Barnes not retained as Arroyo coach

James Barnes said today that he has not been retained as Arroyo High’s football coach.
“They wanted a coach on campus who could have more interaction with the kids,” said Barnes, an off-campus coach who was the Dons’ coach for three seasons. “I have no ill feelings about Arroyo. It was a great experience … I learned a lot from it. I thank (principal) Larry (Smith) for bringing me in and allowing me to coach the program.”
Both Barnes and Smith said this had nothing to do with the situation involving Arroyo and the North Coast Section football playoffs this past season. The NCS office had not received an application from Arroyo by the stated deadline, said NCS commissioner Gil Lemmon. Barnes said that he sent the application before the deadline.
“I guess it didn’t go through on my end,” Barnes said.
Arroyo was 6-4 this past season and finished second in the West Alameda County Conference-Shoreline Divsion with a 4-1 record. Overall, Barnes was 16-15 in his three seasons at Arroyo.
Smith said that all walk-on coaches are let go after the season, then the job has to be posted internally at the site and at the district level.
Smith said that he is looking to hire an on-campus coach and that he had made a recommendation to the personnel department of the San Lorenzo Unified School District, but it has not been approved yet. Barnes said that Chad Sullivan, the linebackers coach last season, has been hired as his replacement. Athletic director Joe Delucchi confirmed that Sullivan has been hired.

Phil Jensen

  • So this guy Sullivan is now the new coach? If not hire the best candidate. Jacob Wright is an on-campus coach. That doesn’t seem to mean much. So is Brad Bowers.

  • East Bay

    Chad Sullivan is an awesome guy, teacher, and coach

    I had the pleasure of having Chad as my teacher for multiple PE classes at CSU East Bay in hayward where he has been a teacher

    One of my mentors going through the PE teaching department there

  • @Phil Jensen
    Is Sullivan the new coach at Arroyo?

    (I heard coach at Piedmont has been let go. & Goree at O-high has been forced to either re interview his whole staff or fired them all)

  • ManDown

    Thats too bad for Barnes but he had too many issues with that program.

  • Phil Jensen

    @Perkin, I just confirmed it with Arroyo’s principal. Sullivan has been hired as the new head coach.

  • any back round on him?

  • Football Fan

    Please delete the last post from me, please. It was not my place to share Chad Sullivan’s background.

  • Voice of reason, were you impressed with the DLS beating of Folsom?
    I found it very intersting that Folsom coaches thought they had DeLaSalle figured out by watching and playing them in the past.

  • mvalfan2

    Congrats to Coach Sullivan, Wish the best to coach barnes who did a nice job. I think Sullivan will do a good job as well. Good Pedigree!!

  • Voice of Reason

    I was extremely impressed with the DLS dismantling of Folsom. After hearing Folsom had allowed only 9 QB sacks the entire season I thought they must have a tremendous OL. Not so. Hooper had 3 sacks alone, plus a deflected pass and a few plays where Browning had to hurry a throw. Interesting, the Folsom coach abandoned any notion of running the ball from the get go, all but conceding they couldn’t gain any yards on the ground against the DL of DLS. I can’t imagine a top flight coach thinking they could win a game being so one dimensional, against DLS or any other team for that matter.

    Perhaps this might silence some of the SJS faithful who have long stated DLS has been running up the unbeaten streak against non SJS teams in northern California. I understand that most of Folsom’s team comes back next season, perhaps they might get a rematch with DLS in next December’s regional game and play better the second time around.

  • HAAL Fan

    does anybody know if coach barnes is up for any jobs that might be available

  • FB Guru

    So Arroyo was open and filled. Does anyone know of any other openings or ones already filled?

  • DLS is returning Williams at QB, Taut at RB, and the RB who ran for 2 tds late in the game. They also have the o line coming back and d line also.
    Folsom’s defense will get run over next year and the QB will still be running for his life.
    No need to make the 68 mile trip up to Sac, they’re done honey.

  • stuck in spokane

    Hooper/Egu/Hutchings/Moffitt/Banks aren’t coming back.

  • Williams, Allen, Taut, Griffin, Houston coming back-almost 30 returnees in all.

  • I stand corrected. 35 returning.

  • I don’t know how Folsom though that they had DLS figured out….Its going to take a real down grade of kids coming into DLS to set them selves up for a loss..As for SI…they should have done a lot better..but what it did show is the west bay catholic league is not as tough as we thought…

  • Folsom took an all-time beating since their program has fostered the last 10 years. They will be back again the next 2 yrs or even further, however this kind of defeat sets a standard that previous DLS teams have issued to opponents, mainly Mater Dei, Poly, San Leandro, Bellarmine, Serra, Mitty, Pittsburg, Logan and EBAL schools. These kind of set backs can be defining moments for the future of these teams competing with DeLaSalle. The DLS mystic station can last a long, long time.