All-East Bay Girls Volleyball

The final piece of the East Bay girls volleyball season…

Most Valuable Player: Annie Shurtz, Campolindo
Coach of the Year: John Vuong, Campolindo


H- Annie Shurtz, Campolindo, Senior
The Diablo Foothill Athletic League’s MVP led the Cougars to a stellar 2012 season that saw them Division III titles in the NCS and NorCal, along with a runner up finish in the CIF State title match. She finished with 500 kills, 54 blocks and 49 aces. She was chosen as the DFAL’s MVP.

H- Sabrina Clayton, California, Senior
A rare talent, Clayton is bound for Santa Clara to continue her volleyball career. She helped the Grizzlies to an EBAL title and their first NCS title in 30 years as she had 583 kills, 259 digs, 57 aces and 44 blocks in being named the EBAL MVP.

H- Michelle Lawrence, Northgate, Senior
Another Division I talent in the East Bay, Lawrence will be taking her services to Colorado State next season after leading the Broncos to a 30-win season. She finished the year with 457 kills, 227 digs, 35 blocks and 31 aces and was the DVAL MVP.

H- Kyra Holt, Albany, Senior
Another great season for the Washington State bound hitter, bringing him another league MVP, this time in the TCAL’s Rock Division. Holt nearly led the Cougars back to the NCS Division III title game as she had 438 kills and 55 aces on the year.

H- Emily Reder, San Ramon Valley, Senior
A four-year standout on the varsity level, Reder will be remembered as one of the greats at SRV as she had another great season, earning first team All-EBAL honors with 589 kills, 479 digs, 63 aces and 31 blocks.

S- Sophie Seiberth, Campolindo, Senior
Seiberth, who has been a mainstay on the All-East Bay team, finished her third season as the Campolindo setter with 920 assists, 65 digs and 42 aces as she was first team All-DFAL.

S- Sophia Mar, Bishop O’Dowd, Senior
Mar just keeps getting better and better and was rewarded for her fine season as she was the WACC’s MVP. She finished the season with an incredible 1,026 assists.

L- Kylie Carlson, Bishop O’Dowd, Junior
Carson continues the tradition of outstanding libero’s at Bishop O’Dowd, and she is the only junior on the first team. Carson was first team All-WACC and had 722 digs on the year.


H- Brianna Karsseboom, Bishop O’Dowd, Sophomore
646 kills. First team All-WACC.

H- Phoebe Grunt, St. Joseph Notre Dame, Sr.
First team All-TCAL. UCSB bound. 414 kills, 137 blocks, 92 digs, 89 aces.

H- Jen Corbin, Foothill, Sr.
First team All-EBAL.

H- Katherine Claybaugh, San Ramon Valley, Frosh.
Honorable mention All-EBAL. 456 kills, 524 digs, 24 blocks.

M- Maddie Borch, Las Lomas, Sr.
First team All-DFAL. 367 kills, 144 blocks, 419 digs.

S- Rachel Linden, Las Lomas, Sr.
First team All-DFAL. 1,245 assists, 354 digs, 79 aces.

S- Kristina Dunworth, Amador Valley, Sr.
First team All-EBAL.

L- Jane Petricka, Granada, Sr.
First team All-EBAL.


H- Danielle Carothers, Irvington, Sr.
MVAL MVP. 448 assists, 200 kills, 240 digs, 70 aces.

H- Molly Ginsburg, Berkeley, Sr.
First team All-WACC. 325 kills, 469 digs, 42 blocks, 34 aces.

H- Erin Brodbeck, Monte Vista, Sr.
First team All-EBAL.

M- Kelsey LaCour, Northgate, Sr.
First team All-DVAL. Manhattan bound.

M- Amber Erhahon, Albany, Jr.
First team All-TCAL. 249 kills.

S- Amanda Tuazon, Foothill, Sr.
First team All-EBAL.

S- Caitlyn Quindoy, California, Jr.
Second team All-EBAL. 761 assists, 225 digs, 74 kills, 49 aces, 37 blocks.

L- Cassidy Abel, Campolindo, Sr.
First team All-DFAL.

Matt Smith

  • Prep Fan

    Congratulations to each of these ladies on their All East Bay selections. They’ve put in a lot of work and it’s good to see them get some nice recognition.

  • Great year by all. Besides Clayton, Lawrence and Holt, will any of the others play in college and at what schools? Happy Holidays.

  • Matt Smith

    Annie Shurtz will surely be picking a Division I school at some point. She burst on the scene in her first season hitting outside, and is now getting a lot of attention.

  • Sophia Mar is a senior not a junior.

  • LJcoolJ

    And it’s Kylie Carlson, not Carson. Congrats to all of them!

  • Matt Smith

    Sorry about the mistakes on the O’Dowd players. They’ve been fixed.

  • Prep Fan

    While you’re at it, it is Caitlyn Quindoy from Cal High. Thanks.

  • JFK

    Congratulations to Annie, coach Vuong, and the Campolindo team. My family and I really enjoyed watching Campo played this year. It was full of excitements!!! Good luck next year

  • VBT

    For all of you VB followers, it looks like this show is moving to the Club circuit. Norcal with: Clayton, Lawrence, & Reder. Encore (last yrs’ Payes 17)with Shurtz, Holt, & Grunt. That’s a matchup worth seeing.
    Again, thanks to Matt for excellent coverage this season (as always) and to all the fine players for lots of quality VB.

  • Sophia Mar returns to Vision with top CCS players including MVP Anna Marie Schimdt.

  • VBT

    VB Freak, you are correct. Vision is always the team to beat!

  • NorCal fans are very excited about the new players on the team. They should do well this season. Does anyone know about City Beach, 18s?

  • JFK

    I saw the roster for vision 18s and there are 3 setters. If they run 5-1, it will be tough for Mar to compete with Dilfer. only time I see Mar see the court if they run 6-2. The good thing is vision has one of the best L in the nation. Good luck to all

  • VB Fan

    Abbey Healey Campolindo made 2nd team dfal. Is his list selected separate from the area league teams?