2012 All-East Bay football team

Here’s the 2012 All-East Bay football team, as selected by staff members of the Bay Area News Group:

Player of the Year: Warren Miles Long, James Logan
Offensive Player of the Year: Joe Protheroe, Clayton Valley Charter
Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Hutchings, De La Salle
Coach of the Year: Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley Charter

First-team offense
RB: Warren Miles Long, James Logan
RB Joe Protheroe, Clayton Valley Charter
RB Tiapepe Vitale, De La Salle
QB Kyle Moreno, Amador Valley
WR Darrell Daniels, Freedom
WR Dominic Gomes, Bishop O’Dowd
TE Mason Melin, Monte Vista
OL Antonio Huey, Pittsburg
OL Wade Ogburn, De La Salle
OL Logan Bangert, Clayton Valley Charter
OL Kevin Leathley, California
OL Dajon Ford, McClymonds
K Sam Boyden, Berkeley

First-team defense
DL Austin Hooper, De La Salle
DL Antonio Huey, Pittsburg
DL Ansar Muhammad, James Logan
DL John Tai, Newark
LB Michael Hutchings, De La Salle
LB Derik Calhoun, El Cerrito
LB D.J. Moffitt, De La Salle
LB Ryan Bua, James Logan
DB Kevin King, Bishop O’Dowd
DB Marcellus Pippins, El Cerrito
DB Adarius Pickett, El Cerrito
DB Nzuzi Webster, Deer Valley
UTL Jalen Harvey, El Cerrito

Second-team offense
QB Cameron Birse San Ramon Valley
RB Karris Johnson California
RB Joe Mixon Freedom
WR Amalani Fukofuka
WR Ray Hudson Foothill
WR Zati Williams Miramonte
TE Mote Maile Pittsburg
OL Nick Abrams St. Mary’s
OL Larry Allen Jr. De La Salle
OL Alex Kim San Ramon Valley
OL Flenoid McCleary Deer Valley
K Matt Anderson San Ramon Valley

Third-team offense
QB Dante Mayes Freedom
RB Jamal Lockett Pittsburg
RB Olito Thompson Concord
WR Jalen Avery Monte Vista
WR Caleb Coleman St. Mary’s
WR Mason Windatt Campolindo
OL Alem Amores Oakland Tech
OL Miguel Lara Alhambra
OL Max Moore Northgate
OL Derrick Stom Las Lomas
OL Nate Vickers Amador Valley
K Mitchell Howard Las Lomas

Second-team defense
DL Victor Egu De La Salle
DL Mote Maile Pittsburg
DL Bobby Montgomery Freedom
DL Hau Moala Tennyson
LB Ryan Dunn San Ramon Valley
LB Warren Miles Long Logan
LB Jesse Medrano Clayton Valley Charter
LB Marlon Walker Berkeley
DB Akil Bordelon Berkeley
DB Darrell Daniels Freedom
DB Marty Leggett Newark Memorial
DB Yusef Sterling Lowe McClymonds
UTL Andrew Buckley De La Salle

Third-team defense
DL Griffith Gates Foothill
DL Sumner Houston De La Salle
DL Gabe Newman Acalanes
DL Deonte Reynolds Pinole Valley
LB Jack Finney Foothill
LB Caleb Guarino Arroyo
LB Uaisele Manoa Concord
LB Takkarist McKinley Kennedy-Richmond
DB Korey Alexander Pittsburg
DB Kyle Campiotti Granada
DB Marquise Davenport Hercules
DB Corey Sails Encinal
UTL Nsimba Webster Deer Valley

Phil Jensen

  • Hornet Pride You team sucks. Biggest laughing stock in the East Bay is your coaches for not being able to win with that talent.

  • lol !!!!


    DLS couldn’t get all 22 All-Leauges in EBAL so some quality kids got left off. Sumner Houston’s best position was actually offensive left tackle. Best O-Lineman in the league by far. Crushing blocks all season. In the Regional and State game took it to another level. Only a junior.

  • Itsabob

    Yes I agree EBAL Fan. Some very good and very sound players were not included from the DLS squad. I am sure most will get the recognition next year. That is a price you pay when you play on that level of a team.

  • Bubba

    IMO the only DLS player left off the All EBAL list was sophomore Drew Sullivan. I think he deserved to be named honorable mention. I also think Banks and Houston should have been defensive second teamer’s instead of HM. I also think Larry Allen should have been second team, but having that name never hurts. ; > )

  • Prep Fan

    “Only a Junior”, Houston is a very good lineman, even for his age.

  • Bubba

    Houston is an excellent player. Do you happen to know his age?

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t know his age or birth date, but I know his brother turned 19 the week of the state bowl game last year. I would think he is of similar age as their paths have mirrored each other, but 2 years behind. So maybe 18 now or in the next few months?

  • Junior

    Why do u Cal hi guys have such a fascination with DLS football players and their age? Odd to say the least.

  • Bubba

    Because such a high percentage of DLS players seem to have repeated the eighth grade. Couple that with drawing from a 30 mile radius of Concord makes for quite an advantage.

  • Junior

    Do give the stats that proove your “high percentage” claim. I will be waiting (not holding my breathe tho).

    You Might be better off breaking down your QB’s mechanics so he may attempt a pass further than 8 yards next year.


    How many repeated 8th grade? One?

  • Bubba

    All three that I know.

  • Bubba

    The reason I bag on DLS for their older players and other unfair advantages like drawing from such a huge metro are is delusional fans and media. I’m considering watching future games with the volume down. DLS fans and media want you to believe the reason they’re so successful is because of coaching, commitment and the “brotherhood”. Oh sure, those things help but the biggest piece of the pie is their superior talent. It’s that way every year and will always be that way. Someone will spew “but their coaching puts together such great undersized offensive lines”. I’ve got news for ya folks, those kids are great football players! Cal High rushed for nearly as many yards as DLS this year and their best offensive lineman weighs 205 pounds. The veer running scheme DLS runs thrives on small, quick linemen. DLS has some excellent football players and for the most part, fine young men that I respect and admire. Just don’t insult my intelligence by asking me to drink the brotherhood kool aid.

  • Junior

    I will take your non response as a retraction of the “high percentage” comment.
    Glad to see your true agenda came out.

    Get in line, you have a lot of company in the Green Machine Envy Club.

    The Brotherhood will be back working their butts off starting next week to gain advantage in the fall of 2013.

  • Bubba

    No retraction, I know three and all will be the age of college freshmen when they graduate…………

  • Bubba

    Add Tagaloa to the list since one must be 15 to play varsity and he did so as a freshman. Haven’t these things been pointed out to you in the past or have you failed to clean your ears out? Get in line front runner……….

  • Junior

    You have yet to give us the percentage for DLS and every other school in the area….. you are throwing stuff at the wall.

  • Bubba

    4 for 4 equals 100% most of the time……

  • Junior

    Yikes. You made the claim DLS has a high percentage of players that repeated 8th grade vs other schools.

    What is DlS percentage?
    What is the average of other schools?

    Or are you just slinging garbage?

  • Bubba

    All I said was I know of four that are obviously “old”. I doubt many public schooler’s are repeating the eighth grade at Catholic schools to up their resume for DLS.

  • Bubba

    Actually, I meant repeat eighth grade before entering public high school.

  • Junior

    Thank you for correcting your original claim.

  • Bubba

    It certainly needed correcting.

  • The usual DLS BS. My own relatives held their kids back in public grammar school because they weren’t ready for the next year and another because of age.
    Big deal.
    Bubba, the advantage DLS has over publics is far and wide. DLS won without the so-called geo advantage thru the 1980’s, I beleive 44 straight at one time.
    The real advantage is they are better than yur kids and their team. Better work ethics, more weightroom, better coaching, better blocking and tackling.
    So suck it up and understand that the brotherhood and the program they have built is not going away any time soon.

  • Bubba

    It’s nice to finally hear a DLS fan admit their advantage over public schools. I know they aren’t going away anytime soon and the machine will keep rolling long after the better than average Coach Lad retires.

  • Guest

    Berkeley had 3 kids on the All East Bay teams because those kids were amazing in spite of few resources for football and lack of good coaching. The players, the 3 named plus the rest of them, were able to win all their league games in spite of playing at Berkeley High. Those 3 kids deserve the honor.

  • junior

    Bubba- do the 680 corridor public schools have advantages over the 880 corridor public schools?

  • Bubba

    No not to my knowledge, should they?

  • According to 880 and OAL posters, yes cuz they have money in their school districts, better paid coaching and first class facilities and equipment. That makes for an advantage within the public school districts. Also, there are a few kids in skill positions going to those 680 schools, you just dont know it.

  • junior

    Thats what I figured… you have zero objectivity.

  • LoganPride

    All I know is that when we lined up across from DLS after the NCS championship game, they were HUGE. Their lineman are not small and athletic, they are HUGE. Not to mention very athletic and very fast as well. And yes, some of them look like full grown men as well. Playing DLS is like playing an all-star team that has 3 years to practice together. I know Junior may have a counter argument here, but there is a distinctly unfair advantage that the Spartans roll with.

  • Voice of Reason


    The best way to put it is like this:

    If Bob Ladouceur and his coaching staff were coaching at any east bay public D1 school for the past 33 years, would they have won 23 consecutive NCS D1 championships? The answer is clearly no and I don’t think Junior or YoMama, in good conscious, would dispute that.

    I have stated many times that 99% of the reason DLS has won those 23 consecutive championships begins with an open enrollment policy that DLS has deftly used to an advantage that no other PRIVATE School in Northern California can touch in terms of geographic & population reach, much less any public schools. Take the open enrollment policy away and DLS would still be the best D1 football school in Northern California, for all the reasons that Junior has stated in previous posts, they just wouldn’t have won 23 straight championships (they would have a 1% chance of doing so, IMHO).

    Interesting discussion about repeating 8th grade (or any other grade prior to high school) to gain an athletic edge; 60 Minutes did a segment on this many years ago in the State of Texas where this was a common practice for high school football players.

    I do not know of anyone repeating 7th or 8th grade at a public junior high school in Central CC County for athletic reasons, but do know 2 cases a few years ago where students graduated 8th grade at a public school and then enrolled at a Catholic School in 8th grade the following year and then were accepted at DLS. Bubba, are the 4 cases you are referring to this type of transfer?

  • junior

    Logan- your perception may be true- “huge” can be subjective.

    I agree the 2012 DLS line was very big by Spartan standards.

    DLS Oline in LBS: 210,250,192,270,242 (typically are closer to 215 lbs)
    DLS D line: 247,295,242,220 (this might be the biggest DLS d line ever)

    Here are the Logan lineman I saw play:
    O: 265,240,255,235,220
    D: 195,230,240, not sure on #99

    THE #1 Spartan advantage: Bob Lad.

    Congrats on a Great year LoganPride

  • Bubba

    #1 Spartan advantage better players and better depth.

  • Bubba

    Yes, graduating public 8th grade and then repeating 8th grade at a Catholic school is what I’m seeing.

  • chalktalk

    u mental is all wrong no wonder u lost
    i listen 2 alot of coaches have fear about things that have nothing 2 do with football U LOST THAT GAME B4 U TOUCH THE FIELD

    Their lineman are not small and athletic, they are HUGE. Not to mention very athletic and very fast as well. And yes, some of them look like full grown men as well.

  • chalktalk

    el cerrito
    is by far one of the best athletes
    i have ever seen
    he is a sunday player and u left him of the list

  • Prep Fan

    Chalk, Jalen is a 1st team defense selection.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Jalen Harvey is the first-team utility selection. It’s an award listed with the defense but goes to an exceptional all-around player.

  • chalktalk

    thank you i stand corrected

  • Just a Fan

    Can someone out there honestly tell me how many of the DLS D1 scholarship players who live at least 45 minutes away from DLS attend DLS on “financial need” scholarships? This is the real issue. Many school districts have “open enrollments” where kids can attend other schools in their districts. If they have financial incentive to go to DLS, that is the problem.

  • Bubba

    Trust me Fan, this is one topic DLS lovers don’t wanna discuss. Screw the 45 minutes, that would exclude players from Oakland, Pittsburg, Antioch, etc…….In all fairness to DLS fans, I’m sure this info is confidential both for athletes and academically gifted.


    I love that i come back from an awesome vacation and find that Bubba has posted everyday for over a week. Does the Cal kids hit the weight room on Monday the 6th like at DLS? We expect a full report on attendance. Thank you for the updates and Happy New Year.

    BTW Press conference at DLS today!

  • Bubba

    They are hitting weights today, thank you……………

  • Just a Fan, gee, Bart Houston Div 1 last year didn’t get any finaancial aid. I know a lot more but not going to put student names on a blog. Former greats Amani Toomer, Doug Obrien, Derek Landry, to name a few. Gee, they are ex NFL.
    Again, financial aid goes to a large number of needy students, not just sports stars.

  • bambam

    Yes, DLS has boundry advantages that most public schools don’t have. Yes, Danville has advantages that the other side of the hill doesn’t have. You can give all the best talent in the NCS boundries to one public school and they still will not have the NCS unbeaten streak that LAD or DLS has put together. It is something that outsiders won’t get but just criticize it. The Brotherhood mixed with 100% participation from every student athelete = Championships.
    Miramonte year end and year out put together one of the states best Water polo team. Do they recruit 8th graders that want to play water polo or do they have a “superior” program in place that has set a continued tradition.

  • Bubba, press conf. today at 3 pm DLS. Honoring the man that put DLS in the driver’s seat. A perfect storm. Not one NCS/CIF violation in 34 years.
    Credentials to attend:
    Catholic or Christian
    ex- talented athelete
    know what you are talking about
    Respect the Brotherhood
    Love and commitment( a very powerful word)

    If you can measure up then show up and get a peak into the mystery of DeLaSalle.
    Chalktalk, you’re invited, you should measure up.
    Memo: Enter to learn, leave to serve.

  • Bubba

    When the machine continues to roll for the next ten years after he’s gone, it will be proof that Coach Lad is better than average.

  • renegades10

    The thing you don’t get is it’s never about the wins or losses that makes Lad one of the greatest coaches ever. Coach B would be able to tell you that, then maybe you’d understand. Until you have that conversation with him it’s time for you to stop talking about what you don’t understand.