All-EBAL football

Michael Hutchings (De La Salle) Sr.
First team offense
QB — Kyle Moreno (Amador Valley) Sr.; RB — Karris Johnson (California) Sr., Tiapepe Vitale (DLS) Sr.; WR — Jalen Avery (Monte Vista) Sr., Ray Hudson (Foothill) Sr.; TE — Mason Melin (MV) Sr.; OL — Zach Sturgill (Granada) Sr., Kevin Leathley (Cal) Sr., Alex Kim (San Ramon Valley) Sr., Larry Allen Jr. (DLS) Jr., Wade Ogburn (DLS) Sr., Nate Vickers (AV) Sr., Specialist — CJ Cornwell (Cal) Jr.; K — Matt Anderson (SRV) Sr.
First team defense
DL — Brendan Landman (MV) Jr., Griffith Gates (Foot) Sr., Victor Egu (DLS) Sr., Austin Hooper (DLS) Sr.; LB — Carson Milner (MV) Sr., Cody Shields (Foot) Sr., Ryan Dunn (SRV) Sr., DJ Moffitt (DLS) Sr.; DB — Allan Marion DLS) Sr., Kyle Campiotti (Gra) Sr., Drew Buckley (DLS) Sr.
Second team offense
QB — Cameron Birse (SRV) Sr.; RB — Zack Chang (MV) Sr., Marcus de la Pena (SRV) Jr., Dasmond Tautalatasi (DLS) Jr.; WR — Matt Turner (SRV) Sr., Grant Miller (AV) Sr.; TE — Jack Finney (Foot) Sr.; OL — Rhys Watkin (MV) Sr., Dominique Arotzarena (SRV) Jr., Jack Oswald (DLS) Sr., Jesse Cerdas (AV) Sr., Specialist — Casey Soltis (Gra) Jr.; K — Nate Grizti (Cal) Sr.
Second team defense
DL — Julian Buenrostro (Gra) Sr., Kevin Leathley (Cal) Sr., Armondo Roca (SRV) Jr., Jesse Cerdas (AV) Sr.; LB — Jack Finney (Foot) Sr., Nico Mendieta (Cal) Sr., Eric Yehl (SRV) Sr., Sam Peters (AV) Sr.; DB — Andrew Gubera (SRV) Sr., Brian Danis (SRV) Sr., Kevin Griffin (DLS) Jr.
Honorable mention offense
QB — Nikita Zamora (MV) Jr., Cameron Owen (Cal) Jr., Max Kreger (Livermore) Sr.; RB — Griffith Gates (Foot) Sr., Austin Terry (Cal) Sr., Louie Hernandez (Liv) Sr.; WR — J.J. Koski (SRV) So., Justin Cruz (AV) Sr., Kyle Greenan (AV) Sr.; OL — Jesse Martinez (Gra) Sr., Jack Chabolla (MV) Sr., Johann Bolt (F) Jr., Tyler Whisenhunt (Cal) So., Everett Powell (Liv) Jr., Sam Ogee (Liv) Jr., Collin Dal Porto (Foot) Sr.; K — John DeMaio (MV) Sr., Kevan Knaggs (AV) Jr.
Honorable mention defense
DL — Nick Pletschette (Gra) Sr., Richard Martinez (MV) Jr., Nick Turcotte (MV) Sr., Anthony Galan (Cal) Sr., Grant Badstubner (SRV) Sr., Xavier Banks (DLS) Sr., Nate Vickers (AV) Sr., Matt Luey (Foot) Jr., Sumner Houston (DLS) Jr.; LB — Daniel Hornett (Cal) Sr., Grant Sherrod (Cal) Sr., Kyle Greenan (AV) Sr., Mitch Mayo (AV) Sr., Gage Loge (Liv) Jr.; DB — Jamirr Holland (Foot) Jr., Zach McPherson (Liv) Sr., James Silva (Liv) So., Jake Lepere (Cal) Sr.

Phil Jensen

  • chsgoteam

    2nd team defense — Nico Mendieta (Cal) Sr.

  • Wolfparent

    Just wanted to say off the bat that’s Alex Kim for SRV not Alex Jun.

  • Mjdp

    Falcon Fan: Honorable Mention OL. Collin Dal Porto

  • Grizzmom

    Jake Lepere…CHS (sr.)

  • SS

    Honorable mention defense
    Jake Lepere (Cal) Sr.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Corrections have been made, thanks everyone. Speak up if you see anything else. We made a few other spelling fixes from the list we received from the league, but obviously didn’t catch everything.

  • Paydirt

    Congratulations to those recognized by the EBAL! And many thanks to the BANG staff that covers East Bay high school sports far and wide.

    Is there a Web site with reliable season statistics, and not just for the EBAL?

  • Grizzmom

    @paydirt..Max Preps.

  • Paydirt

    Hey Grizzmom,

    Thanks. I haven’t paid much attention to Max Preps stats for a couple of years. For a while it was hit or miss, and I have not heard many comments about stats accuracy. If anyone would know, a proud Grizzmom would.


  • jusaskin

    okay, i will play the ignorant fool. how does a player win all league honors when their team is not in the league?

  • Very simple. DLS ihas to be associated with a league . It’s the ebal. Since they won all games in a dominant fashion over the ebal, they get all league honors. I think by the selections the regular ebal teams faired quite well, what’s your beef? DLS had 14 players on all 3 teams, that’s 20%. The rest are 80 % regular ebal. Go figure how to beat DLS with the remaining 80%. You guys are a bunch of jokers playing poker. A lot of bluffs, no results.

  • Prep Fan

    Did Logan also get in on the all-MVAL selections?

  • concrete17

    @ #10 Jusaskin…..the agreement by the members of the EBAL back in August was that De La Salle would be competing as an independent. The Spartans would get the automatic bid to the NCS playoffs for the league and their players would be eligible for all-EBAL awards, but the remaining seven teams will be playing for the EBAL title and the championship banner that comes along with the honor.

  • Let’s remember something more important that anything in this country- Dec. 7th- Pearl Harbor Day. Over 2000 of our military and civilians gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve freedom thru this world. Those waterery graves are reminding us. Listening to Glenn Miller as we speak. God Bless.

  • jusaskin

    Take it easy, BigDog, it was a legit question. Thanks for the follow up, concrete.

    I guess my question is: How can they be independent and tied to a league? How can they have it both ways? Don’t they already have plenty of advantages over the rest of the area?

  • Bubba

    I look at it this way, if your kid made the All EBAL list and is part of the 80%, with DLSJC draining 20% of the spots, it means making the list is pretty prestigious.

  • Bubba

    For the record, at least 8 of these guys played their youth football for the California Bears of San Ramon.

  • # 26 DLS after watching him in NorCal game should have been all ebal something with his intercetion, coverage and outstanding hitting from his dhb position. I beleive his name is Matt Balducci. He was popping people!

  • renegades10

    Baldacci was playing for EBAL 2nd Team defense Kevin Griffin who was suspended for at least the regional game.

  • Hutch was also laying leather Pitt fans. The best LB in NorCal. Vitale was running and breaking outside against 9-11 in the box! The best RB in the EB Logan fans. These 2 guys continue to impress even when they are game planned by their opponents.

  • I like bringing the 2 DLS players to the limelight. They have not received the reck they deserve, are not shelfish players and consumate team leaders. Good luck at state fellas.

  • Bubba

    Baldacci as a backup proves my point that DLSJC has by far not only the best talent but the best depth at every position.

  • Bubba

    Hutchings and Vitale have not received the recognition they deserve? Anyone who knows anything about nor cal prep football knew about these guys a long time ago.

  • Bubba, Williams from DeLa is the best QB in the league. He ia an all-purpose threat with close to 30 tds. combined. Wait till next year, honey.

  • Bubba

    Tell me dear, what drug are you on? Kyle Moreno is a far better QB than Williams, albeit a much different style. I think Birse from SRV is better than Williams, too.

  • Bubba, Williams is the best all- around QB athelete of all of the QB’s. Did you watch Logan and Folsom games?
    The drug I am on is winning honey.

  • Bubba

    Well front runner, I will take Moreno all day long and twice on Sunday over Williams.

  • Moreno is gone to grad, now you’re forced to take Williams, unless u are going with that MV QB who will be running for his life against DeLa next season.

  • Bubba, bye the way, I’ve been a front runner since the late 80’s. Just didn’t jump on the bandwagon and didn’t fall off the turnip wagon either.

  • The DeLa contingent has hit town mommas. I’m walkin’ my dogs in downtown Carson as we speak.

  • Folsom went to Carson ( City) this weekend.

  • DeLa’s 7th appearance in 7 state bowl games. Centenial’s 4th appearance I beleive.

  • stuck in spokane

    It is Centennial’s 4th. No way was Williams the best QB in the league. He’s certainly hit his stride, in regards to opperating the veer offense, since the start of playoffs. He struggled mightily in the regular season, though.

  • mvalfan2

    Heu where’s the All MVAL list at, why is it taking so Long??? Can U sports writers find out for us all please?? it should have been out!!!

  • We’ll see next year vs. MV. Williams will dominate that game while MV will run for their lives. Kind of like Bart Houston over-powering Kline that last 2 games of the SRV QB senior season against DeLa.

  • Bubba

    Bwa ha ha ha!!! Houston and Williams have/had success because of the college caliber running game DLS has. Moreno and Birse are quarterbacks, Williams is an athlete playing the QB position.

  • stuck in spokane

    Big joe, read Lad’s comments about Williams in the NorCal preps article about DLS’ 4-peat. Does that really sound like the best QB in the league?

  • Bubba

    11 fumbles and floating passes. Better hope his receivers are wide open! There’s a reason he didn’t make the all EBAL list.

  • Williams is a pedigree. Entire family successful in football on college/pro level. He wont disappoint next season. He looked good last nite. He has stepped up and performed well under playoff presure. Let’s see, 4 tds vs. Logan.
    There’s no negatives after last nite, winners win period. He QB’s the winners.

  • hoops

    Not to change the subject but the centennial QB is a stud.Great arm and he can run.

  • Bubba

    No negatives for Williams last night? A few good runs, poorly thrown balls and DLS lucky to recover some of his fumbles.

  • Bubba

    I was fairly impressed Hoops. In the first half he was putting too much on many of his throws. He needs to learn to take a little off.

  • Bubba, 2 tds for Williams in the state game, not bad for a junior that had no playing time last year. He ran around and over Cent. defense, were u watching the same game? Also smart young man, halftime interview very humble.

  • Bubba

    I did like his interview, just think you’re slightly overrating him.

  • Max Prep has just moved DLS to #1 in the country.

  • Grizzlies insider

    Just in Karris Johnson has officially committed to Utah state!

  • Spartan Fan

    De La Salle is now #1 in State and #1 in the Nation! Congrats to the De La Salle Spartans. What a great season. The team played an NFL schedule this season. All the hard work paid off. Good luck and keep it going!

  • Bubba

    With 14 out of 85 slots taken by DLS players, it makes making this list that much more of an accomplishment.