De La Salle vs. Monte Vista game info

De La Salle hosts Monte Vista on Tuesday night in an East Bay Athletic League showdown. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning on attending the 7 p.m. game:

– Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students

– Gates will open at 3:45 p.m.

– There are no in and out privileges

– Seating is first come first served

Last year, Monte Vista was the only EBAL team to beat the Spartans, doing so in Danville. Should be another good one Tuesday.


Stephanie Hammon

  • I noticed that the ticket prices are $8 for adults and $5 for students (how much for us old geezers and kids?) for the DLS-MV game.
    Down south, Mater Dei is playing at St. John Bosco this week ranked #1 and #4 respectively in the Southland. Tickets are on advanced sale also since it’s expected to be sold out too. Only they’re 5 bucks for adults, $3 for seniors and children, and free for students with SB cards. There will be a number of potential D1 and even NBA players playing in that
    What is the MV gym in Danville offering to charge more for tickets, especially for students?

  • Prep Fan

    It states above in the article that DLS hosts, so the MV gym may not enter into it. But $8 for a ticket to a regular season basketball game is unusually high, unless they are paying for renting a larger gym such as CSEB or St. Mary’s. I guess the MV parents can afford to help support DLS athletics.

  • I don’t think that the price is so high at $8 a pop..but maybe the old geezers make come in for $5..but if its like football when people come in at the last minute expecting a good seat….they will be standing or out of luck
    This is going to be a red hot game…

  • Gdog

    Sorry I pi$$ed myself. Did you say Mater Dei and NBA players. That is a good one, I mean really that was a good laugh. The only potential they have is for multiple transfers in High School and College! I’ll give an outside shot to Stanley Johnson as he is the only prospect in that game that is playing at his original High School. That covers Bosco as well. Better book your plane ticket before the fares go up!

  • Gdog,
    Perhaps you should see a urologist (or psychiatrist) if that’s all it takes for you to soil yourself.
    My point is about EBAL teams charging noticeably more(especially for students) than the leagues in the Southland, particularly when it’s pretty obvious to most(probably all except maybe around here)
    high school basketball “experts” that the quality of basketball in the EBAL is nowhere near what it is in the Trinity or some of the other Southland leagues.
    Maybe mentioning the NBA was too much, but there’s certainly a lot more future D1 talent in that game than there is in the entire EBAL.
    The fact that Mater Dei, Bosco, and a number of other Southland teams are loaded with “musical basketball chairs” athletes isn’t the point (actually, I feel CIF needs to get its act together and crack down on “hardship” transfer abuse!): it’s how kids, and others, around here are paying way too much for not that great of a product, whether it’s basketball, other sports, or education in general!

  • EBALFAN #2

    $8 is a bargain for an evenings entertainment. Do you really make a decision about what to do depending upon a one or two dollar differential?You can get a bottle of water for a buck so you won’t die of thirst.

    Consider your options:
    Movie- $11-12
    Bowling – $4.50 a game
    Coffee at Starbucks- $1.65 small cup

  • Oh Boy

    EBAL basketball just isn’t very good. I wouldn’t watch it for free

  • Prep Fan

    No doubt a prep basketball game is a bargain compared to a movie or a Warrior game. I don’t make a decision to attend a high school game game based on whether the price is $5 or $8, but his point was $8 is more than most other schools are charging at their home gyms. Most DLS students and parents probably are already admitted by having purchased an athletic boosters, student activity card or such, so the majority of people paying that rate are the visiting students and parents.