Holiday Classic all-star game is Dec. 22

The Holiday Classic all-star game, pitting the top Contra Costa seniors vs. their Alameda County counterparts, will be held Saturday, Dec. 22 at Pittsburg High. Kickoff is 1 p.m.

The Contra Costa team will be coached by Pittsburg’s Victor Galli and his staff. Washington’s Ken Wittmer will head the Alameda team, along with his staff and the James Logan staff.

Here are the teams:

Alameda County

QB      Keith   Williams    –    McClymonds
QB      Kyle    Malpede –  Washington
RB      Ondre   Rudolph – Dublin
RB      Patrick Cheek  –  Castro Valley
RB      Brian   Freeman  – CA School of the Deaf
WR      Andrew  Llanos  –  Washington
send    Chris   Bussey  –  Alameda
WR      Justin  Cruz   –  Amador Valley
WR      Ahmed   Aryobi  –  Washington
WR      Grant   Miller  –  Amador Valley
TE      Jack    Finney  –  Foothill
TE      Nick    Pletschette   –   Granada
Ctr     Alem    Amores  –  Oakland Tech
Ctr     Dennis  Kay  – American
OL      Juan    Pardo  –  Mount Eden
OL      Aaron   Ve’e  –  Encinal
OL      Kevin   Vaughan  –  McClymonds
OL      Nate    Vickers –  Amador Valley
OL      Misieli Ohuafi  –  Hayward
OL      Jesse   Cerdas  –  Amador Valley
DT      Hau     Moala   –  Tennyson
DT      Johnathan  Rowland –  Bishop O’Dowd
DT      Trevor  Trammell   –  Castro Valley
DT      Dajon   Ford   – McClymonds
DE      Dashaun Cosby –  Tennyson
DE      Weston  Tolbert – Alameda
DE      Ansar   Muhammad     –   James Logan
DE      Stephen Pangelina   –    Tennyson
LB      Ryan    Bua  –   James Logan
LB      Charlie Davis –  San Lorenzo
LB      Mitchell    Mayo –   Amador Valley
LB      Eduardo Martinez   –     Arroyo
LB      Jeremiah  Varnedoe    – Oakland Tech
LB      Hyakub  Herring – San Leandro
LB      Jacy    Pedersen-Dike   –  CA School of the Deaf
DB      Aaron   Jones   –  San Lorenzo
DB      Michael   Adams   –  Oakland Tech
DB      Yusef   Sterling-Lowe   –  McClymonds
DB      Akil    Bordelon     –   Berkeley
DB      Devante McGowan  – Mount Eden
DB      Khari   Thomas  –  James Logan
K/P     Sam     Boyden  –  Berkeley

Contra Costa
QB      Dante   Mayes –  Freedom
QB      Jamari  Pope –   Ygnacio Valley
RB      Olito   Thompson   –  Concord
RB      Jamal   Lockett – Pittsburg
RB      Craijon Menefee – Pittsburg
RB      Joe     Protheroe   –    Clayton Valley
WR      Brandon Lee   –  Northgate
WR      Darrell Daniels  – Freedom
WR      Lee     Ward  –  Deer Valley
WR      Matt    Turner – San Ramon Valley
WR      Jay     Yesin –  Concord
TE      Brayton Milner – Las Lomas
TE      Maile   Motekiai     –   Pittsburg
Ctr     Dakohta Cramer – Clayton Valley
Ctr     Alex    Cabral  – Freedom
OL      Max     Moore   – Northgate
OL      Flenoid McCleary    –    Deer Valley
OL      Josh    Murtaugh    –    Deer Valley
OL      Lekan   Ajayi   – El Cerrito
OL      Derrick Stom   –   Las Lomas
OL      Antonio Huey  –  Pittsburg
OL      Logan   Bangert  –  Clayton Valley
DL      Lamont  Foggy  –  Richmond
DL      Keenan  Mahler  –  Concord
DE      Elijha  Iakopo  –  Deer Valley
DE      Gabe    Newman  –  Acalanes
DE      Bobby   Montgomery    –  Freedom
LB      Alex    Estrada –  Deer Valley
LB      Eric    Yehl  –  San Ramon Valley
LB      Adam    Wood   – Las Lomas
LB      Uaisele Manoa   –  Concord
LB      Kevin   Camporeale   –   Acalanes
LB      Carson  Cleverly     –   Heritage
LB      Marcell Underwood   –    Pittsburg
DB      Nenwon  Gbilia –  Freedom
DB      Jalen   Avery   – Monte Vista
DB      Frank   Sturgis –  Deer Valley
DB      Daniel  Golden  –  Concord
DB      Marquis Davenport     –  Hercules
DB      Jesse   Medrano –  Clayton Valley
DB      Korey   Alexander   –    Pittsburg
K/P     Mitchell  Howard  – Las Lomas

Stephanie Hammon

  • Gowolves

    Can’t believe team “hater-ade” from these blogs havent found there way here yet. Congratulations to all the participants! See a few names missing guessing they declined the invite. Should be an interasting game, can’t wait! Alco vs coco pride is on the line!

  • Prep Fan

    Back to Contra Costa vs. Alameda. I guess this takes the place of the Sac vs. East Bay series we have had the past couple of years. At least this way, twice as many East Bay kids get to participate.

    They still have the North vs. South game that I understand Karris Johnson is particpating in, and I heard at least one other Cal player also couldn’t make it, so there are none from Cal this year. With DLS in the state bowl game this week, they can’t make it either. There are still a lot of great athletes in the mix for both teams and it should be a good matchup.

  • Where cory sails from encinal????

  • WacPride

    DLS doesn’t have any players on the roster because every day in practice is an all star game between players from different counties.

  • Ebal fan

    Some players from the east bay are playing in the Cal State game on the same date. The Cal State Game is Northern Cal vs Southern Cal.

  • The counties DLS represents are Alameda, Contra Costa and Solano.
    To make it fair Wackopride, let’s have a game between the DeLa county players vs. the all-star teams listed.
    DeLa wins.

  • sorrybutnotsorry

    Contra Costa KICKS ALAMEDA butt. I am rooting for alameda… but they dont stand a CHANCE

  • mvalfan2

    Hey does anyone know why the MVAL all-league teams have not been posted yet????

  • Granite Bay 21 Long Beach Poly 20!
    What a game! Short of DLS getting beat tomorrow night, this should change a lot in California state rankings. Massey’s Computer (Max Preps) ought to implode! (Massey had SoCal teams rated considerably higher than any in NorCal, DLS excepted). So did I for that matter. With a De La Salle victory tomorrow night I’ll be moving several NorCal(including some from the Bay Area) into my State Final Top 30!
    I put this comment here because there were no posts this week about this weekend’s Cal Bowls (that seemed a bit strange).

  • SJS NorCal congrats- all that Poly speed adds to nothing in a disclipined coached game.

  • H.S. Football Fan

    @BigJoe- How does going to Div I state championship, losing on a missed extra point add to nothing? Also, a team with mostly black players can’t play in a disciplined coached games? Are they thugs too? what are you trying to say?

  • sorrybutnotsorry


  • DJ

    How does Marin Catholic blow a 21-0 lead?

  • H.S. I watched DLS play Poly twice. Great team, under-achieving coaching. Too many penalties. Poly was not Poly good this year. Finished at 11-3, lost to Narbonne 56-00 during the season Cent. beat the undeated Narbonne team to get their bid, but Poly upset MaterDei to go to state bowl. GraniteBay and another SJS powerhouse Grant beat them a few years back. I dont think they prepare well. Has nothing to do with what color players are. They under achieve against well coached disclipined teams.

  • FNL680

    Congratulations to all of the All-Star picks. Agree with Prep Fan more numbers is good compared to the Sacto vs East Bay formula the last three years. The players are sure to be fired up to end their high school football careers with a W.
    The rivalry that was slowly building will be missed, and in light of the first year of the NorCal play in games, there would’ve been amplified competitiveness between the two areas. I thought with the pretty good gate at MV last year, the organizers would repeat the formula, but not so. Bergman and Kravitz had 40 plays ready to go with four days of practice but the bigger news was the EB defense which throttled the Folsom (new Calif leader passing yards) and Del Lago’s QB’s. There was big time hitting with no fullbacks and unlimited blitzing; the QBs had to bring an A game.
    Although the “all-state” game is prestigious, and too far away the weekend before Xmas, it should be noted that Demariay Drew from Livermore High was outstanding in last year’s Classic. A few days later he was given his scholarship to Cal.

  • @DJ
    Being a based no huddle team that can’t switch gears. No grinding running game. Same reason that CN blew a 17 point 2nd half lead against MC. Like the no huddle but never loved it. Never liked the YV’s of the early & mid 2000’s but had to respect how they could get 2 first downs with the lead & it felt like they scored.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Wow get to see my Guys on Both teams this year. Flenoid McCleary at Deer Valley and Aaron Ve’e From Encinal. Both Offensive Tackles and they both will play at the next level! Jet Pride!

  • Matty

    A huge reminder the Contra Costa vs. Alameda all star game is tomorrow at Pitt High. Kick off is at 1:00pm

  • TJ

    Odd… There is a team on there that had probably the worst defense in the east bay and they have TWO kids on the Alameda team.. crazy

  • chalktalk

    just becuase a team plays bad doesnt mean the players are bad