Final East Bay football poll

Here is our final East Bay football poll of the 2012 season.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (5) 15-0 75 1
2. James Logan 12-2 70 2
3. Clayton Valley 12-2 63 9
4. California 9-3 59 4
5. El Cerrito 13-1 58 3
6. Freedom 9-3 49 5
7. Pittsburg 8-4 44 8
8. Amador Valley 8-5 42 14
9. San Ramon Valley 6-5 31 10
10. Campolindo 10-2 30 7
11. Northgate 9-3 25 13
12. McClymonds 9-4 23 15
13. Monte Vista 6-5 12 6
14. Concord 10-3 8 NR
15. Foothill 5-6 6 11

Also receiving votes: Miramonte (7-5, 3 points), Newark Memorial (9-3, 2). The East Bay Football Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Stephanie Hammon

  • renegades10

    All due respect to the season that Clayton put together, but how they jumped over all those teams I don’t understand. They lost to Pitt and beat no teams to show they should be ahead of them. Pitt even has a win over the D1 state champ. Other than that I don’t see much wrong.

  • Oh Boy

    I think Pitt should be a couple spots higher based on their season ender against DLS. And CV is a couple spots high. Other than that decent final placement

  • I-C-U

    13-1 El Cerrito should be #2, if not for a bogus holding call they win state.

  • mvalfan2

    Okay once again does anyone know where the MVAL all league selections are, and when they will be posted on here? Every other main Bay Area league has been posted but that one, whats the deal? Anyone know?

  • sorrybutnotsorry

    EC number 2 and pitt and 3, with all due respect, clayton valley lost to a TEAM who GOT SPANKED! in state…

  • playofftime

    You guys are splitting hairs. Clayton Valley is a good team. Could have made an arguement that AV could be ranked higher because they beat Freedom. Doesnt really matter because we got the state champs and perhaps national champs playing in our league year in and year out. I have to believe that the little faith based team out of concord knows something more about football and life than the rest of us over zealous parents. Until the rest of us can figure out how to beat DLS the point is moot. Like Ricky Bobby says “if you aint first your last.”

  • Final Greater Bay Area Top 30

    1. De La Salle 15-0
    2. James Logan 12-2
    3. St. Ignatius 10-4
    4. Bellarmine 11-2
    5. Pittsburg 8-4
    6. California 8-4
    7. Serra(San Mateo) 9-3
    8. Freedom 9-3
    9. Amador Valley 8-5
    10. San Ramon Valley 6-6
    11. Marin Catholic 14-2
    12. El Cerrito 13-1
    13. Archbishop Mitty 8-4
    14. St. Francis 7-5
    15. Clayton Valley 12-2
    16. Valley Christian(San Jose) 7-6
    17. Monte Vista(Danville) 6-5
    18. Rancho Cotate 12-1
    19. Foothill(Pleasanton) 6-6
    20. Cardinal Newman 11-2
    21. Palma 8-3
    22. Palo Alto 8-3
    23. Northgate 9-3
    24. Concord 10-3
    25. Deer Valley 6-5
    26. Oak Grove 10-1
    27. Los Gatos 8-5
    28. Sacred Heart Prep(Atherton) 12-1
    29. Analy 12-1
    30. Ferndale 12-1
    The following team is listed so there are 15 ranked East Bay teams.
    32. Campolindo 10-2

    A comment concerning NCS football:
    First, congratulations to Gil Lemmon and the NCS staff for reorganizing the ACAL, Bay Shore, and HAAL into the West Alameda Athletic League with the Foothill and Shoreline Divisions, and the Tri County Athletic League with the Rock and Stone Divisions. That made a lot of sense and for the most part it played out well for the ’12 FB season. Also, in the North Bay, the North Bay and Sonoma County Leagues were well reorganized.
    However, I would like to see two new leagues (for football anyway) formed. A league consisting of Liberty (Brentwood), Granada, Livermore, Dublin, and Dougherty Valley would make competitive sense. The other league would be Logan, San Leandro, Castro Valley, Berkeley, and O’Dowd. With the exception of O’Dowd (and “academic/athletic” private schools should be in a different category other than just enrollment size anyway) they’re all over 2500 students. For the most part it would be a very competitive league too. (If Logan becomes an anomaly in football, so far they’re not, than that would need to be addressed at that time.) Clayton Valley should move over to the BVAL: that program will only get better if Tim Murphy continues to hang around, and as a successful charter school should grow to over 2000 (wish they’d drop the word “Charter” from their official name, though. Really sounds “hokie”). De La Salle needs to be back in the EBAL for football. If there are only 6 teams in the league (which the vast majority of California leagues are), they have 5 games to schedule suitable opponents. In the next few days I hope to write an “opinion” about the DLS FB program mainly to address a lot of the “baloney” I’ve heard and read on this chat sight and elsewhere.

  • No way El Cerrito rated over Logan and Pitt. In fact, EBAL Cal and Amador would give EC fits. Closer games with SRV and MV, however they would give up some passing yds to them.
    EC could not beat Marin Catholic, who would not beat the teams mentioned.
    And before we get way ahead of ourselves, EC looses to DeLa by 40 plus.
    EC around 5th to 7th, not # 2.

  • Itsabob

    Clayton Valley should be no higher than # 5
    Great Season and all but # 3 no-way.

  • MiraMan

    I got to give a shout-out to a Miramonte team that had no size, limited speed and a starting QB that didn’t even play football last year for 6 games of the season. Their losses were to 12-1 Analy, 10-2 Campo (playing with Brett Stephens), 6-6 Dublin (playing with Andre Rudolph) and two losses to state runnter-up Marin Catholic. I’d even argue that Analy, Campo and Dublin played their best games against Miramonte.

    Small victory, but its cool they got a few well deserved votes in the final pole; the only time all year they were mentioned.

  • YoMama…If you watched the game between Marin Catholic and El Cerrito you would have seen the Gaucho’s just seconds away from beating the Wildcats..The EC speed was holy hell for MC and it became the same problem for MC in Carson…EC had several passes that were sure catches dropped which would have changed the whole game…MC played their hearts out….it was so close….a real see-saw battle..EC will be hard to beat in the 2013 season…

  • ManDown

    Bluedog2, El Cerrito had plenty of chances to win the game against Marin even with the dropped passes. Mistakes are apart of football just like EC had drops Marin had a few chances of there own to take control of the game with bad breakdowns on defense that let EC off the hook. I was rooting for EC to take it, as I thought they should’ve, against a team who didn’t have same caliber of athletes. It was a very exciting game to watch but we can all say the better team won that night.

  • I-C-U

    I disagree, the better team did not win. MC was not better than EC. MC should’t have even been in the NCS champ game, they lose if CN best player doesn’t get hurt.My son (plays for vacaville) called it as we were at the MC vs EC game, that the flag was coming. Karma came back to bite them in the state game.

  • bluedog, MC also dropped passes in the state game, one in the end zone. They blew a 21 pt. lead. Ec would have done no better in the state game, doubt if they would have a 21 pt. lead.
    Makes no differance on the ec/mc game opportunites. MC won, so they go to state. The score is the only thing that counts.

  • ManDown

    I-C-U, Well EC might not be as good as you think if the better team did not win that night. If EC was so great they would have beat Marin even with all the mistakes they made and “dropped passes”. One holding call? That happens in every game so hanging your hat on one call is bull. Karma in the state game? Youre reaching pal and you sound bitter because EC lost when they shouldve won. Yes the better TEAM won but the team with the better players didn’t.

  • YoMama and Mandown….The EC/MC game was wild and wet…I thought sure that EC was going to fight its way into the end zone at the end as the ball carrier would not quite….But the score is what counts..See you guys next season…

  • FB Guru

    CC times article on Longero stepping down at Las Lomas. Successor from within has already been named.

  • Tony

    @MvalFan2, here is the All-MVAL team.
    Jim Randall Offensive Player of the Year: Jason Hinton (Moreau Catholic)
    Ron Johnson Defensive Player of the Year: John Tai (Newark Memorial)

    First team
    OG: Benjamin Loya (Kennedy) Jr., Shane Keenan (Mission San Jose) Sr.; OT: Michael Macabitas (Washington) Jr., Manny Abarado (Irvington) Sr., Jacob Clausen-Collins (NM) Sr.; C: D.J. Kay (American) Sr., Donovan Mosier (NM) Sr.; TE: James Gao (MSJ) Sr.; QB: Jack Shank (I) Jr.; RB: Ariel Hercik (I) Sr., Jason Hinton (MC) So.; WR: Ahmed Aryoni (W) Sr., Fred Tidwell (NM) Jr.; DL: Jordan Mocny (W) Sr., John Tai (NM) Sr., Donovan Mosier (NM) Sr.; OLB: Warren Miles Long (James Logan) Sr., Ariel Hercik (I) Sr.; ILB: Eric Gonzalez (MSJ) Sr., Pete Rivas (NM) Sr.; DB: Brandon Sewell (W) Sr., Joel Romero (K) Sr., Robert Pinkney (A) Sr., Marty Leggett (NM) Jr., Robert Ramirez (NM) Sr.; KR: Damond Beasley (JL) Sr.; PK: Giovanni Mendoza (K) Jr.; P: Jack Shank (I) Jr.;

    Second Team
    OG: Felipe Santana (I) Sr., Kelvin Pellom (A) Jr.; OT: El-Rashid Elzein (A) Sr.; C: Gabe Schrag (MC) Sr.; TE: Ryan Bua (JL) Sr.; QB: Ryan Malpede (W) Sr.; RB: Ismail Shafi (MSJ) Sr., Mark Morton (NM) Sr., Warren Miles Long (JL) Sr.; WR: Atu Ohuafi (K) Jr., Amalani Fukofuka (JL) Sr.; DL: Nate Berry (A) Jr., Kelvin Pellom (A) Jr., Jigar Desai (MSJ) Sr.; OLB: Brandon McCuin (K) Sr., Chandler Witham (MC) Jr.; ILB: Anthony Garcia (NM) Jr., James Shreckengost (MC) Jr., Ryan Bua (JL) Sr.; DB: Nate Woudstra (W) Jr., Atu Ohuafi (K) Jr.; KR: Jason Hinton (MC) So.; PK: Eric Gonzalez (MSJ) Sr.; P: Aravindaksha Avala (MSJ) Sr., Giovanni Mendoza (K) Jr.;

    Honorable Mention
    OG: Colton McCoy (W) Jr., Tim Hutchins (NM) Sr.; C: Eric Kabigting (W) So., Ernie Baung (I) Sr., DeAndre Hollie (K) Sr.; TE: Jacob Murrieta (K) So.; QB: Nick Kinast (MC) Sr., Tamin Sarwary (MSJ) Jr., Riley Pivin (NM) Sr., Jeffrey Prothro (JL) Sr.; RB: Joel Romero (K) Sr., Eric Adair (A) Sr.; WR: Andrew Llanos (W) Sr., Terrance Jones (W) Jr., Segun Giwa (A) Sr., Gabe Villareal (MC) Sr.; DL: Elijah Johnson (W) Sr., Kelvin Adeni (MC) Sr.; ILB: Waymond McKissick (K) Jr.; KR: Atu Ohuafi (K) Jr., Robert Pinkney (A) Sr., Ismail Shafi (MS) Sr., Fred Tidwell (NM) Jr.; P: Brandon Sewell (W) Sr.

  • mvalfan2

    Thanks Tony!!

  • @FB Guru
    Sounds like Las Lomas is gonna be down & pretty young next year.