NorCal regional games announced

De La Salle, Clayton Valley and McClymonds were all selected to compete in the new Northern California regional football championships, the CIF announced this afternoon.

De La Salle, which has won the past three Open Division state bowl games, will play Folsom in the NorCal Open game. Clayton Valley will play Oakdale in the Division II game while McClymonds faces Central Catholic-Modesto in the Division IV game. It’s the first time both Clayton Valley and McClymonds will have a chance to compete for a state title.

Here’s the full  NorCal schedule:

Open: De La Salle vs. Folsom at Sacramento State, Saturday, 7:30 p.m.

Division I: St. Ignatius vs. Granite Bay at Sacramento State, Friday, 7:30 p.m.

Division II: Clayton Valley vs. Oakdale at Lincoln High-Stockton, Saturday, 7:30 p.m.

Division III: Marin Catholic vs. Sutter at Harrison Stadium (Oroville), Saturday, 7:30 p.m.

Division IV: McClymonds vs. Central Catholic at Lincoln High-Stockton, Friday, 7:30 p.m.

Here’s the official release from the CIF:


Stephanie Hammon

  • SLpiratefootball

    hey stephanie where can i see the full slate of nor cal and so cal games

    congrats to the mack house go get em pooh dog

  • Stephanie Hammon
  • junior

    Nice work Gil Lemmon- two NCS teams (both likely the top seed) and you could not secure one game in the East Bay? Saco just schooled you- SJS gets 4 of the 5 games in their backyard.

    Little advice- tomorrow, start working on the 2013 Regional games before the CIF pulls a Home Depot Center and the games are in Sac EVERY year.

  • Agreed on the sites. Sheesh they couldn’t atleast get the North Regionals at the coliseum? Or Cal, even Keisar? Put the games at AT&T park I gaurentee a sell out.


    DLS will have its hands full if Folsom gets good weather. DLS has never seen a spread offense this potent.

  • Coach

    I’m sure Gil Lemmon made no effort to secure a site. Look at the sites they choose for their events all year. The NCS is the cheapest run organization ever. Home sites at least through the semi’s in all sports and many finals as well. They do have nice new offices though. All gate money goes to NCS never to the teams involved. Great facilities all over the section never used because of cost. Check other sections to see how much more professional they are run. NCS run by principles many of whom never played a sport.Most other sections rules and tournament sites determined by AD’s. NCS has never been an advocate for the sport, they are puppets for the principles who know nothing about how to run sports.

  • Junior

    Yea sac football- I am hoping DLS can stay within 4 TD’s of Folsom and that spread offense. The East Bay teams and OOS teams the Spartans have played run pedestrian offenses and lack skill players (especially QB’s).

    Please don’t run up the score on the Spartans.

  • Why junior..You are being nice to Sacfootball…Folsom will be in for the same punishment that was admistered to James Logan….

  • Junior

    No no Bluedog-DLS has not seen a spread offense like Folsom’s spread. In fact, Folsom practically invented the spread. All of these D1 QB’s that have come out of the East Bay can’t hold Browning’s jock.

    Is it too late for the Spartans to petition down to D1?

  • Junior….I don’t think it will make any difference if DLS hasn’t seen a Spread..a single wing or a shot gun….They have the troops to handle the job….but maybe DLS should ask to be put in D-1 so Folsom won’t shame them…yada/yada/yada..

  • epcthree

    @ #4 – Perkin, last years State Championship between DLS and Westlake drew 9,645 fans. Bottom line; the reason the CIF doesn’t generally play games at places like the Coliseum or Cal or Kezar or AT&T is because not only won’t there be a sell out, they won’t even come close to 1/3 capacity in any of those stadiums. California HS football is simply not that well attended.

    When DLS met Cal in the NCS Championship two years ago at the Coliseum, the weather was great and they only opened up half the facility and that evening included a second game between Rancho Cotate and Concord. They didn’t open up the upper deck and there were empty seats even through out the seating that was available to the public.

    They need to sell out these championship games in the small stadiums before worrying about scheduling them in the large stadiums.

  • Suckafree415

    Kezar holds like 10k at most that’s the perfect setting for a game instead of Oroville

  • leatherfan

    #5 SACFOOTBALL….blahblahblah. Everyone says the same thing. Folsom can’t win. DLS will win by at least four touchdowns!

  • Northern Califoria regional games. Bigger then any section championship. Put it in a proper venue. Why were the section championships ever at the Coliseum? Why did DLS play Poly at CAl? If it was good enough then then it has to be good enough now. High school FB games are not College or Pro. The fun about it is you should be able to go to a game the day of & know you can get a seat.

  • Oh Boy

    I agree on NCS Comissioner Gil Lemon dropping letting this slip out of his hands. You would think having DLS in his section would give him some pull in hosting a NorCal Championship. Only the best high school program of all time…

    I’m sure SJS greased some hands somewhere to get all these home games. I mean Berkeley High just opened a brand new stadium this year. Laney, DVC and CCC have hosted big football games too…

  • EBfootball

    Al Davis was a a generous man (eg: Coach of the Week money, those Jamarcus Russel type contracts). That’s why I think the Coliseum was available. Mark seems to be different.

  • EB Football Coach


    I agree. I’m not sure there’s ever been a collection of talent assembled like what Folsom has to offer. Maybe DLS can get a running clock so Folsom doesn’t put up over 50. Eidson and Lad aren’t going to know what to do.

  • Nor-Cal Regional Playoff’s..Who’s going to win??

    DLS 42 Folsom 7…..The Bulldogs have faced a very good schedule…but this is the Spartans coming to town and things are going to be different…

    St. Ignatius 28 Granite Bay 19….This should be a close game unless mistakes take over…

    Clayton Valley 28 Oakdale 24….The Mustangs have given up a lot of points in some games and this could be one of them….

    Marin Catholic 31 Sutter 20….The wildcats had a tough time stopping a very fast El Cerrito team and were in seconds of loosing….Sutter is a mystery team but MC should win…

    Central Catholic 39 McClymonds 13…..And now…Mac has to show it can win the big games..but not this one…

  • epcthree

    @ 14 – Perkin… I began my original post with the fact that the State Championship game from last year drew 9,645 fans. A Regional Championship game might draw a little more than that due to the proximity of the fan base, but probably not much more.

    To cite the DLS/Poly game is specious. They were, at the time, the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the country. DLS was riding a 116 game winning streak and the interest was more than just a playoff game. Even with that, they only drew 17,321. Why do you argue for a 50,000 or 60,000 seat stadium when it will be 2/3 empty?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of kids playing in NFL stadiums; the experience for all except a handful will be once in a lifetime. That said I can understand why people on both sides (the schools and those running the stadiums) choose not to go that route.

    I stand by my original post; they need to sell out these championship games in the small stadiums before worrying about scheduling them in the large stadiums.

  • Warrior Jacket

    Congratulations to the MACK House,
    if the young QB plays smart I believe they can make it to Carson.

  • Because I want to go to the game & get a seat. Where I can see the game. Why is that so hard to understand? Whats fun about traveling all the way to game worse case scenario not getting in or slightly less worse standing room only with a horrible snack bar. I’ll sight the CV vs Concord game play-off game. Standing room only snack bar was already sold out before the game started.

  • Junior and EB Football Coach
    Who are you guys trying to goad?
    I’m sure you’re aware of how DLS played Centennial of Corona back in the ’07 and ’08 Cal Bowls (Yeah, DeLa lost 16-21 in ’08 thanks to a monster LB named Vontaze Burrick that separated the shoulder of DeLa’s QB, can’t remember his name, in the 2nd qtr.)The Huskies ran a spread option offense(they still do)exclusively, even in short yardage situations, that not only had a deadly passing attack (ever hear of Tim Martinez at Nebraska U.?) but had a running game that was equally as lethal. They had no exclusive 2 way players either.
    DeLa’s defense back then was not as talented as this years bunch (or for that matter last year’s too).
    The Spartan CB’s can easily stay with Folsom’s wings; the SS and LB’s with their slots. If the Bulldogs try to run too many crossing and pick setup routes (which they very effectively did against San Ramon both years), the super quick Dela secondary can pick of any errant pass. Also, the DeLa D-line should be able to cause more pressure than the Bulldogs have ever seen.
    A note that maybe you guys are also aware of. DLS beats up excellent EBAL teams every year. However those excellent teams are all passing oriented. Cal Hi, who plays with a more balanced offense if not run oriented, plays the Spartans closer than any other EBAL team almost every year. You can’t beat DE LA SALLE on passing alone!
    Folsom may be able to run. So far this year they haven’t needed to. They will have to against DLS or I’m afraid it will be a long night for the Bulldogs.
    One thing that seems to get over looked. The Bulldogs have an excellent defense this year. Their guys in the box have been formidable. Whether they can stop the DLS veer is a good question. How well DeLa runs against it may be a good indicator as to how well they’ll run against Narbonne or Centennial in a couple of weeks. Another thing about Folsom is that they usually suit up at least 60 guys, all capable of playing. Other than DLS, there aren’t too many Bay Area teams that do that.
    My final word is that I wish Folsom well. I like their coaching staff, principal, fans, even cheerleaders and band, and their high school in general. I really hope they knock off the Spartans. If nothing else, it would be good for NorCal HS football. I just hope they would be able to play with Narbonne or Centennial the next week.

  • EB Football Coach

    “# SACFOOTBALL Says:
    December 2nd, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    DLS will have its hands full if Folsom gets good weather. DLS has never seen a spread offense this potent.”

    You mean they have seen an offense this potent? Maybe they’ve just never seen athletes this talented? I hear lots of things about that Pits-Berg (sp?) team DLS beat and even about Jehms Lowgen (sp?) but how athletic are they really?

    Foolishness. The only team in Norcal who could play with DLS already lost in the Quarterfinals. 14-7 at halftime. Enuff said.

    I think SACFOOTBALL is the one who needs the history lesson.

  • epcthree

    @ 21 – Perkin – I don’t think you are giving ANY consideration to the costs involved. I get that you just want to go to the game and buy a ticket at the gate and get a 50 yard line seat. I just don’t think you are being realistic about it. Shoot, I’d love to get a sideline pass to each Raider game. That’d be nice.

    California as a state is experiencing dire financial woes as are most school districts; many of which are going to the pay-to-pay model or cutting athletics in general (although not usually football – yet). To argue for a 50,000 seat stadium to seat even 20,000 people simply doesn’t make monetary sense to either party involved. Because you want a good seat and to avoid a “horrible snackbar” doesn’t wash in today’s economy.

    I’m not saying they should play the games at some smallish High School, but there are a number of smaller stadiums that could be utilized for Northern California Regional games as opposed to the Coliseum or Memorial:

    Buck Shaw Stadium (Santa Clara) 10,300
    Aggie Stadium (UC Davis) 10,743
    Hornet Stadium (Sacramento St) 21,195
    Spartan Stadium (San Jose St) 30,400

    I would say start out at Aggie Stadium and then move on to Hornet Stadium and finally to Spartan Stadium should attendance warrant it. Until then, trying to fight for a larger venue because you want a nice seat doesn’t wash.

  • We’re not talking about a Raider game. lol

  • epcthree

    Nope we are not talking about a Raider game; we are talking about a realistic solution to the location of Regional Playoffs for high school football. Reasonable is not a 50,000 seat stadium.

  • o high player

    We don’t like your team but win it for the o.a.l

  • EBfootball

    The Chronicle is reporting that Ladouceur might quit De La after this season. I wonder if he’ll retire from coaching or coach at a different school?

  • How many Section championships(just NCS or even when NCS was split with the Redwood empire) have been hosted at the Oakland Coliseum the last 30 years?? Totally unrealistic.

  • How many times do you see people wandering into the high school stadiums at the last minute thinking they are going to get a prime seat…It happens every time..If you want a good seat..show up early and yu have your pick.
    Of the stadiums listed by EPCTHREE…I think the best is Aggie stadium at 10,743…Sacramento state is nice but what about the bay area teams….There is nothing in the middle and the West Bay teams would have a two plus hour ride to any of these games…And look at Marin Catholic traveling to Oroville…BUT it gets down to if you win you have to travel…So the best stadium for the best price and every body will have to live with it..
    Even more…the teams in Northern Calif. have three and four hour rides to a game and if you are in Oregon it would be even more…
    The teams in the Eureka area schedule teams from Redding..such as enterprise or Shasta or even Cotton Wood and these are very long round trips to each game..Food for thought….

  • FB Guru

    I would suggest to the committee to go to Google Maps, put in the two schools playing, and select the nearest stadium that meet certain criteria. For Div III, if you compare MC to Sutter, Davis is about half way. UC Davis would be perfect, I would make the drive. Instead they picked Oroville, which is about 40 miles further north than Sutter. Idiots!

  • Couldn’t get a seat at the EC vs MC game & I was there 30 minutes early. BUt it was sold out so I guess thats all that matters.

  • Coach Silvernale

    #6 @Coach, I’m not sure what you mean by the money from the football games do not go to the schools. My school, Irvington High School, has earned some money from our home games and our one playoff game. UNfortunately, we don’t usually get a lot of support from our students/fans, so the amount we got we not too much. Still, I appreciate those who did pay money to come to our games; this money will be used for better wquipment for future seasons.

  • Coach Silvernale

    Sorry, I meant equipment. Should have checked my spelling.

  • epcthree

    @ 52 – Perkin you either miss or ignore key aspects of people’s posts. In post 24 I wrote:

    “I’m not saying they should play the games at some smallish High School, but there are a number of smaller stadiums that could be utilized for Northern California Regional games as opposed to the Coliseum or Memorial”

    The shouldn’t have selected Pinole Valley HS to host the game – that said, they don’t need a huge stadium to handle what I’m sure was no where near 1,000 extra fans.

  • Prep Fan

    @33. It is my understanding that all gate money for NCS games in all sports goes directly to the NCS, but the host school still makes money on the snack bar. The host schools keep all the gate money for regular season games though.

  • SRV

    Folsom has no chance. San Ramon could have beat them if their offense got going (Folsom’s defense sucks) and deer valley nearly beat them. If de la can run the ball as always then it’s same ol same ol. With de la’s defense being able to keep everything underneath and rally up to the football I see no reason why this game isn’t going to be a blow out.