East Bay Girls Soccer Rankings

If the soccer gods magically placed any one of these teams in the EBAL — Bishop O’Dowd, Castro Valley, Berkeley, Washington, College Park — how would they do?

I’m assuming that most would expect O’Dowd to contend for a top spot, but the EBAL is no picnic. Every game feels like a North Coast Section semifinal. Playing super-intense, high-level contests twice a week can beat up even a pretty good team, mentally and physically.

It’s one thing to say you upended California or Livermore on a given afternoon, and still another to follow said win (or draw) with matches against the likes of San Ramon Valley and Monte Vista and Granada, back-to-back-to-back.

Not to sound like some soccer snob here. I’m just trying to spur some debate. I’m enjoying being able to give girls soccer some much-deserved attention.

Your thoughts?

Here are the latest girls soccer rankings during this crazy season.

Rankings (Through Jan. 13)

 1, San Ramon Valley (10-0-3, 4-0-2 EBAL)

 2, Bishop O’Dowd (11-1-1, 7-0-0 WAC-Foothill)

 3, Granada (4-1-0 EBAL; missing score vs. MV)

 4, Castro Valley (9-1-2, 5-1 WAC-Foothill)

 5, Berkeley (6-2, 5-1-0 WAC Foothill; missing two scores)

 6, Washington (10-0-2, 6-0-0 MVAL)

 7, California (5-4-4, 1-2-3 EBAL)

 8, Amador Valley (7-5, 3-3-0 EBAL)

 9, Monte Vista (4-4-3, 2-2-1 EBAL; missing score vs Gra.)

 10, Livermore (5-4-3, 1-2-3 EBAL)

 11, Campolindo (8-0-2, 6-0-1 DFAL)

 12, College Park (11-2-4, 5-1-0 DVAL)

 13, Carondelet (4-7, 1-5 EBAL)

 14, Logan (5-4-1, 4-1-1 MVAL)

 15, Freedom (7-3-0, 2-0-0 BVAL)

 Also noted: Clayton Valley, Dublin, Encinal, Foothill, Heritage, Liberty, Piedmont, Ygnacio Valley.

Matt Schwab

  • mudhen

    I think that Berkeley is as good as ANY of the EBAL teams.
    Big, strong, and fast

  • ET

    Saw SRV beat Carondelet 2-0 on Saturday and BOD beat Campo 1-0 tonight. Think that SRV has the edge on BOD, but BOD is a very good team. BOD scored in the first minute against Campo, but the game was well played afterwards with BOD possessing the ball a little more, but Campo had some good chances in both halves. BOD would rank right up there with the top teams in the EBAL maybe just behind SRV. College Park and Campo tied early in the season, but don’t think they have the fire power to compete with teh top teams in the EBAL.

  • David510

    There’s absolutely no doubt that the EBAL is indeed one of the strongest leagues in the east bay; underlying causes to this phenomenon may be awarded to socio-economic factors: but that’s a different debate. Indeed, playing tough matches week in and week out is mentally straneous, but isn’t that the challenge in the sport? Isn’t that what every competitive team wants to do? Playing better than say Cal or Livermore on any given afternoon is also what the game is all about. Remember, once you get into NCS you only have to be better than the opposition for one game: no rankins no second chances. Possession and half chances don’t matter. You can get out shot 12 to 3 and win 1 -0 on a corner kick and move on. UGLY ? perhaps, effective: yes! Ugly wins are better than heart breaking losses and the trick to NCS is simply getting in, the rest of the way can be seen as beating say Cal or Livermore “on any given afternoon”.

  • Mama

    MV and Granada did not play yet, it was postponed due to field repairs at MV. New date not announced yet. As for rankings – how is California ranked higher than MV, with only one EBAL win, and a loss to MV? Livermore has same record as Cal, and a win over MV – shouldnt they be ranked above Cal? Just my 2 cents. Some big games tonight.

  • KFC

    I think what Matt is attempting to say here is that EBAL is brutal day in and day out including having to play teams that are not traditionally tough but have given people fits this year (Cal and Livermore) Some of the responses seem to take away from some of there nice results (Livermore drawing with SRV and Cal beating MV) Fact is, in the right scenario, either of those teams have them strength to make it far in NCS

  • EastBayRef

    Matt –

    Thanks for the hard work. I read your stuff all the time. Only team that can beat SRV is SRV. College Park is overrated, they have a couple of girls who can go but they are more interested in playing physical than scoring goals which was just proven in their loss to Clayton Valley.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Soccerfan

    There is certainly some good soccer in the East Bay. As for the dominance of the EBAL, it’s hard not to rank them at the top of the heap based on the fact the EBAL teams have won 30 out of 31 NCS D1 titles and take the Invitational Division of the Tri-Valley Classic every year. Every year they are above 0.500 versus every other league and 0.750 or better versus non-NCS D1 teams as a group.

  • Soccerfan

    Good soccer in the East Bay but it’s hard not to rank the EBAL at the top of the heap based on the fact that one of the 8 EBAL teams has taken the NCS D1 title 30 out of 31 years, an EBAL seems to always take the Invitational Division of the Tri-Vally Claasic and the EBAL winning percentage versus non-EBAL NCS D1 teams is usually around 0.750.

  • Soccerfan

    San Ramon – 1, Monte Vista – 1

  • Matt Schwab

    Solid showing by Liberty at the National Elite Prep Showcase in Fort Worth, Texas last week. Tremendous event for team bonding. Lions went 1-2-1 and allowed four goals total, including an own goal. Guided by coach Tony Martins, Liberty had a 1-0 loss against highly touted St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.) They also faced Carroll-Texas in an 18,000 seat stadium with all the bells and whistles. Texas football is still king.

  • The Sweeper

    As a league, over the past 10+ years EBAL girls soccer has been consistently named as one of the top ten leagues in the country, citing the overall level of play and the number of college-bound scholar-athletes graduating each year. The tradition of excellence continues, and we are lucky enough to get to see it every week during each season.

    The second half of this season should just as competitive and entertaining as the first half.

    See you at the pitch!

  • LDM

    Thanks Matt, good discussion:
    Unlike football where size, strength, speed and off season programs are so important, soccer can be on a more level playing field simply if high schools teams are populated by club players-as seen for DFAL boys soccer the last few years Acalanes and Campo. That being said the depth of talent/experience for girls soccer is greater for D1 EBAL versus other D1 or D2 leagues due to many factors (size of schools, club soccer experience).

    In D2, undefeated Campo at BOD this week was very competitive with at least one goal taken away from Campo on questionable charging goalie call. Campo followed with a 2-1 win versus Miramonte in which Miramonte played 8 back on D until Megan Reid showed up from her basketball game near half (she scored after Campo took 2-0 lead). Could be a more competitive D2 playoff bracket than previous years.

  • ET


    Not sure why Alhambra isn’t ranked or at least “also noted” as they are 4-2-1 in DFAL and 9-3-1 overall.


    Can you also give over-rated and under-rated D-I and D-II girls teams? Just looking for 20 comments and not 500…………

  • DVAL Future fan

    I agree that SRV is a good soccer team. BOD is another top soccer team . Both teams have mostly Premier level soccer club athletes and excellent coaching. I have been watching girls HS soccer and the teams with the most Premier level or class 1 club players are typically near the top of the rankings.
    I have noticed that these top players are used to competing at a much faster, more physical level that other players. When they return to HS soccer these players are carded for playing physical.

    My rankings for DVAL:

    College Park
    Ygnacio Valley
    Clayton Valley Charter
    Berean Christan

  • KFC

    I would respectfully disagree with DVAL future fan…Yes, there are quite a few future D1 athletes playing HS soccer, but the reality of the situation is that the game is much more physical at the HS level than premier/ECNL Club. At the club level, the girls are much more finesse oriented, play a cleaner game, and play true futbol. At the HS level, it gets physical because the lower level player gets frustrated and tends to foul to keep from getting beat. HS soccer has been a challenge to many because of this…there are more than a few partents that want to keep their kids out of HS soccer to keep them healthy

  • DVAL Future fan

    I appreciate and agree with some of your comment. I do see many HS teams unable to build attacks and play finesse oriented game. I know how frustrating it can be to see a player commit a foul because they are getting beat.
    Some of the best club teams in the state/country are located in S. CA right now. The style of play is faster and more aggressive than what I have seen in HS soccer. Some N. CA teams/players who are fortunate enough to afford to travel to these tourneys will come back playing at that level. That’s my point.
    Many of the top tournaments are in S. CA. That’s why teams like BOD are leaving TVC and competing down south.