CSNCA to air NCS Division I final

Comcast SportsNet California announced today that it will air the North Coast Section Division I championship between De La Salle and James Logan on Saturday at 7 p.m. The live broadcast from Dublin High will feature Barry Tompkins (play-by-play), Mike Pawlawski (analyst) and Dan Dibley (sideline reporting).

The same crew will call the action for the  CCS Open Division final between St. Ignatius and Bellarmine on Friday. Live coverage of that game begins at 7:30.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Itsabob

    Will it be on Concords Astound? because sometimes they do carry.

  • Greater Bay Area Top 25 Week 13

    1.(1) De La Salle, East Bay* 12-0
    2.(2) Bellarmine, West Catholic 11-1
    3.(3) James Logan, Freelance 11-1
    4.(4) Serra, West Catholic 9-3
    5.(5) California, East Bay 9-3
    6.(10) St. Ignatius, West Catholic 9-3
    7.(6) Freedom, Bay Valley 9-3
    8.(7) Pittsburg, Bay Valley 8-4
    9.(13) El Cerrito, TCAL Rock 13-0
    10.(8) Archbishop Mitty, West Catholic 8-4
    11.(14) Clayton Valley, Diablo Valley 11-1
    12.(9) Marin Catholic, Marin County 12-1
    13.(15) Rancho Cotate, North Bay 12-0
    14.(11) Amador Valley, East Bay 8-4
    15.(12) San Ramon Valley, East Bay 6-6
    16.(17) Foothill, East Bay 5-6
    17.(20) St. Francis(Mtn. View), West Catholic 7-5
    18.(21) Valley Christian(San Jose), West Catholic 6-6
    19.(18) Cardinal Newman, North Bay 11-2
    20.(19) Palma, MBL Gabilan 8-3
    21.(22) Palo Alto, SCVAL De Anza 8-3
    22.(24) North Gate, Diablo Valley 9-3
    23.(25tie) Deer Valley, Bay Valley 6-5
    24.(25tie) Concord, Diablo Valley 10-3
    25.(NR) Menlo School, PAL Ocean 10-2

    The following teams are listed so there are 15 ranked East Bay teams.
    28.(28) Campolindo, Diablo Foothill 10-2
    31.(30) Bishop O’Dowd, WACAL Foothill 7-5

    (16) Seaside, MBL Pacific 11-1
    (23) Analy, Sonoma County 12-1

    * Not elgible for league championship

  • OH,OH:
    Amador Valley is 8-5, not 8-4.
    Foothill is 6-6, not 5-6.

  • sean dean

    So who does dls play when they beat logab?

  • Prep Fan

    Sean, there is no bracket. It all depends on what happens in each section. Once all the games have been played, the committee will choose 2 teams to play the regional games from the North in each division. If DLS beats Logan, most likely they’ll play a team from the San Joaquin section (Folsom?) in the Open division or possibly a rematch with Bellarmine. Winners in each division move on to face the Southern winners at Carson. Gotta let it play out first. After Saturday, it should be pretty clear.

  • Retired QB

    Why would Folsom play in the open game? Would not the be eligible for the Div. II game? Do they have to play up or is it their choice?

  • SB Fan

    Even though Folsom is playing D2 in the SJS, they are slotted for D1 in regionals. Only 4 teams slotted for D1 regional. CCS open. SJS D1, SJS D2, and NCS D1.

    I figure all 4 will play in the regionals. Two playing in the open division and 2 playing in the D1 game.

    Anybody have any info on the location for regional championship games?

  • Here’s a projection for the upcoming section championship games.

    Cal Bowl (CIF State Championship Game) Open Div. and D1 Divisions
    North Region
    NCS D1: De La Salle over James Logan (Dela should get their toughest NCS playoff challenge in years. The Colts could easily have the halftime lead. However, Logan’s lack of bench strength will start to really hurt them by the later minutes of the 3rd qtr and the Spartans will pull comfortably ahead.)

    SJS D1: Oak Ridge vs. Granite Bay. (Tough one to call. Trojans with a close win).

    SJS D2: Folsom over Elk Grove. (Herd won’t be able to contain the Bulldogs wide open passing attack.)

    CCS Open: Bellarmine over St. Ignatius. (SI seems to be on a roll, but a win over the Bells would be the upset of the year.)

    South Region
    SS D1(Pac 5): Mater Dei over Long Beach Poly. (Monarchs will have some trouble throwing against Poly’s lightning fast secondary, but the Jackrabbits won’t be able to consistantly ground and pound the MD defense.)

    SS D2(Inland): Vista Murrieta over Centennial. (Statewide, the Bronco D is second only to the one at Winton Drive, and maybe not even 2nd to them.)

    LACS D1: Narbonne over Crenshaw.(the Shaw is a stud team with mucho speed. However, the Guachos are the most talented team, 9 or 10 D1 prospects, west of the Pecos; maybe west of the Atlantic.)

    SDS D1: Mission Hills over Eastlake, but a close one to call. As usual SDS D2 is a stronger playoff than SDS D1.

    CS D1: Clovis North over Fresno Central. (Central has one of the best rbs in the state, but North has a very well balanced team. Already beat the Grizzlies 50-7 in league.) Winner should get a D1 Region South birth.

    Tommorow: Cal Bowl D2 Divisions Section Championships

  • stuck in spokane

    According to baypreps.com DLS/Logan will play next year in week 7. Without knowing anything else about next years schedule, if this is true, I dare someone to call their schedule weak.

  • seven72deuce

    I call DLS’ schedule weak in advance. Just kidding. Don’t know how strong the colts will be next year however. The matchup is very possible as Logan and DLS should be moving out of having to still face MVAL/EBAL opponents, respectively.

  • Prep Fan

    Stuck, you know there are certain people who have still called EBAL teams schedules’ weak even when they have had DLS every year in addition to other EBAL teams, so let’s wait and see who else they have before determining how tough their schedule is.

    Somehow I doubt that Logan would keep teams like Irvington and MSJ on their schedule but we’ll see how determined they are to make sure they are getting enough competition. If all they did was replace Del Oro with DLS, then while being an upgrade it would not make it a monstrous schedule.

    I would think they would want to put in a couple of EBAL and BVAL teams, as well as some OOS action. Heritage (3-7) and SRV (6-6) was a start this year, but adding Pitt or Freedom and Cal or MV would be nice. I hope next year’s team is up for the battle if they significantly upgrade it and make it a Spartanlike schedule.

  • stuck in spokane

    I think major complaints about EBAL schedule strength has more to do with out of league games, than overall schedule strength. While most of Logan’s out of conference games were playoff team’s from the year before, that struggled this year. DLS is one team I imagine that won’t be the case for.

  • Prep Fan

    Most EBAL teams had scheduled some tough teams such as Pitt or Freedom, in addition to the EBAL schedule and DLS. I don’t think they were major or even valid complaints, but there were some that wanted all of DLS’ opponents to have as high a strength of schedule as possible to help them in their national view.

    With DLS now no longer counting as a league game, EBAL teams now just need to go 3-3 in league rather than 4-3 (with an inevitable loss to DLS) to be playoff eligible, or else do very well in their preseason games. That change alone should enable EBAL teams to upgrade their schedules without doing so at the peril of not making the playoffs like what happened to Foothill last season.

    Foothill played 3 preseason games last season (Pitt, Novato & Logan), and lost 2 of them to Pitt & Logan. They then went 3-4 in the EBAL with the inevitable loss to loss to DLS, and losses to Cal, SRV & MV and finished 4-6 overall and did not make the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. Had that exact same schedule been played this year, they would have made the playoffs at .500 (3-3) in league play.

    One could say that in losing 6 games they shouldn’t make the playoffs, but those were 6 pretty good teams that they lost to and Foothill would have beaten a lot of the teams that did make the playoffs, including the #3 seed SL had they been eligible. There are a lot of things to consider when teams make out schedules. Hopefully the EBAL teams will upgrade now that DLS is no longer in the league, even if they still choose to play each other.

  • renegades10

    Week 7? That makes me wonder how many games DLS will have to play against EBAL opponents. The way they scheduled when they were semi-independent in the BVAL usually had 5 non-league games first and then 5 BVAL games accept for one year where they scheduled Evangel later in the season. So are they getting complete scheduling freedom next year? Could make for an interesting schedule.

  • concrete17

    Maybe another OOS game in the last 1/3 of the season?

  • Prep Fan

    Or they might be going by the EBAL schedule and saw that Livermore had the bye week in week 7 and figured the Cowboys would not want to play them? Only 1 EBAL team would be available to play after week 3, as there are an odd number of teams, so if DLS wanted to play say Cal, MV, or SRV for instance, they would need to set it up for their bye week or else burn one of their early dates when everyone has non league games.

    It has got to be hard to schedule games in the 2nd half of the season when most teams everywhere are playing league games. I don’t know if that is Livermore’s bye week, but just speculating for sake of discussion.

  • Prep Fan

    Going by that, if DLS was to play Cal again next season, it would need to be either in week 10 (Cal’s bye week always as it is rivalry week for everyone else) or else in weeks 1-3 when DLS is normally OOS. I hope playing Logan week 7 doesn’t preclude them from playing one of the upper crust EBAL teams who has a bye that week. The BVAL teams play 5 preseason games and it would be easier for DLS to schedule a Pitt or Freedom in weeks 4 or 5. It’s got to be a lot of work to set all that up.

  • Projections for Section Championships
    Cal Bowl(CIF Championship) D2 Divisions
    North Region

    NCS D2: Clayton Valley over Rancho Cotate. The Ranch is good this year but the Eagles will dominate the LOS.

    CCS D1: Milpitas over San Benito. Milpitas is too big and too fast for the Haybalers, who were only 4-5 going into the playoffs.

    CCS D2: St. Francis over Los Gatos. The Wildcats are not the team they had been just a few years ago. St. Francis was 4-3 in the tough WCAL, finishing with a 24-0 road win over Serra.

    SJS D3: Oakdale over Vista del Lago. Should be close, but Mustangs line play will dominate in the end. Winner should play NCS D2 winner in North D2 Regional next week.
    South Region

    SS D3(Northern): Palos Verdes over West Torrance. PV already beat West 47-14 in Bay League play. Also Sea Kings had to get past Hart and Valencia in round 2 and semis respectively; a tougher playoffs route than for West. This division was bumped down from Cal Bowl D1 by SS for this year.

    SS D4(Western): Chaminade vs. Serra(Gardena). A very tough one to call. Although Nade beat the Cavaliers 28-20 in Mission League play, Serra is more familiar now with the Eagles 1st rate passing attack. Also, Serra’s speed (and size) should win out in the end. Serra with a close win.

    SS D5(Central): Kaiser over Rancho Verde. Kaiser beat Riverside Poly 40-20 Sept. 14. The Mustangs lost to Poly 14-21 in Inland Valley League play.

    SS D6(Southwest): Edison(Huntington Beach) over Villa Park. Villa Park has had a banner year, their only loss was to the Chargers 7-27 Sept. 8. Edison should repeat.
    Edison and the Sunset League were bumped from the Pac 5 to this division by SS last spring.

    SS D7(Southeast): La Serna over Downey. The Lancers beat Downey 28-27 in an OT win Aug. 31 at Downey. La Serna’s well balanced offense will be too much for the Vikings.

    SS D8(Eastern): Serrano over Citrus Hill. Both teams are undefeated, but Serrano shows a stronger defense and o-line.

    LACS D2: San Fernando over Canoga Park. These teams were seeded 5 and 6 respectively. San Fernando is on a roll.

    SDS D2: Poway vs. Oceanside: Poway’s on a roll. Titans beat powerful Helix 21-7 in the semis at Helix. Pirates struggled with a 31-28 win against Valhalla in the semis. Poway should avenge their 13-23 loss to Oceanside on Sept. 21 with an upset win over the Pirates. Poway was SDS D1 last year.

    SDS D3: Ramona over Lincoln. This should be a close one. Cathedral Catholic, arguably the best team in this division, was disqualified from the playoffs for using an inelgible player.

    CS D2: Garces over Sanger. Garces is a much more balanced than Sanger.

    CS D3: Ridgeview over Dinuba. The Empirors don’t have
    quite the athletes to stay with the Wolfpack.

  • Prep Fan

    Wow, nice work there Marm. You are informed. Good knowledge!

  • spartan 2006

    Is there any website that is airing the game? It doesnt seem like PlayOnSports.com is broadcasting the game as usual?