East Bay girls basketball poll – 2/5

Here’s this week’s East Bay high school girls basketball poll:

Team Record Points Last week
1. Bishop O’Dowd (5) 18-3 75 1
2. Miramonte 21-1 69 2
3. Carondelet 18-3 66 3
4. Salesian 21-4 58 4
5. St. Mary’s 20-4 56 5
6. Heritage 18-4 51 6
7. Monte Vista 18-4 45 7
8. Deer Valley 14-7 40 8
9. Berkeley 13-9 33 9
10. Campolindo 18-3 31 10
11. Clayton Valley 17-6 26 11
12. Alameda 17-5 18 15
t13. McClymonds 18-3 13 NM
t13. Piedmont 15-6 13 t12
15. Oakland Tech 16-4 5 14

Also receiving votes: Dublin (16-6, 1 vote). The East Bay Girls Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are through Saturday.

Phil Jensen

  • PrepSportsFan

    No surprise the top 5 are all private (meaning No Boundary) schools.

  • Phil Jensen

    @PrepSportsFan, actually Miramonte is a public school.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m pretty sure he knew that, but made the comment as several players are rumored to live outside of Orinda. That’s why he added his definition of a private.

  • 8 players do not live in Orinda. This comes from Mira sources. No problem, just dont bash privates, they have kids from all over and it aint going to change.

  • PrepSportsFan

    @Prep Fan, your right, I know Mira is a public and it is a fact not a rumor that about half of their roster lives outside of Orinda. The coach uses his AAU program, CalStars, as a soft recruiting tool. Girls from all over to play for CalStars teams and then come to Miramonte to play. I’m not sure how he gets away with it because there is obviously a prior relationship with the coach and these are athletically motivated. Everyone knows it.

    @BigDog, No intention to bash the privates, just Miramonte, which is a public operating like a private without the tuition.

  • Prep Fan

    I know it only as a rumor, but have not personally checked to see if it is indeed fact, nor do I plan to. I suppose it is possible that a parent has rented an apartment within Miramonte’s normal boundaries where the kid “lives”. Great team, great program, great coach, great kids, great school. But you’re right it is much more like a private school situation than say the team at Las Lomas.

  • hoops

    I have no knowledge of Miramonte doing this but I am pretty sure that is what is happening there.Salesian boys,Newark Memorial boys and many others do the same thing.Berkeley girls use to have half their team from out of their district for years.There are very few clean programs at the top of the rankings.It is what it is.I always wondered how the parents and coach dealt with the fact of the kid knowing that they are condoning cheating.Not a good life lesson other than bend the rules and do whatever to win.