De La Salle’s 2013 football schedule

There will be no national powerhouses for the De La Salle football team in Justin Alumbaugh’s first season as head coach. But since the Spartans are no longer playing a full East Bay Athletic League schedule, there are a few more opportunities for them to take on some out-of-section squads in 2013. A road game at Servite, which lost to De La Salle in the 2010 Open Division state bowl game, is the furthest the Spartans will travel this season. Here’s the full schedule.

Week 0: At Livermore

Week 1: At Serra

Week 2: At St. Mary’s-Stockton

Week 3: Del Oro

Week 4: San Ramon Valley

Week 5: At Servite

Week 6: Bye

Week 7: James Logan

Week 8: Amador Valley

Week 9: At Monte Vista

Week 10: California

Stephanie Hammon

  • Prep Fan

    Odd that they kept Livermore on the schedule rather than a strong out of state team, but overall it is a solid schedule. They still play all the EBAL teams except Foothill and Granada. I guess the SRV coach isn’t afraid of them after all.

  • renegades10

    I’d heard that Amador had passed on playing DLS this year and that DLS was still looking for a tenth game…Bellarmine opted out of the last 2 games left on the contract so Serra stepped up.

    Disappointed with this schedule overall however.

  • Turftoespain

    Soft schedule…would not be surprised to see Livermore exchanged.

  • Otto deFay

    If DLS wants to fill their schedule with a real good matchup, they should play Bishop Gorman out of Vegas. Gorman has had a great team that has dominated for years and really needs a tough game.

  • sarpar

    DLS played, and beat, Bishop Gorman a couple of years ago. I think the whole experience left a bad taste in their mouth, however.

  • sarpar

    @ #1

    We don’t necessarily know that. It’s possible SRV had to play DLS. Something like DLS has to play X amount of EBAL teams and they play best to worst. I don’t understand why DLS isn’t in EBAL for football if all but two of the teams want to play them.

  • sweden23

    Looking forward to watching the Del Oro game week 3. With or lose its great to see our D3 sized school take on the state heavyweights. And DLS is the cream of the heavyweights.

  • Turftoespain

    The SRV Whiners They complained so much about DLS winning the EBAL Section that the only way for them to take it home was to have the rules changed so that the 2nd place team would get the plaque. Even though DLS agreed to the rule change…It is still one of the most ridicules set ups conceived. It is like winning a war but a committee decides the other country is the winner.
    I lost all respect for SRV two years ago when the coach said they deserved the plaque and technically were the league champions, just as the Spartan team was holding the League plaque in the air.

  • Don’t get the EBAL teams in week 4 & 0. Thought the whole point of them going independent is being good neighbors & not playing them. Would of rather see them get some new flavor & play out of section teams. The way it worked out they only would of had to play 3 EBAL teams since Logan took week 7. Good for both of them. Then they scheduled them.

  • BVALfan

    I like the schedule. Word in these parts Clayton dropped Pitt and picked up Bellermine for next year anyone else here this rumor. CV looks to build on there run last year scheduling quality opponents. How many more days until 7 on 7 tourneys!

  • sarpar

    @ BCALfan
    That’s great news, and I hope the best for CV. I feel DLS’ schedule’s more Pro-California, and anti-National Championship, than most DLS fans would like. As a DLS fan, I’d selfishly like them to go for the NC by scheduling OOS schools. However, economically that may not be the best option. Also, while it may be hard for me to admit this, it’s HS sports. While I’d like DLS to challenge themselves to the point of deserving NC considerations, I must remind myself that it’s still HS football.

  • somebody

    i thought they werent in the ebal anymore…

  • chalktalk


  • Ricoturbo

    I am hearing that Clayton might be playing Gorman. Anyone else hearing that? Also trying to set up a Texas game.

  • Prep Fan

    If true, sounds like Clayton is really stepping up to the plate with that kind of scheduling.

  • playofftime

    Schedule is okay for DLS..I would like to see them play Serra from SoCal…that is a very good team. Dont sleep on the St Marys game.

  • panther4

    Clayton isn’t playing Gorman, they are playing Bonanza who is equivalent to MSJ. Will be a fun easy trip for the uglies

  • Prep Fan

    Equivalent to MSJ? Ouch! I guess they’re not stepping up then. Livermore would even beat MSJ.

  • BVALfan

    Desert Pines in Las Vegas is who Clayton Valley is playing Labor Day weekend.

  • BobSchieffer

    5-5 and lost to a school playing their first playoff game in school history… not quite Bishop Gorman.

  • 8 out of 10 teams ranked in eastbay or norcal last year. should be a good season with QB Williams and RB Tautatusi coming back.



    1# ST AQUINAS , Florida
    2# DON BOSCO Of New Jersey,
    4# KATY, Texas
    5# Best of New Hampshire

    DE LA SALLE , Ca vs Best State Champs and National

    2# ST.XAVEIR, Ohio

    LONG BEACH POLY, Ca needs more state titles and National titles. Last time State Title, National in year 1919, South Western Title play Arizona, New Mexico

  • STeve

    Its funny that DLS always has to travel for those big games. Have any of the big OOS teams come west to play them? I dont recall that ever happening.

  • oalfan

    how do you find out next years schedule so early?

  • UglyEagle

    We CVCHS Eagles will be playing at DLS in week 0. Livermore canceled.

  • silverandgreen

    How do you know this? I have not heard a peep about it. I’d rather see DLS play Clayton than Livermore for sure.

  • UglyEagle

    because i play for clayton valley. coach told us how it went down. they did not want to play us at first.

  • UglyEagle

    check maxpreps.com

  • @UglyEagle

    Good luck with that double wing against De La Salle 🙂 Really though, one ok season against mediocre teams and they think they can compete with the 4-time open division champ? “C’mon Man!” Tim Murphy needs a nice reality check and I think he’ll get one finally.

  • UglyEagle

    no coach has a better resúme next to coach Ladouceur than coach murphy. i think we can manage with this.

    “In the past 10 years Tim Murphy is second only to De Las Salles’s, Bob Ladocuer for the most wins/championships at the large school level in the state of California.”
    -Fresno Bee

    9 League Championships
    3 Undefeated League Championships
    9 League Coach of Year Awards
    12 Playoff Invitations
    5 CIF Championship Appearances
    3 CIF Championships
    3 Area Coach of the Year Awards
    6 City Coach of the Year Awards
    2 ESPN the Radio Coach of the Year Awards
    1 ESPN the Radio Team of the Year Award
    2 ABC (affiliate) Coach of the Year Awards
    1 CBS (affiliate) Coach of the Year Award
    1 NBC (affiliate) Coach of the Year Award
    1 Bay Area Sports Focus Coach of the Year Award
    3 Named Area All-Star Game Head Coach
    4 Ranked top 10 in the State
    2 Nominated State Coach of the Year
    1 ESPY Winner Coach of the Year Award
    2 Ranked top 10 in the Western Region of the US
    2 Ranked top 50 in the Nation
    1 Ranked top 25 in the Nation
    1 Under Armour National All-Star Game Coach
    2 Beat National Power Houses (Midland Lee, TX and Long Beach Poly, CA who was
    ranked #5 in the Nation at the time)
    11 Central Valley Power Lifting Champions (never lost a power lifting contest)
    47 Players Power Cleaned 300 Pounds or more
    2 Turned around losing programs (Clovis East 1-9 to 8-4 in one year and
    Ygnacio Valley 2-8 to 10-1 in third year)
    24 School Records (Ygnacio Valley, open since 1962)
    1 Northern/Central California All Time Record (most running yards in 1999 = 5,019)
    12 Team GPA’s over 2.8
    7 Team GPA’s over 3.0
    1 Chuck Muncie Youth Mentor of the Year Award

    Other notables: Winningest new school in California history in the 1st 10 seasons (Clovis East), only Central Valley team to make it to the CIF Championship game without seniors (Clovis East) and only team to be beating De La Salle at Half-time during their 13 year streak (Ygnacio Valley).

  • Gowolves

    So a current player came up with all those meaningless statistics?

    How many times has he beat dls? Enough said!

    And i dont even support dls or like them for that matter. but to compare the two coaches is ridiculous. I would focus more on preparing for the season than talking about your coaches credentials. I wouldnt stir the pot by saying dls didnt want to play you, making it seem like they fear clayton or something. Great season but didnt even win ncs and now they are on the same playing field as dls?

  • And why did he leave Clovis if he was doing so many great things down there?

  • Prep Fan

    Gowolves, while I agree with most of your post, Clayton Valley Charter did win NCS D2 last season, dismantling a previously undefeated Ranch Cotate team 35-7 in the finals. They lost to Oakdale in the Regional bowl game by 3 in a close battle after losing their record breaking running back Protheroe to injury. So they didn’t make the state bowl game, but definitely did win NCS.

    A great season, but yeah there’s no way DLS was afraid to schedule them.

  • gowolves

    @Prep Fan you are correct my mistake. I meant the regional game. i was so dumbfounded by the prior comments i couldn’t even focus

  • concrete17

    @ #30Ugly Eagle
    “…Other notables: Winningest new school in California history in the 1st 10 seasons (Clovis East), only Central Valley team to make it to the CIF Championship game without seniors (Clovis East) and only team to be beating De La Salle at Half-time during their 13 year streak (Ygnacio Valley).”

    Good knowledge, don’t forget:
    Closest DLS drive time opponent between schools this season: 10.5 minutes by car, 17 min 38 seconds on bike and 4 minutes 43 seconds if you fly with the crows.

  • UglyEagle

    @Gowolves first of all you dont even play high school football now so you cant even talk your just a spectator. second off i wasnt even tryna say that they were scared im just sayin coach had to ask more than once to play them. and if there were no regional bowl games we would have played edison in the state game
    @Hmmm he said he left because he wanted to come back home to his family.

  • @UglyEagle

    Comparing the two coaches is the biggest joke ever. You guys played D2!!!!! D2 as in no one good! Rancho Cotate was a terrible team! There is no quality in D2 teams! I know DLS coaches and they were not afraid to play you guys at all! They will dismantle you guys and make you look stupid. As for Joe Protheroe and his brother, they’re punks. I heard the older brother got kicked out of Clayton Valley. The only reason he was able to run so much was because you didn’t play any quality teams! I’d run for 300 yards vs Mount for Gods sake. And get your story straight. Livermore cancelled on DLS because, as you can tell the EBAL teams are mad at DLS and don’t really want to play them. ( They can’t win EBAL anymore) And what was the final score of that DLS YV game? I think somewhere 35-13? I dislike Clayton with a passion and cannot wait to see you and your “unstoppable train” team play this team. I just don’t get you Clayton people. Name ONE quality team you played last season. If you can name one that would beat the 10th seed of D1 I’d be surprised. Concord-NO Northgate-NO Rancho Cotate-NO
    Whose gonna carry the load this year for you guys anyway? That double wing only works against bad defenses who aren’t smart enough to stack the LOS and hit anything that comes their way.

  • Lad


    Career record: 399-25-3
    Notable win streaks: 151 games (1992-2003), 44 games (1984-1987), 34 games (1989-1991), 28 games (2009-2011), 26 games (2011-present).
    Undefeated seasons: 1982, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2012

    25 games lost…..

  • Lower seeds D-1 were pretty bad. Irvington, Antioch, & B-High all lost by over 55 points in the 1st round. I think Rancho Cotate & Northgate would beat all these teams.

  • MiraMan

    Rancho Cotate a “terrible team”??? I think they’ve gone about 33-7 over the past three years with a second place finish in the tough North Bay League in 2011 sandwiched between league championships in 2010 and 2012. Wow! What’s it take to be a “good team”???

    Rancho, Casa, Concord, Northgate and Clayton Valley were all very good teams last year. Do I think any of them would be stiff competition for DLS? Not really, but they’d be as good as most teams that faced DLS. I do think these D2 teams would fair pretty well against the D1 teams that made the playoffs with the exception of the top 3 or 4.

  • @miraman

    Hey buddy, you think Deer Valley or Foothill would lose to CV, Northgate or Concord? I don’t think so…. and those were 9 and 10 seeds. D2 is over rated and whoever thinks they could compete with the D1 10th seed is a moron. Also, DLS has NOTHING to gain from playing Clayton Valley. When they win, nothing happens; not only to their rep, but because CV is D2 (little league) nothing in the rankings is counted. Which is the reason for not answering the phone call when you guys called. Murphy wants a shot (having a personal vendetta) at taking them down and he’s a roid head moron for thinking he even has a chance.

  • Prep Fan

    Pitt was the #9 seed in D1 and they beat the D2 champs.

  • UglyEagle

    i never said DLS cancelled on livermore. “UglyEagle Says:
    April 6th, 2013 at 3:16 pm
    We CVCHS Eagles will be playing at DLS in week 0. Livermore canceled.” THAT IS WHAT I SAID. i also never said they were afraid. i said they said no the first which means our coached asked DLS coach and he said NO. then he talked to him a little bit more and they agreed. Thats funny that Joe Protheroe got kicked out of CV cause i just saw him in class today, i dont know where you got the from. and as soon as we win NCS again we will be a D1 again we didnt have enough students the last couple years to be one. and stacking the LOS is the only way to stop us cause its as is as it sounds, you sound stupid as if thats the only formation we use.

  • MiraMan

    Prep Fan,

    My top four were DLS, Logan, Freedom and after that probably Cal. Pitt beat Clayton Valley, but I’d point out that was start of the season when they didn’t know what they had. I’d have love to have seen that match-up at the end of the year. Also, you can say that Pitt beat Clayton Valley, but I could point out that Concord beat Amador Valley who beat Freedom, Monte Vista, split with SRV. Hell, Clayton Valley beat Concord by 45!

    By my math, the strong D2 teams went 1-1 against strong D1 teams; it kind of proves my point.

  • @uglyeagle

    It is the only formation you use! LOL Double wing is run 90% of the time! Not talking about Joe Protheroe, but his brother… DLS has nothing to gain from playing you guys. You have everything to gain. And Pitt would have still beat them at the end of the year! Stop making excuses man… you Clayton people overhype a little b**** offense that works because of sleight of hand….