2012 All-East Bay football team

Here’s the 2012 All-East Bay football team, as selected by staff members of the Bay Area News Group:

Player of the Year: Warren Miles Long, James Logan
Offensive Player of the Year: Joe Protheroe, Clayton Valley Charter
Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Hutchings, De La Salle
Coach of the Year: Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley Charter

First-team offense
RB: Warren Miles Long, James Logan
RB Joe Protheroe, Clayton Valley Charter
RB Tiapepe Vitale, De La Salle
QB Kyle Moreno, Amador Valley
WR Darrell Daniels, Freedom
WR Dominic Gomes, Bishop O’Dowd
TE Mason Melin, Monte Vista
OL Antonio Huey, Pittsburg
OL Wade Ogburn, De La Salle
OL Logan Bangert, Clayton Valley Charter
OL Kevin Leathley, California
OL Dajon Ford, McClymonds
K Sam Boyden, Berkeley

First-team defense
DL Austin Hooper, De La Salle
DL Antonio Huey, Pittsburg
DL Ansar Muhammad, James Logan
DL John Tai, Newark
LB Michael Hutchings, De La Salle
LB Derik Calhoun, El Cerrito
LB D.J. Moffitt, De La Salle
LB Ryan Bua, James Logan
DB Kevin King, Bishop O’Dowd
DB Marcellus Pippins, El Cerrito
DB Adarius Pickett, El Cerrito
DB Nzuzi Webster, Deer Valley
UTL Jalen Harvey, El Cerrito

Second-team offense
QB Cameron Birse San Ramon Valley
RB Karris Johnson California
RB Joe Mixon Freedom
WR Amalani Fukofuka
WR Ray Hudson Foothill
WR Zati Williams Miramonte
TE Mote Maile Pittsburg
OL Nick Abrams St. Mary’s
OL Larry Allen Jr. De La Salle
OL Alex Kim San Ramon Valley
OL Flenoid McCleary Deer Valley
K Matt Anderson San Ramon Valley

Third-team offense
QB Dante Mayes Freedom
RB Jamal Lockett Pittsburg
RB Olito Thompson Concord
WR Jalen Avery Monte Vista
WR Caleb Coleman St. Mary’s
WR Mason Windatt Campolindo
OL Alem Amores Oakland Tech
OL Miguel Lara Alhambra
OL Max Moore Northgate
OL Derrick Stom Las Lomas
OL Nate Vickers Amador Valley
K Mitchell Howard Las Lomas

Second-team defense
DL Victor Egu De La Salle
DL Mote Maile Pittsburg
DL Bobby Montgomery Freedom
DL Hau Moala Tennyson
LB Ryan Dunn San Ramon Valley
LB Warren Miles Long Logan
LB Jesse Medrano Clayton Valley Charter
LB Marlon Walker Berkeley
DB Akil Bordelon Berkeley
DB Darrell Daniels Freedom
DB Marty Leggett Newark Memorial
DB Yusef Sterling Lowe McClymonds
UTL Andrew Buckley De La Salle

Third-team defense
DL Griffith Gates Foothill
DL Sumner Houston De La Salle
DL Gabe Newman Acalanes
DL Deonte Reynolds Pinole Valley
LB Jack Finney Foothill
LB Caleb Guarino Arroyo
LB Uaisele Manoa Concord
LB Takkarist McKinley Kennedy-Richmond
DB Korey Alexander Pittsburg
DB Kyle Campiotti Granada
DB Marquise Davenport Hercules
DB Corey Sails Encinal
UTL Nsimba Webster Deer Valley

Phil Jensen

  • EBALParent

    Just out of curiosity, do all the kids that make the team receive some sort of physical reminder than they won the award such as a letter, patch , or plaque?

  • I-C-U

    Congrats to all of the young men selected.

  • mvalfan2

    WHERE IS JASON HINTON. 2012 MVAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ONLY A SOPHMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK HIM UP!

  • Maxi

    No doubt in my mind that Antonio Huey from Pitt is the one that should’ve won POTY, not Warren Miles. No disrespect to Miles, but Huey made 1st Team O and D, and he did it in the trenches, at Fullback, and OWNED DLS. As a matter of fact…I wonder who the last player to do that was.

  • baller6

    4 players from El Cerrito on 1st team defense, and 3 of them juniors!

  • Bubba

    Mvalfan2, it’s extremely hard to crack this list as a sophomore. Second and no disrespect to Mr. Hinton but having a sophomore as league MVP speaks volumes in regard to the level of play in the MVAL league.

  • SportFAN

    Where is Kevin Vaughn of MACK?

  • SportFAN

    Kevin Vaughn is one of the best Linemen in the Bay… No doubt!!!

  • Phil Jensen

    @EBALParent, No, there is no tangible award, but there is the recognition of our staff members.

  • EBALParent

    Awesome! Well done to you Phil and all the staff. By my measures I think the list is pretty comprehensive and right this year. Congrats to all those who are recognized!

  • Guest

    Sam Boyden is one of the very best kickers in the area. I hope that he gets a good scholarship somewhere.

  • Prep Fan

    Congratulations to all those who have been recognized. This is not an easy list to make.

    With regards to the MVAL all league selections, I found it very strange that the East Bay POY was only a second team pick on offense for all MVAL, according to the list that one poster put up here last week. Something odd about that. It may have been a backlash by the coaches for having to include Logan players who weren’t really part of the league this season as they chose to go the independent route a la De La. Long had a great season and is deserving of all the accolades he receives.

  • mvaltruth

    logan and washington were both backlashed on in the all league selection. it is the customary classlessness of most of the other coaches in the MVAL. They take selfish acts out on the kids because they don’t like a team or coach. Which is the reason you will see many questionable selections in the MVAL all league, the more obvious ones of course come from logan and the great team they had this year.

    It is how petty the league is one of the reasons why they aren’t more competitive outside of league. Washington and logan are the only two teams that have ever won meaningful games outside of league in the last 10 years.

  • mvaltruth

    Mr hinton is a great football player and will probably be the POY of the year again. but when long is a 2nd team RB in the MVAL you might as well throw out the entire all league selections, because you know they were tainted. but there were a lot more injustices than just him.

  • EBstaff

    Prep Fan: You are absolutely right. Some coaches felt not to vote for Logan players, especially the teams that actually didn’t play Logan this year. Their opinion, I couldn’t justify voting for someone they didn’t face this season, which is totally understandable.

  • @Phil Jensen
    No Aaron Ve’e? Any succes Encinal had was due to this kid shutting his side down on O & D line’s & his leadership. Never came off the field also long snapper.

    Can’t really comment much on the other line man. I know a lot of it is picked on team success. How can you pick a lineman from Acalanes, Tennyson, Alhambra over him? Even Pinole Valley or St. Mary’s? I’m sure the kid from St. Mary’s will say that Ve’e should be 1st team over him.

    If it comes down to D1 offers I believe he will be going on trips to Washington, UNLV, Fresno, & Reno next month. So I hope those kids are all D1’s to make it right.

  • Phil Jensen

    @Perkin, Aaron Ve’e was very heavily considered.

  • John

    Albany may not have such a strong football team but Jarin Panigbatan definitley should of been chosen. How can you not choose a young man with 5 touchdowns in one game? 1st team offense TCAL and should be considered all east bay. Very hard working and talented kid. Plays WR and Safety.

  • LoganPride

    A bit of a travesty that Jeffrey Prothro of Logan was left off. Something like 3000 total yards and 24 touchdowns passing to 4 picks and a bunch more rushing. Outperformed both Birse and Mayes head to head.

  • mvalfan2

    Okay so I hear everyones opinion, but Logan was not even a true part of the league this year, so why should their players get first dibs on Selections. So next thing is when u talk about meaningful games, i feel that but please this is high school football! There are no true powerhouses around here except DLS, so i dont buy that, many of the teams wont give teams a chance to play them win or loss. And i am not saying the others teams had awesome schedules. But there were very good players in the MVAL. And bottome line, jason hinton is avery good football player and it dont matter who he plays he makes plays. and u cant deny him that. But I understand the sophmore comment.

  • MiraMan


    I agree that Ve’e should be up there pretty high, but Lara of Alhambra is excellent and deserves to be where he is. My question is how does Berkeley get three players listed and they go 5-5 with several embarassing losses and several pretty embarrasing close wins? Not to complain because for all I know they could all be deserving.

    Guys I would have liked to see mentioned:

    Ve’e – DL – Encinal
    Poyadue – RB – Alhambra
    Deutz – UTL – Miramonte
    Toohey – OL – Campo
    Stephens – QB – Campo (even a partial seasons he was more impressive than most QBs)
    Cappa – OL – Dublin

  • Bubba

    Moving DLS out of EBAL and awarding them an automatic bid in the NCS playoffs was totally the right thing to do. At least that way the boys from the EBAL schools have a fair chance to play for a league championship. DLS took about 20% of the EBAL All League selections and unless an NCS division 1 team can beat the machine known as the University of De La Salle, they have no chance of ever playing in a state championship game. Being allowed to play for a league championship is a small consolation.

  • Shocking to hear that D1 athletes with high character are left off this team. I would even say why the line man from Tech or Newark. Sails 3rd team I can see it. Tough kid fought hard this year. I could also see him not making it due to lack of success.

    It will be kind of odd to read an article on these blogs in a month on Ve’e signing D1 but not making All East Bay 1st, 2nd or 3rd team. lol

    There will probably only be 15 athletes in the East Bay who sign I’m sure they’re all on this list(cept 1).

  • @Miraman
    2 kids from Alhambra? Wow. I don’t think their team success justifies it I guess that just says their talent level has stayed pretty consistent over there. I didn’t get a chance to go to one of their games this year. What is Coach Hern doing so wrong? I’m sure he’s still running that same Silveira offense & defense that has been there for 25 years.

  • TJ

    Mvalfan2 just be lucky that they werent a part of the MVAL.. they probably would have taken up ALL SELECTIONS playing in that crappy league lol

  • Logan Alumni

    Want to say great job to Miles Long for winning POTY. But what I don’t understand is this how can he win the award and yet not one of his OL named to the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd team. Miles didn’t do it all by himself. I just don’t understand that part. But again I want to say great job to Miles

  • PERKIN….Mraman was right…The two guys mentioned were the heart and soul of the Bulldogs…As big as Lara was…he was quick and he put a lot of pressure on all the QB’s..He just didn’t have any support to speak of from the rest…Poyadue should have had about 1000 yards more…but he took such a beating from lack of protection..its a wonder he didn’t wind up in the hospital….This years Bulldogs should have gone 8-2 instead of 3-7…,There is something wrong in the Bulldog camp andit needs to be fixed…

  • I just love EC football

    What about the twins from EL Cerrito.. They are the QB and slot receiver.., they are like RG III and Tavon Austin… Watch out for them next year. Rumor has it they didn’t play basketball to get bigger faster stronger for football

  • EBfootball

    @Phil Jensen
    So why wasn’t Aaron V’ee considered and not picked? You and ANG lose a lot of credibility from many followers for that decision. NOT EVEN THIRD TEAM??? That’s just poor reporting. Don’t even trip Aaron… they can picture rollin on saturday afternoons next year homie!

  • renegades10

    I’m a little surprised DLS’ Xavier Banks didn’t make the list on defense. I’d say he actually had a better year than Houston at DT.

  • I am just a fan with no son on any team. These post- season honors are extremely difficult to select. There are many outstanding athletes that do not get selected. I think the Times should be thanked for all the the great coverage they give to High School sports in this area! Also, there are many great high school football players that ARE NOT D-1 players. These great High School players need to be honored. @Perkin, you will see ALL the D-1 players recognized when the “Cream of the Crop” feature comes out later. Congrats to ALL the players for a great season! Congrats to the Times for their great coverage!

  • Bubba

    I agree renegade. My son went against Banks and said he and Huey from Pittsburg were his toughest competition all year. When Banks and Houston were named honorable mention all ebal I thought they should have both been second team but were probably slighted due to all the other DLS selections.

  • Bubba

    and I agree that Banks may have had a better year than Houston. Banks is pretty quick for a man his size. I also heard a rumor that Houston is a 19 year old junior. Can anyone confirm that?

  • If Banks is 19 now, he can’t play next year. I doubt if he is.
    The last 19 yr olds I saw were Long Beach Poly players in 2003, getting off the bus pre-game very early at Cal Berkeley before DLS game smoking cigarettes and jays. I kid you not.

  • Seattle Slew

    EB, sometimes coaches have a say if i understand correctly. Some coaches ask to leave kids off due to certain factors or issues like grades, behavior, grades etc…, However, Im pretty sure the EHS coaches have highly recommended Aaron Ve’e. He was a beast. If I understand correctly, this 6’5 320lbs OL/DL/Special teamer never came off of the field. Check him out at the Poly Bowl too.

  • renegades10

    Houston is not a 19 year old junior…he wouldn’t be able to play next year.

  • Bubba, I thought the University of DeLaSalle deserved more than 9 players on these all east bay teams.
    Dan Taut, running back with over 1000 yds. and laying leather from his DHB position was a beast in the playoffs. He had some big tackles against Logan, Folsom and Centennial. This kid was hitting like a Ronnie Lott on defense. Also, DLS offensive line deserved another player on the team.
    Coach of the year, if Lad retires with 399 and 4 straight state championships, ranked # 1 nationally in Max Prep Freeman poll, should have taken the hat. I understand Clayton Valley had a turn around season and congrats to Murphy. Keep Murphy the choice, mabey Lad gets state and national coach of the year. This DeLa team deserves everything they got, beating ranked teams like Bellarmine, California, Mullen, St. Marys(Stock), Amador, SRV, MV, Pittsburg, Amador again, Logan, Folsom and Centennial. All these teams were either regionally ranked, section ranked, NorCal ranked or state ranked and a couple Nationally ranked.
    The record, 15-0 speaks for itself.

  • Bubba

    First of all DLS deserved to have many all ebal selections, they have some great players. Second, your complaint regarding Daz not being recognized on defense is valid. He was a second team caliber RB this year. No way put him ahead of Pepe or Johnson. Can’t support your claim of another lineman. DLS had three and California had two. California only averaged about 5 fewer yards rushing per game against similar competition.

  • What would happen at DLS if all players did not go to DLS and went to the high school in their area…Would DLS still be the power house or would DLS be like all the rest of the High Schools….nine players making up DLS…makes DLS more then a hard team to beat..And what is coming up for the 2013 season…Will all the High Schools that are scheduled for 2013 all draw the same quality players as DLS will….And the beat goes on….

  • UsoSaucy

    YoMama, check out Daz’s 2012 highlights on youtube. He has one for offense & defense.

  • why isnt Ernest Gardner on this he should be on here before cory sails from encinal. Weston tolbert should be on here to!

  • MaxPrepsStats

    Congratulations to all those chosen. The SRV/MV/Freedom QBs all have published stats, with two of them below 100. What were Moreno’s stats since they are not published by AV?

  • mvalfan2

    @TJ I hear ya, they probably would of, but the fact is they weren’t. But really if they really wanted to compete big time each week then they should just petition to join the EBAL and let one of those teams that doesnt do well get out to make it more competitive. Instead playing only 4 teams from the league. SO then they expect to get all the main League Selections, thats crazy!!

  • Bubba

    There are many players from every single league that were deserving, yet left off this list. Congrats to those chosen!

  • Hornet Pride who won Head to Head? Who had a winning record? Who had more wins in league? WHo made the play-offs? Get lost Geak. Go back under your Rock with the Moyers.

  • Seattle Slew

    probably because alameda won 2 games

  • GauchoFan

    What happened to Austin Harper #24 RB from El Cerrito high…he had 782 yds on just 52 carries this season..amazing game breaker speed…he had a great senior season…and should have been utilized much…much more…you dont be it!,,,check out the film on youtube!!!

  • @seattle slew- get your facts right we won 3 games and were way better then encinal they jsut go lucky with that 98 we got better atletes and way better line and out sophmore Qb hernandez is way better then #11

  • *just got

  • berkeleyfan

    This is supposed to recognize athletes in the Bay. If your team or player isn’t on the list, realize that there are many players to choose from. Stop complaining…