East Bay Girls Soccer Rankings (Through Feb. 1)

Greetings, East Bay soccer aficionados. You are witnessing some of the country’s very best in girls high school soccer, judging by the more than 50 local players who will be signing with colleges this week.

The talent pool is deep around here. … Great goals and goalkeeping. Well-organized defenses and lots of spirit are on tap each weekday night.

There were some interesting high-powered battles last week. Bishop O’Dowd rebounded from a 2-1 loss against Castro Valley to outscore Berkeley 5-3 in a huge week in the WACC-Foothill Division.

Miranda Nild had two brilliant finishes for Castro Valley against the Dragons, and impressive Stephanie Zuniga had a hat trick for the Dragons against Berkeley.

EBAL and DFAL teams continue to beat each other up, although San Ramon Valley has five straight shutout wins and has clinched another EBAL title. Camplindo looks like the class of the DFAL. O’Dowd remains atop the WACC-Foothill Division, but the Yellowjackets and Trojans have kept the heat on all season.

College Park has clinched a second second consecutive DVAL title, and Freedom remains in charge in the BVAL.

In the EBAL, Amador Valley and Monte Vista have locked up NCS Division I at-large berths. The Dons’ storybook season got even better as they earned back-to-back shutout road wins last week over Monte Vista and California, which followed Amador’s shutout win over Granada. Amador Valley has a huge game at home against San Ramon Valley on Tuesday.

California, Granada and Foothill are all on the NCS bubble.

In the MVAL, Logan and Washington battled to an entertaining 1-1 draw, putting the surging Colts in position to earn a third straight MVAL title. But it’s not a done-deal yet. Great long throw-ins by the Huskies’ Maddie Cook. Washington played hard. Expect the Huskies to rebound well.

 Here are the latest East Bay Girls Soccer Rankings.

 Rankings (Through Feb. 1)

 1, San Ramon Valley (15-0-4, 9-0-3 EBAL)

 2, Bishop O’Dowd (18-2-1, 13-1-0 WAC-Foothill)

 3, Berkeley (12-3-2, 11-2-1 WAC Foothill)

 4, Castro Valley (17-2-2, 12-2-0 WAC-Foothill)

 5, Amador Valley (11-6-2, 7-4-1 EBAL)

 6, Monte Vista (8-5-4, 6-3-2 EBAL)

 7, Campolindo (11-1-2, 9-0-1 DFAL)

 8, California (7-7-5, 3-5-4 EBAL)

 9, College Park (13-2-6, 8-1-0 DVAL)

 10, Logan (10-5-3, 9-1-2 MVAL)

 11, Granada (5-6-0 EBAL)

 12, Foothill (5-6-7, 3-5-4 EBAL)

 13, Washington (12-1-3, 8-1-1 MVAL)

 14 (t), Freedom (11-3-2, 6-0-1 BVAL)

 14, (t) Livermore (6-9-4, 2-7-4 EBAL)

 14 (t), Piedmont (12-5-1, 10-3-0 WACC Shoreline)

Also noted: Alhambra, American, Carondelet, Clayton Valley, Encinal, Dublin, Heritage, Liberty, Ygnacio Valley.

Matt Schwab

  • Top Of The Box

    @ BigDog…I must laugh. You say “cutting seniors who have played 3 years in the program should not happen at ANY school”. That is TOO funny. So, if I have 5 Seniors who can’t kick the ball, completely freeze up when they get in the game, have ZERO composure, and are not Varsity level players, I should just keep them because?? I just threw up in my mouth. I guess I would do all of that if I didn’t want to win.

  • Nitro

    @Top of the box; I wish I could write slower… You obviously missed the point. What I have been consistently suggesting is the best players WERE NOT ON THE FIELD, but rather players Rick was trying to give playing time to develop a team for a future NCS Title down the road. What other reasonable explanation could there be to continue playing these players when the team was clearly not competitive or productive? No parent I know expected “Suzie” to get any playing time, but rather Suzie that just got her opportunity to “compete”.

    No matter what excuses some people want to come up with; lack of talent or past coaching successes for example, CHS record would suggest the team was not competitive this year. Now if people want to make a case the talent on the bench was less, I would like that person to explain how that claim could be made when those players never were given a “competitive” opportunity. Like I wrote; in training players who were not in the rotation were separated from Rick’s “Fab 15” and were NEVER allowed to compete. I want to be clear out of respect to all the players on the team, I think there is incredible talent on this team that should have been competitive in EBAL THIS YEAR, including the players who did play. I can think of a few who played virtually every minute who worked their butts off and played really-really well. Would CHS have won league? We will never know because Rick had other priorities. It all begins in training and that is where a “team” is developed. Had their been “competitive” training and the girls had the opportunity to train against each other the way 90+% of the coaches plan training sessions, I believe the talent would have stood out and the look on the field would have been much different.

    I received a call from a former parent this morning who has relocated out-of-state who is reading this thread… I can only hope the AD is as well because this is out-of-control and frankly an embarrassment to CHS, but a predictable reaction to what is a really bad situation. People have said many times nothing will be done about this and that too is sad because most parents of Girls club players I know have no expectations beyond High School and/or College because there are obviously no pro-girls teams. Our expectations are that our daughters learn life lessons about competition, hard work, commitment, passion, overcoming adversity and teamwork on the pitch. Trying to make lemonade out of this lemon will sound something like “life isn’t always fair no matter how hard you have worked”. Too bad it came at the expense of some really talented athletes at an institution who one would expect to take reasonable steps to protect it’s students instead of an AD turning her back on her students? Anyone who has been around CHS for years or in the area knows “controversy” has surrounded these coaches for years.

    A year to remember for sure…

  • Soccerfan

    NCS D1 Bracket is out:
    #1 – San Ramon Valley (EBAL)
    #2 – Monte Vista (EBAL)
    #3 – Berkeley (WACC-FH)
    #4 – Castro Valley (WACC-FH)
    #5 – Amador Valley (EBAL)
    #6 – College Park (DVAL)
    #7 – Foothill (EBAL)
    #8 – California (EBAL)
    #9 – Logan (MVAL)
    #10 – Washington (MVAL)
    #11 – Heritage (BVAL)
    #12 – Freedom (BVAL)
    #13 – Dougherty Valley (DFAL)
    #14 – Clayton Valley (DVAL)
    #15 – Deer Valley (BVAL)
    #16 – Liberty (BVAL)

    Congrats to these teams and hoping all of the ladies play their best soccer of the year.

  • Soccerfan

    So… Wednesday (all at 7 PM except DV – MV which is at 5 PM):

    #16 – Liberty @ #1 – San Ramon Valley
    #15 – Deer Valley @ #2 – Monte Vista
    #14 – Clayton Valley @ #3 – Berkeley
    #13 – Dougherty Valley @ #4 Castro Valley
    #12 – Freedom @ #5 – Amador Valley
    #11 – Heritage @ #6 – College Park
    #10 – Washington @ #7 – Foothill
    #8 – California @ #9 – Logan*

    * – Logan gets the home game as a league champ.

  • You threw up in your mouth because of your ignorance. Seniors who have been in the program for 3 years know how to kick balls and not freeze up. Anyone playing club soceer and playing on EBAL type teams has talent. I also said there was room on teams for a couple extra players if they have been in the program in the past. Now you can throw up in the toilet over your brains.

  • HJS- I said on campus coaches can have more understanding of the students and situations. I also said if on campus not qualified go get off campus with high expectations and understanding of the school and students. It;s all about the AD making good hires. I don;t have any daughters playing soceer, but I know plenty about some ex-coaches and the AD to make my comments which have been echoed and surpressed over the years. So if you don;t have any connections to the problems, bow out.

  • Nitro

    Congratulations to all of the High School Teams that made NCS!

  • Top of the Box- CHS parents aren’t spoiled and all the kids on any team have a very good degree of talent, if not they cut themselves. Also most of their bench would start on the teams you mentioned and bye the way little suzies don;t exist at CHS nor any other EBAL squads, for that matter any squads that have very good talent. Little suzies usually move to another field of play or activity. I remember CHS swimming having 80 swimmers on the squads. You didn’t join the swim team to learn to swim or learn to swim competivately, you joined because that’s what you did for a reasonable long time. That’s the greatness of swimming, everyone competes and everyone feels good about themselves. The entire point being made is that they had another year of conflict with the soceer program and that should not exist. Another coach mentioned that it’s 90% politics and 10% talent in the EBAL with parents, I don’t know that but because the teams you mentioned are ususlly on the bottom of the rung in the EBAL mabey you don’t see that.

  • Soccer Fan

    Wow @ the D2 brackets… Horrible seedings….

  • Top Of The Box

    @ Big Dog…the ignorance lies within you. To say there are no “little Suzies” in the EBAL is a complete show of ingorance and lack of exposure to the situation. It is very easy to say all you say from the outside looking in. But, as another poster posted before…are you at practice every day? Do you run the program? Do you deal with constant bitching of parents of kids who are lucky to even be wearing the uniform in the first place? Do you know what it takes to run a high school program? No. But you think you do. So why dont you do it instead of hiding behind a blog with all of the answers like so many before you?

    No one ever said high school coaches are infallible…like everyone else in society, we make mistakes. But goes missing here is, high school coaches don’t spend 25-30 hours per week running programs, away from our families, for absolute PEANUTS, because we get off on creating a bad atmosphere for the parents and most importantly, the kids. We don’t do it for the money or any other altruistic reasons. We do it because we care about making young ladies become better soccer players and people. Bottom line. Of course…everyone wants to find out faults and tell us what we are doing wrong and what THEY would do if given the chance. But…do these people ever tell a coach he is doing a good job? That he has had a positive impact on their child? Or are we all just bad, self-serving, ignorant guys who donate hours of our time to a just cause..a cause that a great percentage of these parents have never donated to, sipping on their Starbucks on the sidelines and criticizing??

  • CoachS

    Top of the box… you’re a hero.

  • Top of the Box- I am far from ignorant- so you are a coach- big deal. My kids played college and at CHS they had impactful coaches who actually played their sports at successful college level, taught school, were Catholic and followed the school’s mission statement. They were role models and were much appreciated by the parents and respected by the students. Those coaches were thanked numerous times and have been associated with college atheletics since. Since my kids didn’t play soceer my only interest that I have stated is the dysfunction of the present team from the students and parents. There is definately something wrong. This has happened recently at CHS with 2 other sports with bad hire coaches who are now gone. The AD’s job is to hire qualified coaches who match the school’s mission statement.
    So keep your panties on son, I am not hiding behind a blog. I am commenting just like you about what I have heard first hand from a lot of parents and students. Furthermore I am not interested in any more comments from you because you are entitled to your opinion, just like me. I coached a lot of football and also played college and semi pro. Not many parents complained back when about the football program. Since you might be a memeber of today’s coaching society, get this, they don’t make ’em like they used to. When schools reverted to off campus coaching the accountability level fell, not all but some. I never sipped on any star bucks either, but drank a lof of Irish whiskey from a flask. Next time you if you ever had attend a DeLaSalle football game, look me up and we can continue our discussion.

  • Top Of The Box

    @ Big Dog…..nice. My point exactly….I am a coach..big deal. That was exactly my point. I don’t coach for notoriety nor do I coach to take flack from people (parents) who know nothing about soccer or competitive sports.

    As I said from the beginning, I am not close enough to the CHS program to comment responsibly. The fact that you don’t have kids there anymore…not sure if you are close enough to it to comment responsibly either. So we can agree to disagree. No worries.

    As you have said..we are all entitled to our opinions. I may take you up on the Irish Whiskey…that is definitely something I know a little about! 🙂

  • DMach5

    Time to make some predictions on the D1 Girls bracket:

    Liberty @ San Ramon Valley

    San Ramon Valley continues to roll. Congrats to Liberty for making it to the dance but they will be busy trying to keep the score decent. A 3-0 win as SRV calls the dogs off early and gives some minutes to the bench.

    Deer Valley @ Monte Vista

    Monte Vista wins here but its going to be a physical match. DV is not going to roll over – they have lots of fight in them.

    Clayton Valley @ Berkeley

    Clayton Valley Charter is the dark horse at this dance and could be Cinderella. DVAL Future Fan was spot on CV lacks offensive power. If they only had a center mid who would control & distribute. Meanwhile they are solid in the back specially in the net – Elms is D1 talent & should be DVAL MVP (definitely MVP at CVC. CVC gets a goal on a set piece wins 1-0.

    Dougherty Valley @ Castro Valley

    Castro Valley rolls to a 2-0 win. Too much firepower on CV roster and tough Defense gets them a well deserved win.

    Freedom @ Amador Valley

    AV has a tough match here but they will edge out Freedom 2-1. AV is shock full of talent – if they can just put it together, they could make a run deep in this dance.

    Heritage @ College Park

    College Park explodes and gets a hat trick from DVAL standout and D1 talent Scharff. Scharff has a good supporting cast but make no mistake, she stands tall in this game. CPs weakness in the back does not get exposed. CP wins 4-1.

    Washington @ Foothill

    Washington’s solid defense will be tested but they edge out Foothill in a mirror match 2-1. Both teams play similar styles but Washington’s attack will edge out Foothill’s defensive efforts.

    California @ Logan*

    Logan edges Cal 2-1 in a hard fought match that will be decided in the final 10 minutes. Logan’s strong team play will win out.

  • Nitro

    @ Top of the box; from one coach to another, one of the greatest privileges I feel I have had in my adult life is that of a coach. With that said if you have been coaching for any length of time you know it is for the most part thankless. If any coach does it for that they are simply setting themselves up for disappointment. Most of us (and I believe you as well) do it for the kids. When I form teams I always look around the room and I know there will always be unhappy kids and unhappy parents – again part of the process. When coaches hear other coaches under attack I know we all react because most of us have experienced the same thing. Like anything in life there are good coaches and bad coaches. Our kids often learn as much from the bad coaches and they do the good coaches. As a parent and as a coach when I see kids being treated unfairly to the point of being hurt for some narcissistic cause I am going to stand-up, especially when it happens at an institution that stands for the complete opposite. If what went on at CHS was simply bad coaching that would be one thing, however what went on this year goes WAY beyond bad coaching. I applaud you for coaching for 20-years and I hope you are one of the coaches that realizes the responsibility you have because of the impact you have on these athletes. As for parents; well they are part of the sauce and must be managed accordingly, just sitting around and complaining about it makes no sense. If you have coached top performing athletes than you know the higher you go, the higher the expectations. Again managing expectations is part of the responsibility of good coaches. Fact is when team win you seldom hear a word from the majority of the parents. I can’t think of too many places I would rather be is on the grass with talented, competitive athletes even when their parents are at times difficult to manage. The problem at CHS is this has been going on for years and the talent of the soccer players in my opinion has masked coaches who simply do not care about the athletes, the program, soccer or the school. I hope this is the year the AD wakes up even if it takes some influence from parents and the administration. CHS has a tradition of fielding great teams in-part BECAUSE of the support of some high maintenance parents who have made an investment in the sport, family sacrifices and who just expect their daughters to be treated with respect and allowed to compete. What did someone say; nuff said!

  • David

    Very brave of you! You’ve stepped into dangerous territory by making these predictions but I think they are solid. The Berkeley vs CV game is one that puzzles me. I haven’t seen either team but I’ve heard Betkeley is an impressive bunch whom I doubt could be shut out in the run of play: again this is all here say.
    The Logan Vs Cal game I feel could also go either way, not because of Logan’s superiority but because of the “carpet” they play on. EBAL teams may not be able to adjust, however, in the end the team with the most talent should win!
    Thanks for the insight!

  • Top Of The Box

    @ Nitro. Cheers to you mate..and I applaud you for coaching as well. I was not aware the situation at CHS dated back as far as you say…of course, because I, like many folks, go by what we hear and not by what we see in these situations. I hope the situation at CHS sorts itself out because, as you say, the kids deserve it.

  • DMach5

    Berkeley is a solid team but they have not faced a keeper like the one the CVC Eagles have in Elms. She’s not only solid in shot-stopping but she organizes her defense really well – this team will go as far MVP Elms can take them. Meanwhile CVC set plays have become their go-to as they struggle in the run-of-play in the attacking third.

    Agree on the Logan vs Cal game – that old carpet is hard to play on. Which is why Logan gets the edge in that game – their home field has its advantages for them. This game will be the nail biter of them all.

  • Trick1496

    @dmach5 i was just wondering why you see #3 berekeley losing to #14 cvchs?

  • Nitro

    @ Top of the Box – “mate” am I speaking to a Brit? Great thread… I sense you and I are out for the kids! These are such incredibly important years for these athletes relative to their player development and also for their “difficult parents” who also have to be “developed”. How many soccer players do you know who have quit because of bad experiences with coaches. A week or so ago we were at a game where a couple of my past club players were on our opponents High School team and one was ready to quit because of her coach. I was privileged to have attended Anson Dorrance’s Coaching Champions program and if you have read anything about coaching girls you will know Anson is considered a National expert on the subject in-large part due to his success at UNC. I can only hope the AD’s are committed to all players being treated with respect and decency which is not mutually exclusive with coaching in a very competitive environment. The high school experience is one that shouldn’t include avoidable negative experiences by coaches who are ONLY, let me repeat ONLY concerned about winning or NCS Championships. Coaches and AD’s that are not up for the challenges that we face regardless need to step aside for people who FIRST are committed to the athletes. If I have learned one thing in life it is that the most important things in our life are often the most difficult and if you agree with that then coaching is going to be difficult…