girls ready to play. Congrats Campo on another stellar year!

  • VBT

    Agreed, the “still standing” point is certainly a team effort, but 21, 29, & 22 Kills in the past three Norcal Playoff matches against top ranked teams had something to do with it. BTW, potential success “next season” has nothing to do with the discussion for POY “this season”. Campo is a program that will always have successful seasons. Stats certainly are a good starting point, but if that were the case, another Campo player, Mary Vaccaro, would not have won POY in 2010.
    With a tough call between three gifted players, who all put up fantastic numbers, one must look beyond just statistics.

  • Q

    Agree with the 3 candidates. However, you can’t based only on the total # of Kills. I am sure Clayton and Lawrence had twice the amount of attempts then Shurtz because they were their go to player. If Shurtz had the same amount of attempts, I am most certain that she would had 700+ Kills. Therefore, you could throw out the total kills and look at the total games played and their %. Just from watching the three played during the year, Shurtz is more well balance hitter then the other two. For example, when the three are in the front, they all dominated. However, when the three are in the back, Shurtz has proven to be much more dominated attacker.

  • Jake

    Funny there has been no love for Northgate’s Michelle Lawrence who is the best player (my opinion)and biggest college recruit of the three candidates.

  • Prep Fan

    I wasn’t even talking about stats. Clayton led Cal to it’s first title in 30 years, and yes she had great stats, but she made a huge difference to that team. She is simply the best player Cal High has ever had who took them to new heights, EBAL and NCS D1 titles and a first round win at NorCal. Shurtz is certainly a great player in her own right, who helped keep Campo playing at an elite level, and hopefully will bring home another state title. Both great kids and I wish them well at the next level.

  • Q

    Just because you are the biggest college recruit doesn’t make you the POY. Take Odow setter few years ago “Lindsey Parrott” was biggest recruit and now at Cal. I have not seen her on the court. POY is not only based on individual accomplishments but also how she leads and makes players around her better.

  • Jake

    Q- Totally understand. Those qualities you speak of can be attributed to ALL of the (3) candidates, not just one or two. I have said from the beginning that it will be a very difficult decision for Matt, and a compelling argument can be made for all (3) candidates. I just did not see much mention of Lawrence in the conversation. I have seen all (3) players a few times this year and they have all played great.

  • LJcoolJ

    I didn’t see BOD’s Sophia Mar mentioned for POY, either. As far as making her teammates better, she should definitely be considered. The other three/four are all great hitters, but without a usable set, they can’t do as much. Mar is a great setter, hitter and blocker; great leader; and consistently a high performer.

  • LL Alum & Fan

    Take Shurtz off this years Campo team, elevate the next best hitter on the team to her position, and consider the question- Is Campo still playing for a State Championship??? Its the super bowl for high school sports, its what any player or coach wants, and I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

  • Thank you LJ for setting the record straight. The big hitters get all the glory and the liberos and setters get no recognition for a team’s success. Cassidy and Sophie were key components to Campo’s winning record as Sophia Mar was to O’Dowd’s accomplishments.

  • Prep Fan

    @26 – Take Clayton off of this year’s Cal team and do they win a NorCal game? No! NCS? No! EBAL? No! I don’t know that they would even make the playoffs as there are a lot of good teams in that league.

    Campo has had a great year and I hope they win state, but they didn’t even win their league outright, as they tied with LL.

  • Coach

    Prep Fan,
    So if we take Lawrence off of NG do they get as far or do as well as they did? No! So that arguement could work for her too(forgot to mention her in my last post). I also agree with LJ that someone had to get them the ball. It all starts with the pass. Any of you remember the commercial “chicks dig the long ball?” It was about how home run hitters get most of the glory. OH get all the praise and unfortunately unless the setter or libero is a D1 caliber recruit they often get overlooked. Can or has there ever been CO-POY?

  • Newbe

    Does anyone know if the campo state game is going to be televised? And where can I find ebal all league selections

  • Prep Fan

    @ Coach #29, While Lawrence is a very good player, NG is in a fairly weak league & I think they would have still won their league even without her. So while she might be the best player in that league, I don’t think she was quite as valuable as Clayton or Shurtz. Cal drops the furthest by far without Clayton than do the other 2.

    @ Newbe: I don’t think it is televised 🙁 , and all EBAL has not yet been officially announced.

  • VB Player

    Time Warner Cable has exclusive broadcast rights for all five matches.
    All five (5) Championship Games – Live in HD, televised on Time Warner Cable
    • Time Warner Cable – Check SoCal101tv.com for details.
    o High Def – Games air live on Time Warner Cable channel 700 throughout the TWC footprint in Los Angeles and San Diego.
    o Also available on TWC Local On Demand.
    • Time Warner Cable has also made the games available for distribution to other local television providers throughout California. Please check with your local television distributor for channels and times.
    • Online: Games streamed live on http://www.livestream.com/twcsports

  • VB Player


    Saturday, December 1 at Concordia University Irvine

    Division V at 10:00 a.m. – Branson vs. Tri-City Christian

    Division IV at 12:30 p.m. – Sacred Heart Prep vs. Francis Parker

    Division III at 3:00 p.m. – Campolindo vs. Cathedral Catholic

    Division II at 5:30 p.m. – Archbishop Mitty vs. Martin Luther King

    Division I at 8:00 p.m. – St. Francis vs. Marymount

  • VBT

    I see the discussion for POY is still raging on; nice.
    As previously mentioned, fair or not, Hitters are in a position that enables them to garner attention by both their stats and importance to the team. Mary Vaccaro was a hybrid OH/Setter, but won the award in 2010 by taking her team to the State finals as a hitter. Like it or not, the OH is going to be the horse that carries a team to the State finals; provided you have a great setter and excellent defense of course.
    Q @20 points out an important fact: Hitting % outweighs # of Kills. It evens that offensive stat out as he explained.
    LL Alum @26 points out that the ultimate goal for every high school player, coach, & fan is to reach the State Finals (their Super Bowl). The fact that, of the three being discussed, only Shurtz is still playing tips the scale to her as the POY as I see it.
    29 Kills in win over Sacred Heart Cathedral in Norcal Semis
    22 Kills in win over Valley Christian (my pick for next year’s powerhouse team) in the Norcal Finals
    and 18 Kills; 12 Digs in State Final vs. Cathedral Catholic.
    Hard to argue that in my opinion.

  • Coach

    You know what they say about opinions? I would argue that everyone in the Bay area knew Michelle and Sabrina were going to get thew ball a majority of the time and still couldnt be stopped. There is something to be said about going all the way to the state finals, but one would and could argue that she had way more in terms of a supporting cast than the other two. So i would think that would factor into thew decision. BTW, i could give you Michelle and Sabrina’s stats for the playoffs which are just as impressive.

  • LL Alum & Fan

    The candidates discussed are all very good players and are going to play big time college volleyball and should do well at it. That’s a given. An argument made for any one is made at least in part by comparing one to the others. Since it’s a team sport and not a skills competition of how many kills one has, how high they jump, etc., frankly Lawrence for Player of the Year is a stretch. The DVAL is soft and Northgate should win it most years. They won it by 3 games this year over College Park so it’s definitely possible, perhaps even probable, they still win the DVAL this year without Lawrence. NG was unable to advance to the NCS final, beating only Concord and Dublin, and are ranked 109th in California. Dozens of spots below any other team mentioned lately on this board –
    – Campolindo #17
    – California #29
    – Las Lomas #50
    – Bishop OD #53
    – Northgate # 109

    Comparatively speaking, where are the team accomplishments?

    Any valid comparison involves Clayton and Shurtz. If you believe Clayton is a better player, and feel that Cal High’s having their best season in nearly 30 years is a big factor, and maybe combine that with the fact that they play Div. 1, then maybe that’s your pick. I’ve read comments about strength of the supporting cast that Campolindo has. That’s what it takes to play for a state title! If one believes that Campo still makes the state final without Shurtz, then Clayton is absolutely your pick. Specifically, I don’t believe Campo would have beat BOD in the playoffs this year without Shurtz. I’m not sure they would have gotten by Valley Christian. They made the title game, again, which as a public school is amazing.

  • LL Alum & Fan – Don’t put too much faith into the MaxPreps ratings, they are flawed. Northgate did have a bad night, and lost to Maria Carillo in the NCS Semi-Final. The DVAL was weak this year (this hurt their MaxPreps ranking), but the Broncos did play a very strong non-league schedule. Please do not forget that Northgate did win the Northgate Tourney a week before NCS. The 32 team field included Las Lomas, Maria Carillo, San Ramon Valley, Cardinal Newman, Vista De Lago, Monte Vista, and State Champion Branson. Northgate also beat a Arizona D-5 State Champ twice a couple of weeks earlier. I think I will let Michelle Lawrence’s play stand on its own. I don’t think there is a more feared player in the area. Just saying……

  • Bronco Fan

    LL Alum & Fan- Northgate did play poorly and lose to Maria Carillo in the NCS Semi-Final. But don’t look too much into the MaxPreps rankings as they are flawed. Northgate’s ranking is penalized heavily for playing 6-8 DVAL games which thy were forced to play. If you look at the non-league schedule, Northgate played as tough of schedule as any of the top teams in the East Bay. In fact, Northgate won the 32-team NG Tourney just a week before NCS. Las Lomas, San Ramon Valley, Monta Vista, Vista de lago, Maria Carillo, Cardinal Newman, and State Champ Branson were all in the field.(Campo pulled out at the last minute) Michelle Lawrence’s play will stand on its own, there is no need to pump her up on a message board. I will say she is one of the most feared hitters/players in the state.

  • JR

    you are right. Campo would not be where they are this year without Shurtz. I think she had 29 kills vs Odow. I also think you are right about Michelle, to me she is third in the east bay in front of Kira from Albany. Annie and Sabrina is a toss up. However, when these two met at Deer Valley, Annie’s team won. Annie had a better game in that match then Sabrina, especially in the back row attack and passing. Maybe Campo has better back row defense then Cal. But Annie was killing it in the back.

  • Interesting statements about Michelle. I’m sure she’s a great player but put her ahead of Kyra Holt….that’s a stretch. Don’t minimize Kyra’s efforts this season because Albany didn’t make the playoffs. Albany had an inexperienced freshman setter and an inconsistent back row not a good combination to make another run at state. If you talk about feared hitters in CA then Michelle’s all around talent needs to be compared to No. CA players Christine Alftin (Cal), Allie Spindt (UCSB), Gabby Palmeri (Pepperdine), Rianna Brennan (as of now not playing)and last year’s standout, Mikayla Tucker who pounded the ball with conviction from anywhere on the court. These players including Kyra left lasting impressions. I’ve seen Michelle play and I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t tell her apart from any other hitter on the team. I’ll be sure to watch in club (Norcal dream team) and maybe she’ll change my opinion.

  • Q

    I agree witn vbfreak. Michelle is a good hitter but great compare to others you mentioned. St Mary’s should be happy she turned them down.