East Bay Girls Soccer Rankings (Through Feb. 1)

Greetings, East Bay soccer aficionados. You are witnessing some of the country’s very best in girls high school soccer, judging by the more than 50 local players who will be signing with colleges this week.

The talent pool is deep around here. … Great goals and goalkeeping. Well-organized defenses and lots of spirit are on tap each weekday night.

There were some interesting high-powered battles last week. Bishop O’Dowd rebounded from a 2-1 loss against Castro Valley to outscore Berkeley 5-3 in a huge week in the WACC-Foothill Division.

Miranda Nild had two brilliant finishes for Castro Valley against the Dragons, and impressive Stephanie Zuniga had a hat trick for the Dragons against Berkeley.

EBAL and DFAL teams continue to beat each other up, although San Ramon Valley has five straight shutout wins and has clinched another EBAL title. Camplindo looks like the class of the DFAL. O’Dowd remains atop the WACC-Foothill Division, but the Yellowjackets and Trojans have kept the heat on all season.

College Park has clinched a second second consecutive DVAL title, and Freedom remains in charge in the BVAL.

In the EBAL, Amador Valley and Monte Vista have locked up NCS Division I at-large berths. The Dons’ storybook season got even better as they earned back-to-back shutout road wins last week over Monte Vista and California, which followed Amador’s shutout win over Granada. Amador Valley has a huge game at home against San Ramon Valley on Tuesday.

California, Granada and Foothill are all on the NCS bubble.

In the MVAL, Logan and Washington battled to an entertaining 1-1 draw, putting the surging Colts in position to earn a third straight MVAL title. But it’s not a done-deal yet. Great long throw-ins by the Huskies’ Maddie Cook. Washington played hard. Expect the Huskies to rebound well.

 Here are the latest East Bay Girls Soccer Rankings.

 Rankings (Through Feb. 1)

 1, San Ramon Valley (15-0-4, 9-0-3 EBAL)

 2, Bishop O’Dowd (18-2-1, 13-1-0 WAC-Foothill)

 3, Berkeley (12-3-2, 11-2-1 WAC Foothill)

 4, Castro Valley (17-2-2, 12-2-0 WAC-Foothill)

 5, Amador Valley (11-6-2, 7-4-1 EBAL)

 6, Monte Vista (8-5-4, 6-3-2 EBAL)

 7, Campolindo (11-1-2, 9-0-1 DFAL)

 8, California (7-7-5, 3-5-4 EBAL)

 9, College Park (13-2-6, 8-1-0 DVAL)

 10, Logan (10-5-3, 9-1-2 MVAL)

 11, Granada (5-6-0 EBAL)

 12, Foothill (5-6-7, 3-5-4 EBAL)

 13, Washington (12-1-3, 8-1-1 MVAL)

 14 (t), Freedom (11-3-2, 6-0-1 BVAL)

 14, (t) Livermore (6-9-4, 2-7-4 EBAL)

 14 (t), Piedmont (12-5-1, 10-3-0 WACC Shoreline)

Also noted: Alhambra, American, Carondelet, Clayton Valley, Encinal, Dublin, Heritage, Liberty, Ygnacio Valley.

Matt Schwab

  • Nitro

    @ DVAL Future Fan: do you know how many NPL 1 players are on the CHS roster that never got a chance to play? Do you honestly think 5-Freshman with 3-years less experience, who are smaller, not as quick or as strong can compete with many of the seniors on the other EBAL schools? There is no substitution for experience. Many of the mistakes made this year or the lack of ball control / first touch and be attributed to experience. Further because of the way this team was trained, i.e. 2-teams, they never gelled. Will these girls be great and competitive in EBAL down the road – absolutely. Were they this year – no… Let’s take a U19 NPL 1 Team and let them play a U15 NPL 1 Team and see what happens?

  • RUKidding?

    Nitro…were you at the game yesterday when CHS was in complete control with 10 to play over Cal and Rick brought in the Seniors? That should tell you all you need to know.
    So tired of the crap that has happened this year….all drawn out by dillousional parents. Rick played his best squad, consistently made changes at positions where he felt they could be better and grinder all the way to the last games in an effort to get to NCS. Im guessing he may manage future years rosters differently after the crap he went through. Enough of the slamming…its a freakin high school sport…get over it

  • Ron Grasl

    Acalanes cancelled their game against Concord Saturday for “injuries” according to the Concord coach.

  • Nitro

    @RUKidding… So what players were playing in what positions when the goals were scored last night? Who was playing defense and who was the GK? Were the goals scored against the players who hadn’t seen much playing time or players who had? Rick played the best squad – give me a break? Many of the players were never given an opportunity in training or in games all year. I doubt he will manage the roster any differently unless CHS mandates it. This season got away from CHS BECAUSE of the players Rick played. With the worst season in 10+ years you want to make a case the best players were on the field and that Rick made good coaching decisions? The record did not boil down to 1-game, or 1-half. CHS likely won’t make NCS because of a season, not because of “delusional parents”. No slamming here, so if you can’t take the discussion you shouldn’t engage.

  • Trick.1496

    With carondelet out, what EBAL teams will be in ncs?

  • Nitro

    One additional comment from a “delusional” parent. I think the players who played have a future at CHS and will all be ready to play someday. I was in no way “slamming” those players, only legitimately engaging in comments made by a RUKidding that I disagree with. So no disrespect towards any player or their efforts. I just think this season was a waste because of many coaching decisions that had nothing to do with the players, the program or the school. The players that were never given a shot cannot be judged the way RUKidding stated. There were only a couple of Seniors brought in and they were in positions that did not impact the outcome in any way, so to suggest otherwise is simply… well I will leave it at that…

  • DVAL Future Fan

    Sounds like CHS has serious drama. I hope for that fine school and program that these folks are graduating.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if players go back to their intended HS.

  • RUKidding?

    Only drama from a few….I know exactly who was on the field….the season is done and it is completely unfortunate that a few bad apples had to spoil a competetive season. Yes competitive….CHS played 20 Games…19 against quality D1 opponents and the last against a D2 opponent that is going to be a top seed that the girls handled easily. One blowout game vs the best team in Norcal (SRV) and wins against MV, Logan, and draws against Amador and Cal Ricks biggest issue was the fact that he didnt have a less difficult schedule that would have given the girls confidence and let the less skilled girls a bit more playing time. I agree with one point you make…the practice situation was not very good. No field time and little organization….NUFF said…move on

  • Soccerfan

    Wow didn’t realize this was a “reality blog”. Bottomline is it was an unusual year for CHS after 9 straight years in NCS, the last in the semis and a championship. Over those 9 years, CHS has won over 70% of it’s games. Yes there were multiple injuries to returning starters, a few freshman who played (think Monte Vista won it all last year playing loads of freshman) and a few seniors who were first time varsity players. Guess I’m confused, some seem to think you play the best you’ve got and try to win, some think you should play only the upper clansman no matter what (hold hands and sing and have fun). By the way, those “8 freshman who displaced seniors a few years ago had the best winning % over 4 years in CHS history and won an NCS title”.

    But either way, here’s the deal, any team from anywhere is WELCOME to sit 4 of the starters on the bench and come over to EBAL and play 14 games and see how you do. In fact, bring all you got (get up early, pack a lunch and bring help) and come get you some. See how do then talk. Or do what some teams do, avoid the EBAL like the plague, run up a “big” record and PRAY the committee seeds so you won’t see an EBAL team. It will be tough since the EBAL teams owns 30 of 31 NCS championships.

  • Soccerfan

    By the way, for those who don’t know, CHS doesn’t have a field, they use DLS when they can and find other places as best they can. No excuse, they’ve done it forever, but it does make training and having lots of new faces playing together for the first time just a bit tougher.

  • David

    Anybody care to put up their top 16 for NCS d1???

  • Nitro

    Nice try… The conditions at CHS relative to fields, playing in EBAL have been the same for years. Fields had nothing to do as to why the team never gelled. Problem for all is no one will really know what the outcome would have been if all players at CHS were given a chance to play and Rick truly played the best players. I like your point regarding the Freshman class that eventually won NCS a few years back. Problem with that statement is those players didn’t win their Freshman, Sophomore or Junior years so I suppose for some of you that justified cutting the Seniors regardless of talent. Too bad you really don’t get the value in treating all players with the respect most have earned which is what competitive sports is all about, especially at CHS. Rick made up his mind who he was going to play regardless and everyone will have to live with his choices. No drama here, as Sargent Joe Friday used to say “just the facts ma’am”. Anyone on this blog who thinks CHS was competitive in the majority of their games their season should stick to Futbol spelled Football. This thread just illustrates the season at CHS, the problem for Rick and those who support him is that pesky record. Can’t run and hide from that now can you…

  • HSJ


    @nitro: can you explain to the blog how you have this great insight into the CHS program? Are you a parent of a current player? Are you a parent of a cut player? Did your kid not play a lot? Were you at every practice to see the coaches in action? Did you attend tryouts to see personally the difference in ability? More so, how different would the season of been with these “cut” players? Did you attend multiple schools to see how all the programs are run?
    Soccerfan is right, MV won last year with 8 freshmen. To do that, seniors & juniors were passed over or cut. The foothill program has done the same in recent years going with higher number of freshmen players at the expense of seniors/juniors. They won EBAL but never managed a NCS title. The Castro Valley team that won NCS was the same. Strong group of frosh that finally won as seniors. Before that, MV did it again with 7 freshmen. Even SRV has done it, seven years ago, with the first of their four straight – the fab five freshmen that started it all. (at the time, coach Jones got some heat for the selection…now he’s the most successful coach/program in recent history – 7 straight NCS finals, 4NCS titles)

    High School soccer has a lot of luck to it. Don’t kid yourself into thinking otherwise. Unlike club, you are restricted to what players are in your school zone. Some years you will get a lot of talent , other years not so much. So what do you do if one year you have one class 1/ECNL player in the program, then next season you get seven stud class 1/ECNL freshmen (same club team)? Do you take them all on Varsity, don’t make any cuts and carry a larger squad? That leads to unhappy people complaining about playing time. Do you cut upperclassmen & bring the freshmen up? Leads to unhappy players cut. Do you not take the freshmen? Leads to unhappy players who know they are better than varsity players, a really good JV team that blows away the competition but doesn’t actually improve because of the lack of competition and, a weaker varsity team. Do you only bring some of the freshmen up? Leads to unhappy parents who think their kid is begetter than their peer, splits teammates up..

    Also, a freshmen female is more likely to be able to handle playing varsity soccer than a freshmen boy. Sure, not all but many. Nitro brought up the time CHS cut seniors to place 9 freshmen on the team. He said the coach learned from that & kept the seniors this time. So he got heat for cutting seniors and now he’s getting heat for keeping them?!? Talk about a lose lose situation.

    If you think disgruntled parents/players are restricted to CHS and all other schools are great, think again. Every school has a parent/player who either thinks they should of made varsity, should be playing more, the team should be more successful, should play this person in this position, the coach is too mean (we live in a way too sensitive time), too soft, etc. As a coach it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep everyone happy. Go to any school & ask the parents to rank the top 10 players on the team (go to Cal or MV, their parents seem to be most vocal during games). You may get a consensus one or two, but most likely you will have multiple variations. Every player, every parent, every bystander has an opinion. That’s what makes this game great – moving parts, varied opinions.

    *for the record (and as I asked Nitro to come forth), I am not a parent of a HS player at any school. My daughter played varsity 2 seasons ago (not at CHS) but now watch my neighbors kids play (one at SRV, on at CHS). I have seen 13 of the 14 EBAL play days & watched every EBAL team (& listened to the parents of each school).

  • MVAL Alumni

    @soccer frau

    Piedmont won their division and will get an automatic bid to NCS as a league winner. That’s why they shouldn’t drop below #5. I agree those loses didn’t help but Alahambra didn’t handle bottom teams in their own division also and didnt win league. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out.

  • Bval

    According to one of the Concord coaches, Acalanes cancelled on them as of today because of injuries…
    This means Acalanes will be a top12 seed

  • D1 automatics
    BVAL – Heritage
    DVAL – College Park
    EBAl – SRV
    MVAL – James Logan

  • BVAL Fan

    Well said…

    Here’s my prediction for D1 entrants and rankings. What do you think, close or out of my mind???

    1. San Ramon
    2. Monte Vista
    3. Berkeley
    4. Castro Valley
    5. Amador Valley
    6. College Park
    7. Cal
    8. Logan
    9. Foothill
    10. Heritage
    11. Washigton
    12. Freedom
    13. Liberty
    14. Doughtery Valley
    15. American
    16. Deer Valley

  • Nitro

    HSJ – Let’s just say I have a wee bit of experience relative to CHS and to observe games from a coaching perspective. Am I aware of how try-outs and training went; yes. Let me offer you a couple of examples; 1) 6-years ago Rick pulled the same stunt. Cutting Seniors to play Freshman that were not ready their Freshman year. Did these players eventually become ready and win an NCS Title yes! Like I wrote I do believe the current Freshman players will be ready to play against other EBAL players down the road. Rick’s goal is pretty transparent and to suggest many of us are simply “disgruntled” is a way to simply the discussion and turn the focus on the parents instead of a coach and a season. 2) There are excepted methods of training and that starts with training sessions being “competitive”, which by the way is required of all High School Coaches (read the NCS Code of Conduct for Coaches). Each training session all players should enter that session with an expectation of competing for starting positions and playing time. This creates a much more aggressive, competitive training session (read Anson Dorrance) The training sessions included no technical training whatsoever and just involved “games” when the theme of the training was never communicated. Ever attended a college training session? Technical, tactical, small sided games and full scrimmage. College coaches never “assume” players are fully developed and don’t require on-going technical training. Being the expert you are; how do your rate CHS 1st touch this season? Also during training the team was separated into (2) groups; the players who started and were rotated and they players who weren’t. Teams will NEVER gell this way! The entire season Rick started the same players (with a very few exceptions) and rotated the same players. The “other” group of players often went multiple games without being given a opportunity regardless of when players were consistently getting beat or were not effective when they had the ball. This process continued during warm-ups when the team was separated. Now if want to know why the team never gelled, you should understand why. How do you think the players who weren’t in the regular rotation felt during training and during pre-game warm-up being separated. Does the work humiliated come to mind? Probably not for you. 3) If you were at the games and paid any attention to any of the 1-v-1’s you would have taken notice that often we were out-sized, clearly out-skilled and we lacked experience. I would suggest we lost well over 50% of CHS 1-v-1’s and 50/50 balls. Example; how often was CHS successful mounting counter attacks, maintaining ball possession for more than 2-3 players? Possession is key in any soccer game and CHS simply wasn’t successful with possession. How often did CHS just boot the ball out of the back instead of hitting players to feet, or for that matter how many times did players show for passes or anticipate the counter and get open? Again an experience issue not playing at this level and just REACTING under pressure. If you read the paper every week and looked at the number of saves CHS GK had verses CHS opponents you could only conclude CHS defense was ineffective stopping their opponents taking shots on frame and conversely CHS attacks did not result in too many shots on frame. 4)When you look at the games in EBAL CHS beat Livermore 2X and Granada 1X (Granada on a late PK), otherwise the other games were for the most part not competitive. Did CHS have moments; yes. Was CHS ever successful putting together a “game”; no. 4) I have read the “lack of talent” comment many times. How do you explain players on the bench who never had a chance to play, being members of National Premier 1 Teams, who started consistently, being signed to play in college. In (1) case I am aware of a player was pursued by (3) D1 schools and (3) D2 schools? Is Rick better at evaluating talent that Head College Coaches who success keeping their jobs doesn’t depend on a relationship with an AD but rather results EVERY YEAR? Look if you or anyone else wants to make excuses for this season and support Rick for whatever reason that’s fine, however when you look closely at the games and the results there are no excuses for what happened other than Rick’s decision to re-build for another NCS title. Now you can make a case that’s ok, however the problem is that is not what High School Sports is all about, in-particular at CHS where the standards for students, teachers and coaches is higher. Ladiser would never consider throwing away a season for another championship for the very reason he was as successful as he was – because he cares about his athletes as individuals and us committed to their personal development not only as a team but also as individuals. There is no legitimate argument based on facts, metrics or just based on objective, reasonable observation that can explain this season as being acceptable. CHS every year has as much talent as any other team in EBAL. From year-to-year there are exceptional players that can make a difference during a season but for CHS to finish where they did there is no excuse.

  • Soccer mom

    @BVAL Fan could you please why you have cal above foothill when foothill did better during league?

  • Soccer mom

    *explain why

  • Soccerfan

    Nitro – interesting… 1) since you’ve quoted Joe Friday and we all know he’d want to facts, the prior “stunt” of bringing in freshman (7 from the Mustang Earthquakes) who “didn’t win” until they were seniors… the team they were on went 17-2-5 in the 1st year (undefeated BVAL champs) but yes they lost in NCS to eventual NCS champ SRV (2-1), Year 2 and after joining EBAL, they went 12-8-2 (4th in EBAL) and lost to Castro Valley (0-2) in NCS, Year 3 they went 14-4-4 (won EBAL) with SRV advancing on PKs in the NCS semis then in Year 4 they went 19-2-3 (won 2nd EBAL title) and beat SRV 1-0 in the NCS final. All total, these freshman who didn’t win went 62-16-14 collecting 3 league titles, 4 NCS appreances and a NCS title. 2)As for how Anson Dorrance who do it (totally fine if becomes the new CAR HC by the way), you’re right CAR has probably never followed NC’s training regime but, to be fair, what you describe would be easier if you had a field to train rather than the tennis court or at 6:30 AM beforfe school on DLS’ field and, as for groupoing players by those who start or are expected to play versus those who are not expected, this is normal for teams (I played football (would have sucked as soccer) in both HS and in the SEC and there were times I was left out during practice or told to go practice with the back-ups who weren’t expected to play. The best approach, no, but that’s the way it goes. BTW, works that way in D1 soccer too… even at NC. 3) As for the games, yes, I saw several too (along with all of the EBAL teams and a few others from around the area), there were “flashes” of good soccer and many moments of “not so much”. As for coaching decisions, yeah (as always) a few WTFs. Still think injuries to 4 main contributers to last year’s team that 13-4-6 and lost in the NCS semis to MV, lots of new faces (FR and otherwise) made this tougher and, to be honest, this year’s team didn’t have the depth of talent as some other years. CAR does get some good talent but no where near an SRV or MV who are flooded with MSC players (SRV is all or close to all MSC players with 14, yes 14, committed to collleges the like of Stanford, UCLA and Cal). As for the “Coach Lad” reference, wonder if he would coach soccer, it soprt of like football? Bottom-line is a tough and unusual year for CAR (in fairness to the coaches, they are 128-42-31 with 8 NCS appreances, 5 league titles and an NCS championship over their 9 seasons at CAR and I know allot of young ladies who had a fun time along the way and still stop by to see the coaches). Tough and lsoing years only makes the grousing which happens every year in every program only louder and more noticable. Wonder if Caoch Lad would have been forced to retire if DLS hadn’t won the state yet again, their 20th or 21st NCS title or, heaven forbid, not made NCS? He would have been too old, too senile, out-of-touch with today’s youth and behind the times with that simple veer offense. And yes, with a son who was blessed to have played for him, there was grousing every year.

    Soccer Mom… BVAL Fan is doing something scary and hard, trying to put teams in seeding order. I do agree I’d have Foothill above California since they were 4th in the EBAL and have a win and tie over California. All 5 EBAL teams should be in the Top 8 seeds in my opinion.

  • Soccer mom

    Thank you soccer fan, im sure its not easy to seed all these great teams!

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Foothill in top 8??? Lost to Freedom, 2nd BVAL , tied Washington ?? Just sayin

  • Soccerfan

    Happy, Happy, Happy… its what makes it tough to seed these teams after the first few. Foothill played 12 teams in the NCS D1 field (60% of their games): Wins over Liberty (2-0), Amador Valley (2-1) and California (2-1), losses to Freedom (0-1), Amador Valley (0-3), Monte Vista (1-2) and SRV twice (0-3 and 0-1) and ties with Washington (2-2), Castro Valley (1-1), Monte Vista (1-1), California (0-0). Closed strong over last third of the season with a 4-2-1 record beating California and Amador Valley to get into NCS.

    Thought Freedom won BVAL or was it Heritage?

  • Soccerfan

    Anybody know the results of the Berkeley – Castro Valley game yesterday?

  • cutting seniors who have played 3 years should not be an option at ANY school. If those seniors were not qualified, then they should have never made the team.
    It sends a bad message and is destructive, we are dealing with 16-17 yr olds and if they have dreams to play college and can play some level of college, they should not be cut. An example, EBAL, DFAL and privates have a lot of money, dont fool yourself. You cant tell me a coach cant keep a couple more seniors on the squad who have given 3 years of their high school career. Whats the differance if you keep 20 or 24? Dont give me the old coach crap its too hard to coach and practice more players. When injuries occur, those extra can become valuable. CHS coach didnt loose this year because of seniors kept on, he lost because of organization skills and overall talent. The players he started over the seniors lost the majority of those games. If MV does the same thing, shame on them.
    DLS does not cut on varsity football. Lad did not beleive in it. If you are good enough to cut the mustard thru all the conditioning, pratice, etc. for 3 years you make the team. The value of reserves really has shown at DLS over the years. Basically, you cut yourself if you cant do it. I see these soceer players sticking it out and did not give up, they didnt cut themselves. They obviously have some very good skills. Nitro has some good points and some inside info, all I know is that this has happened on more than several occasions at CHS. Get it fixed, there is room for reserves and ALL the freshman stars dont need to be on varsity EVERY year, the freshman who dont get a lot of playing time could play JVS, I would rather play than sit the bench. Soceer is full of politics, not only parents but coaches too. These off campus coaches are put up on pedestials, its all about winning and not teaching the sport or life lessons. When I was in school, we respected the coaches, however the problem coaches(there were not many) were dealt with. We didnt run to mom and dad. A coach who knows he is disliked and not cutting it knew to step away or get stepped on. Lets face it, a very few coaches know how to pick on players and force them out, they have favorites too and some didnt like ANY pushback from players, you basically could not defend yourself and a very few coaches were bullies.
    Today, little accountability for off campus coaches and what the schools pay, the adminstration is afraid to mess with some. I am sure we will hear from how they dont get paid, long hours, family time, etc. then dont do it. Get some grads who played at a high level, they will connect just as well or better with kids.

  • Nitro

    @Soccerfan – interesting you keep looking back and not focusing on this season. I have been asking myself why in the past 24-hours I am responding to this thread? Fact is a parent just forwarded me the link a few days ago and it wasn’t until I read some knucklehead parent write “lack of talent” that I decided to engage. I guess I am defending the talent that never got a chance to show what they had to offer and worse were humiliated all season by these coaches. For the record many of the parents who had daughters who were playing were questioning the same thing because they could see the lack of results. This team wasn’t the team Rick had 6-years ago and he should have figured that out in the beginning of the season. You keep trying to make a case his decision to play the freshman this year was justified because of the success Rick had in the past, or in the decisions other teams migth have made. In my judgement every team is unique and great coaches figure out how to leverage that teams unique gifts and strengths. How many soccer games have you observed where the team with the lesser talent prevails because of teamwork and desire. When things started going wrong in the beginning of the season I didn’t see much adjustment. Rick started with 4-losses, a win and then went 1-4-2 with minimal adjustments. You failed to address my comments about his training strategies, how the team was managed, vis-a-vis the separation of the teams and the lack of results from the starters, specifically on the scoring side of the game? I received a daily report on exactly what happened in training so don’t make assumptions I don’t know what I am talking about. The other point I think you are missing is the impact all this had on all the players… A coaches ultimate responsibility is to the development of the player and to figure out how to get the most out of each player. Even the best players have off games and all teams experience injuries at this level so developing your 2nd team is just as important as your first team. If you think that happened, think again. The teams you mentioned in the past were benefited by the training and the talent developed at the club level, not in High School. You also failed to address my comments about NPL 1 players who sat while many of the less experienced players failed to perform. My previous comment is in no way being critical of those players, but rather an example of a coach refusing to make adjustments when it was clear what he was doing wasn’t working. Was this ego or a lack of ability? I have no clue? Are you suggesting the talent that WAS on the field was so bad the team wasn’t capable of finishing better than 2-9-2 in EBAL? I am not… There is a fundamental difference between talent and experience and especially when team perform together as a TEAM. You and others used examples of High School Teams using more-and-more Freshman, case in-point Monte Vista. Does that somehow justify leaving players on the bench when the players on the field are getting the job done? All the comparisons don’t excuse what happened this season. I feel like I am speaking Italian to people who only speak German so I think I am going to move on. Not to sound condescending but soccer parents should stick to being soccer parents and not speculate on coaches decisions because you simply lack the experience and more likely the objectivity to offer useful commentary. Now if you think that applies to me so be it. If you think it doesn’t apply to you so be it. To the parent who “called me out earlier” – thank you for taking me back to Jr. High to re-live some of those experiences…

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Soccer fan, agreed dificult to seed 4-12, at the same time with due respect to EBAL blanket statements that all should be top 8 is reaching this year.
    I believe heritage finished 7-1-2, freedom 6-0-4,

    Also CV beat Berkeley I think, not confirmed. As some teams max preps update slow to non existent.

  • DVAL Future fan

    It sounds like the real problem at CHS isn’t coaching or all the wonderful skilled national pool players it’s the parents…..right?
    Somebody mentioned it earlier that coaching in EBAL now is 10% coaching and 90% taking crap from parents.

  • Nanette

    I always read your blog Matt, but these comments – this kind of banter is not what I want to read!

  • The problem at CHS has never been parents. They have very little push back, in fact the parents have always arranged most of the teams transportation, food, housing out of town, uniforms, equipment, etc. and usually at a very organized level. They deserve more credit on the organizations of some of these teams than the coaches. Over the years, very few parents had discussions with CHS coaches. Those coaches were mosly fair and ran their teams with respect. I remember a JV basketball coach who cut almost the entire frosh basketball team the following year so he could only keep 8 players!!! The off campus bad hires dont care. The problem is the AD allowing some of the activities that have taken place there. How about hiring a track coach who didnt even know track? Cross-country- a once proud program in a shamples, kids didnt want to go out, it gets around school. How about hiring a waterpolo coach who had never coached or played, experience was coaching an inner-tube children’s water polo team. The elimanation of the cheerleading squads at DLS football games several years back. Remember, parents expect a better deal than that, tuition is $ 13 k plus. It’s an easy turn around, make changes and get the adminstration on board, like they do at DeLaSalle. Nuff said.

  • Soccerfan

    Thanks Happy… the score I was missing for Freedom is from Tuesday versus Liberty. Must have been a tie which means Heritage wins BVAL by a point. Agree and, to be honest, hard to seed much past SRV which I’m confident will the #1 seed. Good news is they’ll 16 teams in and only 3 that I think are qualified left out.

    Nitro… agree with in letting the coaches coach, the players play and the parents be parents. No clue on why a NPL 1 player would sit while others play.

    As for looking back and justifying freshman or anything else only trying to point out that to be fair to anyone have to look over a period of time and not give too much or too little credit. Seems to me the coach should pick the best players he or she can, do his or her best to train and develop them (or not screw them up if come already trained from club) and put the best team on the field and try to win. Even doing this there will be critics as those of us who have had daughters play in HS and now in college are biased and always know better or have a suggestion. Makes it tough to be a coach.

  • Nitro

    @DVAL Fan these coaches haven’t heard a word from any of the parents about squat, not would I waste my time regardless. This thread started because of an obvious CHS parent making a comment about “lack of talent” and went downhill from there. Fact is the parents have been more respectful then they should have given the circumstances. Next time you choose to speculate and take shots at anyone you should try and get your facts straight first. The coaches make all the decisions without any input from anyone so care to explain your ridiculous statement about 10% coaching and 90% taking crap from parents? You can’t… It was a juvenile statement on your part and hardly warrants a reaction – my bad! This is one of the problems in-general, no one wants to take responsibility for anything… This season is 90% on the coaches and 10% on the AD. Next year or in years to come it will be 100% AD if this happens again… These girls and the team are better than this.

  • HSJ

    @big Dog – can you identify all the qualified on-campus staff (for all sports) & give the list to the AD? If you can’t find a qualified on campus coach, have the AD remove the sport from the athletic program.

  • David

    @BVAL fan
    You did well. I feel that most of teams in your rank are deserving of a spot. I do Agee that perhaps foothill should be a higher seed than cal high. Foothill is a much more rounded team than cal. Foothill had a few un lucky results but cal is much more inconsistent. Also College park, although a league champ, may not have had as strong as schedule as others, Logan may deserve a higher seed than college park. Overall though I like your input.
    As far as CHS conversation is concerned I’d like to say that every school is entitled to handle the program as they wish and poor performances by traditionally strong programs usually spark debate, specially in school where keeping parents “happy” may be a norm. CHS will be back to doing ther thing and everyone with a negative input about their 12-13 season will be back to singing praises. Fair weather fans reflect negatively on a program it’s beast to remain positive as our young athletes need parent support in their time of struggles. Placing the blame or looking for excuses sends the wrong message. There’s lessons in the game and overcoming adversity and struggles is the most valuable one in high school sports.

  • MVAL Fan

    Logan should not be seated that much higher than Washington High just because they barely won MVAL. Yes, Washington had 2 off games that ended up to be the deciding factor but Logan never did beat them. In fact, Washington beat Logan(4-1) and tied Logan (1-1). Washington actually almost beat them again in the second game when they scored their second goal but was called back (the ref called off sides on a throw in play). Anyways, good luck to all teams in NCS.

  • #84, you call a qualified off campus coach hired with no coaching experience justified? If there are no on-campus personal interested or qualified then you of course go off campus with experience, better pay and expectations of behavior and organization before you hire. Why would a parent(s) do the AD job? The AD is getting paid very well to make the correct decisions.
    Get the best coach in the school and make them the AD too and give them a raise. No need to remove any sports, remove the cause, the AD. What a moronic statement.

  • DVAL Future fan

    Nitro- It sounds like you have been around the cause of the problem at CHS more than I have so I’ll leave it to you to handle. Best of luck to the CHS players.

  • Soccerfan

    Anyone know today’s Deer Valley – Liberty result? Think they played at Noon.

  • Soccer dad

    4-0 deer valley wins

  • BVAL Knowledge

    I believe the score was – Deer Valley 4 – Liberty 0

  • Soccer Fan

    Anyone know how to contact NCS or CIF regarding an issue I have with teams lying on their application?

  • David

    @MVAL fan very true! However, the seeding committee does not take that into consideration. When it’s all said and done College Park and Logan both won their leagues. The quality of those teams is debatable and their results may even be considerd luck. the head to head results between Logan and Washington are indicative of the stronger team, however Logan seemed to establish more dominance since they did not struggle with any other MVAL opponent. You are right Logan should
    Not be ranked much higher than Washington but Logan should be ahead of college park.

  • RUKidding?

    Nitro…in post 83 you say you are only commenting on this thread because an “obvious CHS parent making a comment about “lack of talent” ” If you look back up, that comment was made by DVAL Future Fan in post 21. If you follow this blog you know that DVAL has no affiliation with CHS. Not sure why you have put yourself out there on a ledge for someone who is not a parent but gets daily reports on training and has intimate knowledge of all the “bad blood” on the team

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Soccer Fan, what’s up with the applications?

  • HSJ

    @big dog…no, the moronic statement is saying coaches should come from on campus staff.

  • BVAL Fan

    @Soccer Mom
    My ranking of Cal over Foothill purely subjective on my part. Watched both teams play (1 game each vs BVAL teams) and thought Cal was the better team. Obviously watching just one game isn’t a good indicator so would leave to the EBAL followers for better opionions/rankings.

    @Soccerfan, @Happy,Happy,Happy, @David
    Agreed difficult to seed past #4/#5 as one could make a case for each team for seeds #6 thru #12. I’ve revised my rankings below based on opinions listed above and also giving the league winners with good overall records a higher seed. Actual seeding should be released later tonight so we’ll see…

    @Soccer Dad, @BVAL Standings
    Did either of you watch the Deer Valley vs. Liberty game? Curious what happended to Liberty, did they give up during game or just get outplayed? Not surprsisng DV won, but score is a little surprising.

    1. San Ramon
    2. Monte Vista
    3. Castro Valley
    4. Berkeley
    5. Amador Valley
    6. Logan
    7. College Park
    8. Heritage
    9. Foothill
    10. Cal
    11. Washigton
    12. Freedom
    13. American
    14. Deer Valley
    15. Liberty
    16. Clayton Valley

  • Top Of The Box

    @ Nitro…..

    Again…I am not close enough to the CHS program to comment on the specifics of coaching decisions, players who played vs those that didn’t , practice conditions, etc. But, as a guy who has coached high school soccer for some 20+ years I can tell you that the CHS parents (and players) have been absolutely spoiled over the past 10 years to have had such quality players all assembled on one team, year after year. Set the coach aside…a blind and deaf man could coach all of that talent and win way more than he loses. I would suggest these spoiled, private school parents try and go watch a Livermore, or a Granada, et al on a consistent basis to get the REAL perspective on “competition” and “competitiveness”. Those schools have athletes that bust their butts year after year and LOSE 80-90% of their games…so don’t go crying about your one anamoly season on not making it to NCS. That falls on deaf ears. And by the way….you are wrong on your definition on “competitive”. It does mean playing all of your players equally and giving everyone a “chance” JUST because they have played for a certain number of years. That is BS club philosophy…”we are all paying all this money so our little Susie should get to play as much as little Cindy”. That is BS. The BEST players play. Always been that way, always will be that way…always should be that way. In my vast experience, I am many other coaches have learned one valuable thing about high school soccer parents…the only one who DON’T complain are the parents of the kids who DO play. Nuff said.

  • Top Of The Box

    @ Nitro…I meant it DOES NOT mean playing all of your players equally. Corrected.

  • Happy, happy, happy

    Doesn’t look like American applied, I would add Dougherty Valley to the mix