Live blog tonight: De La Salle vs. James Logan for NCS Div. I title, 7 p.m.

Join our live blog during Saturday’s North Coast Section Division I championship between top-ranked De La Salle High and James Logan.

Jon Becker

  • spartan 2006

    Is there another website that is broadcasting the game. PlayOnSports.com soes not seem to be showing it as usual? I am out of state so I can’t watch on CSNCA…

  • spectator2012

    i was hoping logan will make it competitive, but i guess they were not who we thought they were. that is the difference with a scrimmage and a real game.

  • vic

    If u have DirecTV the game is on csnca ch 698

  • spectator2012

    Let’s go LOGAN…. make it a game.

  • Can’t NCS find better Zebras for a game of this nature? 15 penalties in the 1st half. They’re either control freaks or want to be pictured on TV or both. It’s raining!

  • Oh Boy

    Damn 37-7? Logan about to get rolling clocked… Colts were a good team. Just like every other 2nd place NCS team in Division 1 for 21 years…

  • chalk- I kinow u know FB and I know yur little puppie dog knows it too! DeLa 44-07 with another 2 tyds left on the field. Forget the speed and whatever with LogaN AND OTHERS, jESUS, BLOCKIONG AND TACKLING is the real meal deal. And bye the way, that means kickin’ Texas ass high school too.

  • Earl

    DLS has no borders can get best athletes in the bay, public schools cant. Not sharing the wealth

  • spectator2012

    well logan got their wish and played dls, but couldn’t pull it off. every team has plan until they start playing. i had hopes for logan. now all the speculation is answered. there isn’t any team in the eastbay ready for dls. lesson to be learned… a scrimmage game is not the same as real game. dls is whole different team in the regular season, and even more dangerous in the playoffs.

    it was a nice run by logan. great job this season. good luck next year.

  • spectator2012

    next week…
    logan vs oakland raiders

  • DLS 2nd and 3rd team putting up points!

  • the stats are going to show some Logan yds- lousy yards- Protho great kid but no better than Dennis Dixon in high school- he had a real rough game. As far as # 42 running back, 2 good runs, nothing other than that, very well contained over all. He’ll have better luck at Northwestern like a lot of seniors who have faced DeLaSalle in their last high school game. I am walkin’ the dogs down to Union City to take a piss.

  • The DLS/Logan game was a crime…as good as Logan was…look what happened…..California came close but that was it….No playoff game should end up with a score of 52-7….BUT look what took place in Pinole…Marin Catholic escaped a last second surge by El Cerrito who refused to loose…31-28…Both teams lines beat each other up and both teams had more then their share of Penalities.
    The MC QB ran too many keepers, but at the same time..one of them was a long TD run…There should have been more spreading of the ball handling to keep El Cerrito’s defense honest.
    In the early going…MC blew a FG attempt on a bad center, but recovered and scored the first TD…It was a wild game of a seesaw battle that had a standing only crowd on hand with lite rain the whole game…

    Marin Catholic…..07…07…07…10…31
    El Cerrito……..07…07…07…07…28

  • Sarpar

    Dls game was streamed on watchespn.com

  • Finally, has all the trash talking stopped?

  • renegades10

    Long is the real deal, you could see what happened when he got a little bit of space. 6 turnovers though is never going to get you a win against DLS. Prothro is an outstanding athlete but you can’t look a receiver down all the way. DLS secondary read his eyes all night. That pick 6 was the end. I’ll admit DLS’ first drive had me concerned. Penalties galore and Logan came ready to play. But after that Williams got in a rhythm and if DLS gets the passing game going it’s going to be a long night no matter who they play.

  • Vitale is the real meal deal, hard nose running, doesnt quit, great north to south runner.

  • For any team to loose 52-07 in rain that should be an equalizer for underdogs it was nothing short of a complete domination. Do you realize DLS left 2 tds on the field? TWO! score could have been 66-07. Last time they played it was 68-00.

  • UC rancher

    First of all, hats off to DLS. They are the better team hands down. Great season for the Colts. They proved everyone wrong this season and have no reason to hang their heads. Logan was hanging in there until the turnovers. Also couple of head scratching calls like the fake punt in the 1st quarter. Why DLS even a chance in your own end of the field? Didnt matter though. Long had a great night running the ball. He’s the real deal & was the BEST running back on the field (yeah I did just say that). But congrats to DLS. Good luck @ regionals.

  • Here’s my take for the CIF Championship Regionals
    Open: De La Salle(13-0)NCS D1 vs. Folsom(14-0)SJS D2. Both teams being undefeated speaks for itself.

    D1: Granite Bay(11-3)SJS D1 vs. St. Ignatius(10-3)CCs Open. There’e nobody else elgible.

    D2: Clayton Valley(12-1)(NCS D1 vs. Oakdale(13-1)SJS D3. I doubt if there’s any disagreement with CV. Way up North, there’s a case for Enterprise, the NS D1 Champ, but the Hornets lost to NS D2 runnerup West Valley 21-24, Paradise 41-42 OT (who was handled by Grant 7-28, Red Bluff 12-34, and Chico 35-36 OT), and NS D2 Champ Sutter 27-34 in the regular season. They only beat Paradise in an OT for the NS D1 Championship. The CCS Champs had either too weak of a season or lost too many games.

    D3: Marin Catholic(13-1)NCS D3 vs. Sutter(13-0)NS D2. MC is rated and ranked one of the best overall teams in NorCal. There’s no one elgible from SJS (it would be a shame for the North to bump Central Catholic up to D3). Sutter had a great season and NS should not be left out of the picture. Again, the CCS Champs don’t cut it.

    D4: Central Catholic(12-2)SJS D4 vs. McClymonds(8-3)OS. Although I have a lot of respect for the McClymonds program and really wish them well, I think Ferndale(12-1) is the better team.

    Open: Narbonne(14-0)LACS D1 vs. Centennial of Corona(13-1)SS D2. Narbonne beat Long Beach Poly(Pac 5 Champ) 56-0, Mater Dei(Pac 5 Runnerup)18-17, Serra (Western Champ) 22-9, Palos Verdes(Northern Champ) 41-0 in regular season. Centennial’s only loss was to Pac 5 Semifinalist St. Bonaventure 35-40 at Ventura in their 1st game.

    D1: Long Beach Poly(11-3)SS D1 vs. Clovis North(12-1)CS D1. The only other elgible team is Eastlake of SDS D1 at 10-3 with no really impressive wins. Also, it’s fair to say SDS D2 was a tougher playoff division.

    D2: Serra of Gardena(12-2)SS D4 vs. Oceanside(12-1)SDS D2. This is the most difficult Cal Bowl division to get a birth (11 elgible teams). Most would agree the above two and Edison(Huntington Beach) stand out above the other 8. Serra played and beat the strongest teams, theit 2 losses were to Narbonne and Chaminade who they later beat for the Western Championship. Oceanside played in a tougher league and playoff than Edison. Also, SS will probably “over promote” Serra (Cause the Cavaliers have 2 losses) and SS won’t have “that much left” for Edison. A “deal” could be made for Edison, though.

    D3: Madison(12-1)SDS D4 vs. Wasco(13-0)CS D4. Madison’s only loss was to Valhalla 28-32 who only lost to Oceanside 28-31 in the DSD D2 semis. The Warhawks beat SDS D3 Champ 20-7 and the tough Western League which is made of higher division schools. Wasco is undefeated but has not played any noteworthy teams, however their closest regular season game was 56-28 against Arvin. Personally, I feel Nordhoff(13-1)SS D10 is a stronger team. (See CalHi Sports, Dec. 2, “CIF Championship D3 South Week 15 Rankings” for my comments under Rono1932.)

    D4: Rio Hondo Prep(12-1)SS D13 vs. Santa Fe Christian(10-3)SDS D5. There’s really no one else elgible except possibly CS D6 Champ Mendota(9-3). However, I believe their enrollment is between 500-600. The rules, though allow for a “ringer” if there are less than 3 elgible teams (This happened in 2010 with The Bishop’s School). I can’t see the commissioners picking Mendota over the two I named, though.

  • Schoolmarm, you are well schooled. Christian Bros. education? cause I’m drinkin’ their VSOP as we put up the tree.

  • colt fan

    Congrats to DLS they. they are the best. I am proud of the Logan young men grest season. Once again congrats to DLS, and good luck representing NCS the rest of the way. Love ya Colts.

  • Don’t think Mac will get the nod over Ferndale. Their only win against a team with more then 8 wins is Oak Tech twice. They played the right schedule but couldn’t get it done against Oak Grove & BOD. Beat one I think they get the nod.

  • Voice of Reason

    De La Salle won their 21st consecutive NCS D1 Championship last night in the pouring rain. What they are doing is akin to shooting fish in a barrel; 20 fish to be exact, one each for all the D1 public schools in NCS.

    In what was clearly not one of their top teams in recent memory, they ran roughshod over anyone who stood in their way. But as we are led to believe, over and over again, it’s not because they have talented players that walk through the door from all points in the east and north bay; these are ordinary players who have been coached to play this way and would be lesser players in any other system.

    Though the weather kept me from attending the game, it was worth it to see Ladouceur’s answer to the question posed to him at halftime by Dan Diblee “What about all those penalties in the first half”, alluding to the 7 or so illegal procedure calls; classic! Lad stared at Diblee and was sincerely miffed as to why the refeeres were calling that penalty over and over. Priceless!!!

  • Voice, time to sign off for the year. The refs should have let the kids play – way too many penalties. Time for you to crawl into your cocune.

  • @Perkin #23
    I doubt if McClymonds being picked over Ferndale (which at this writing has already happened) was solely based on who was the best team.
    There’s been some history between the 2 schools which I had better be very careful as to what is said.

  • seven72deuce

    I was at the game, and I noticed there was a sound technician picking up sound on the field from the Logan sideline. I’m watching the replay and you can hear a lot of George zuber’s calls. Calling out packages, adjustments etc. Kind of something that I don’t like at this moment

    Anyways, the biggest difference maker in this game was the size of each team’s linemen. This game was mostly won in the trenches, even though DLS’ scoring came by way of passing in the first half. DLS lineman did not allow almost any penetration, especially on passing situations. As for Logan, prothro almost had someone in his face on many passing plays. Everyone talked about Logan’s speed and athleticism, bring that against DLS and you’re most likely evenly matched up when it comes to skill players.

  • Seattle Slew

    MACK will always get a D4 nod coming out the OAL with 8 or more wins. Ive known this for years

  • Oh Boy

    Mack is a better football team than Ferndale. On the field.

    On a side note, the 2010 undefeated McClymond’s team that was edged out by National Player of the Year Dano Grave’s Folsom team for D2 State, would’ve competed very well and possibly brought home the title as well.

  • junior

    Congrats to Campolindo Girls Volleyball- you continue to overcome those aweful disadvantages you face and yet, you win so often. I am happy to see you refuse to become a victim and instead work hard and get the job done. Bravo. May you be a example for the wimps.

  • Stewie

    Facade that is Logan in code. Please note the emphasis on the Fa.. The Spartans are like any good army..should I say armored div…keep them feed, fueled and well oiled they will roll on and roll over you

    Clayton Valley kept the swelling down..code for big heads…Stayed on focus to the task at hand.

    Well done

  • Voice of Reason


    Time and again you continue to make my argument for me… and you just don’t get it! The Campo girls volleyball, just like Miramonte water polo, are teams you can absolutely feel good rooting for, for the simple reason the ENTIRE team comes from the school district in which they reside, something De La Salle will never, ever be able to say!

    So when public school teams like Campo football & volleyball succeed at the state level, there is a genuine feeling of excitement and accomplishment, because the student athletes, for the most part, grew up together to achieve their goal; again, something De La Salle football will never know anything about.

    The only disadvantages the Lamorinda schools have, like all public schools, is the structural advantages private schools like DLS enjoy over them with their open enrollment policies.

    I guarantee the Campo volleyball team did not take one second for granted at the state championship match yesterday. DLS football families simply renew their hotel reservations for the following year

  • Voice of Reason

    While they atr down at Carson.

    By the way, the team Campo played in the championship match yesterday? Cathedral Catholic, a team making their 5th consecutive appearance in the finals. In 2010, Campo beat them. They are the DLS of volleyball in San Diego county.

  • Junior

    VOR-AKA ” Victim Of Roman catholic HS football teams at the D1 level in NCS”.. I am not going to let you bring down great programs like Campo girls volleyball and victimize them as you have done with the football teams.

    The Campo squad deserves to be used as an example of overcoming the near impossible odds of defeating those “advantaged” schools. Public schools unite-ignore the victim crybabies and follow the Campo example.

    Hey did anybody happen to notice something fascinating happening in east bay football: Clayton Valley is likely the best D2 team in Nor Cal. How did CV rise to excellence? Only one thing changed: the head coach. Great job Eagles, you managed to overcome those “advantaged” schools and excel.

  • Voice of BS=-Miramonte had half their swim team come from the Pinole Seals in the late ’90’s. Miramonte had black kids come in from Vallejo and Fairfield for football in the ’90’s. Guess what, dont have a problem with that. MV has had QB Wright come from Napa and others from outside their school district.
    You need to get yur ignorant ass off the blog.
    You never coached or played any sports worth mentioning, you dont have a clue as usual- junior, me and a lot others are finished with you.
    You pretend to know Lad and Edison, you couldn’t even qualify to pass out towels in the girls locker room honey.

  • greenboy

    Clayton Valley is now Clayton Valley Charter, and while not Catholic the are certainly not a “public” school. So 2 things changed they converted so they had more money and less rules and brought in a great coach.

  • Junior

    CV charges tuition? Where did all this “money” appear from? What exactly did this money buy? All it takes is to become a charter school and immediately you win football games?

    Man this football stuff is easy. All you have to do is build a private school or go charter and wham…. Section championships start happening.

  • concrete17

    24.Voice of Reason Says:
    December 2nd, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    “………Though the weather kept me from attending the game,………..”

    Priceless is right……Are you one of those SoCal apologist/posters in disguise that love to pull out the “weather card” ? or just coincidence ?

  • Voice of Reason

    Concrete, I live in Walnut Creek and have been posting for some time now. The game was on TV so I stayed at home to watch the game.

    Yomama, I only know about the Water Polo team which is all from Orinda. Also let’s not forget how Miramonte pulled in many student athletes from Richmond to play football. Or how about Guillon from Chico, whose family moved across the street from Miramonte to play QB for the Mats. You will find I only refer to teams I know come from their own district. I have never met Coach Ladouceur and have never claimed to do so. I have coached before and I am sure that more people on this blog identify with me more than the likes of you, Junior, Concrete17, and others of your ilk. The frustration you feel is because I speak the truth and you just can’t stand anyone who dares to tell the truth about how DLS has been able to do what they have done the past 21 years and beyond.

    The sense of entitlement you have regarding DLS football and their all consuming dominance over all public schools in northern California is myopic. DLS belongs in the WCAL or a reconstructed CAL (which Terry Eidson & I played in during the 70’s at Moreau) or better yet, separate the public school playoffs from the private schools as is done in many states. God forbid you could ever admit the structural advantage that DLS enjoys to the detriment of every public school in NCS D1. Instead, you lament the lack of suitable competition in northern California.

    We all hope that Folsom gives the Spartans a game next weekend, just like we all thought Logan might be able to give them a game. If Folsom isn’t able to measure up, as I suspect will be the case, I’m sure we’ll hear yet another round of “Well, Coach Lad and his staff are just so far ahead of any other program in Norcal.” However, and I am pretty certain about this, people like me who have no affiliation or allegiance to DLS but respect what Coach Lad has done the past 33 years and acknowledge the greatness that is DLS football, know the truth; the playing field is anything but level.

  • WacPride

    DLS fans, of course you have an advantage. How many other teams have four or five D1 players on the defensive side of the ball? DLS is a very disciplined program (except for the fact that just about every snap is a “rolling start.” Lad just shocked that the refs actually called it this game). DLS’ roster by far have the most collegiate then any other school in the area. On top of that they are deeper then any school in the area. Yes the kids are in shape etc, but it is easy to look good when you are beating the public schools with that schools’ best player.

    And CV being a charter will help. But D2 football is the least competitive by a longshot of the top 3 divisions.

    As for private school dominance, 8 of the 10 teams at the state v-ball finals were private.

  • concrete17

    Voice of Reason Says:
    December 3rd, 2012 at 12:20 am
    “Concrete, I live in Walnut Creek and have been posting for some time now. The game was on TV so I stayed at home to watch the game.”

    Just dogging you my friend…..but I did get Mrs concrete to sit through the whole game with me Saturday night. Know your posts well, don’t often agree but do appreciate & respect your POV.

  • junior

    2011 (class of 2012) SRV had as many D1 athletes as 2011 DLS.

  • WacPride


    One class is not the discussion and D1 players only is not the discussion. DLS, top to bottom, year in and year out, has more college players then any other program at all levels. Add up the number of college players on the varsity team, whether or not seniors, and DLS will have more then any other school.

    So, yes what DLS gets as far as commitment from kids to workout, etc is impressive, they are also doing it with elite players.

    I think that the 21 consecutive titles and that ridiculous margin of victory is evidence enough of a competitive advantage. Come up with another excuse about how the playing field is level, but THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

  • stuck in spokane

    Just curious, but does the rule book actually state that the lineman have to be set for at least a second? I thought the rule just stated that the lineman had to come to a set position and made no mention of time length.

  • WacPride

    Stuck in Spokane,

    All 11 offensive players have to come to a set position for a “count.” I don’t believe there a specific time but the idea is for a second to second and a half. Then one player, who is not lined up on the line of scrimmage, can go in motion, which must be backward or lateral. For a player on the line of scrimmage to go in motion they must move back off the ball, be set for a “count” then go in motion.

    The way the DLS lineman go is they get into a two point stance, throw their hands down to a three point stance and the ball is then immediately snapped. To avoid a penalty all 11 players must reset for a “count” before the ball is snapped or another player goes in motion.

  • stuck in spokane

    So there is no such thing as the 1 second rule. A “count” could be anything.

  • voice of reason – there is no frustration on DeLa bloggers. The frustration is with the bloggers who dont and cant beat DLS. LOL

  • concrete17

    @ #44 Stuck in Spokane….agree about the length of time.
    As I understand the rule it says “players must come to a set position before the ball is hiked”. I see no mention of time measurement for the length of time. But then I’m the last rule expert you want to take to court to testify on your behalf. If anyne can find the rule I will be the first to stand corrected. There must be some high school refs who follow this blog.

  • Voice of Reason


    How many private schools did Clayton Valley Charter play this season? How many private schools are in NCS D2? The answer of course is the same for both, none. So there were no “advantaged” schools to overcome. Your argument comes up short yet again.

    I will at least be honest and state I don’t know the differences between the Charter school they are now and the public school they were prior to this year.

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me regarding the differences between CVC 2102 & CV public 2011.

    Finally Junior, your lame attempts at equating what public schools Miramonte (in Water Polo) and Campolindo (volleyball & football) have been able to accomplish at the state level, drawing student athletes from their own geographical district, and trying to somehow make the case any of the NCS D1 public schools should be able to do the same thing in football is laughable.

    I submit to you and everyone else on these blogs that there have been many NCS D1 public school football teams who have put together State Bowl Game worthy, highly competitive teams with top notch coaches, the 2012 Logan team, the 2011 SRV team and the 2010 Cal High team, to name the most recent, only to go down in flames to DLS; 21 in a row and 28 of 31. The only logical answer as to why, of course, is the structural advantage they enjoy as to open enrollment.

    My question to you is this, what would you rather have, a public school like Folsom defeat De La Salle next weekend, so that you can then shoot a hole through my theory on the public vs private issue in northern California; or see DLS romp over Folsom and then claim that Folsom (or insert any other public school here over the last 21 years) could have won if:

    a) they just had a coaching staff who is as passionate, skilled and driven as the DLS coaching staff
    b) if the Folsom players could have only harnessed the enigma that is the “brotherhood” that has enabled DLS to win 235 consecutive games against obviously inferior northern California competition
    c) if only the Folsom team could practice like DLS practices
    d) if only the Folsom football players knew how to lift weights and train like they do at DLS, etc.

    Or how about my answer – De La Salle is like a college team in that their players are a defacto all star team walking through the door at Winton Drive before they ever have their first practice, before they even know what the “brotherhood” is, before they lift their first weight, having more depth at every position than any other public school team could ever hope to have.

    All those great public school teams over the past 21 years likely had all the same qualities listed above as De La Salle, or very nearly so; they just didn’t have the horses that DLS had, that’s all.

    So quit insulting us all with your lame attempts at justifying why DLS has been the King of the Hill for 2+ decades and counting, no right thinking person buys it anymore. By all means enjoy their success, DLS is a great school, their academics are among the best schools in the county, public or private; just call it for what it is…….DLS football has a great thing going, 21 years and counting in northern California, and the NCS has been complicit in how they structured the system at the D1 level to ensure that none of the other 20 public school teams will ever have a REALISTIC chance at playing in State Bowl Game, much less a northern California Regional game.

  • hoops

    DLS wins because they have EVERYTHING needed to become a dynasty.Check them off.1.Excellent coaching and the same head coaches for many years,2.Excellent talent and no enrollment limitations 3.An administration who allows them to practice year round 4.Disciplined kids who buy into the philosophy and are willing to put in the time year round.5.An established situation where great players want to go.6.A team environment and chemistry that cannot be duplicated because it is created by their coach.
    Do not underestimate the hours that the players put in over the course of a year because it is the deciding factor in their success and their basketball teams success.Putting in more hours does not guarantee success but when you add that in to all the other factors you have 21 straight NCS titles.
    Football is more a game of precise team execution than basketball where one great player can go off and score 35 points and beat you.They just execute their stuff so well because of all the factors put togetherand that is why they are great.
    I honestly do not believe a public school could ever duplicate over time what DLS has done.