NorCal Open Division final to be televised

Comcast Sports Net California will air the Northern California Open Division championship between De La Salle and Folsom at Sacramento State. The 7:30 p.m. Saturday game will be broadcast live.

Barry Tompkins (play-by-play), Mike Lamb (analyst) and Dan Dibley (sideline reporter) will call the action. Let’s hope the rain holds off this week for Dibs’ sake.

The winner of De La Salle (13-0) and Folsom (14-0) will face the winner of the Southern regional Open game between Narbonne-Harbor City and Centennial-Corona next week in Carson in the state bowl game.

Stephanie Hammon

  • epcthree

    I certainly hope that Tompkins will do a better job announcing this upcoming game than he did during last week’s DLS/Logan encounter.

    Too many missed-called names without even bothering to correct them after the fact. Frankly there were times when I was wondering if he was actually watching the game he was announcing!

  • The Ghost

    Agreed … he was so certain the Buckley missed a throw from William and talked about Buckley being such a great athlete who was heading to Cal on a baseball scholarship … all the while it was Lonestar that missed the catch!

    Disappointing listening to a broadcaster that isn’t on top of the game and personnel. I didn’t think that Pawlowski brought anything insightful either. Perhaps the reason they are doing a high school game?

  • stuck in spokane

    @ The Ghost

    Pawlowski was awful. An RB, pulling lineman, TE would jump offsides for DLS and he’d blame the DLS system for the lack of a 1 second set even though it had no bearing on the penalty whatsoever. It was as if he wasn’t even watching the game. Just saw flag and had made it his mission to mention that rule, which I’m still not sure even exists. You’d think eventually someone would point out to him that he was making a fool of himself.

  • In case anyone’s interested, here’s The Schoolmarm’s Calif. Top 30 rankings.
    CIF Divisions 1&2

    1.(1) De La Salle (NCS D1) 13-0
    2.(2) Narbonne (LACS D1) 14-0
    3.(5) Centennial(Corona) (SS D2) 13-1
    4.(6) Long Beach Poly (SS D1) 11-3
    5.(3) Vista Murrieta (SS D2) 13-1***
    6.(7) St. John Bosco (SS D1) 12-1**
    7.(4) Mater Dei(Santa Ana) (SS D1) 11-3***
    8.(8) St. Bonaventure (SS D1) 11-2**
    9.(13) Mission Viejo (SS D1) 11-1**
    10.(9) Santa Margarita (SS D1) 9-3*
    11.(10) Upland (SS D2) 12-1**
    12.(11) Folsom (SJS D2) 14-0
    13.(12) Alemany (SS D1) 9-3*
    14.(20) Oceanside (SDS D2) 12-1****
    15.(16) Edison(Huntington Beach) (SS D6) 13-1
    16.(15) Notre Dame(Sherman Oaks) (SS D1) 8-4*
    17.(17) El Toro (SS D1) 9-2*
    18.(22) Clovis North (CS D1) 12-1
    19.(23) Serra(Gardena) (SS D4) 12-2
    20.(18) Crespi (SS D1) 8-2*
    21.(21) Oaks Christian (SS D1) 8-3*
    22.(24) Chaminade (SS D4) 12-2***
    23.(29) Granite Bay (SJS D1) 11-3
    24.(27) Bishop Amat (SS D1) 7-3-1*
    25.(19) Crenshaw (LACS D1) 12-2***
    26.(NR) St. Ignatius (CCS Open) 10-3
    27.(26) Elk Grove (SJS D2) 12-2***
    28.(14) Bellarmine (CCS Open) 11-2***
    29.(NR) Citrus Hill (SS D8) 14-0****
    30.(NR) Clayton Valley (NCS D2) 12-1
    Drops: (25) James Logan (NCS D1) 12-2***
    (28) Oak Ridge (SJS D1) 12-2***
    (30) Fresno Central (CS D1)***

    CIF Divisions 3&4#

    1.(4) Marin Catholic (NCS D3) 13-1
    2.(6) Madison (SDS D4) 11-2
    3.(1) El Cerrito (NCS D3) 13-1 ***
    4.(3) Central Catholic (SJS D4)
    5.(5) Sutter (NS D2) 13-0
    6.(2) St. Augustine (SDS D4) 10-3***
    7.(7) Nordhoff (SS D10) 13-1****
    8.(9) Monrovia (SS D11) 12-2
    9.(8) Cardinal Newman (NCS D3) 11-2**
    10.(11) Placer (SJS D4) 11-1*
    11.(13) Wasco (CS D4) 13-0****
    12.(14) Corona Del Mar (SS D9) 12-2****
    13.(10) Escalon (SJS D4) 11-3***
    14.(15) Analy (NCS D3) 12-1**
    15.(16) Los Banos (SJS D4) 11-1*
    16.(17) Campolindo (NCS D3) 10-2*
    17.(12) Paraclete (SS D11) 12-2***
    18.(18) West Valley(Cottonwood) (NS D2) 11-2***
    19.(20) Center(Antelope) (SJS D4) 10-3**
    20.(19) North Torrance (SS D10) 11-3***
    21.(21) Bishop Diego Garcia (SS D10) 12-1**
    22.(22) Valley Center (SDS D4) 7-5**
    23.(26) Santa Fe Christian (SDS D5) 10-3
    24.(NR) Rim of the World (SS D12) 12-2****
    25.(23) Bishop O’Dowd (NCS D3) 7-5*
    26.(NR) Ontario Christian (SS D12) 13-1***
    27.(24) Argonaut (SJS D4) 10-1*
    28.(NR) Rio Hondo Prep (SS D13) 13-1
    29.(27) Sierra Canyon (SS D11) 11-2**
    30.(NR) Justin-Sienna (NCS D4) 11-2****
    Drops: (25) Mission Prep (SS D13) 11-2***
    (28) Menlo School (CCS D4) 10-3***
    (29) Seaside (CCS D4) 11-1**

    * Season complete.
    ** ” ” , division/section semi-finalist.
    *** ” ” , ” ” runner-up.
    **** ” ” , ” ” champion.
    Non-starred teams are playing in this week’s regional championships.
    #West Catholic Athletic League teams are not ranked in CIF D3&4.

  • wow- the SS is dominating the rankings again.

  • Prep Fan

    Good work as usual Schoolmarm. One question: Do you have Clayton Valley Charter ranked ahead of James Logan because you think they are the better team and would beat them head to head, or just because they are still playing in the regional bowl playoffs?

    I can see doing rankings either way, but personally I think Logan would win if they were to play. They beat Freedom handily, who beat Pitt who beat CVC, and had a much tougher schedule than CVC did in the DVAL. The only reason they aren’t still playing is that they are in the NCS D1 and had to eventually face DLS. Just curious as to your process of ranking teams.

  • fakdjf

    Why don’t they televise the MACK game!

  • stuck in spokane

    The MACK game can probably be found online. I was able to find their game vs Oak Grove online.

  • @ Prep Fan
    Thanks for reading and analyzing my Calif. Top 30 Rankings for Week 14.
    I’ll admit I gave CV “the benefit of the doubt”, ranking them ahead of Logan and a number of other teams.
    The Eagles are not “a flash in the pan” club. From watching them twice on ON DEMAND TV, they’re solid and balanced everywhere and have one of the best coaches in the Bay Area, if not the state, in Tim Murphy. From what I’ve seen this year, their o-line may be the second toughest (behind you know who) north of the Tehachapis. The offense they run (I have not heard what it’s called, but if it ain’t the single wing, Red Sanders never coached UCLA football in the 50’s) is very difficult to prepare for. Most high school coaches are too young to have ever seen the single wing played. Against Pitt, the Eagles actually “out-offensed” the Pirates by 60 or 70 yards although Pitt did beat them 40-27, CV’s only loss.
    To win NCS D2, CV had to get past Concord 49-22(who earlier in the year beat Amador 16-10 who had beaten Freedom 29-27), and Rancho Cotate 35-7, both very good D2 teams. Northgate and Casa Grande, also good D2 teams, were in the same division playoffs. Like their crosstown neighbor on Winton Drive, the Eagles appear to be peeking right now. Usually well coached teams peak for the playoffs. I think CV will decisively beat Oakdale Saturday night and make a respectable showing against Serra or Edison next week in Carson.
    As for Logan being a better team, Freeman’s Computer (Max Preps) has the Colts with a 49.7 power rating and #31 in the state (By the way, I NEVER look at anyone else’s rankings or ratings before I do my own). CV is 48.6 and #37; not a very big difference; and higher than all the other NCS, as well as East Bay teams, except for DLS and Logan. Only the 2 mentioned teams and St. Ignatius(49.2, #35) are higher in the Bay Area.
    Because Clayton Valley is the NCS D2 champ, playing in the CIF D2 North Regional, won 12 games in a row, appears to be on a roll, has a coach who has been in big time playoff championships (CS D1)before and won it 1 year, and has controlled the LOS in every game they’ve played, I feel they deserve the #30 ranking.
    And yes, I think the Eagles would beat the Colts at this time if they were playing for a prize like the NorCal D2 Championship.

  • Prep Fan

    Fair enough. Thanks for answering the question. I happen to think the Colts would win after watching them blow out Cal High last week. But they certainly lost some mojo in the DLS game. Had they played DLS as closely as Cal or Pitt did, perhaps their rankings would be a little higher? CVC is a solid well coached team with a few great athletes and I also think they’ll beat Oakdale and will pull for them if they make it to Carson.

  • Prep Fan, Logan beats CV, however CV running game very strong. They wont stop it. Most likely would be a shoot-out high scoring.
    Someone said the Logan running back the best back on the field laast week. Other than the 38 yd. run anmd a 15 yd. run, I dont see that. Subtract the 38 and he had 84 on 16 carries.
    We all know who the best back and most consistant every game was. If Lad says he’s excellent, thats all we need to know.

  • WacPride

    Logan beats CV. DLS has the best defense around, and it is not because DLS’ coaches are so much better then everybody else. It has everything to do with the athletes DLS puts out on defense (what other school in Nor Cal has that many D1 guys on their defense. And by the way, those guys showed up at DLS as D1 bodies with D1 speed, DLS didn’t make them D1 players). The DLS defense made the speed of Prothro and Long look pedestrian. Not to mention the DLS line beating up Logan’s line.

    CV is good but they also benefit from playing in the weakest of the 3 divisions and from playing in a very weak league. They might have won ncs D3 but playing in a league other then the DVAL or in D1 or D3 playoffs they do not put up the same ridiculous stats.

  • I understand that DLS O line is returning intact. That makes for a good scenrio for QB Williams and RB Taut. Mabey Lad stays another year.

  • Prep Fan

    If Lad is really making his decision whether or not to stay based on the talent they have coming back, he may never leave.

  • Military Bowl

    Hands down Xfinity first team was last years Dan Dibley- PBP- and Darren Arbet- Color- of the Sabercats (which are now in season.) Hardly ever missed a name or number. Blend “good knowledge” from Dibs and Arbet being a master of X n O’s, they were easy to listen to. Tompkins is like Musburger/McCarver;, can’t get them off since the AARP lobby is still strong. Pawlawski- heck of a QB, so-so announcer. That WR mix-up was funny but their #’s are close, 22/25.

    Open NorCal. Trosin came into the Holiday Classic with a ridiculous 5000 yds in the air, with TWO of his receivers on the roster. He was totally shut down by the EB all-stars. Browning will still air it out 40+ times, with less success compared to SRV in week 2, and the Bulldogs will score, but will be -28 by game’s end.

    Jimmy, you’ve bumped Ben, finally on a Spartan plane, yes? Have fun in DC. Georgetown is hoppin’ @ night.

  • spectator2012

    will the clayton valley game also be televised? if so, can someone provide with a channel for u-verse, direct tv, comcast?

  • UC rancher

    @ Big Joe, woulda, coulda, shoulda. Take DLS’ RB & put him on any other team, how good would he be? Other than his TD, he did nothing on the ground. Long can be a star anywhere he played. Doesn’t even matter.Logan did a pretty good job against DLS running game. If anything, the DLS passing game was more impressive than their running game. And yes that was me that said Long was the best back on the field last week and you won’t get too many arguments about that. He’s legit.

  • UC, thats my line, Long took a ride to NH because he could not play west coast ball. didnt say he wasnt legit- he just aint DeLaSalle and that includes Protho. DB’a as best. They dont start honey.

  • renegades10

    DLS is losing two guys on the O-line. Oswald and Ogburn. Returning three studs though in Houston, Sullivan, and Allen Jr. Bet Tagaloa starts next year as well. In my opinion, I think Daz is actually better than Pepe. I like the way he runs and he’s a lot tougher to bring down. Better instincts and vision too. Logan did a good job against the run because they sold out against it which opened up a lot of 1 on 1 situations for the receivers. Williams finally showed the promise I saw against AV. He’s going to be good next year.

    And Long was the best back on the field. He would’ve been DLS’ lead back the last two years not even a question. There is a reason he has offers and Pepe does not. Pepe is a pretty good high school RB and I bet he’ll be playing somewhere on Saturday’s but it’s likely going to be a mid major unless he walks on.

  • Junior
  • NorCal Top 25 Week 14

    1.(1) De La Salle (NCS D1) 13-0
    2.(2) Folsom (SJS D2) 14-0
    3.(3) Granite Bay (SJS D1) 11-3
    4.(11) St. Ignatius (CCS Open) 10-3
    5.(5) Elk Grove (SJS D2) 12-2***
    6.(3) Bellarmine (CCS Open) 11-2***
    7.(20) Clayton Valley (NCS D2)
    8.(8) Serra(San Mateo) (CCS Open) 9-3**
    9.(4) James Logan (NCS D1) 12-2***
    10.(9) Franklin(Elk Grove) (SJS D1) 12-1**
    11.(6) Oak Ridge (SJS D1) 12-2***
    12.(15) Pittsburg (NCS D1) 8-4*
    13.(10) California (NCS D1) 9-3*
    14.(21) Marin Catholic (NCS D3) 13-1
    15.(14) Freedom 9-3*
    16.(12) Buhach Colony (SJS D1) 10-3**
    17.(17) El Cerrito (NCS D3) 13-1***
    18.(13) Del Oro (SJS D2) 7-6**
    19.(16) Luther Burbank (SJS D1) 12-1**
    20.(18) Vacaville (SJS D2) 8-4*
    21.(13) Archbishop Mitty (CCS Open) 8-4**
    22.(NR) Central Catholic (SJS D4) 12-2
    23.(25tie) Oakdale (SJS D3) 13-1
    24.(23) St. Marys(Stockton) (SJS D2) 9-3*
    25tie.(25tie) Enterprise (NS D1) 9-3****
    25tie.(25tie) Rancho Cotate (NCS D2) 12-1***
    (22)Pleasant Grove (SJS D1) 7-5*
    (24)Grant (SJS D1) 5-6*

    Greater Bay Area Top 25 Week 14
    (Since Teams 1-13 have been ranked in the NorCal Top 25, only their Greater Bay Area last week’s ranking and league are shown on this list.)

    1.(1) De La Salle (EBAL)+
    2.(6) St. Ignatius (WCAL)
    3.(2) Bellarmine (WCAL)
    4.(11) Clayton Valley (DVAL)
    5.(8) Serra (WCAL)
    6.(3) James Logan (MVAL)+
    7.(8) Pittsburg (BVAL)
    8.(5) California (EBAL)
    9.(12) Marin Catholic (MCAL)
    10.(7) Freedom (BVAL)
    11.(9) El Cerrito (TCAL Rock)
    12.(10) Archbishop Mitty (WCAL)
    13.(13) Rancho Cotate (NBL)
    14.(14) Amador Valley (NCS D1, EBAL) 8-4**
    15.(15) San Ramon Valley (NCS D1, EBAL) 6-6*
    16.(17) St. Francis(Mtn.View) (CCS D2, WCAL) 7-5****
    17.(18) Valley Christian(San Jose)(CCS D3,WCAL)7-6****
    18.(NR) Monte Vista(Danville) (NCS D1, EBAL) 6-5*
    19.(16) Foothill (Pleasanton) (NCS D1, EBAL) 6-6*
    20.(19) Cardinal Newman (NCS D3, NBL) 11-2**
    21.(20) Palma (CCS Open, MBL Gabilan) 8-3*
    22.(21) Palo Alto (CCS Open, SCVAL DeAnza) 8-3*
    23.(22) Northgate (NCS D2, DVAL) 9-3**
    24.(24) Concord (NCS D2, DVAL) 10-3**
    25.(23) Deer Valley (NCS D1, BVAL) 6-5*
    Drops: (25) Menlo School (CCS D4, PAL Ocean) 10-3***

    * Season completed.
    ** ” ” ,section/division semi-finalist.
    *** ” ” , ” ” runnerup.
    **** ” ” , ” ” champion.
    Nonstarred teams won their section/division and are playing in CIF North Campionship games.
    + Not elgible for the league championship.

  • A question for CIF and Comcast:
    How come the South D1 Regional (tonight), D2 and Open (tomorrow night) are all being broadcast live by Time Warner on TV. Their D4 regional (tonight) and D3 (tomorrow night) are also being tape delayed broadcast by Time Warner on TV?
    All we (north of the Chowchilla, and probably Fresno area too) get from Comcast is The North Open Regional tommorrow night.

    As a consolation, there will be live audio of all the regional games on http://www.playonsports.com/channels/california (if your computor has YouTube).

  • Maxi

    One last shout out for 2012…..good luck to the NCS teams and Mack! And props again to Pittsburg for beating 2 of the NorCal participants and giving DLS a run for their money. Not bad for a team that was “typical Pitt” (undisciplined), had a weak defense, and was a 9 seed! Also with a coaching staff that was virtually brand new. Would’ve been scary to see what they could’ve done with Mays and Daniels, Pitt kids at Freedom, not to mention the hand full of players at DLS(see Boss Tagaloa)!

    Can’t wait til next year!

    Good Luck Clayton Valley, Mack, SI, MC, and DLS! Lets go Yay Area!!!!

  • So the St. I Granite Bay & MC game will not be online?

  • I hope DeLa didnt disappoint anyone tonite. The destruction of Folsom and the sacking of Sacramento should easy the frustration of the negative bloggers.

  • Chalk, was that good enough technique tonite from the DLS defense? They had that boy from Sacto running for his life.

  • I hope Jesuit and Christian Bros. were rooting for the Spartans!

  • Schoolmarm- info on Centenial? Run, pass, defense?

  • @Big Joe
    Here’s what I have on Centennial.
    The Huskies’ offense averages 50.4 points, 276 yards passing, and 266.2 yards rushing per game. It’s led by QB Robert Webber (5’10”,170lb.Jr)whose passing is 229/369(62%) completions for 3660 yards(214yrds per game), 38 TDs and a rating of 125. His rushing is 85 times for 720 yards (8.5 ypc)(48 ypg) and 7 TDs. RB Tre Watson(5’10”,190lb.Jr.)has carried 156 times for 1450 yrds(9.3 ypc)(103.6 ypg) and 22 TDs. RB Austin
    Renken (5’7″,170lb. Sr.) has rushed 163 times for 1199yrds(7.4 ypc)(85.6 ypg)and 19TDs. Several other backs have run for yardage and scores. The receivers are Chase Krivashi (5’9″, 165lb. Sr)who’s caught 76 for 1196 yrds(15.7 ypr)and 2TDs (he’s also run 6 times for 157yrds. and 2 TDs.); Barry Ware (6’2″, 190lb. Jr.)41/915(22.3 ypr) and 10 TDs; Ryan Pascarella(6’2″, 190lb. Sr.) 52/684(13.2 ypr) and 8 TDs; D’Vonte McNeely (5’11”, 200lb. Jr.) 41/598(14.6 ypr) and 2 TDs; Marco Catalino(5’6″, 140lb. Sr.) 13/236(18.2 ypr) and 2 TDs; Joe Wheat (6’2″,180lb. Sr) 17/289(17 ypr); and Grayson Bankhead (5’7″,160lb. So.) 8/273(9.1 ypr) and 1 TD. The O line averages well over 250lbs. and is anchored by Cameron Hunt (6’5″, 275 lb. Sr.) who also will play on defense. The Huskies run nearly excusively (even in short yardage situations) out of the spread offense.
    On defense, they have held their opponents to 26.1 points per game; not as formidable as their offense (however, tougher, most likey, than Folsom’s D).
    The Huskies’ kicking and punting games are good, but not exceptional.
    Their overall special team’s play is very good, especially on coverage.
    Centennial is coached by Matt Logan, one of the most respected in the Southland. They supposively have 123 on their roster (there are several duplicated numbers for some of their players). Few on the roster are listed for both offense and defense. Max Preps has them currently rated at 72.4, #1 in the state. Their strength of schedule rating is 46.1, tough but several teams in the Southland have stronger ones. The Big 8, their league which the Huskies perenially win, has a 35.9 average power rating compared to the EBAL with a 31.1 (however if DLS were to be included like Centennial is in their league, the EBAL’s average is 35.7). De La Salle’s power rating is currently 71.1 #2 in the state (finally Freeman’s computor is giving the Spartans their due) and with an SOS of 40.8.
    Narbonne, the team they beat 41-34 in the South Open Regional, had been favored by most (including Freeman’s computor). Bonne was loaded with 9 or 10 D1 players (Centennial has several too, though.) The Huskies had a 27-7 halftime lead, but the Gauchos came out and dominated the 2nd half and tied it up at 34-34, but Centennial scored again in the final couple of minutes and held. Obviously, Bonne found the chink in the Huskies’ defense for the 2nd half.(Wish it had been on TV up here).
    I’ll give my take on this game(and all the Cal Bowls) coming up in Carson in the next few days.