East Bay boys basketball poll — 1/22

Team Record Points Last week
1. Salesian (5) 16-3 75 1
2. Bishop O’Dowd 14-3 70 2
3. Deer Valley 14-4 65 3
4. De La Salle 14-3 53 5
t5. El Cerrito 14-7 52 6
t5. Newark Memorial 10-7 52 7
t7. Dublin 14-4 46 11
t7. Monte Vista 14-4 46 4
9. San Leandro 13-4 36 10
10. McClymonds 11-7 28 9
11. Campolindo 12-5 26 8
12. St. Joseph Notre Dame 13-7 20 13
13. Mt. Eden 15-3 14 15
14. Heritage 15-4 12 14
15. Freedom 12-6 5 NR

Also receiving votes: None. Records are through Monday. The East Bay Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group East Bay.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Prep Fan

    Interesting that DLS and Newark actually went up in the polls, despite both blowing 4th quarter leads last night in consecutive games. Salesian kept their top spot, but MV took a dive despite putting a scare into Dublin.

    MV has quality wins over San Leandro, Cardinal Newman, DLS, McClymonds, Montgomery and St. Mary’s of Stockton. Newark’s only quality wins are both over Dublin, but they have a close 1-point loss to Salesian. DLS has no quality wins, only a close loss to Salesian and bad losses to DV & MV. DLS’ top rated win is over SRV, who isn’t even ranked in the top 15 poll above and is ranked #24 in NCS per CalPreps.

    DLS has a solid team, but they’ve lost to the only 3 good teams they have played so far. They’ve got an incredible amount of mileage out of having Frank as the coach. MV should be ranked ahead of them at this point based on the number of quality wins and having beaten them head to head. DLS may very well be the better team when all is said and done, but they need to beat some good teams first.

  • Bob K

    Dublin beat Monta Vista soundly by 10, yet tied at 7 with MV?

    You decide:

  • mckbooth

    Yeah Salisian dodged a bullet. The DSL coach needs to go to a camp for clock management 6 point lead with 3 minutes to go. All he needed to do was call time out with the instructions to not take a shot prior to the shot clock running down to zero. He was already in a spread offense. Instead he doesn’t call an out of bounds play and get the ball stolen. Runs up the court on the press and gets an off the glass 3 pointer from the corner. Salisian scores again and then decide to give the ball to the play-maker who should have been isolated the whole game.” Mr big shot” Jabari Byrd who nails the three pointer. The the DSL coach calls time out. I could have choked him. Congrats number 22 from DSL , Mr Montgomery should be calling for you soon.

  • Gdog

    Mckbooth could you please divulge your career record, number of state titles, and if you have ever won 16 consecutive league titles. In the end of the day the kids have to execute some as well, and the banked three was a wide open shot from the corner that hit the backboard. FYI #22 is going to Arizona where he will be kicking Cal’s ass on a regular basis just like they do now.

  • mckbooth

    Wow Gdog so angry! All I was trying to point out was that there were 6 possessions left in the game and you have 3 time outs left. (2)two 30 second for each minute. If you do the math all you have to do is get your 30 seconds prior to a shot and force them into fouling you down the stretch. They were going to take at least 15 seconds each of there possessions. They would have to make all there shots with a maximum of 45 seconds left. Highly unlikely. The DSL coach really coached up his freshmen led class and his offense as well as his defense is outstanding. I thought it was a well coached game. Strategy was correct and he does know how to stop a motion offense. Why Salisian is running a motion rather than a 1-4 with there talent is beyond me, but that’s not the point.
    The coach got caught up in the moment and didn’t use his time outs or manage the last three minutes of the game well.
    I heard that 22 was going to Montana, but good luck at Arizona if that’s the case. They’ve got a lot of talent at Arizona.That would be a hard line up to crack. Is that Tucson or Tempe?

  • Prep Fan

    Tuscon. #5 on Salesian is headed to Montana.

    Frank is an excellent coach (none better), but I’m sure he is kicking himself over letting this one slip away. You just don’t see a DLS team blow a 9 point lead with 4 minutes to go. Part of the problem for DLS was they had already committed so many fouls playing hard defense that Salesian was in the double bonus when they took the lead and hit their free throws in the clutch when DLS had to foul.

    Salesian is a solid team, but with Bird on the bench in foul trouble, they didn’t really get anything going until he returned. Having Bird in there in the 4th quarter opened up things for Dunn #5.

  • Gdog

    Mckbooth, I wasn’t angry I was just questioning your credentials to criticize the coach. Let me quote you. “The DSL coach needs to go to a camp for clock management…”. “The the DSL coach calls time out. I could have choked him.” Who is the angry one here? Choking someone… really? BTW Mellis has two State Championships but should be running a 1-4 offense in your opinion. Anytime you lose you will be questioned and thankfully for both of them it doesn’t happen very often but I am sure you could do better.

  • DLS should have not lost that game. They missed 2 under the basket shots down the stretch also. They needed a timeout to gain their composure.

  • mckbooth

    Well Gdog am I wrong? Would you have done the same if you were the coach of DSL or Salisian? Did you see the game?

  • Oh Boy

    @Prep Fan… “You just don’t see a DLS team blow a 9 point lead with 4 minutes to go.”

    You also don’t see a DLS team play a Salesian team very often. I thought Salesian didn’t really get going most of the game due to not having their starting point guard Markel Leonard. He hasn’t played in a week due to injury and it shows. If these 2 teams meet in the Open playoffs I expect a wider margin…

  • Prep Fan

    Hard to beleive that was the first time those two teams have played in 20 years. They should play each other every year, as it would help both teams get stronger and makes for a great game for the fans.