2012 All-East Bay football team

Here’s the 2012 All-East Bay football team, as selected by staff members of the Bay Area News Group:

Player of the Year: Warren Miles Long, James Logan
Offensive Player of the Year: Joe Protheroe, Clayton Valley Charter
Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Hutchings, De La Salle
Coach of the Year: Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley Charter

First-team offense
RB: Warren Miles Long, James Logan
RB Joe Protheroe, Clayton Valley Charter
RB Tiapepe Vitale, De La Salle
QB Kyle Moreno, Amador Valley
WR Darrell Daniels, Freedom
WR Dominic Gomes, Bishop O’Dowd
TE Mason Melin, Monte Vista
OL Antonio Huey, Pittsburg
OL Wade Ogburn, De La Salle
OL Logan Bangert, Clayton Valley Charter
OL Kevin Leathley, California
OL Dajon Ford, McClymonds
K Sam Boyden, Berkeley

First-team defense
DL Austin Hooper, De La Salle
DL Antonio Huey, Pittsburg
DL Ansar Muhammad, James Logan
DL John Tai, Newark
LB Michael Hutchings, De La Salle
LB Derik Calhoun, El Cerrito
LB D.J. Moffitt, De La Salle
LB Ryan Bua, James Logan
DB Kevin King, Bishop O’Dowd
DB Marcellus Pippins, El Cerrito
DB Adarius Pickett, El Cerrito
DB Nzuzi Webster, Deer Valley
UTL Jalen Harvey, El Cerrito

Second-team offense
QB Cameron Birse San Ramon Valley
RB Karris Johnson California
RB Joe Mixon Freedom
WR Amalani Fukofuka
WR Ray Hudson Foothill
WR Zati Williams Miramonte
TE Mote Maile Pittsburg
OL Nick Abrams St. Mary’s
OL Larry Allen Jr. De La Salle
OL Alex Kim San Ramon Valley
OL Flenoid McCleary Deer Valley
K Matt Anderson San Ramon Valley

Third-team offense
QB Dante Mayes Freedom
RB Jamal Lockett Pittsburg
RB Olito Thompson Concord
WR Jalen Avery Monte Vista
WR Caleb Coleman St. Mary’s
WR Mason Windatt Campolindo
OL Alem Amores Oakland Tech
OL Miguel Lara Alhambra
OL Max Moore Northgate
OL Derrick Stom Las Lomas
OL Nate Vickers Amador Valley
K Mitchell Howard Las Lomas

Second-team defense
DL Victor Egu De La Salle
DL Mote Maile Pittsburg
DL Bobby Montgomery Freedom
DL Hau Moala Tennyson
LB Ryan Dunn San Ramon Valley
LB Warren Miles Long Logan
LB Jesse Medrano Clayton Valley Charter
LB Marlon Walker Berkeley
DB Akil Bordelon Berkeley
DB Darrell Daniels Freedom
DB Marty Leggett Newark Memorial
DB Yusef Sterling Lowe McClymonds
UTL Andrew Buckley De La Salle

Third-team defense
DL Griffith Gates Foothill
DL Sumner Houston De La Salle
DL Gabe Newman Acalanes
DL Deonte Reynolds Pinole Valley
LB Jack Finney Foothill
LB Caleb Guarino Arroyo
LB Uaisele Manoa Concord
LB Takkarist McKinley Kennedy-Richmond
DB Korey Alexander Pittsburg
DB Kyle Campiotti Granada
DB Marquise Davenport Hercules
DB Corey Sails Encinal
UTL Nsimba Webster Deer Valley

Phil Jensen

  • Bubba

    I’ll talk about whatever I want. It’s not about wins or losses with Coach B, either……

  • FNL680

    Congratulations Bob Ladouceur on a stellar high school coaching run.

  • Junior
  • I hate getting in on these DLS roasts. But I have a co-worker whose son wrestled at Livermore. Knew I believe the 2nd Peco brother well wrestled with him on a lot of club programs. He that there’s no way he could of passed an entrance exam to attend DLS. Isn’t catholic & would have needed serious resources to be eligible.

  • Junior

    That’s all the proof we need Perkin… Case closed.

  • chalktalk

    big joe
    u cant seem 2 keep my name out ur mouth lmao
    the rolling starts creates leverage while everyone is still reading keys WOW y a coach would have a kid standing still while the entire o-line is moving forward beats me!!! SEE I PLAYED AGAIST DLS IN 1986
    and I was beating the DB’s 2 death THE GREAT COACHING STAFF OVER THERE immediately TOLD THEIR PLAYER 2 START CHEATING ” hold him lock on 2 his jersey hit him trip him i don’t care what u have 2 do but if he gets by u again ull b standing over here with me” it anit cheating if u hire a tax attorney to find loop holes in the system…IS IT

  • Chalk, the ’86 DeLa team was undefeated at 12-0. Did u play for EC? who?

  • I would think Lad is in line for California and National coach of the year. He has not received either of those 2 awards in awhile.

  • hoops

    To all the Catholic school haters….The 4 main reasons that the top programs are always good is very simple 1-success breeds success 2- open enrollment 3-People want to be associated with winners 4-a good education in a safe environment.DLS took this to an extreme and combined it with a very disciplined coaching staff and the ability to demand countless hours of time both in and out of season.
    Allocco does the same thing with basketball,but it is a totally different sport and easier to lose games than football.
    The elite schools do not have to recruit and most DO NOT.By the way,I use to know a lot of public school coaches who recruited their butts off.I also know a lot of public schools that had a lot of players who lived out of their district.Hayward and Newark Memorial were and are famous for using BART.

  • chalktalk

    alabama = talent
    notre dame= technique
    the talent is so superior the backers dont even no what angles 2 take even if the do take the proper angle the RB are so quik the target change 2 fast 4 NOTRE DAME this is what would happen it DLS went 2 TEXAS DE LA SALLE JUST WOULD B OUT CLASS

  • Chalktalk, DeLaSalle is looking to schedule a Texas powerhouse next season. There are mabey 3 Texas schools who could hang with DeLa.
    Louissana schools have been higher ranked nationally then most Texas schools, remember what happened to Evangel Christian some years back.
    Bishop Gorman can also beat Texas schools, remember what happened to them.
    The Florida schools are better than the Texas schools.
    You’ve been reading too much of Saturday Night Lights.
    Also in a previous post you said you faced DLS in 1986.
    What team was that? Certainly not from Texas.

  • Mudhen

    Being a SOUTHERNER, I will weigh in here. The difference between the big time Southern high schools and most of the rest of the country is that these guys –in each state– play each other every year. It’s kinda like being in the SEC; week in and week out the teams get HAMMERED by each other, and even the least of these schools is a gnarly proposition. So it’s kind of a “last man standing ” scenario. DLS would do very well indeed down south, but it would not be the “gimmee” that it is in California.

  • stuck in spokane

    @ 109

    Alabama=talent, ND=lucky. Notre Dame was a bad team that went undefeated with a mediocre schedule. ND beat Purdue/Pitt at ND, by a combined total of 6 points. Both those teams ended the year with a 6-7 record. Youngstown St. beat Pitt by 14, AT Pitt, and they went 4-4 in their FCS league. This is what happens when good teams play bad teams. They blow them out. Comparing Alabama/ND to Texas/DLS is a joke. You’re saying the LBP tea,m with multiple future NFL players on it, wasn’t talented? What a joke.

  • madgoose

    WHERES JASON HINTON????? you know theres an old saying “the best players play” and clearly he was one of the best players. He didn’t just play rb he also played receiver and kick returner and played safety with a couple of pick 6’s. He even had to play qb when the the regular starter Nick Kinast had to be taken out due to injury. So to not give him a spot due to his age is absolutely dumb.

  • chalktalk

    do u know the difference between a country boy and city folk toughness!!! DLS is not a tough team no one ever hits them they are always doing the hitting. u let one team dominate by manipulating the rules ….

    they won’t go 2 Texas because the refs aren’t in the’re pockets and no rolling start NO wins 4 DLS…
    I played against a dude RUSSEL WHITE got a full ride to Oregon from DLS meet him years later at some PRO work outs THE GUY had very little talent but somehow rushed 4 over 300yrd on us in high school SO DONT TELL ME DLS HAS TALENT I KNOW FIRST HAND THAT ITS THE SYSTEM
    The reason uall cant beat DLS cuz ur so focused on fundamentals
    Instead of the job which is to win at all cost… SOMETHING I LEARNED IN TEXAS
    — as 4 the joke ur the joke letting average athletes dominate 4 30 plus years—

  • Chalktalk, I didn’t call you a joke. another post. also Russell White did not go to Oregon, he went to Cal and was from Crespi Carmilite in southern cal. DLS has always had talent, they have a lot of guys who went pro and numerous in div 1 over the yrs. DLS approaches training and games like college, so rolling lines are no big thing. Furthermore, NO ONE is afraid of Texas, that myth went bye bye a long time ago in track and field. Yes, Texas has talent, but Florida has more. Be civil now when u deal with me. I am not attacking u. However, u need ur dose of DeLa like cod liver oil when u were a kid. Be respectful, u already have Loganfan to deal with. 🙂

  • chalktalk

    not that russell white look up the dls running back 86′
    the russel white ur talking about is the OAL commish–
    and he was very talented great feet and balance nice power lacked speed and desire FOOTBALL IS NOT 4 EVERYONE SOME PEOPLE DONT LIKE FALLING OUT OF BED WITH ACHES AND PAINS LMAO
    i take cod liver oil with a tablespoon of vinegar 530am every morning

    GO SEE KATY TX right down the road from houston
    or Lamar in houston
    AS 4 LOGAN FAN ILL BE TRAINING FUTURE PROS GETTING READY 4 THE COMBINE starting late jan. ill keep u posted…

  • chalktalk

    Dls is not what u call talented ur confusing fundamentals and discipline with talent
    they look talented until they see real athletes
    didnt u see NOTRE DAME



    Get your players names correct. The “Russell” you are referring to at DLS in the mid-‘8o’s was Russell Lawson, not Russell White. Lawson was a great HS back who never reached the same level of stardom in college that he reached in HS. Great HS back, though! Made the DLS veer very lethal when he played there.

  • Junior

    Texas teams are soft. TX teams can’t tackle.

  • chalktalk

    im so glad u corrected me thx


  • who were you playing for when you faced this DLS running back named Lawson in ’86. That DeLa team went undefeated so they must have been good other than fundamentals.

  • Chalk, it looks like ” the eyes of texas are upon you” per Junior. I have figured it out- you went to a texas JC school.
    As Davy Crockett once said, ” forget Hell, I’m goin’ to Texas. This was the Alamo and we know what happened there.
    To be a true Texacan, you need Texas birth rite.

  • Bubba
  • Interesting poll, the Freeman Max Prep poll is entirely different. DLS # 1, John Curtis out of Louisanna not ranked anywhere near the other poll.
    Freeman and Cal Preps are usually very close.

  • The Freeman/Cal Prep National poll has Katy Texas team ranked # 20. The most consitant team on top or near the top on all the high school polls still comes out to DLS. They are ranked anywhere from # 1 to # 5 on various polls. The Freeman Poll rates on schedule, wins, strengh, just cold hard facts according to the poll.

  • chalktalk

    shame shame shame NOTRE DAME was ramked #1 also
    did u see the game
    they didnt match up well
    DLS doesnt match up well with anyone that can block 4 2 sec. or anyone that throws passes over 10yrds
    or anyone that hits them first


  • actually, Chalk, the LB Moffit is going Pac-12, the lineman Hooper(who destroyed Folsom and Logan) has tons of offers and most likely going to Stanford, RB Vitale most likely San Jose St, Egu other LB to Cal Berkeley, DB/WR Buckley to Cal Berkeley, that doesn’t include # 17 Hutch to USC. That sounds like they match up fine.
    With those kids alone they beat any Texas team this year.
    Texas teams ranked all over the board, high and low in different polls.
    Morer California teams ranked than them.
    DLS the only team consistantly in the top 5 in EVERY poll and # 1 in the most important poll- Freeman poll.

  • chalktalk

    When u analyze talent u look at how the player transitions there weight is the player fighting himself or ARE his muscle move in unison

    u can teacher an ape fundamentals and discipline DOESN’T MAKE THE APE A FOOTBALL PLAYERS JUST MAKE HIM A FUNDAMENTELY SOUND APE
    DLS is a fine institution

  • DeLa must have some excellent ape/human/ students/football players cuz Mr. Hutchings just received the Mr. Football award for the best player in California. DeLa now has had 4 count ’em California players of the year. No other school has had 4 Cal players of the year in modern research. Still waiting to hear which team you played for in ’86 that went down to a perfect season DeLaSalle team. We have film and footage of all past games from Dr. Falykoll, so we can look up your team and it’s performance, also can lookup individual performance. uh hu!

  • chalktalk

    the same weakness u had in 86′ is the same weakness u have now systematic movements

    so are the kids talented or just coachable

  • Chalk, the kids are talented enough to beat you. That’s all that counts. The coaching is another great aspect. There is NO weakness in the DeLaSalle program, that can be dito’ed by many great teams who have played them. Look at the West coast coaches comments that appeared last week. They have a way better perspective than any of us bloggers. Did you read them? Did you read Madden, Walsh and Harbaugh statements? Lad just announced as National coach of the year by Max Preps and others. Again, who in’86 had more talent but didn’t win the game. We’re talking about your team here. I and others are awaiting your reply. We can bring it up on film to help jog your memory.

  • chalktalk

    u think because u won the game u had the better team

    DLS has a system where u win with minimal talent I think its genius
    Most teams have to win with beast’ kudos 2 u
    See in the early 90’s i trained with MR. Lawson and MR. Van LEE who got a ride to Stanford out of DLS and every now and then I would just turn 2 them and say u 2 dudes beat us and they would just laugh their asses off….. ALL I CAN SAY IS COACHES HAVE A LOT OF POWER!!!!!

  • Chalktalk, bullshit. What team, when, how and etc. Lawson and VanLee were Div 1 prospects. The scouts aren’t fooled. The ones who think they are Div 1 go to JC’s to develop. DeLa has had the coaching and the talent and developed less talent to advANCE AND WIN GAMES AND GIVE THAT LESS-TALENTED A SHOT AT COLLEGE BALL.

  • chalktalk

    Big joe most go 2 jc because the lack discipline and they dont have grades not because of the lack of talent UR right the scouts arent fool they know what there getting a kid that knows how 2 play football and will follow order without question WHO COULD ASK 4 ANYTHING MORE LMAO
    ur players are fillers buddy and fillers are greatly need CANT HAVE 2 MUCH TALENT look at the LAKERS LMAO

  • Most importantly, the DeLa guys are do’ers. Talk all u want, they are going to colleges and getting an education to boot. That’s the real bottom line, isn’t it.

  • david

    these parents are hilaroooo