East Bay boys basketball poll — 1/14

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (5) 12-3 75 1
2. Bishop O’Dowd 11-3 70 2
3. Deer Valley 12-3 65 3
4. Monte Vista 12-3 54 8
5. De La Salle 12-2 51 4
6. El Cerrito 12-5 50 6
7. Newark Memorial 8-6 44 5
8. Campolindo 11-4 40 7
9. McClymonds 11-6 36 10
10. San Leandro 12-3 34 9
11. Dublin 12-4 31 11
12. Oakland Tech 13-4 20 13
13. St. Joseph Notre Dame 10-6 12 NR
14. Heritage 13-3 9 12
15. Mt. Eden 12-3 7 t15

Also receiving votes: Berkeley (7-8, 1 point), Freedom (10-6, 1). Records are through Saturday. The East Bay Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Stewie

    Everyone says that DLS recruits all the top talent and that you never have a chance.

  • Joe

    Well DLS does have 2 freshman starting on varsity but MV overcame on the road

  • Joe

    And they’re not from Concord. Coach Jones @ MV has his guys playing tough basketball

  • somebody

    tri county rock representing!

  • Not sure why San Leandro is so low with wins over Deer Valley, Sacred Heart Cathedral. Mt Eden.

  • Prep Fan

    Stewie, DLS is still pretty darn talented, with Arizona signee Pitts and several very talented young potential D1 prospects. A little too early to write them off. They still have more talent than any team in the EBAL, and most other schools, with the exception of Salesian, BOD, Deer Valley and a few select others. Being ranked #5 in the East Bay and tied for 1st in the EBAL at midseason isn’t the end of the world, even for Sparty.

  • DLS basketball comes from all over the county. I heard Miramonte girls have 8 players not from Orinda. Seems publics do a lot of what-ever too. Privates take students who pass entrance exam and pay tuition. There are no violations. Publics bringing in students from outside the district with district transfers aren’t violations either. More students going outside their districts than ever before.

  • Stewie

    Not down on the Spartan, I was referring to haters how the always refer to the recruiting as why DLS succeeds.

  • MiraMan


    Saw your comment about Mira girls b-ball. I am aware of a three girls – quality players – that are transferees. I would also mention that I know of several quality players that are local, so to say 8 transferees sounds high. But it does exist in girls b-ball. Other sports have moved away from that (to the extent it existed). Football, waterpolo, lacrosse, baseball, boys basketball don’t “recruit” as far as I know. The coaches I know wouldn’t go for that.

    With regard to other sports, I’m aware of one transferee in football (and he’s no superstar). Of course, a school like Mira with fairly high educational standards attracts alot of transfers, so there are probably some kids that come for the schooling and end up playing sports, so I may be underestimating. But that leads to my second comment: while schools like Mira can get a benefit from transfers in sports it can also be a drag on sports programs. Probably for every kid that transfers for some sports motive, there are 20 or more that are non-athletes that transfer for education. Just check out the “606” bus that leaves Mira every day with about 100 kids that go to the BART station to ride back to Albany, Richmond, etc. No 250 pound linemen or 4.5 fourty kids, just kids with thick glasses and stacks of books. Just thought I’d provide some insight that is probably works both ways overall.

  • Gdog

    Monte Vista has more talented basketball players than any team in this league by a wide margin. If you are measuring vertical leap than maybe DLS has an edge over MV, but I would bet San Ramon might win that contest. Unfortunately you don’t get any points or W’s for that. After Pitts the next 3 best high school basketball players in the EBAL are John, Rust and Satoor (all Juniors BTW). I would put Oliviera in the top 8 of the league also. That is a tough combination to beat. In the past DLS has had at least two first teamers and all of their starters all-league. This year I could see Pitts as a first teamer and maybe an honorable mention or two at most. No doubt they have some athletic freshman but they are just that, Freshman. Defense is not up to par, not physical enough for the EBAL style of play, can’t concentrate like a veteran player, ect… They will no doubt be DI players and scary good when seniors because that is what Allocco does but that counts for very little at this time.

  • Mira Man, those comments are coming from Mira parents, not me.
    In the past, Mira had the majority of the Pinole Valley Swim team at the school. My neighbor had both girls swimming for them and we live in west county.

  • renegades10

    DLS let a 7 point 4th quarter lead slip away tonight against Salesian and ended up losing 47-43. It’s a young team and this is a learning experience. But I wouldn’t count DLS out when the postseason comes around as these freshmen get more experience and as mentioned the next few years if all these guys stick with the program (you can’t ever be sure with DLS B-Ball and how the kids handle Frank and the system) then DLS is going to have an outstanding squad.

  • Prep Fan

    DLS was actually up by 9 41-32 midway through the 4th quarter and still up 41-37 with 2 minutes left, but Salesian just kept coming. DLS looked good for 3 1/2 quarters, and I would expect them to mop the floor with Cal tomorrow night, who lost to Las Lomas. Pitts is a great player.

  • Prep Fan

    The top 3 teams (Salesian, BOD & DV) should stay the same as they all won tonight, although a case could be made for BOD to get some more votes and they could possibly beat out Salesian for the top spot.

    Teams 4 through 10 all lost games this week, so I would expect #11 Dublin, who had 2 big wins over #8 Campo Friday and #4 MV tonight to make a big jump in the rankings.

  • Oh Boy

    I don’t see the rankings changing until after league play. Squads have pretty much played themselves into a hard position in the polls.

    Also, Salesian barely escaped with one yesterday. Anyone who watches them play regularly was confused to why they spent 4/5 of the game playing at DLS style and tempo. The first and last 5 minutes were the only time they looked “normal”. Execution for both teams will much better 6-7 weeks from now