Boys Soccer: Playoff Picture, Rankings, Standings, Stats

The playoffs are only a month away, believe it or not, so it’s time to look at each division and see which teams are in a position to get in. This is the scenario for each team as it stands right now.

Division I

Locks: Berkeley, California, Monte Vista

These teams are pretty much mathematically qualified and there is almost no scenario where they don’t get in.

Pretty Much In: Amador Valley, De La Salle, Foothill, Logan, Mt. Eden, Newark Memorial, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Ramon Valley

These teams could still mathematically not make it if they fell on hard times, but let’s be serious, these teams are also getting in the playoffs. That gives us 12 teams, with four spots left.

Inside the Bubble: Alameda, Antioch, Castro Valley, College Park, Dougherty Valley, Liberty

These teams are above .500 either overall, or in league, or perhaps both. Antioch is the safest team in this bunch and almost made the pretty much in list, but they don’t have the resume of the other teams quite yet. Still, Antioch is looking very good. After that, I’d have to pick College Park, Dougherty Valley and Alameda to round out the 16 teams, at this exact moment.

On the Bubble: Arroyo, Deer Valley, Freedom, Granada, Heritage, Irvington, Mission San Jose, San Leandro, Washington

These teams are either exactly at .500 in one of the categories, or within a couple of games. I think Granada is one of the top 16 teams in Division I, but the league is very tough and they are going to need some wins to get in. Freedom, Deer Valley, MSJ, San Leandro and Washington are teams that I think are capable of winning a few in a row and busting into the bracket.

Division II

Locks: Acalanes, Hercules, Ygnacio Valley

Count these three teams into the playoff bracket.

Pretty Much In: Campolindo, Concord, Hayward, Northgate, St. Mary’s

Mathematically these teams aren’t locked in, but each of these teams will get in. That gives us eight teams that will get in.

Inside the Bubble: Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, De Anza, Kennedy-Fremont, Pinole Valley

Given their standing in the leagues they play in, I actually think all of these teams will get in. Barring anything unexpected, that is. But I think all these teams are pretty safe. I think that makes 13 teams that are pretty safe.

On the Bubble: Alhambra, Berean Christian, Dublin, El Cerrito, Miramonte, Moreau Catholic, Salesian

Alhambra and Dublin are good enough to be in, but they have a bunch of tough DFAL games left, and might be in trouble. One of them (perhaps the winner of the next time they play) should get in. Alhambra is 5-4-2 in Division II games, so that helps, while Dublin is 4-4-3 against Division II, and 3-4-0 in league. If El Cerrito can just win one more game than it loses the rest of the season, then I think the Gauchos should be in based on their schedule.


There is a new number one team, and it’s the Monte Vista Mustangs. Unbeaten in their last seven, and four wins in a row find the Mustangs on top of the EBAL and now on top of the East Bay rankings. Two draws only knocks Acalanes down one spot while YV stays one spot behind the Dons.
Berkeley deserves a jump, but I didn’t think moving Cal down more than two spots was right. So, the Yellowjackets will have to wait another week as Cal will face De La Salle and Monte Vista this week. This will give Cal a chance to stay in the top three, or maybe for Berkeley to jump up a spot or two.
Foothill jumps up three spots after its big win over Cal, while Campolindo jumps into the top ten. Concord debuts in the top 15.
Antioch is back in the consideration list while Kennedy-Fremont and Pinole Valley make the list for the first time this season.

1. Monte Vista (10-1-4)
2. Acalanes (13-0-2)
3. Ygnacio Valley (10-1-3)
4. California (13-1-2)
5. Berkeley (11-1-3)
6. San Ramon Valley (9-2-2)
7. De La Salle (7-3-3)
8. Foothill (8-3-3)
9. Pittsburg (5-2-4)
10. Campolindo (11-5-1)
11. Amador Valley (10-5-1)
12. Hayward (10-3-1)
13. Richmond (7-2-5)
14. Concord (7-1-4)
15. Northgate (8-2-4)

Others considered: Newark Memorial (7-3-6), Logan (7-5-4), Dougherty Valley (7-4-0), Mt. Eden (8-4-4), St. Mary’s (6-2-3), Antioch (6-2-4), College Park (6-7-4), Kennedy-Fremont (6-4-1), Hercules (12-3-1), Pinole Valley (6-4-1)


Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Antioch (6-2-4, 2-0-0) 6
Pittsburg (5-2-4, 1-0-1) 4
Liberty (4-3-1, 1-1-0) 3
Deer Valley (5-5-2, 0-1-1) 1
Freedom (6-7-2, 0-1-1) 1
Heritage (2-7-2, 0-1-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Acalanes (13-0-2, 6-0-1) 19
Campolindo (11-5-1, 4-2-1) 13
Dougherty Valley (7-4-0, 4-2-0) 12
Dublin (5-7-3, 3-4-0) 9
Miramonte (3-7-2, 2-4-1) 7
Las Lomas (1-7-4, 1-4-2) 5
Alhambra (6-6-3, 1-5-1) 4

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Ygnacio Valley (10-1-3, 5-0-0) 15
College Park (6-7-4, 3-1-2) 11
Concord (7-1-4, 2-0-3) 9
Northgate (8-2-4, 2-2-1) 7
Berean Chr. (3-5-2, 2-2-1) 7
Clayton Valley (0-13-1, 0-4-1) 1
Mt. Diablo (0-6-0, 0-5-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Monte Vista (10-1-4, 4-0-2) 14
California (13-1-2, 4-1-1) 13
De La Salle (7-3-3, 4-1-1) 13
San Ramon Valley (9-2-2, 3-1-1) 10
Foothill (8-3-3, 2-3-1) 7
Amador Valley (10-5-1, 2-4-0) 6
Granada (4-6-3, 1-4-0) 3
Livermore (2-11-2, 0-6-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Logan (7-5-4, 4-0-2) 14
Newark Memorial (7-3-6, 3-0-3) 12
Kennedy (6-4-1, 3-2-1) 10
Mission San Jose (4-7-4, 2-3-1) 7
Washington (3-3-7, 1-1-4) 7
Irvington (2-4-7, 1-2-3) 6
Moreau Catholic (1-5-4, 1-2-3) 6
American (2-7-3, 0-5-1) 1

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Oakland Tech (1-3-1, 1-0-0) 3
Castlemont (0-1-0, 0-1-0) 0
Fremont (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Oakland (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0
Skyline (0-0-0, 0-0-0) 0

Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Richmond (7-2-5, 4-0-2) 14
Albany (5-6-3, 4-2-0) 12
St. Mary’s (6-2-3, 3-1-1) 10
El Cerrito (3-10-1, 2-3-1) 7
Salesian (2-2-2, 1-2-2) 5
St. Joseph Notre Dame (1-10-1, 0-6-0) 0

TCAL Stone
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hercules (12-3-1, 6-0-0) 18
Pinole Valley (6-4-1, 4-1-1) 13
De Anza (4-4-1, 3-2-1) 10
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (1-5-0, 1-3-0) 3
Kennedy (0-5-0, 0-4-0) 0
Swett (0-4-0, 0-4-0) 0

WACC Foothill
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Berkeley (11-1-3, 7-0-1) 22
Mt. Eden (8-4-4, 4-0-4) 16
Alameda (5-6-4, 4-3-0) 12
Castro Valley (3-5-5, 3-2-3) 12
Bishop O’Dowd (3-4-3, 3-2-2) 11
Arroyo (3-7-4, 2-4-2) 8

WACC Shoreline
Team W-L (overall, league) PTS

Hayward (10-3-1, 5-2-1) 16
San Lorenzo (3-2-3, 3-2-3) 12
San Leandro (3-7-2, 3-3-2) 11
Piedmont (2-8-1, 1-6-1) 4
Tennyson (1-12-2, 1-6-1) 4
Encinal (0-6-0, 0-6-0) 0

Stat Leaders

Name School Goals
Montes, Richmond 20
Gala, Dougherty 16
Ayala, YV 16
R. Castillo, Hayward 13
Cendejas, Free 12
Solomon, Berkeley 11
Romero, Hercules 11
Berumen, Pitt 11
Reiter, CP 10
Williams, Mt. Eden 10
Grixti, Cal 9
Mendoza, Hayward 9
Villegas, Mt. Eden 9
Sandoval, Newark 9
Bolender, Ngate 9
Foster, Ngate 9

Name School Assists
Gomez, Hayward 12
Damian, YV 12
Murgia, Pitt 11
Raynor, Cal 8
Clark, FH 8
Foster, Ngate 8
Aguilar, YV 8
Bolender, Ngate 7
Montes, Richmond 7
Espinoza, St. Mary 7
Croze, Acalanes 6
Lindgren, Acalanes 6
Solomon, Berkeley 6
Goldstein, FH 6
Cendejas, Free 6
Luigi Castillo, Hayward 6
Greenberg, MV 6
Maestre, SRV 6

Matt Smith

  • viewsfromabox

    @Goalboy Interesting point. I know that travel to De Anza or Earthquake practices and games is a major factor in keeping Oakland area kids from being able to play Academy ball. I know some kids that suffered a similar scenario as you describe with Cendejas. Joined the Academy, grades dropped, had to quit. This plus the inability to play high school makes Academy ball dubious at best. @Old Soccer Head I agree the best players are not filtered through to MLS only the ones that have the resources and support to follow the prescribed path. There are many exceptional players in the Oakland area that can’t afford club ball or for various reasons can’t make that commitment, and don’t have the grades for High School ball. The adult teams are their future. Many start playing there at 16 or 17… and yes some are paid to play.

  • What is more important, winning league or going to NCS playoffs?
    SRV vs Acalanes tomorrow.

  • Matt Smith

    Last night’s scores…

    Pitt 5-3 DV
    Antioch 3-0 Heritage
    Freedom 3-0 Liberty

    YV 4-0 Ngate
    Concord 4-1 Clayton
    CP 2-0 Mount

    FH 0-0 DLS
    MV 3-0 Cal
    Liv 1-0 AV
    SRV 3-0 Granada

    Richmond 3-2 Albany
    EC 5-1 St. Joe
    St. Mary 2-1 Salesian
    Hercules 2-0 Pinole

  • Itsabob

    Itsagrind.:) even the European academy programs incorporate strict academic rules big advantage is most have an integrated academic program The few that make the pro’s and those that do..your avg player may see 5-6 years…or has the devastating injury, you need a fall-back or you just sit in your local pub and remember the glory days.

  • tommorow el cerrito vs pinole valley at pinole. should be intresting to watch

  • Stewie

    Can anybody stop MV? Who has the best chance?

    SRV will need to speed freak Acalanes with relentless pressure and control the mid field.

  • Matt Smith

    Hayward 2, SLZ 2

  • Matt Smith

    Alhambra up 1-0 on Kennedy-Richmond.
    The Bulldogs need this one for their playoff chances.

  • Matt Smith

    Alhambra up 2-0.

  • Balling out

    This blog is crap half of you don’t even know what you are talking about most of these kids will never see a college field because they are not quality footballers. High school soccer in America is a joke and so is the development of these players. USA soccer will never be considered among the upper echelon of the soccer world.

  • Yellow jacket

    Scoreless with 10 minutes left in the half at campo vs. Miramonte

  • Yellow jacket

    Campo goes up 1-0 right before half.

  • EBALDad

    “156.Can anybody stop MV? Who has the best chance?”
    The Mustangs have 6 EBAL Games left. As has been shown this year and in years past, that means there are 6 good opportunities for MV to get a loss, so let’s not crown them yet or at all until the season is complete.

  • Stewie

    Dogs up 3-0

  • Silver Surfer

    Dublin 2 Dougherty Valley 1 final.

  • Shinguard

    Final Alhambra 3 Kennedy Richmond 0

  • Matt Smith

    Campo 2, Mira 0
    Dublin 2, Dougherty 1
    Arroyo 3, Alameda 0

  • Matt Smith

    @Balling Out Wow. Way to make people feel good. And why does that make this blog crap? It’s actually the product of hard work, my friend.
    But I appreciate your opinion.

  • Stewie

    I was throwing out a question…I know EBAL is a crap-shoot. Livermore and Foothill are showing some guts.

  • Shinguard

    Next week De La Salle
    1.22 at DLS vs Amador 6pm
    1.24 at MV 6pm
    1.26 at DLS vs Deer Valley 1:00pm

    This Saturday 1.19 at DLS vs Richmond 6pm

  • Shinguard

    @Matt…calm , cool and collected re #168

    Sounds like a bitter Euro Footy Baller.

  • smom

    Berkeley 2, Castro Valley 1, CV put on strong defense

  • Mark Long

    I guess MLS teams should start scouting kids at the rec/church leagues. Of coure being battle tested against the best players in the country at the academy level/club level, then proving yourself for 4 years not to mention being organized enough, being able to multi-task daily while more than likely picking up a degree at the college level means nothing. Nah, that wouldn’t make sense.

    The college level player now isn’t just some local kid does good story. The new college player of today might be some stud from Europe or maybe from one of the African nations. These college kids are typically very self motivated, driven and probably do come from some middle class family with 2 parents to support them. Don’t kid yourself with “the best players aren’t winding up in the MLS” theory. The MLS is part college player, part foreign players, some academy kids, and a bunch of kids that went through the National team system.

    What other way does the MLS have to actually use to scout and assess their potential prospects. Think of college soccer as minor league baseball.

    I do agree with the comment that the commute kills chances for some kids to keep up grades while practicing 4 days a week. Although,If you can do it and maintain a nice GPA than it’s just another way for a college coach
    to see that you are dedicated and driven enough for their said program. Not to mention this might help later in life getting into the workforce. If I was hiring, and knew a kid was able to pull all of that off, it might shine brightly on that particular applicant.

    Final thoughts, The MLS has a lot riding on each and every draft pick. They can’t afford to take a chance on an unproven player. That’s what the Club/academy, then off to college player offers them. A long term tryout at the highest level.

  • RoyKeanefan

    Acalanes 4 Las Lomas 1.

  • eL Pata

    @mark long

    I agree, however, one point must be made: on average college stunts American player growth compared to other developed soccer nations. The limits on training and games made by NCAA rules causes the most elite (read: international caliber) players to fall behind.

    Play in front of 10,000 (maybe) or in front of 50k plus in a relegation battle/qualifier/league cup match. No comparison.

    If you are good enough to get college paid for; god bless. Work hard and enjoy the ride.

    If the academies are ever going to do what USSF claimed they would (win world cups) they have to be moving players pro.

  • Peppers

    How was DV/Dublin game? Details please.

  • Matt Smith

    I’m looking for WACC scores involving… Mt. Eden, BOD, SL, Piedmont, Encinal, Tennyson. Also looking for Kennedy v. Moreau.

  • Shinguard

    Most of the top Euro teams carry 2-3 very talented youngsters who have been developed through the club most come from U18-U21 squads. Then there is the youngster that has potential world class capabilities that may come in, to develop with 1st team. Then is the youngster who has been blessed by the soccer gods who has that rapid rise to the world stage. Again look at the numbers very few 5* star players, a good cluster of 4* players, and a larger bunch of 3* star players. The US needs to keep a high skills focus on the younger age U-9-U14 players. Parents get consumed about playing time…Good clubs focus on skill development which then translates into game. In Europe they laugh at the amount of games played by our youth programs and summer tournament focus. Which translates, when you are ground down the quality of play is diminished.

  • eL Pata

    Amen Shinguard.

  • Rey2517

    Mt.Eden 1 – O’Dowd 0

  • old soccer head

    good comments re player develpoment in the US. I agree that the American academy concept is the current way to get noticed in this country. Hope it works out.. I have my doubts (but thats just my opinion) for all the previously mentioned reasons e.g. cost, access, travel, coverage (e.g. lot of good players in San Joaquin valley & other places just cant make it to an academy site), I am not denigrating student atheletes. High school & college soccer are great fun but what I am talking about is how do we get players to a pro level caliber? Some food for thought: at 2011 world cup, u-17s came in second behind Uzbeckistan (!!!) in group stage & were promptly eliminated in round of 16; the u-20s failed to qualify for u-20 wc; the u-23s failed to qualify for Olympics; current MNT coach Jon Klinsmann is looking at foreign born/raised US citizens to fill his roster spots.

  • MVAL44

    Kennedy 4- Moreau 0

  • Bobo

    Totally agree Shinguard. We are not a soccer nation yet and if a youth aspires to play at an international level its got to be done outside of the box not through the current system put in place.

  • Shinguard

    US soccer still needs to respect our system of High School and College. I am still of the feeling that the 3 month HS season should be respected.
    Some thoughts are for US soccer.
    1. State organizations i.e. CIF should work with US soccer on Coaching License for High School. State School Sports Body needs to recognize the uniqueness required for the true development of US soccer.
    2. Some fundamental standardized guideline for Skill enhancement and maintenance for HS also incorporation of Physical training. 3. Academies to provide enhanced coaching clinics continuing ed for HS coaches. 4.Coaching License will require a certain amount of continuing ed every 24 months.
    4. Some form of standardized style of play but still encourages individual team – player creativity.

  • Bobo

    That would be a tough sale to many HS programs. HS soccer is not a money maker for the school in most cases so not much attention is put into it. It would lay squarely on the shoulders of the parents (fees etc.) and boosters.

  • Bobo

    Schools that already have money and resources in their programs will be fine, the ones that don’t will just exist.

  • EBALDad

    OK, I’m a bit confused here.
    This is a HS Soccer forum blog or whatever.
    So THE POINT of HS Soccer programs is what?
    To develop the less than 0.25% of players that will go on to represent our country in the sport of soccer?
    It’s probably even less of a % than that.
    I’d even argue the point that that is NOT the point of even the club programs.
    But all that makes for a different discussion than the 2012-2013 NCS HS Soccer season.
    Can we please get back to just discussing the games?
    As for the funding discussion, many of you may not know that the San Ramon Valley Unified School District has given Athletics only limited financial support for, I believe the last 15years. So each and every sports team for schools in the SRVUSD is a pay to play proposition. It’s starting to be a reality in more and more school districts in our area and nationally.

    Back to the games.
    SRV v Acalanes today!
    I pick SRV 3-1

  • hoops

    If the player is one of the 2 or 3 in the bay area who might be good enough to play at the international level,put them into the appropriate situation.The problem is all the parents who THINK their child is the next Pele or the next Lebron James.High school sports are not developmental programs for superstars.Oh for the good old days where kids played with pride for their schools instead of “showcasing their talent”.Our society in general has really screwed up high school athletics.

  • Bobo

    Its about winning as like in HS Football,Basketball,Tennis,Baseball etc…and yes I am pretty sure parents of kids in those sports all have ambition be it a little or a lot for their kid to play beyond HS if at all possible so why should HS soccer be any different? You want to play for school pride only then join the chess club or a spelling bee contest. As for funding I believe most if not all schools have a fee now but it the bulk of the responsibility of the funding lays with the coaches and the parents. If the program isnt successful then the funding or will to fundraise will be minimal. I know the Hayward coach (good guy big heart) uses his own stipend for the year putting it directly towards the players needs, not many do that and it’s commendable.

  • Balling Out

    Sorry Matt I didn’t mean the blog got a little ahead of myself meant the soccer in America is crap. Football Is still viewed as a recreational sport or something kids do to pass time. We have no American soccer Idols not one who’s ever reached heights that other footballers in other countries reach. 1 1/2 hours of training with poor quality trainers or coaches is not enough to get the level of US soccer to another level.

    As for shinguard nobody here is bitter maybe except for you’re mother for having such a lame for a son.


    Balling out.

  • junior

    Amen Hoops!

  • old soccer head

    to EBALDad, sorry for the digression….jut trying to get the comments up after losing so many earlier in the week. But you’re right, HS soccer is supposed to be fun and should be the main focus of the forum. The SRV – Acalanes game should be a good one that should gauge the relative strength of Acalanes and the EBAL in general. No predictions here but just looking forward to an exciting EBAL (hopefully injury free) 2nd half of the season.

  • Shinguard

    Its not all EBAL…Alhambra had a critical 3-0 win last night against Kennedy-Richmond. Good to see the dog’s stick a few into the net.

    Yes the SRV Acalanes game should be good. Understand that SRV should have the numbers all back but might be short on the game form. Acalanes if pumped can move it pretty good for all 80. Should be exciting challenge for both teams.

  • Stewie

    I like Pithy and Pin Heads need not apply. (Thanks Bill)
    Is the blog not worthy of discussion and of the support of HS soccer? I would say you all care very much about the sport. According to CIF stats participation in Soccer is up across the state and nationally the past 5 years. I think US soccer should find a way to work and promote not only with Academy development but be more inclusive of the HS. One thing would be nice to see MLS and the Big sponsors have some type of foundation, that regionally can award grants to schools in need for equipment, such as goals, balls, uniforms, training items and no cost or minimal cost coaching advancement / certification programs,some intense day – regional sessions for players, all outside of Club and Academy programs.

    Just Saying.

  • Jules Rimet

    Here Here. Love the Beautiful Game….group hug 🙂

    What time is today’s SRV Acalanes game & Where?

    DLS host Richmond tonight at 6

  • MVAL Soccer Fan

    Interesting news in MVAL. I’m hearing that Mission is going to have to forfeit their win against Irvington earlier in the year because their coach attended and coached the game while having received a red card in the previous match. Unbelievable.

    That loss could come back to haunt Mission and possibly boost Irvington’s record just enough if they finish on a run.

  • Soccer Fan

    SRV at Aca at 6pm.

    YV hosts Dougherty at 3:30pm.

  • Jules Rimet

    Acalanes seems the most interesting although Richmond and DLS have both been a a roll.

  • Matt Smith

    San Lorenzo 1, Alameda 0

  • Matt Smith

    @Bailing Out No worries. I assumed that’s what you meant. I was just teasing a little bit 🙂

    Thanks for reading and commenting!